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The Commuter is a 2018 American action thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi and Ryan Engle. The film stars Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Jonathan Banks, and Sam Neill. It follows a man who is unwittingly recruited into a murder conspiracy after meeting a mysterious woman while on his daily train commute.

The film premiered in New York City on January 8, 2018, and was theatrically released in the United States on January 12, 2018, by Lionsgate, and on January 19, 2018 in the United Kingdom by StudioCanal; it had a select IMAX release. The film grossed $119 million worldwide and received mixed reviews from critics, who called it similar to Neeson and Collet-Serra s previous film, Non-Stop, but praised Neeson s performance and the genre thrills.


Michael MacCauley, an NYPD officer turned insurance agent, takes the same daily train commute on the Hudson Line from Tarrytown to Grand Central Terminal. He is abruptly laid off from his job, endangering his family s financial security. Waiting to reveal his dismissal to his wife and son, he instead confides in Murphy, his ex-partner still on the police force. On the train home, Michael meets a mysterious married woman, Joanna, who proposes a hypothetical situation: she asks him to locate Prynne, the alias of an unknown passenger who Joanna claims has a stolen item. Joanna tells Michael that he will find $25,000 in the bathroom and be paid a further $75,000 when his task is done. Alluding to Michael being a former cop, she departs, and he finds the $25,000.

Michael attempts to leave the train with the money, but is stopped by a young teenager with an envelope containing his wife s wedding ring, which she tells him is a warning. Unable to reach his wife by phone, he discreetly approaches fellow commuter Walt, writing a note on his newspaper to contact the police. Michael leaves Murphy a voicemail describing the situation, and receives a call from Joanna threatening him and his family. She tells him the train is rigged with hidden cameras, and to look outside, where he sees Walt pushed in front of a moving bus and killed. Joanna points Michael to a GPS tracker in his jacket to plant on Prynne.

Michael leads a conductor to announce he plans to search a woman s bag. A man immediately leaves the car and Michael follows, but the man attacks him, and Michael plants the tracker on him. Murphy calls back and explains that Prynne is a key witness in the supposed suicide of city official Enrique Mendez, leading Michael to realize that Prynne will be killed and that Michael is being set up. In a deserted carriage, Michael discovers the body of the man he planted the tracker on, and a badge revealing he was an FBI agent. Joanna calls, chastising Michael for marking the wrong person and warning that another passenger reported his suspicious activities to police, who stop the train to investigate. Michael hides with the corpse underneath the carriage, but loses the $25,000.

Sabotaging the train s air conditioning, he forces the remaining passengers into the last carriage, and realizes another passenger, Oliver, killed the FBI agent. Oliver reveals that he received the same instructions for $100,000, but with orders to kill Prynne once Michael identified them. They fight, and Michael throws Oliver out of a window, killing him. Prynne is revealed to be a 16-year-old girl named Sofia, who is holding incriminating information on powerful people; the agent was escorting her to witness protection at the train s final stop. Sofia reveals that Enrique, her cousin, was murdered by police officers.

Joanna calls to force Michael to kill Sofia for the sake of his family, but he refuses, and Joanna detonates explosives to derail the train and kill everyone aboard. Michael saves the passengers by unhooking the final carriage at a curve in the tracks, but a conductor, Sam, is killed. Michael instructs the passengers to block the carriage windows with wet newspapers, before a massive police force arrives. Assuming that Michael is holding the train hostage, authorities send Murphy to negotiate with him. Entering the carriage, Murphy unknowingly reveals himself as the rogue cop who killed Enrique, and he and Michael fight hand-to-hand. Michael removes Murphy s electronic ID tag, which identifies him as a friendly to the police snipers thermal vision, resulting in Murphy being mistaken for Michael and shot dead.

Sofia tells the FBI what she knows, and Michael is exonerated by the other passengers while the FBI rescues his family. His former captain admits that Murphy and other corrupt officers had been under investigation, and offers Michael his job back. Michael reveals that he kept the incriminating hard drive Sofia gave him. Some time later, Joanna is on a train back from Chicago when Michael confronts her, showing her his detective s badge and preparing to arrest her.


