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What We Do in the Shadows is an American mockumentary comedy horror television series created by Jemaine Clement that premiered March 27, 2019, on FX. The second television series in the franchise based on the 2014 film of the same name written by Clement and Taika Waititi, the series follows four vampire roommates in Staten Island, and stars Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillén, and Mark Proksch.

The series second season premiered on April 15, 2020, and the third season premiered on September 2, 2021. In August 2021, the series was renewed for a fourth season, ahead of the third season premiere. The fourth season premiered on July 12, 2022. In June 2022, the series was renewed for a fifth and sixth season, ahead of the fourth season premiere. It has been critically acclaimed (particularly for its cast and writing) and nominated for 17 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series in 2020 and 2022.


Set primarily in Staten Island, New York City, New York, What We Do in the Shadows follows the lives of three traditional vampires, Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja; Colin Robinson, an energy vampire; and Guillermo, Nandor s familiar. The series revolves around the vampires interacting with the modern world and other supernatural beings.

Cast and characters


  • Kayvan Novak as Nandor the Relentless – Once the bloodthirsty leader of the fictional kingdom of Al-Quolanudar in southern Iran and a warrior serving the Ottoman Empire. At age 760, he is the oldest vampire and the self-proclaimed leader of the group, leading him to frequently calling house meetings for frivolous discussions. Although he genuinely cares for his human familiar Guillermo, he has difficulty expressing it. Nandor is also quite naive to the ways of modern society and humans, which often results in Guillermo becoming frustrated with him. He is a massive fan of the 1992 Dream Team and collects much of their memorabilia; they also inspired him to apply for American citizenship, but he fails his test after being physically unable to say the phrase One Nation, Under God.
  • Matt Berry as Leslie Laszlo Cravensworth – A 310 year old British nobleman vampire who was turned by Nadja and is now married to her. He is bisexual and a former porn actor, who is often preoccupied with thoughts of sex; he enjoys sexual relationships with both Nadja and Nandor. He also enjoys making topiary sculptures of vulvas in the yard, including those of his wife and mother. He confessed in season 1 to having been Jack the Ripper. In season 2, he briefly goes on the run and assumes the alias Jackie Daytona , a regular human bartender in Clairton, Pennsylvania (which he chose because it sounded like Transylvania).
  • Natasia Demetriou as Nadja of Antipaxos – A 500 year old Greek Romani vampire who turned Laszlo into a vampire and later married him. She is frequently frustrated with her male housemates and nostalgic about her human life. She has entertained an affair with a reincarnated knight named Gregor for hundreds of years, only for him to be decapitated in every reincarnation. In season 3, she reveals that she frequently collaborated with the Rat Pack and later becomes manager of her own vampire nightclub in season 4. Demetriou also plays Nadja s human ghost, split from its corporeal form when Nadja was turned into a vampire. The ghost later inhabits a doll, and appears as a recurring character since season two.
  • Demetriou also plays Nadja s human ghost, split from its corporeal form when Nadja was turned into a vampire. The ghost later inhabits a doll, and appears as a recurring character since season two.
  • Harvey Guillén as Guillermo de la Cruz – Nandor s long-suffering Latino familiar. Despite his frustration with his unreasonable workload and Nandor s disregard for his mortality, he has served his master for more than a decade in the hope of being made a vampire, a dream inspired by Armand in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire. Late in season one, Guillermo discovers that he is a descendant of the famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, and he proves to be very skilled at killing vampires (including by accident), giving him conflicting feelings about his desire to become a vampire. Guillermo s skill as a vampire slayer leads to him becoming a bodyguard for Nandor, Nadja, and Laszlo in the third season. He reveals he is gay in the fourth season, coming out to his family, with Nadja having to erase their memories about Guillermo s confession about wishing to become a vampire.
  • Mark Proksch as Colin Robinson (seasons 1–3) and Baby Colin The Boy (season 4) – An energy vampire who lives in the basement. He lives by draining humans and vampires of their energy by being boring or frustrating. As a day walker , he is not harmed by sunlight or entry into churches and is able to work in a cubicle office and feed on his coworkers frustrations. Unlike the others, he shows no outward sign of vampirism except that his irises glow when he feeds on energy, and his reflection shows a pale and decrepit version of himself. The others are continually annoyed by him and often try to avoid associating with him. In the third season finale, following Colin Robinson s 100th birthday, he dies and his infant offspring (also portrayed by Proksch) bursts out of his chest; Laszlo (having become friends with the original Colin) elects to raise the child as his own.


