The Devil’s Tomb
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The Devil s Tomb is a 2009 American horror film, directed by Jason Connery. It stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Winstone and Ron Perlman. The film was released direct–to–video on May 26, 2009.


An elite group of Special Operations soldiers, led by Captain Mack (Cuba Gooding Jr.), are sent by a CIA operative named Dr. Elissa Cardell (Valerie Cruz) to rescue her father, a scientist named Lee Wesley (Ron Perlman), from an archaeological dig in the Middle Eastern desert. The dig site was a suspected bunker for WMDs. When they enter the dig site they encounter a priest who has strange boils all over his body. The team s medic, Doc Sarah Harrington (Taryn Manning), sedates the priest. I.T. Specialist and former hacker Click (Brandon Fobbs) uses the dig site s terminal to activate the elevator and notices something codenamed the Gehenna Project. He asks Cardell if she knows what it is but she denies knowing about it. All communications from the site have been disabled and the wiring cut. Mack orders Communications Specialist Nickels (Zack Ward) to stay to fix the commo and watch the priest while the rest of the team takes the elevator deeper into the dig site.

When they exit the elevator they encounter a scientist named Duncan (Bill Moseley), who has strange boils like the priest, pale colored eyes and an unnatural voice. Duncan immediately confronts Doc about her religious beliefs while telling saying her full name to her. Duncan attacks Hammer (Franky G) by spitting an acidic, black goo at him but is shot in the chest by Mack. While treating Duncan s wound, Doc has a hallucination of her sister; angry at Doc for letting her die. Duncan and Doc disappear but the team uses Doc s tracking device to follow them. The team splits up and Yoshi (Stephanie Jacobsen) follows a hallucination of her and Hicks s (Jason London) unborn daughter. The team runs into Duncan, who is trying to open the door to the safe room. Duncan yells at the team about their ignorance of salvation and Mack shoots him in the head, which strangely doesn t kill him. The entire team shoots him and he finally dies.

The door to the safety room is opened from the inside, revealing a priest named Fulton (Henry Rollins), who Cardell knows. Fulton tells them that Doc was probably taken to the temple and he reluctantly agrees to take them there. The team notices that Yoshi is missing and, when they find her, she tells them of her hallucination. Fulton explains that the possessed use visions to tempt humans. Mack then duct tapes Fulton s mouth shut. Nickels hallucinates a nude woman and he is attacked by the priest; he fights back with a knife but has his arm broken and the priest spits a dark fluid into his mouth, then drags him away.

Click is separated from the team and encounters Doc locked in a room. When he tries to help her he is attacked by a possessed scientist. Hammer shows up and rescues Click, but more possessed start to appear. Hammer decides to throw explosives at the group, causing the passage to collapse. The team arrives at the temple, where they learn from Fulton and Cardell that the scientists are possessed because they absorbed the spirit of one of the Nephilim, which is frozen in the temple to prevent it from escaping. Fulton explains that the dig site is one of many tombs created by God to imprison Nephilim. In the meantime, Yoshi follows the hallucination to a now possessed Doc. She seduces Yoshi and allows her to lick strange, infectious boils on her shoulder, possessing her. Doc then cuts Yoshi s back open. When the team notices that Yoshi is missing, Hicks and Hammer try to find her. During their search, a possessed Doc attacks Hammer, who aims his gun at her after he notices that she has developed boils. Hicks points his gun at Hammer, who tries to tell Hicks that Doc is possessed. Hicks doesn t believe him and shoots at Hammer, who manages to run away.

Hicks then chases Doc and finds Yoshi, whose spine is exposed. He tries to help her but she attacks him as Doc rips his throat out. Hammer arrives back at the temple to tell Mack about Doc and Hicks.