  • Liam Neeson as Michael MacCauley
  • Vera Farmiga as Joanna
  • Patrick Wilson as Det. Lt. Alex Murphy
  • Jonathan Banks as Walt
  • Sam Neill as Captain David Hawthorne
  • Elizabeth McGovern as Karen MacCauley
  • Killian Scott as FBI Agent Dylan
  • Shazad Latif as Vince
  • Andy Nyman as Tony
  • Clara Lago as Eva
  • Roland Møller as Jackson
  • Florence Pugh as Gwen
  • Edward Bluemel as Gwen s Boyfriend
  • Dean-Charles Chapman as Danny MacCauley
  • Ella-Rae Smith as Sofia
  • Nila Aalia as Sherri
  • Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Oliver
  • Colin McFarlane as Conductor Sam
  • Adam Nagaitis as Conductor Jimmy
  • John Alastair as Officer O Neill
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Special Agent Garcia
  • Damson Idris as Special Agent Denys
  • Ben Caplan as Frank
  • Letitia Wright as Jules Skateboarder
  • Pat Kiernan as himself



In January 2010, Olatunde Osunsanmi boarded the action-thriller film as director for the production company Gold Circle Films, with a screenplay written by Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi. More than a year later, in August 2011, Julian Jarrold was reported to be directing the film instead. In January 2016, Jaume Collet-Serra closed a deal to direct the film, marking his fourth collaboration with Neeson, and also executive produced through Ombra Films, with partner Juan Sola. The film was produced by StudioCanal and The Picture Company.


In September 2015, it was announced that Liam Neeson would star in the film. In June 2016, Vera Farmiga joined, in a role described as a mysterious woman who boards a commuter train and proposes an enticing opportunity to Neeson s character, one that has dire circumstances if he accepts. The project marks the second working collaboration between Farmiga and Collet-Serra, after 2009 s psychological thriller Orphan. On July 13, Sam Neill, Elizabeth McGovern, and Jonathan Banks were added to the principal cast, and in August 2016, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith joined in an undisclosed role. The same month, Patrick Wilson joined the cast as a trusted friend of Neeson s character.


Principal photography began on July 25, 2016, at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, England, and continued in New York City. Neeson and McGovern were spotted on the set of the film at Worplesdon railway station in Surrey on September 18, 2016.


In May 2017, it was reported that Roque Baños would compose the film s score. Varèse Sarabande released the soundtrack album digitally in January 2018, with a physical release following on February 9, 2018.

All music composed by Roque Baños.

The Commuter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
No. Title Length
1. A Commuter s Trip 5:03
2. Back Home Down 4:35
3. One Little Thing 3:18
4. They Are Watching You 2:54
5. Murdered for Help 4:11
6. Zone 7 Tickets 4:22
7. A Suspicious Man 2:03
8. The Seek Starts 3:46
9. A Beautiful Family 4:18
10. Moving Vagons 4:35
11. Do Not Stop the Train 4:03
12. Finding the Witness 4:33
13. The Train Wreck 4:37
14. I Won t Let Them Hurt You 9:04
15. Who Is Prynne? 5:43
16. The End of the Line 5:01
Total length: 72:00


In November 2015, Lionsgate pre-bought the domestic distribution rights to the film, in a deal with StudioCanal. The Commuter was originally scheduled for release in the United States on October 13, 2017, and was pushed back to January 12, 2018. The film was set for release in the United Kingdom on October 20, 2017 by StudioCanal, and was also pushed back to January 19, 2018, in accordance with the U.S. rescheduling. The film had a limited IMAX release.


Box office

The Commuter grossed $36.3 million in the United States and Canada, and $83.6 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $119.9 million.

In the United States and Canada, The Commuter was released alongside the openings of Proud Mary and Paddington 2, and the wide expansion of The Post, and was projected to gross $12–14 million from 2,892 theaters in its opening weekend. It made $4.5 million on its first day and $13.7 million over the weekend, on par with previous Neeson-Collet-Serra collaborations, finishing third at the box office behind holdover Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and The Post. It made $6.6 million in its second weekend, dropping 51.8% and finishing 7th.

Internationally, the film debuted at number two in Germany with $2.6 million. It went on to gross a total of $6.7 million in the country, the biggest market outside the US, as well as $5.6 million in the UK, $5.0 million in France and $2.6 million in Australia.

