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Endless Love is a 2014 American romantic drama film directed by Shana Feste and co-written by Feste with Joshua Safran. A second adaptation of Scott Spencer s novel (following the 1981 movie starring Brooke Shields), the film stars Alex Pettyfer, Gabriella Wilde, Bruce Greenwood, Joely Richardson, and Robert Patrick.

The film was released on February 14, 2014, by Universal Pictures in the US and UK, and on February 13, 2014, in Australia.


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17-year-old Jade Butterfield graduates from high school with an impressive college scholarship but few friends, focusing on her studies rather than a social life. David, another senior, has had a crush on her for years but never acted on it.

Jade asks her parents, Hugh and Anne, for a graduation party as her gift, which is very unlike her. She invites the entire class, including David. At first, the party consists of only Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield s friends. However, David comes and gets everyone to go to Jade s by sabotaging another.

The night is full of music, laughter and dancing. Jade and David are caught kissing in a closet during a power outage when Jade s father, Hugh, toasts Jade. They exit the closet together, seen by all. Hugh disapproves of David, feeling he will adversely affect his daughter s medical-school internship.

David tries to please Hugh by fixing the car of Chris, Jade s deceased brother, but Hugh is the only one not happy with it. Late that night, Jade sneaks David into the study where – at her urging – they make love. They strive to make the most of the ten days she has left at home. Ultimately, Jade opts to decline the internship to spend the summer with David, infuriating Hugh. She later invites David to accompany the family to their lake house; he is welcomed warmly by everybody but Hugh, who his wife Anne begs to give him a chance. She points out that Jade seems truly happy for the first time in ages.

One night, David sees Hugh cheating on Anne with another woman; and Hugh intimidates him into keeping quiet about it. David and Jade, along with Jade s brother Keith and his girlfriend Sabine, sneak into a local zoo after-hours for a night of fun. Jenny, David s jealous ex, calls the police; when they arrive, David sacrifices himself so the others can escape. Hugh bails David out, on the condition he ends it with Jade and she takes the internship as planned.

Jade escapes to find David at a restaurant where he s eating with his friend Mace, who secretly invited Jenny. Jade suddenly turns up, assumes the worst and upset, drives off and gets into an accident. At the hospital, Hugh gives Harry a restraining order to keep David away from Jade…who has suffered only minor injuries. Upon leaving the hospital, she tries to contact David – having realized he was never unfaithful to her and never would be. But his dad won t allow it because of the restraining order. Over the next few months, David and Jade each try to see other people; but both are unhappy.

David runs into Anne at a bookstore, and she tells him she admires his and Jade s love. She arranges for David to meet Jade at the airport when she comes home for the holidays. They reaffirm their love and Jade plans to go off with David that night, while Anne confronts Hugh about his obsession with destroying David s life; including Hugh never sending her college recommendation letter for him.

At home, Hugh reams Keith and Sabine for listening to records from Chris s collection. Keith seconds his mother s sentiments regarding what losing Chris has done to Hugh. Then Keith announces he is moving in with Sabine, and Anne opts to join them. Hugh then finds Jade preparing to leave with David; who is waiting outside. He charges in a rage, knocking over a lit candle on the way and furiously attacking David. Jade rushes to his defense, proclaiming that it was Hugh, not David; who tore the family apart.

The defeated Hugh goes back inside, discovering the fire started in Chris s room. Jade and David see the house in flames, so he rushes back in to save Hugh, who is struggling to gather up Chris possessions. When David falls unconscious, Hugh drops everything and helps him to safety instead. Outside, they put aside their differences while waiting for medical help.

Anne and Hugh amicably separate, but remain determined to rediscover their love, inspired by Jade and David; who are flying out to California, having been selected as maid of honor and best man at Sabine and Keith s wedding. Both couples celebrate on the beach, where they camp. Sharing David s bedroll, Jade fondly recalls how her first love – the relationship she shares with him – was everything all at once, the kind of undying love worth fighting to keep.