Fulton realizes that, with Click s unintentional help, Cardell activated the Gehenna Project, which is a self-destruct device for the dig site. He runs for the elevator alone. The soldiers only have fifteen minutes to get to the elevator before the explosion. The door to the temple slowly starts closing. Mack, Cardell, and Click make it out of the temple but Hammer gets locked in and, surrounded by possessed scientists, he puts up a fight, but he is overwhelmed and sets off his grenades, killing himself and the possessed scientists attacking him. As Fulton is running away he s pushed into barbed wire by Doc, who then slits his throat.

Mack, Cardell, and Click arrive at the area where they encountered Duncan for the first time and they meet up with Wesley. Wesley is possessed but doesn t have the boils. Doc and Nickels, who is now possessed, arrive and Mack and Click shoot him and a few other possessed until the possessed priest grabs Click, drags him away and kills him. Mack has a hallucination of his old best friend Blakeley (Ray Winstone), who Mack was ordered to murder years ago. Mack resists and shoots an explosive barrel next to Wesley which burns him and kills Doc, along with the hallucination of Blakeley. Cardell stands over Wesley and sets his soul free by taking the Nephilim into herself. When Mack tells her that they have to leave, she refuses, saying that her goal was to set her father s soul free. Mack makes it to the elevator alone and escapes from the dig site seconds before the explosion. Mack is then picked up by the helicopter and realizes that he has a new purpose in the world. He is a new soldier in an ancient war against the evil Nephilim.


  • Cuba Gooding Jr. as Captain Mack
  • Ray Winstone as Blakeley
  • Taryn Manning as Sarah Doc Harrington
  • Ron Perlman as Dr. Lee Wesley
  • Valerie Cruz as Dr. Elissa Cardell
  • Henry Rollins as Father Fulton
  • Bill Moseley as Professor Duncan
  • Zack Ward as Nickels
  • Dania Ramirez as Shanae
  • Franky G as Hammer
  • Stephanie Jacobsen as Yoshi
  • Brandon Fobbs as Click
  • Jason London as Hicks


Filming began in California from November 2007 to January 2008, on a $10 million budget. The film received an R rating from the MPAA for strong violence/gore, language and brief nudity.

Home media

The DVD was released on May 26, 2009 in United States, distributed by DreamWorks Pictures. The special features included on the disk are a directors commentary, outtakes, a making of documentary, deleted scenes and alternate scenes. As of August 14, 2009, it had sold 159,568 copies and grossed $3,189,764 in sales.

The DVD was released in Australia on December 9, 2009.