Critical response

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 56% based on 214 reviews, with an average rating of 5.4/10. The site s critics consensus reads, The Commuter s cast is better than its workmanlike script – which helps make this reasonably diverting Liam Neeson action thriller worth the price of a matinee ticket or rental, if not a full-price ticket. Metacritic assigned the film a weighted average score of 56 out of 100, based on 44 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews . Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of B on an A+ to F scale. Most fans rated the film higher than critics, with many of them praising the cast performances, the mystery elements, and the suspense.

Year 2018
ReleaseDate 2018-01-12
RuntimeMins 104
RuntimeStr 1h 44min
Plot An insurance salesman/ex-cop is caught up in a life-threatening conspiracy during his daily commute home.
Awards Awards, 2 nominations
Directors Jaume Collet-Serra
Writers Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, Ryan Engle
Stars Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson
Produced by Stuart M. Besser,Jaume Collet-Serra,Michael Dreyer,Ron Halpern,Alex Heineman,Didier Lupfer,Lacey Darlene Paulson,Andrew Rona,Juan Sola
Music by Roque Baños
Cinematography by Paul Cameron
Film Editing by Nicolas De Toth
Casting By Reg Poerscout-Edgerton
Production Design by Richard Bridgland
Art Direction by John King,Wing Lee
Set Decoration by Tina Jones
Costume Design by Jill Taylor
Makeup Department Sunday Englis,Scott W. Farley,Dana Kalder,Siobhán McGrath,Noriko Watanabe,JoJo Williams,Sue Wyburgh,Wakana Yoshihara,Emily Dodge,Juliana Ferreira,Bethany Fletcher,Stefanie Kemp
Production Management Simon Fraser,Richard Ruck,Emma Zee
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Mary Boulding,Gayle Dickie,Eric Giarratano,Mark Johnstone,Bryn Lawrence,Eloise Loach,Sandrine Loisy,Tom Mulberge,Alex Oakley,Callum Sampson,Andrew Vanneck,Lawrence Whelan,Richard Whelan,Marc A. Wilson,Phoebe Young
Art Department Graham Antill,Matt Askey,Zachary Badalucco,Graham Barford,Joe Birdsey,Graeme Callander,Christopher Chandler,Noel Cowell,Anna Livia Cullinan,Becca Djan,Christopher Donovan,Kimberley Fahey,Pierre Farinole,Hugh Fottrell,Barry Gingell,Noel Godfrey,Shane Harford,Jamie Ben Harvey,David Hewitt,Kate Suzanne Hunter,Sarah Iovino,Jason Ivall,Robert Judd,James Klotsas,Alice La Trobe,Steven Law,Nick Lawrence,Francesca Levi Morenos,Helen Logan,Tony Marks,Ryan McPhail,David Meeking,Renate Nicolaisen,Laurens Nockels,Anthony Owen,Russell Oxley,Nathan Payne,Clare Porritt,Paul Purdy,Martin Rookes,Roy Rookes,Richard Rowntree,Toby Russell,Ross Sears,Adam Shepherdly,Nick Slater,Matthew Street,Dorothy Sullivan,David Sutheran,Luke Townshend,Daniel Vincze,Robert Voysey,Brigitte Ward-Holmes,Joshua Webb,David Weller,Clint Whelan,John Whitby,Tom Whitehouse,Daniel Woodard,Helen Yates,Chris Edwards
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Special Effects by Csaba Bagossy,Julie Bentley,Dominic Blake,Florin Daniel Catrinoiu,Laura Davison,Alex Freeman,Szilard Gergely,Jason McCameron,Rupert Morency,Stefano Pepin,Alistair Poulter,Ronnie Rackley,John Schofield,Hayden Sheridan,Tibor Skornyak,Richard Stanbury,Dan Vico,David j Watson