  • Anthony Atamanuik as Sean Rinaldi – The human next-door neighbor. He sometimes witnesses Laszlo doing something vampiric, but is easily hypnotized into forgetting everything. The vampires spare him because he brings their trash cans in when they forget, though Laszlo considers Sean his best friend and even makes sexual advances toward him (which Sean forgets due to hypnosis).
  • Beanie Feldstein as Jenna – a LARPer and virgin whom Guillermo lured for the vampires to feast on. She was later transformed into a vampire by Nadja who witnessed her being treated poorly by her peers. During her vampire training with Nadja, she discovers she has the rare ability to turn invisible, which fits the tendency of people to ignore her. (season 1)
  • Doug Jones as Baron Afanas – An ancient vampire from the Old Country who believes vampires should rule the world. Both Nadja and Laszlo had secret affairs with the Baron despite his lack of genitals. Later it is disclosed that he is not actually a Baron, but simply barren because he was unable to have children. In the first season, Guillermo inadvertently kills the Baron by opening a door and exposing him to sunlight. In the third season, however, it is revealed that he barely survived, albeit reduced to his head, torso and left arm. He finally has his full body restored with a more youthful appearance in the fourth season. (seasons 1, 3–4)
  • Nick Kroll as Simon the Devious – A vampire who rules over the Manhattan vampires and owns the Sassy Cat nightclub. He was a close friend to the Staten Island trio when all the vampires first arrived in America. He is obsessed with Laszlo s cursed hat made out of witch skin. (guest seasons 1–2, 4)
  • Jake McDorman as Jeff Suckler – A reincarnation of Nadja s former human lover, Gregor, a knight who has been killed by decapitation in each of his lives. Nadja eventually restores Jeff s memories of his previous lives so that he can be more like his former self, leading to him falling into insanity and being committed to a mental institution. It is later revealed to Nadja and Gregor that Laszlo had been causing each of his deaths through history, which he does again. (season 1; guest season 2)
  • Veronika Slowikowska as Shanice – Jenna s college roommate who witnesses her transformation into a vampire. Shanice later joins the Mosquito Collectors of the Tri-State Area, a secret team of amateur vampire hunters. (seasons 1–2)
  • Kristen Schaal as The Guide (also known as the Floating Woman ) – An envoy of the Vampiric Council who likes to float and sometimes speak in a demonic voice. In season 4 she becomes close with Nadja and helps her convert the Vampiric Council s headquarters into a vampiric nightclub. (seasons 3–4; guest season 1)
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur as Charmaine – Sean s wife. (seasons 2–4)
  • Anoop Desai as Djinn – Nandor s magical genie (season 4)
  • Parisa Fakhri as Marwa – Nandor s resurrected ex-wife, now fiancée (season 4)
  • Chris Sandiford as Derek – A vampire hunter turned vampire (seasons 2–4)


Season 1

  • Arj Barker as Arjan – The pack leader of the Staten Island Werewolf Support Group. He entered into the truce between his kind and the vampires (which was created in 1993).
  • Dave Bautista and Alexandra Henrikson as Garrett and Vasillika the Defiler – A duo of vampires imprisoned by the Council after Garrett was framed by Laszlo for turning a baby into a vampire (which is very illegal), and Vasillika for too much defiling.
  • Vanessa Bayer as Evie Russell – Colin Robinson s co-worker. He discovers that she is an advanced form of energy vampire — an emotional vampire — who feeds off of the pity and sadness generated by her outlandish stories of suffering and misfortune. She and Colin Robinson date for a short time, feeding together on bored and pitying humans, until he begins to feel the relationship is unhealthy. Her first name is a homophone of E.V. , for Emotional Vampire.
  • Mary Gillis as June – Nadja and Laszlo s familiar. She appears to be an ill old woman that communicates through grunts. She is killed when the Baron sucks all her blood when he arrives on Staten Island.
  • Jeremy O. Harris as Colby – A human familiar to Dantos the Cruel and Radinka the Brutal, two 400-year-old vampires who appear to be children while Colby portrays as their father.
  • Marceline Hugot as Barbara Lazarro – The president of the Staten Island Council. She was going to be the vampires way of taking over Staten Island until Laszlo left a pile of dead raccoons on her doorstep in an attempt to win her trust, resulting in her believing it was a form of terrorist threat.
  • Gloria Laino as The Baron s Familiar – The Baron s familiar, who maintains a silent, watchful eye on the vampires of Staten Island as her master awakes. Guillermo says that she pops out of nowhere and hears everything .
  • Paul Reubens as Paul – A member of the Council.
  • Tilda Swinton as a fictionalized version of herself who is the leader of the Vampiric Council.
  • Wesley Snipes as Wesley the Daywalker / Wesley Sykes – A half-vampire member of the Council who could not participate in person but only video chat through Skype. Danny despises him, claiming he is a vampire hunter, which he denies.
  • Hayden Szeto as Jonathan – A LARPer college student that Guillermo lured for the vampires to feast on. However, Colin Robinson beat them to it by draining his energy instead.
  • Danny Trejo as Danny – A Hispanic tattooed member of the Council. He has an open dislike towards Wesley.
  • Taika Waititi, Jonathan Brugh, and Jemaine Clement reprise their roles as Viago von Dorna Schmarten Scheden Heimburg, Deacon Brucke, and Vladislav the Poker from the original film. Three vampires arrived from New Zealand to participate in the Vampiric Council.
  • Bobby Wilson as Marcus – The actual Native American member of the Werewolf Pack. He is Native American, and a werewolf but, as he explains, Not a werewolf because he is Native American. It s not an ethnic thing.
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Evan the Immortal Princess of the Undead – A member of the Council who just goes by her first name.
  • Hannan Younis as Ange – An African American werewolf and part of Arjan s group. She undermines Arjan s rules and is openly hostile towards Nadja due to Nadja s insulting the werewolves by assuming they are all Indian (as in, Native Americans).

Season 2

  • James Frain as the voice of Black Peter – A goat and witch s familiar
  • Mark Hamill as Jim the Vampire – A vampire who claims that Laszlo owes him rent money from the 1800s and demands retribution.
  • Greta Lee as Celeste – A familiar who pretends to be a vampire
  • Haley Joel Osment as Topher – Nadja and Laszlo s familiar who is accidentally killed and revived as a zombie. Unlike Guillermo, Topher has no interest in becoming a vampire. He is energetic, fun-loving, and charismatic, and he is well-liked by all other members of the household, except Guillermo.
  • Lucy Punch as Lilith – A witch and rival of Nadja
  • Craig Robinson as Claude – The leader of the Mosquito Collectors of the Tri-State Area, a secret team of amateur vampire hunters.
  • Benedict Wong as Wallace – A necromancer and tchotchke salesman.