  • Alex Pettyfer as David Elliot
  • Gabriella Wilde as Jade Butterfield
  • Bruce Greenwood as Hugh Butterfield
  • Joely Richardson as Anne Butterfield
  • Robert Patrick as Harry Elliot
  • Rhys Wakefield as Keith Butterfield
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Mace
  • Emma Rigby as Jenny
  • Anna Enger as Sabine
  • Patrick Johnson as Chris Butterfield
  • Alexandra Bartee as Kelly
  • Sharon Conley as Dr. Edie Watanabe
  • Stephanie Northrup as Dawn Besser
  • Matt Withers as Miles


Emma Roberts was originally offered the role of Jade, but turned it down. Sophie Lowe, Gabriella Wilde, Sarah Bolger, and Olivia Cooke were on the final shortlist for the role; Wilde was ultimately cast.

Principal photography began in May 2013 in Georgia. Filming wrapped in July 2013. Scenes were shot in Savannah, Georgia, Fayette County, Georgia, Butts County, Georgia at Lake Jackson, and at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


The first trailer was released on December 23, 2013.

The film was not a box office success, earning a domestic gross of $23,438,250, barely over its estimated production budget of $20 million.


Endless Love has received negative reviews from film critics. Criticism was mainly made towards the many liberties taken with the original source material. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 16% based on 94 reviews, with the consensus: Blander than the original Endless Love and even less faithful to the source material, this remake is clichéd and unintentionally silly. On Metacritic, the film has a score of 30 out of 100, based on 32 critics, indicating generally unfavorable reviews from critics.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote: This Endless Love is a photo shoot, not a movie. It d play better as a slideshow of jpgs. Even nine-year-old girls ought to cry foul on this movie s endless blandness. Ronnie Scheib of Variety wrote: In The Greatest (2009) and Country Strong (2010), Feste proved herself quite skilled, if not especially innovative, at limning her characters’ emotional travails. But subtlety, complexity and even the slightest modicum of realism elude her here. Stephanie Merry of The Washington Post said The movie feels like Nicholas Sparks fan fiction.

Film historian Leonard Maltin gave the remake a more positive review than the original, giving it two out of a possible four stars (he gave its 1981 predecessor zero out of four, rating it a BOMB ). Yet he described the newer film as Mediocre … This is sure to connect with its target audience — and it s Oscarworthy compared to the 1981 version — yet it remains overwrought and pointless for fans of the novel. Moreover, Lionel Richie s title tune (the only memorable aspect of the original) is sorely missed here.

In 2013, after reading the screenplay for the film, Scott Spencer – the author of the novel on which the film was based – wrote that It s about one hundred pages, and the only ones that were not dreary were sciatica inducing . In 2014 he wrote that his novel has been even more egregiously and ridiculously misunderstood in making the remake than in the 1981 film.


End title track Don t Find Another Love was sung by Tegan and Sara and written by Golden Globe award-winning composer Julie Frost. Singer/songwriter Skylar Grey s cover of Robert Palmer s Addicted to Love was used for the trailer of the film. In addition, the song Explosions by Ellie Goulding was used in trailers adapted as television commercials. Another song which was taken is the track Pumpin Blood by the Swedish dance-pop group NoNoNo.

Director Shana Feste had considered using the original film s iconic theme song in one scene but eventually decided against it.