Visual Effects by Alexandre Aillet,Lewis Akinsete,Melody Alasset,Ian Allard,Stephen Allison,Anuj Anand,Anthony Arnoux,Suzie Askham,Peter Aversten,Maryah Azzuolo,Tom Balogh,Danny Banda,Alex Beadle,Shyal Beardsley,Sebastien Beaulieu,Steven Begg,Georgia Benjamin,Audrey Boivin,Fabrizia Bonaventura,Amanda Bone,Chris Bone,Don Boogert,Nicolas Borens,Sudeepto Bose,Micha Boström,Guy Boudreau,Matt Bowler,Matt Boyer,Richard Boyle,Thibaut Breton,Bertrand Breuze,Stephane Brisson,Mark Brown,Robin T. Brown,Jean-Francois Burdin,Billy A. Campbell,Luca Cantani,Amy Carpenter,Lee Cashmore,Chris Chadwick,Stephan Chambers,Anthony Charbonnier,Simon Chassé,Florian Chauvet,Marie-Claude Chauvette,Nicolas Chevallier,Emmanuel Cinq-Mars,Peter Clayton,Eric Clement,Laurent Cordier,Nestor Costa,Tom Cowlishaw,Debbie Cramb,Pilar Cubría,Janis Cudars,Alice Cumbaa,Grahame Curtis,Samuel David,Rachel Deane,Kier DeCordova,Dorian Defert,Andrew Densham,Angela Depalma,Louis Desrochers,Lee Dexter,Antonella Di Napoli,Tinko Dimov,John Paul Docherty,Tracie Donais,Graham Dorey,George Douglas,Alex Drinkall,Gregory Ducatel,Valérie Dugas,Brad Dunn,Andrew Eick,Karen Elliott,Jane Ellis,Thomas Enjalbert,Edwin Erdmanis,Sohrab Esfehani,Cederic Estevao,Josh Evans,Jeremy Ezekiel,Louis Falcon,Jasmin Fedder,Bruno Fernandes,Sean Keith Fernandes,Anna Ford,Peter Forsyth,Eric Fortin,Fiona Foster,Julien Fradin,Mara Fröhlich,Amber Fullwood,Menahem Gabay,Kai Gadd,Andrew Galka,Wenceslao Herrera Garcia,Stuart Gardiner,Prag Gargatte,Richard Garnish,Caroline Garrett,Nikos Gatos,Patricia Gaumond,Dino Georgio,Joseph Geremia,Roger Gibbon,Safiya Gili,Vincent Glaize,Chloe Grysole,Sandra Guarda,Laury Guintrand,Dong Qing Guo,John Haddon,Venetia Hadley,Nadine Hajjar,Karen Halliwell,Nils Hansson,Emile Hardy,Tom Harrison,Dan Harrod,Clive Haward,Michael Hedges,Nicole Hekel,Sandro Henriques,Eric Hermelin,Tundi Heveli,Kevin Bourget Hickey,Sara Hilmarsdóttir,Christopher Hodge,Chris Hogstead,Mike Holmes,Petra Holtorf,Jack Hughes,Sophie Hunt,Kobir Hussain,Sophie Impey,Sonia Alexia Ioannou,Simon Irvine,Jacek Irzykowski,Jonathan Jack,Zave Jackson,Wendel James,Sashka Jankovska,Timothy P. Jones,Chaitan Joshi,Caroline Journo,JaeHee Jung,Gregory Kalaitzis,Harsha Kc,Ciarán Keenan,Josh Kelly,Diane Kingston,Andrew Kinnear,Zan Kozlevcar,Spencer Kuziw,Diane Lafontaine,Yann Laliberte,Philippe Langlois,Erin Laurence,François Le Bastard,Christophe Le Derout,Christopher Learmonth,Marco Lee,Paul Lee,Andrew Leighton,Joe Leveson,Sean Lewkiw,Kieran Lim,Leon Lin,Michael Lorenzo,Chris Lunney,Linda Luong,Lucy Luong,Josh Lynch,Cornelia Magas,Jeannette Maher-Manifold,Dom Maidlow,Laurent Makowski,Alexander Maldoff,Teja Malla,Finbar Mallon,Maxime Marline,Nelson Marques,Chiara Masini,Dalvir Matharu,James McCarthy,Finley McNeilage,Aron Merritt,Michaël Michaud,John Moffett,Helen Moody,Richard Moss,Antonio Mossucca,Melanie Murray,Katia Muscariello,Jason G. Myers,Ram Mohan Nadam Reddy,Rachel Neville,Helen Newby,Gustaf Nilsson,Robert Nzengou-Tayo,Martin Ofori,Adele Olsauskaite,Paula Olszowska,Michelangelo Neri Orliani,Daniel Pacey,Steve Pang,Clara Parati,Stephane Paris,Nikul Patel,Matthieu Paugam,Gareth Pearce,Benoit Pelchat,Jennyfer