Season 3

  • Julie Klausner and Cole Escola as The Gargoyles – A duo of gargoyles who gossip and give tips to The Guide.
  • Lauren Collins as Meg – A gym receptionist on whom Nandor has a crush.
  • Tyler Alvarez as Wes Blankenship – The leader of a group of rebellious young vampires that refuse to follow the Council s orders.
  • Aida Turturro as Gail – Nandor s on-again, off-again werewolf-turned-vampire girlfriend.
  • Catherine Cohen as Sheila – The siren
  • Scott Bakula as himself
  • Cree Summer as Jan – A vampire scam artist who is head of the Post-Chiropterean Wellness Center cult
  • Donal Logue as a fictionalized vampire version of himself
  • Khandi Alexander as Contessa Carmilla De Mornay
  • David Cross as Dominykas the Dreadful

Season 4

  • Affion Crockett as Richie Suck, superstar vampire rapper
  • Fred Armisen as Doctor DJ Tom Schmidt, Richie Suck s familiar
  • Sal Vulcano as himself
  • Sklar Brothers as Toby and Bran
  • Al Roberts as Freddie
  • Sofia Coppola as herself
  • Thomas Mars as himself
  • Jim Jarmusch as himself
  • Michael McDonald as Gustave Leroy


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 10 March 27, 2019 May 29, 2019
2 10 April 15, 2020 June 10, 2020
3 10 September 2, 2021 October 28, 2021
4 10 July 12, 2022 September 6, 2022

Season 1 (2019)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 Pilot Taika Waititi Jemaine Clement March 27, 2019 XWS01001 0.617
Four vampire roommates live together in Staten Island: Nandor the Relentless, the self-appointed leader of the house; Laszlo and Nadja, a married couple; and Colin Robinson, an energy vampire who works in an office and drains humans of their energy by boring or irritating them. The other vampires are often annoyed by his presence. They are joined by their familiars, including Guillermo, who has served Nandor for ten years and hopes to become a vampire one day. Nadja believes she has found her former lover Gregor who has been reincarnated as a human named Jeff; Nadja reveals Gregor has been decapitated in each of his lives. Nandor receives a letter and holds a meeting announcing Baron Afanas, an ancient vampire from the Old Country, will be arriving. The vampires then prepare for his arrival. When the Baron arrives, he announces their plan to take over the Western Hemisphere.
2 2 City Council Jemaine Clement Paul Simms April 3, 2019 XWS01002 0.658
The vampires begin their first step in their plan of conquest: taking over Staten Island. They attend local city council meetings, trying to persuade the mayor and the council members, but they fail when Nandor attempts to threaten the council. Laszlo seeks out the mayor and attempts to convince her to surrender, killing the raccoons that had been eating her garbage and leaving the bodies on her porch. Meanwhile, Nandor seeks out and hypnotizes the mayor s opponent in the upcoming election, causing him to react violently and be arrested during the next council meeting. Nadja follows Jenna, a virgin LARPer, and, after observing how she is mistreated by the rest of the group, turns her into a vampire.
3 3 Werewolf Feud Jemaine Clement Josh Lieb April 10, 2019 XWS01004 0.305
Laszlo finds that his topiary garden has been urinated on by werewolves and sets traps, sparking a feud with the pack. Following the 1993 pact, Nandor engages in single combat with the werewolf pack s champion, ending with him throwing a chew-toy off a roof to win. Meanwhile, Colin competes with Evie, an emotional vampire at work who feeds on the sympathy of her co-workers by telling upsetting or depressing stories. They eventually decide to team up and have a brief relationship, before breaking up.
4 4 Manhattan Night Club Jemaine Clement Tom Scharpling April 17, 2019 XWS01003 0.439
The vampires attempt to form an alliance with Simon the Devious, the leader of the Manhattan vampires, to aid in their takeover. Laszlo insists on wearing a hat made of witch skin, which Nadja insists is cursed. Laszlo runs into several instances of bad luck. The vampires go to his headquarters, a nightclub, to talk with him. Simon agrees to an alliance, but only if Laszlo gives him the hat. Simon kicks them out once he has the hat, and the nightclub promptly explodes. Guillermo continues to feel underappreciated, so Nandor makes it up to him by flying him over the city, but he accidentally drops him, which puts him in the hospital. Laszlo reclaims his hat from a badly injured and bandaged Simon. Meanwhile, Jenna continues her vampire transition.