Year 2014
ReleaseDate 2014-02-14
RuntimeMins 104
RuntimeStr 1h 44min
Plot The story of a privileged girl and a charismatic boy whose instant desire sparks a love affair made only more reckless by parents trying to keep them apart.
Awards Awards, 1 win
Directors Shana Feste
Writers Shana Feste, Joshua Safran, Scott Spencer
Stars Gabriella Wilde, Alex Pettyfer, Bruce Greenwood
Produced by Pamela Abdy,Michael Bederman,J. Miles Dale,Tracy Falco,Stephanie Savage,Josh Schwartz,Scott Stuber
Music by Christophe Beck
Cinematography by Andrew Dunn
Film Editing by Maryann Brandon
Casting By Justine Arteta,Kim Davis-Wagner
Production Design by Clay A. Griffith
Art Direction by Angela Stauffer
Set Decoration by Wayne Shepherd
Costume Design by Stacey Battat
Makeup Department Suzanna Boykin,Carla Brenholtz,Jay Ferrara,Cathrine A. Marcotte,Stephanie Ponder,Tina Roesler Kerwin,Kelvin R. Trahan,Bryan Whisnant,Lance Aldredge,Randi Owens Arroyo,Valerie Patterson,Dionne Pitsikoulis
Production Management Regina Robb,Gregg Edler,Sean T. Stratton
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Philip Banks,Danielle King,Scott Kirkley,David Mendoza,Michele Panelli-Venetis,Steven Ritzi,Matti Kluttz
Art Department Allen Barajas,Danny Brown,Shannon Chadwick,Nathan S. Clark,Seay Earehart,Stephen Eno,Kevin Farrell,Christopher Ferris,Jennifer Fleury,Shane Garner,Josh Hadley,John Hair,John Hemphill,Kristen Jenkins,John Paul J.P. Jones,Julie Kobsa,Chelsea Leonowicz,John Moredock,Scott T. Pina,Eugene Pope,Robbie Sammons,Katherine Skinner,James Bryant Wactor,Zackary Wilder,C. Travis Williams,Todd Bridges,Connie Dominey,Buddy Dowling,Lindsay Tomlinson Forrest,Craig Gilmore,Jen Knight,Jason Negron,Brandon Smith,Mary Stacy,Nina A. White
Sound Department Dave Bergstrom,Keith Bilderbeck,Thomas J. Doolittle,Paul Drenning,Mary H. Ellis,Nerses Gezalyan,Jeff Gomillion,Gary A. Hecker,Scott Hecker,Martin Lopez,Gary Marullo,Bill Meadows,Frank A. Montaño,Thomas J. O Connell,Michelle Pazer,James Peterson,Derek Pippert,Jonathan Rego,Kira Roessler,Curt Schulkey,Roy Seeger,Jon Taylor,Dave Tourkow,Hugh Waddell,Ryan Young,Lars Bjerre,Greg Crawford,Brian Didsbury,Alex Knickerbocker,John Maskew,Aron Siegel,David Terry,Allen Lee Williams III
Special Effects by Mancico Troy Cloud,Greg Pruett,Lisa Reynolds,Bob Shelley,Greg Waddle,Michael H. Clark,Michael Aj Dzenowagis,Jeremy Farlow,Clark James,Garrett V. Martin,J.D. Schwalm,Doug Van Arsdale
Visual Effects by Wayne Adams,Wasim Ali,Bhat Anirudha,Barb Benoit,Dennis Berardi,Patrick Clancey,Amy Daye,Crystal Dowd,Anuva Natarajan Iyer,Jeremy Johnson,Ashlesh Kotangale,Claire McLachlan,Suresh Rohit,Muddasar Sayyad,Ashish Raju Somkuwar,Kumar Umesh,Olivia Yapp,Vishal S. Bendre,Mike Borrett,Andy Chan,Harshal Deshpande,Becca Donohoe,Wes Dorough,Jack Grundy,Oliver Hearsey,Anna Joukova,Subash Jude,Marco Lee,Meng Angel Li,Lukas Lundberg,Bikash Kumar Mahanta,Mike Portoghese,Eric J. Robertson,Eric Robinson,Muddasar Sayyad,Milan Schere,Mark Thomas-Stubbs,Patrick Man-Long Wong
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Genres Drama, Romance
Companies Bluegrass Films, Fake Empire, Universal Pictures
Countries USA
Languages English
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 6.2
ImDbRatingVotes 45195
MetacriticRating 30
Keywords love,woman wears a string bikini,bikini,brother sister relationship,high school graduation