Year 2009
ReleaseDate 2009-10-24
RuntimeMins 90
RuntimeStr 1h 30min
Plot An elite group of soldiers on a covert mission to retrieve a scientist from an underground lab encounter an ancient evil in the facility.
Directors Jason Connery
Writers Keith Kjornes
Stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Ray Winstone, Ron Perlman
Produced by James Allen Bradley,Jason Connery,Joe Dain,Steve B. Harris,Ricki Maslar,Bill Sheinberg,Jonathan Sheinberg,Sid Sheinberg
Music by Bill Brown
Cinematography by Thomas L. Callaway
Film Editing by Chris Conlee
Casting By Ricki Maslar
Production Design by Thomas William Hallbauer
Art Direction by Jasmine Garnet,Thomas William Hallbauer
Set Decoration by Jennifer Fulmer
Costume Design by Sarah Jeanne Mgeni
Makeup Department Melissa Buell,Joe Colwell,Natalie Driscoll,Laura Markert,Bianca Salatino-Jimenez,Cyndi Welch,Janeen York
Production Management Joe Dain,Anthony Gore,Kyle Sonia
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Michele LaBrucherie,Mike Livanos,Max Raymond,Jamie Ruscigno,Jewels Satterfield,Charity Thomson,Steve B. Harris
Art Department Noelle Charles,Scott Frazelle,Casey B. Garrett,Justin Gavejian,Steve Hamill,Nick Lisica,Melissa Merritt,Jim Rand,Jed Soriano
Sound Department Jason Abell,Hidefumi Aoki,James Barth,Miriam Cole,Seth A. Eubanks,Leobardo Ledon,Michael J. McDonald,Manuel Mendoza,G.W. Pope III,John W. Rampey,Todd Smith,Brad Whitcanack,Michael Woodward
Special Effects by Megan Areford,Jerry Constantine,Graham Denman,Jerry Macaluso,Paul Nicholasi,Steven Sievers,Jason Trost,Ron Trost,Sarah Trost,Steve Winsett
Visual Effects by Robert S. Douglas,Kelly Granite,John Iskandar,Stephen Lebed,Tom Martinez Jr.,Roger Nall,David Shorey
Stunts Chuck Borden,Lisette Bross,Keith Butler,Steve Hart,Diana R. Lupo,Kevin Mangold,Cole S. McKay,Simon Rhee,Paul E. Short,Louis C. Simon,Tony Snegoff,Patrick J. Statham,Maegan Stewart,Dain Turner,Tierre Turner
Camera and Electrical Department Carlos Aranda,Miguel Bunster,Don Burton,Chip Cabana,Mark Calver,Bill Christie,Ryan Copeland,Nicholas Davidoff,Derrick Esperanza,Cale Finot,Mike Foodman,Gor Haroutunian,Harry Hope,Justin Jeung,John Karyus,Michael Kerr,Dwight F. Lay,Bryant Lemelle,Michael Lemmon,Michael McDuffee,Gino Mifsud,Lawrence Montemayor,Greg Morris,Conor Murphy,Ryan Norris,Jarrod Oswald,Peter Ozarowski,Andrey Prikazchikov,Jake Rose,Jason Sachse,Robert Schierer,James Lawrence Spencer,Austin Taylor,Aaron Ali Tichenor,Marty Ulbrich,Salvador Vega,Jason Webster,Kevin Wilt
Casting Department Brian K. Aspinwall,Rachel Christensen
Costume and Wardrobe Department Erin M. Duffy,Isabel Mandujano,Meredith Montano,Stephanie Spiteri
Editorial Department Tom Forletta,Derek Herr
Location Management Aline Larrison Campbell,Francis Kortekaas,Fernando Periera
Music Department Bill Brown,Mikael Carlsson,Adam Klemens,Vitek Kral,Aashish Pathak,Steve Salani,James T. Sale,Steve Tavaglione
Script and Continuity Department Kristine Familletti
Transportation Department Shay Morgan Brook,Danny Castilla,Sal Circelli,Louis Dargenzio,Matt Elwood,Dyer Evans,Ronald Green,Renata Green-Gaber,Steve Hix,Todd Hull,Robert Keller,Cody Lies,Dustin Meisner,Sal Mejia,Catherine Nguyen,Hayon Pratt,Chris Rojas,Pete Staley,Alan Stepp,John Suttles
Additional Crew Anthony Ardisone,Blanca Arguello,Kelley Blosser,Wendy Brennan,Billy Collagan,Crystal Connell,Jeff Corbin,Brad Geiszler,Sean Gerst,Jeremy Gordon,Tobin Hale,Torrence Hall,Jonathan Harmon,Robert Hepburn,Craig Hosking,Josephine Hunt-Korn,Stevenson Kennard,Jon LaFleur,Kevin LaRosa,Katie Leclerc,Andy Wise Lee,Lorena Leon,Isaac Masanga,Lucas Moore,Steven Moreti,Charlie Paris,Mike Patlin,Vicky Pezza,Jeffrey Raines,Lynn Raines,Bea S. Rembeczky,Vincent Sabella,Rick Shuster,Steve Staiger,Bashir Taylor,Mike Tristano,Clay Van Sickle,Arthur J. Ward,Arthur Williams Jr.,Bart Womack
Genres Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Companies Ice Cold Productions, Empyreal Entertainment, Ringleader Studios
Countries USA
Languages English
ContentRating R
ImDbRating 3.7
ImDbRatingVotes 6864
Keywords psychotronic film,underground laboratory,low budget,scientist,desert