5 5 Animal Control Jackie van Beek Duncan Sarkies April 24, 2019 XWS01008 0.320
Nadja and Laszlo feed together, but on their way to the house Laszlo decides to torment his new neighbor Phil in bat-form, leading to him being knocked out with a broom by Phil s girlfriend and taken to an animal shelter. Nandor, Guillermo, and Colin Robinson follow to attempt a rescue and first release a seemingly rabid bat before Nandor lets himself be caught in the form of a dog but is trapped in a cage. Meanwhile, Nadja goes to see Jeff (Gregor) and they go out to a carnival. Nadja is bored and frustrated by him and makes him remember his past lives. The two celebrate, but Nadja is forced to leave. She rescues Laszlo and Nandor with ease, while Jeff is arrested by police.
6 6 Baron s Night Out Jackie van Beek Iain Morris May 1, 2019 XWS01005 0.418
Baron Afanas wakes up and demands the vampires take him out to see the city. The vampires are sick and tired of the Baron s old fashioned ideas, so they intend on killing him. The vampires and the Baron go out and spend the night going to various bars and nightclubs, where they drink blood of drugged clubbers and allow the Baron to eat pizza (with disastrous results as vampires cannot consume human food without being violently sick). After returning home in the morning, the Baron is accidentally killed by sunlight when Guillermo opens the front door.
7 7 The Trial Taika Waititi Jemaine Clement May 8, 2019 XWS01006 0.527
The three vampires must face the Vampiric Council for the death of the Baron, having no memory of the previous night due to their consumption of drug-laced blood. At the trial, Guillermo admits he killed the Baron, but the council does not believe him. Nandor then takes the blame, and he, along with Laszlo and Nadja are sentenced to death by sunlight. The three vampires are put in a well and await their death, but Colin and Guillermo rescue them by blocking the sun with an umbrella.
8 8 Citizenship Jason Woliner Stefani Robinson May 15, 2019 XWS01007 0.522
Nadja guides Jenna on how to be a vampire after her transition is complete. Jenna learns that her vampire power is invisibility and she later makes her first kill. Nandor, who learns that the country he was born in no longer exists, applies for American citizenship after being suggested by Guillermo. However, Nandor fails the process due to his lack of knowledge about America and his inability to recite the Oath of Allegiance (his mouth catching fire upon saying the word God ).
9 9 The Orgy Jason Woliner Marika Sawyer May 22, 2019 XWS01009 0.434
The vampires plan for the bi-annual vampire orgy, which must go perfectly, because throwing a bad orgy results in eternal humiliation. In the attic, Laszlo finds his old vampire-themed pornos he made. Nadja insults Laszlo when she tells him she finds them boring. After everyone has arrived for the orgy, Laszlo professes his love to Nadja, which sours the mood of the orgy and everyone leaves.
10 10 Ancestry Taika Waititi Jemaine Clement & Stefani Robinson & Tom Scharpling & Paul Simms May 29, 2019 XWS01010 0.427
Guillermo has the vampires DNA tested to show them their heritage. While Laszlo and Nadja are uninterested, Nandor discovers he has over 200,000 living descendants, including one who lives in Staten Island. Nandor visits her, a 94-year-old woman, by floating by her window with a teddy bear; this results in her having a fatal heart attack. Nandor has the other vampires attend her funeral in a church, and Laszlo and Nadja run out after catching on fire. Nadja calls out to Gregor, who is now in a psychiatric ward after being arrested previously, and breaks out. Gregor goes to the house to see Nadja, but Laszlo appears, and reveals it was he who killed Gregor in each of his past lives. Laszlo declares his love for Nadja, and Gregor stands down. As Gregor leaves, he is decapitated by a metal wire that was strung across that yard that Laszlo was using to trim a topiary bush sculpted like Nadja. Guillermo discovers he is a descendant of Van Helsing and wonders if he is destined to kill the vampires.