Pellerin,Dylan Penhale,David Penn,Menelaos Peristeridis,Ben Perrott,Christian Perschky,Pablo Perugorria,Will Phillips,Ed Plant,Sebastien Potet,Tim Potter,Stewart Probert,Christopher Puchta,Rémi Pécout,Yu Qin,Shane Rabey,Kim Ranzani,Simon Reeves,Gabriel Reichle,Daniella Ritson,Brad Roddy,Paulina Rodriguez Lemus,John Ross-Maltez,Marc A. Rousseau,Adam Rowland,Darren Russell,Jagdeep Saggu,Mandeep Singh Saini,Etienne Salançon,Celestin Salomon,Ian Sargent,Alexander Savenko,Arvid Schneider,Brett Schroeder,Michele Sciolette,Ravinder Sembi,Eric Senécal,Marc-Olivier Simoneau,Maxime Sirven,Matina Skouteri,Abbie Sledmar,Irene Smirnova,Jonty Smith,Rupert Smith,Richard Sowerby,Elliot Staker,David Steed,Madalina Stelea,Mark Stepanek,Andy Stevens,William Stiles,Mehdi Tadlaoui,Patrick Tasse,George Tatchell,Ryan Tatum,Jake Teale,Vincent Techer,Arjun Thekkumadathil,Robin Theriault,Ben Thomas,Basil Thompson,Thomas Thornton,Ruggero Tomasino,Valentin Trasnea,Sanju Travis,Arron Turnbull,Charlotte Van Den Bogaert,Gert Van Dermeersch,John Van Hoey Smith,Courtney Vanderslice,Anatoly Vladimirov,Holger Voss,Jonathan Vuillemin,Tomasz Wachnik,Samuel Waghorn,Scott Wakeford,Johan Walfridson,Kieran Waller,Alex Watkins,Alex Webb,Ollie Weigall,Rory Wheble,Vaughn White,Luke Wilde,William Marshall Wilkinson,Sarah-Jane Williams,Adam Woodfield,Ami Yamauchi,Volkan Yurdakul,Salvador Zalvidea,Carlos Zelada Arzabe,Giovanni Bucci,Joseph Towe
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Script and Continuity Department Irene Chawko,Sue Mahoney,Carole Taylor
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Additional Crew David Bae,Cassandra Barbour,Joanne Batten,Jasmine Bella,Tom Boardman,Alan Bond,Chris Bond,Alexandre Bourg,Asia Bullock,Liam Byrne,Lesley Chorley,Chris Coles,Kyle Cooper,Joe Cox,Emma Davie,Ian Dawson,Maria Ana D. Dias,James Dean Drummond,Ellysha Eglon-Smith,Peter Evans,Miles A. Fletcher,Lucia Foster Found,Matthew Fyson,Marcelo Altino Garcia,Kya Garwood,Adam Goodall,Anna Graham,Carolina Grisorio,Malissa Hallenbeck,Boyd Harvey,Robert Havill,Anna Hintzen,Hazel Holder,Paul Hornsby,Nick Hussey,Mark Johnstone,Alex Kellerman,Elizabeth Kerr,Innes Knight,Alan Lane,Sandrine Legrand Dealbera,Cindy Shin-Iun Li,Eloise Loach,Garry Marriott,Max Mason,Nicole Mavis,Kenny-Lee Mbanefo,Shannon McDermott,Jean McDowell,Alex Mill,Richard Mirisch,Luke Moorcock,John Noel,James Nuciforo,Michelle Pauly,Moreno Perdoni,Martin Poultney,Timothy Scott Ralston,Richard Rogan,Daniel Rogers,Ben Rothwell,Callum Sampson,Will Samuelson,Simab Shabir,Ingrid Simmonds,Harmeek Singh Sandall,Faujja Singh,Robert Stachowicz,David Steed,Andy Stephens,Victoria Stone,Kara Tsiaperas,Will Tyler,Gianpiero Vannucci,Scott Wakeford,Jay Wallace,Nicholas White,Richard Wulf,Phoebe Young,Imran Yusufzai,Joanne Batten,Doug Berry,Matt Jarman,Justin Latimer,Michael Martinez
Thanks Jeffrey A. Okun,Dermot Shortt,Ishbel Shortt
Genres Action, Mystery, Thriller
Companies StudioCanal, TF1 Films Production, The Picture Company
Countries USA, UK, France, China, Canada
Languages English, Spanish
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 6.3
ImDbRatingVotes 115392
MetacriticRating 56
Keywords passenger train,conspiracy,train,money,train derailment