Season 2 (2020)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
11 1 Resurrection Kyle Newacheck Marika Sawyer April 15, 2020 XWS02001 0.537
Laszlo and Nadja are elated with their latest familiar, Topher (Haley Joel Osment), who appears to be a most dedicated servant when they are around; however, he is just a slacker who has no desire to become a vampire. Topher s attitude annoys Guillermo, who has been busy secretly killing vampire assassins who are invading the house on behalf of the Vampiric Council. Topher is accidentally electrocuted and dies, causing Nadja and the others to visit Wallace (Benedict Wong), a necromancer. Laszlo believes Wallace is just a shyster as he demands $350 for the job. Wallace revives Topher, but he comes back as a ravenous zombie who continually attacks Guillermo. The vampires bring Topher back to Wallace, where Wallace agrees to take him back, placing Topher in his basement alongside other zombies to make miniature license plate keychains.
12 2 Ghosts Kyle Newacheck Paul Simms April 15, 2020 XWS02003 0.409
The vampires deduce that a ghost has invaded their home, and Nadja performs a seance to make the ghost appear. The ghost turns out to be the spirit of her former lover Jeff/Gregor, who has unfinished business. The vampires, being dead themselves, wonder if they have their own ghosts with unfinished business, so they perform a second seance. Their spirit doppelgangers appear and each tries to help their own ghost complete whatever unfinished business they have. Nandor and Laszlo help their ghosts to pass on, while Nadja s ghost ends up inhabiting a doll and sticking around, and Colin conjures his dead grandmother just to try to tell his updog joke.
13 3 Brain Scramblies Kyle Newacheck Jake Bender & Zach Dunn April 22, 2020 XWS02002 0.566
The vampires are invited to their neighbor Sean s Super Bowl party, which they believe is a Superb Owl party. Sean mentions to Nandor and Laszlo that he only sees them at night and jokes that they re like vampires. Believing Sean is serious, the two consider killing him before deciding to double-hypnotize him, but they overdo it, causing him to lose all his memories. Nadja meets Sean s mother Joan, who Nadja used to play with when Joan was a child. Meanwhile, Guillermo searches for virgins for his master, which leads him to a mosquito-hunting club meeting. However, he learns that this is a cover for a group of vampire hunters. Among the members is Shanice, Jenna s college roommate, who is aware of her being a vampire. Having never thought about the victims he brought to his masters, Guillermo feels guilty and questions his role as a familiar.
14 4 The Curse Liza Johnson Sarah Naftalis April 29, 2020 XWS02004 0.618
The vampires panic after receiving a chain e-mail threatening them with death if they do not forward it to 10 more people. Colin takes the opportunity to use the chain e-mail to feed himself, while calming the other vampires. Meanwhile, Guillermo visits his vampire hunting group to find them about to embark on a mission to attack a home full of vampires. His initial delight on finding out it is a different house, and not his, turns to terror when it turns out that this house really is inhabited by vampires. Guillermo manages to kill many of them, but one of his team members, Derek, also dies.
15 5 Colin s Promotion Jemaine Clement Shana Gohd May 6, 2020 XWS02005 0.378
Colin expresses grief that his needs for both energy and companionship are incompatible. He later receives a promotion at work and forces subordinates to listen to him, which multiplies his power and forms a feedback loop allowing him to drain people and plants instantly, even gaining the ability to fly. After draining his housemates to the point that they age, he splits into three copies of himself, who drain each other, leaving one survivor. The survivor, having financially destroyed his company, moves to a new one. Meanwhile, Nadja discovers that Nandor pillaged the village she grew up in, causing a rift in their friendship.
16 6 On the Run Yana Gorskaya Stefani Robinson May 13, 2020 XWS02007 0.436
A vengeful and menacing vampire named Jim (Mark Hamill) arrives at the Staten Island vampire residence in search of Laszlo, who had failed to pay him a month s rent in California 167 years ago. Laszlo flees and sets up shop in a small town in Pennsylvania (as it sounded like Transylvania), killing the owner of a bar and assuming control of the establishment. In his new human persona, Laszlo goes by the name Jackie Daytona, and becomes greatly admired by the town not only for his party-throwing skills but for his great support of the local girls volleyball team. While Laszlo has a great time in his new life, his vampire roommates have trouble coping with his disappearance. Jim the Vampire also continues his search for Laszlo.
17 7 The Return Jemaine Clement Jemaine Clement May 20, 2020 XWS02006 0.377
The vampires are visited by an old foe, Simon the Devious, who is now down on his luck and only has two people left in his crew after the accident at his nightclub involving Laszlo s cursed witch hat. Nadja encourages the crew to welcome Simon into the house with open arms. Laszlo, however, is still very suspicious of Simon s true intentions. Carol, one of Simon s crew members, accuses Guillermo of being a vampire slayer, after which he kills her in an act of self-defense. Nandor finds out about it and becomes wary of Guillermo. Meanwhile, Colin uses social media to troll people online and feed on their energy. However, someone gets all of his accounts banned, which greatly upsets him. Laszlo and Simon fight over the hat while Colin confronts the user in-person, but they turn out to be an actual troll.
18 8 Collaboration Yana Gorskaya Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil May 27, 2020 XWS02008 0.443
Laszlo hears the song Come On Eileen while attacking a jogger, and is shocked as he believes he is the song s original writer. Looking back through his old songs reminds him and Nadja of when they used to sing as a duo. Colin hears them and offers to set them up with a gig, knowing they ll be awful and that he ll be able to absorb the audience s negative energy. Meanwhile, Benjy, Nandor s previous familiar, returns and goes with Guillermo to a familiar meet-up where Guillermo finds that one of the familiars, Celeste, has been turned into a vampire. He confronts Nandor, who waffles about when he will change Guillermo, so Guillermo leaves to join Celeste. He likes the inclusive atmosphere of her dwelling, but this comes to an end when her master and her clique return home and Celeste is revealed to be a fraud. Nadja and Laszlo play several songs to boos and catcalls, powering Colin, but they win the audience back with their version of Kokomo , which they are surprised to find the audience already knows.
19 9 Witches Kyle Newacheck William Meny June 3, 2020 XWS02009 0.433
When Laszlo and Nandor are captured by witches, Nadja, Colin, and Guillermo pursue and track the witches to a shop. Guillermo goes inside to investigate. Nadja and Colin are captured while waiting outside, and Guillermo is imprisoned with them. Laszlo and Nandor discover that the witches want their semen to make a youth potion. Laszlo is enthusiastic until he discovers how unpleasant the process actually is. Guillermo discovers the way out of the holding cell and he, Nadja, and Colin go to rescue Laszlo and Nandor, but are outmatched. Guillermo saves the day by striking a bargain with the witches, where he will provide them with an unlimited supply of vampire semen in exchange for a percentage of the witches profits.
20 10 Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires Kyle Newacheck Sam Johnson & Stefani Robinson & Paul Simms June 10, 2020 XWS02010 0.406
Nandor wants to get out of bed but Guillermo is nowhere to be found. Nandor looks for him and discovers a note in which Guillermo wrote Sorry . Without Guillermo as a familiar, the vampires leave their residence a mess, with corpses and blood all over the place. The entire vampire residence receive a letter inviting them to the most prestigious vampire event in existence, the Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires. They go to the event with their finest clothing, while Guillermo struggles to live with his mom in the Bronx. Guillermo finally decides to visit the gang, only to find an empty house and the letter the vampires left behind. He immediately realizes that the invite was a trap set by the Vampiric Council and goes to the theater to save them. Nadia, Laszlo, Nandor, and Colin are restrained by the vampires at the theater, led by Vladislav, and are sentenced to death for the whole theater to watch, having been blamed for the deaths of all the vampires that Guillermo has killed since the death of the Baron. Guillermo comes to the rescue and slaughters most of the vampires in the theater, saving his group, but in the process shows his true colors as a vampire hunter.

Season 3 (2021)

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No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
21 1 The Prisoner Kyle Newacheck Paul Simms September 2, 2021 XWS03001 0.498
Twenty-nine days after the massacre, the vampires are trying to decide what to do about Guillermo, who is supposedly imprisoned in a cage in their basement but has actually been regularly sneaking out of the basement to perform his usual household duties. Nandor vouches for Guillermo as he saved their lives, while Laszlo, Nadja, and Nadja s ghost (still possessing a doll) are in favor of killing him to keep themselves safe. Guillermo reveals his freedom when he leaves the basement to protect the vampires from the arrival of a messenger from the Supreme Vampiric Council, the group who oversees all of the world s other Vampiric Councils. The messenger, referred to as The Guide, promises not to harm the vampires and delivers a video message from Viago, a member of the Supreme Council, who explains that since Guillermo has now killed almost 70% of the most powerful vampires in the New York area, the Supreme Council has been forced to appoint Nandor, Nadja, Laszlo and Colin as the new Vampiric Council for the American Eastern Seaboard. The vampires decide to make Guillermo their bodyguard, and perform a group hypnosis ritual on him that will prevent him from ever harming them: Guillermo privately reveals that vampire hypnosis no longer works on him, but plays along anyway. The Guide escorts the quartet and Guillermo to the Council headquarters, where Nandor, Nadja, and Colin all begin arguing over which of them should be the Supreme Leader of the new Council.
22 2 The Cloak of Duplication Yana Gorskaya Sam Johnson & Chris Marcil September 2, 2021 XWS03002 0.448
Nandor and Nadja reluctantly agree to be the co-leaders of the new Council, although they each plan to ultimately take the role entirely for themselves. The Guide gives the group a tour of the Council s facilities, including the Chamber of Curiosities, which houses many ancient mystical artifacts and keepsakes: it also houses the Sire, the world s first and most ancient vampire, who is kept locked up behind a sealed door. Nandor decides to use one of the magical artifacts, the Cloak of Duplication (which allows one person to take on the exact likeness of another) to win over a human woman named Meg, a receptionist at a gym where he sometimes works out, by having Laszlo use the Cloak to take on his appearance and woo Meg in his stead. Colin and Laszlo each try and fail to impress Meg using this method, although Laszlo hypnotizes her to forget those incidents afterwards; Guillermo then tries instead and seems to have more success, although Meg comes to the conclusion that Nandor and Guillermo have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Nandor, Nadja and Colin visit a group of rebellious young vampires who have refused to obey the Council s orders, led by a vampire named Wes Blankenship. After they try and fail to negotiate peacefully with the rebellious group, Nadja kills Wes and thereby secures the others obedience. Nandor then visits Meg at the gym and confesses his feelings for her, but she reveals that she is a lesbian and suggests that he pursue a relationship with Guillermo instead, causing him to erase her memories again and leave. Nandor and Nadja argue over her belief that he has grown soft during his time in America, and she uses the Cloak to play a prank on him.
23 3 Gail Kyle Newacheck Marika Sawyer September 9, 2021 XWS03003 0.311
Nandor begins leaving the vampires house at odd hours. The others follow him one night and discover that he has been hooking up with a human woman named Gail, who has been his on-again, off-again partner for the past forty years. Nadja explains that Gail has always turned Nandor down every time he offers to turn her into a vampire and marry her, but Nandor decides to try again and obtains an engagement ring with the intent of proposing to her, which distresses Guillermo. However, Gail is revealed to have recently become a werewolf, which angers Nadja and Laszlo. Nandor convinces the other vampires to visit the rest of Gail s pack, which leads to a confrontation when it is revealed that Gail is also dating Anton, one of the werewolves. Guillermo proposes that the vampires and werewolves resolve their differences Twilight-style by playing a game of kickball, which ends badly when Nadja accidentally kills Gail by hitting her in the head with a ball. Nandor revives Gail by turning her into a vampire/werewolf hybrid and proposes to her, but she turns him down again. Meanwhile, Laszlo and Colin discover that Laszlo s old jalopy car, which had been confiscated and impounded by the previous Vampiric Council many years earlier, is stored in a secret room in the Council s library. Laszlo gets the car working again, and they move it out of the Council building by disassembling it and rebuilding it outside, although they damage several artifacts in the process. Laszlo and Colin then take the rest of the group on a drive around the neighborhood to lift Nandor s spirits.
24 4 The Casino Yana Gorskaya Sarah Naftalis September 16, 2021 XWS03004 0.462
The vampires are all invited on a group vacation to Atlantic City by their neighbors Sean and Charmaine, while Nandor convinces the other vampires that they should start treating Guillermo as part of their group rather than as a familiar. The vampires spend their first night having fun in a casino, before returning to their hotel rooms to sleep through the day. However, Nandor, Nadja and Laszlo are horrified to discover that the hotel housekeeping staff have vacuumed up all of their ancestral soil (which they had brought with them and spread under their hotel beds), without which they will begin to lose their powers. Desperate for a solution, Nandor sends Guillermo on a mission to Europe, where he obtains bags of soil from England, Greece, and Iran, to replenish each of the vampires supply of ancestral soil. Meanwhile, the vampires remain stuck in Atlantic City and begin to weaken as their powers slowly fade; Laszlo and Nadja try to help Sean when he relapses into his gambling addiction and loses a large amount of money, while Colin teaches Nandor about the origins of the universe after Nandor plays a casino game based on the TV series The Big Bang Theory, prompting Nandor to question what the title refers to, spiraling Nandor into an existential crisis when he learns his religious assumptions of the universe are incorrect. Eventually, Guillermo returns with the ancestral soil, and the vampires use it to restore their powers. The vampires and Guillermo then devise a plan to rig a boxing match so that they can win a large enough bet to earn back all of Sean s lost money (as well as a loan that Laszlo borrowed from Sean to pay for Guillermo s plane tickets), and are successful, although one of the two boxers is accidentally killed in the process. Sean thanks Laszlo for helping him, but then proceeds to gamble all of the newly-earned money away as well, before the group finally heads back home to New York.
25 5 The Chamber of Judgement Kyle Newacheck William Meny September 23, 2021 XWS03005 0.399
Nandor and Nadja are excited to preside over their first Vampiric Council Tribunal, while Laszlo and Colin are invited to a boys night with Sean and his friends. Nandor and Nadja cannot agree over which of them should sit on the Council leader s throne, so Guillermo convinces them to let him sit on it in disguise. Unfortunately, one of the vampires that they are charged with judging is Derek, a member of the Mosquito Club of amateur vampire hunters who was turned into a vampire during the group s first hunt and has been unknowingly breaking vampire rules of secrecy ever since, including the purchase of a hellhound (which looks like a normal dog, but can breathe fire). Nandor and Nadja sentence Derek to death, but Guillermo is plagued with guilt since he left Derek behind on the night that he was turned into a vampire, and helps him to escape from the execution chamber. Meanwhile, Sean confesses to Laszlo that he has become involved in a pyramid scheme focused on selling a special brand of pillows, and that he is being taken to small claims court by the man who sold him a large number of pillows after failing to repay him. Laszlo offers to help, and he and Colin become Sean s representatives in court: however, they are unsuccessful and Sean loses his case, prompting a despondent Laszlo to get drunk by feeding on a group of drunken businessmen. Guillermo recruits a drunken Laszlo to help him save Derek, convincing Laszlo to act as Derek s defense attorney and promising that Laszlo will help Derek to work off his sentence. Nandor and Nadja reluctantly agree, and Derek is put to work using hypnosis to sell Sean s pillows so that Sean can pay off his debt, while Guillermo adopts the hellhound.
26 6 The Escape Yana Gorskaya Jake Bender & Zach Dunn September 30, 2021 XWS03006 0.416
After Nadja forgets to put Nandor in charge of feeding the Sire, the ancient vampire becomes so hungry that it tunnels out of its cell and goes on a killing spree across the city. Nandor blames himself and holds a magical vampire press conference to explain the situation, but this only causes more panic due to the widely-held belief that if a vampire dies, so do all the vampires that they have created; therefore, if the Sire dies, all other vampires will die as well. Laszlo does not believe that theory, as it would mean that the Baron s death would have caused him and Nadja to die too, but he and Colin decide to confirm that by digging up the Baron s remains. Upon exhuming the body with Guillermo s help, they are surprised to discover that the Baron is actually still alive (although he has lost an arm and the lower half of his body), as he was revived by a bottle of blood that the vampires poured over his remains before burying him. However, Laszlo is alarmed by this, as it could mean that the theory is correct after all. As he is a vampire hunter, Guillermo offers to lead the hunt for the Sire. The Guide uses her network of Watchers” (living gargoyles) to trace the Sire to Queens, where the group are able to corner it inside a department store. Laszlo and Nandor each try to capture the Sire, but it easily overpowers them; however, the Baron then reveals that he can communicate with the Sire using an ancient vampire language. With the Baron acting as a translator, the vampires are able to pacify the Sire, and find a more comfortable home for it in Nutley, New Jersey, along with Guillermo s hellhound and the Baron.
27 7 The Siren Yana Gorskaya Shana Gohd October 7, 2021 XWS03007 0.326
Nandor and Nadja decide to try a new approach to running the Council by leading on alternating days; however, this just creates more conflict between them. Due to the vampires being much more busy, Nadja s ghost feels unappreciated and out of place due to their not spending any time with her, and ultimately decides to leave the house. Nadja is overcome with guilt when she finds out, and recruits Nandor and Guillermo to help track the ghost down. They trace her to a grocery store, where the ghost jumps from her old doll body into several new ones, before settling on an inflatable union rat and running off into the city. Meanwhile, Laszlo and Colin steal a boat to sail to Plum Island, after Colin finds an old map suggesting that information relating to his energy-vampire heritage can be found there. However, on the way there, they are drawn off-course by a strange song and run aground on a different island that is inhabited by a siren named Sheila, who captures them both and plans to eat them. Laszlo escapes by transforming into a bat, meets up with the other vampires, and convinces Guillermo to help him rescue Colin. After purchasing two pairs of noise-cancelling headphones at Best Buy with Guillermo s help, Laszlo returns to the island to find that Colin has apparently fallen in love with Sheila, but he rescues him anyway and escapes from the island; unfortunately, they leave some of the documentary crew behind. Back in the city, Nandor and Nadja track down Nadja s ghost and Nadja reconciles with the ghost, who transfers back into her doll body and agrees to return to the vampires house.
28 8 The Wellness Center Yana Gorskaya Stefani Robinson October 14, 2021 XWS03008 0.287
The time comes for Nandor s annual Accession Day party, celebrating the anniversary of his becoming the Supreme Viceroy of his home country. Guillermo and the other vampires are all excited for the party, but they are dismayed to discover that Nandor has fallen into a bout of depression, which happens to many vampires due to the nature of their eternal lifespans. In an attempt to lift his spirits, Nadja convinces Nandor to get out of the house by sending him on a Vampiric Council errand to collect some overdue bills from a vampire named Jan, who runs a wellness center for other vampires. To Nandor s surprise, he learns that Jan and all the other vampires at the wellness center have removed their own fangs and claim to no longer be vampires. Jan claims that she and her followers (known as the Formerly Fanged ) are in the process of becoming human again, and offers to help Nandor do the same: he accepts, and decides to move out of the vampires house. Guillermo pleads for Nandor to make him a vampire if he is going to leave, but Nandor reveals that he views vampirism as a curse and cares too much about Guillermo to subject him to it. One month later, Guillermo and the vampires are adjusting to life without Nandor, while Nandor is living as a human in the wellness center. Concerned about Nandor, Guillermo visits the wellness center to check on him; unfortunately, Jan discovers his presence and orders her followers to kill him. Guillermo is able to fight his way out and escapes with Nandor, taking him back to the vampires house and locking him up in the basement so that Guillermo and the other vampires can deprogram him and undo Jan s brainwashing. Back at the wellness center, Jan s followers begin to lose faith in her due to Guillermo s attack, so she convinces them all to expose themselves to sunlight as the final step in rejecting vampirism, but the sunlight kills them all as Jan reveals that she still has her vampire powers and prepares to start recruiting again.
29 9 A Farewell Tig Fong Sam Johnson & Stefani Robinson & Marika Sawyer & Paul Simms October 21, 2021
Year 2019
ReleaseDate 2019-03-27
Plot A look into the daily (or rather, nightly) lives of four vampires, who’ve lived together for over 100 years, on Staten Island.
Awards Top rated TV #184 , Won 1 Primetime Emmy, 13 wins & 90 nominations total
Stars Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou
Series Produced by Garrett Basch,Jemaine Clement,Ingrid Lageder,Paul Simms,Taika Waititi,Eli Bush,Stefani Robinson,Marika Sawyer,Derek Rappaport,Sam Johnson,Kyle Newacheck,Adam Rodner,Scott Rudin,Yana Gorskaya,Zach Hagen,Joe Furey,Lafe Jordan,Jake Bender,Tyson Breuer,Zach Dunn,Ayo Edebiri,Shana Gohd,William Meny,Sarah Naftalis,Samantha Shier,Hartley Gorenstein,Josh Lieb,Iain Morris,Tom Scharpling,Kate Bunch,Megan Murphy,Joanne Toll
Series Music by Mark Mothersbaugh,John Enroth,Albert Fox
Series Cinematography by D.J. Stipsen,Michael Storey,David A. Makin,Christian Sprenger
Series Film Editing by Yana Gorskaya,Dane McMaster,Shawn Paper,Daniel Haworth,Liza Cardinale,Antonia de Barros,Varun Viswanath,Tom Eagles,Wendy Nomiyama,Joseph Ettinger,Hannah Anaya,Thomas Calderon
Series Casting By Gayle Keller,Ben Harris,Allison Jones
Series Production Design by Kate Bunch,Shayne Fox,Ra Vincent
Series Art Direction by Aleks Cameron,Kim McQuiston,Mark Steel,Aaron Noel,Andrea Raymond,Kate Bunch
Series Set Decoration by Shayne Fox,Kerri Wylie,Mary Mitchell Williams
Series Costume Design by Amanda Neale,Laura Montgomery,Rahel Afiley
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Series Additional Crew Jesse Armstrong,Sam Bain,Madi Tower,Lauren Wells,Loni V. Rodgers,Arman Hovsepian,Kiran Singh,Mark Meloccaro,Jess Smallwood,Cole Leuthel,Sandra Alcocer,Mong Chan,Rosen Chongarski,Shiva Deonarine,Sandra Jezierski,Steph Twyford-Rigley,Sophie Ward,Hulya Eroz,Bassett Johri,Anna Lee,Benjamin Mercer,Stephanie Rosebrugh,Alan Sutton,A. Monique Arsenault,Graham Kent,Lincoln D’Souza,James McNally,Shanice Allen,Donald Colafranceschi,Katie Coughlin,Shaun Coughlin,Leo Di Leo,Travis Dixon,Sara Howie,Tristan James,Cort McGee,Shamu Naidu,Emily Salt,Stefan Steen,Beth Welsh,Chris Tarpos,Amy Wright,Matt Graver,Jordan Worrell,Maddie Zekkou,Oakville Divers,Torianna Lee,Denise Bodan,Casey Hudecki,Michelle Akeley,Michaela Hudson,Rory Krizsan,Bj Prince,Roy Urbanozo,April Ursacki,Scott Milton,Brian Nailing,Chelsea Lynn Peterson,Connie Peterson,Chad Preucil,Monica Timmerman,Amanda Foldes,Danielle Schwartz,Sevonne Robinson,Kurtis Bayford,Fahim Fazli
Series Thanks Shahid Latif
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Companies FX Productions, Two Canoes Pictures, 343 Incorporated
Countries USA
Languages English
ContentRating TV-MA
ImDbRating 8.6
ImDbRatingVotes 74803
MetacriticRating 83
Keywords mockumentary,vampire,spin off,satire,word play