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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a 2016 fantasy film directed by David Yates and written by J. K. Rowling. It is the first instalment in the Fantastic Beasts film series and the ninth overall in the Wizarding World franchise, serving as a spin-off of and prequel to the Harry Potter film series, inspired by the 2001 guide book of the same name by Rowling. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, Samantha Morton, Jon Voight, Carmen Ejogo, Ron Perlman, and Colin Farrell.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them premiered in New York City on 10 November 2016 and opened in theatres worldwide on 18 November 2016 in 2D, 3D, 4D, Dolby Cinema, and IMAX formats, by Warner Bros. Pictures. It received generally positive reviews from critics and emerged a commercial success after grossing $814 million worldwide, making it the eighth highest-grossing film of 2016. The film was nominated for five British Academy Film Awards, including Best British Film, and won for Best Production Design. It was nominated for two Academy Awards and won for Best Costume Design, becoming the first Wizarding World film to win an Academy Award.

A sequel, The Crimes of Grindelwald, was released in November 2018, and a third film, The Secrets of Dumbledore, was released in April 2022.


In 1926, British wizard and magizoologist Newton Newt Scamander arrives in New York City. He observes Mary Lou Barebone, the non-magical ( No-Maj or Muggle ) head of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, preaching that witches and wizards are real and dangerous. Attempting to recapture a Niffler that escaped from his suitcase of magical creatures, Newt meets No-Maj Jacob Kowalski, an aspiring baker, and they unwittingly swap suitcases. Porpentina Tina Goldstein, a demoted Auror of the Magical Congress of the United States (MACUSA), arrests Newt for breaking magical law. Since the suitcase in his possession only contains Jacob s baked goods, Newt is released. At home, Jacob opens Newt s suitcase, inadvertently freeing several creatures into the city.

After Tina and Newt find Jacob and the suitcase, Tina takes them to her apartment and introduces them to Queenie, her Legilimens sister. Jacob and Queenie are mutually attracted, though American wizards are forbidden to have any contact with No-Majs. Newt takes Jacob inside his suitcase, magically expanded to house various creatures including an Obscurial, a parasite that develops inside magically gifted children when their abilities are suppressed; those afflicted rarely live past the age of ten.

After they recapture two of the three escaped beasts, Tina returns the suitcase to MACUSA, but they are arrested, as officials believe one of Newt s creatures is responsible for killing Senator Henry Shaw Jr., who was actually attacked by a different Obscurial. The Director of Magical Security, Percival Graves, accuses Newt of conspiring with the infamous dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, and decides to destroy Newt s suitcase and obliviate Jacob s recent memories. Newt and Tina are sentenced to death. Queenie senses this, rescues Jacob before his memory can be wiped, then helps Newt and Tina escape and retrieve Newt s suitcase. A tip from Tina s goblin informant Gnarlak leads the four to recapture the last of the escaped creatures.

Graves approaches Credence, Mary Lou s adult adopted son, and offers to free him from his abusive mother in exchange for helping to find the Obscurial causing destruction throughout the city. Credence finds a wand under his adopted sister Modesty s bed, which Mary Lou assumes is his; when Credence is about to be punished, the Obscurial kills Mary Lou and her eldest daughter Chastity. Graves, assuming Modesty is the Obscurus host, dismisses Credence as a Squib and refuses to teach him magic as he had promised in return for service. Credence reveals he is the real host, having survived due to the intensity of his magic, and attacks the city in broad daylight.

Newt finds Credence hiding in a subway tunnel, but is attacked by Graves. Tina, who had tried to protect Credence from Mary Lou (leading to her demotion), attempts to calm the boy, while Graves tries to convince Credence to listen to him. As Credence returns to human form, MACUSA President Seraphina Picquery and the Aurors counterattack, shattering the Obscurial. However, unseen by anyone but Newt, a single wisp of the creature flees the scene. Graves admits he had planned to unleash the Obscurial to expose the magical community to the No-Majs and then frame Newt for the incident. He claims MACUSA s laws openly protect No-Majs at the expense of the magical community, and he no longer cares to live in hiding. Picquery orders the Aurors to apprehend Graves, but he defeats them. Newt captures him with the help of one of his beasts and reveals that Graves is Grindelwald in disguise, although it is unknown if the real Graves is still alive or not.

MACUSA fears their secret world has been exposed, but Newt releases his Thunderbird to disperse a potion that obliviates recent memories over the city as rainfall, while MACUSA wizards repair the destruction and erase all evidence of their existance. Queenie kisses Jacob goodbye as the rain erases his memories, and Newt returns to England. Jacob opens a bakery with pastries resembling Newt s beasts, and, when Queenie enters, he smiles at her.


  • Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, an introverted British wizard, magizoologist and an employee of the Ministry of Magic. Scamander is the future author of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry standard textbook Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Redmayne was cast in June 2015. Matt Smith and Nicholas Hoult were also considered for the role.
  • Katherine Waterston as Tina Goldstein a grounded, down-to-earth witch and former Auror employed by MACUSA. She longs to fight for what is right, but was demoted to a position well below her skill level.
  • Dan Fogler as Jacob Kowalski, a genial No-Maj cannery worker and aspiring baker who is exposed to the New York City magical community after he and Newt accidentally switch suitcases.
  • Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein, Tina s younger sister and roommate. Described as a free-spirited, big-hearted bombshell, she is a naturally born and skilled Legilimens.
  • Samantha Morton as Mary Lou Barebone, a narrow-minded No-Maj and the sinister leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society or The Second-Salemers , a group whose goals include exposing and killing wizards and witches.
  • Ezra Miller as Credence Barebone, a secret Obscurial wizard and Mary Lou s troubled adopted son.
  • Jon Voight as Henry Shaw Sr., a newspaper owner and the father of U.S. Senator Henry Shaw Jr. and Langdon Shaw.
  • Carmen Ejogo as Seraphina Picquery, the President of MACUSA, the Magical Congress of the United States of America. As such, she is the American equivalent of a Minister for Magic in the United Kingdom.
  • Colin Farrell as Percival Graves, a high-ranking Auror and Director of Magical Security for MACUSA, responsible for the protection of wizards. Since Grindelwald spends most of the first film disguised as Percival Graves, Colin Farrell portrays him in those scenes.
  • Ron Perlman as the voice of Gnarlak, a goblin gangster who owns a magical speakeasy nightclub called The Blind Pig .
  • Faith Wood-Blagrove as Modesty Barebone, a haunted young girl who is the youngest of Mary Lou s adopted children. Wood-Blagrove was chosen from among thousands of children who auditioned in an open casting call.
  • Ronan Raftery as Langdon Shaw, the youngest of Henry Shaw Sr. s sons, who begins to believe in magic.
  • Josh Cowdery as Henry Shaw Jr., the eldest of Henry Shaw Sr. s sons; an arrogant and cruel U.S. Senator.
  • Kevin Guthrie as Abernathy, Tina and Queenie s MACUSA supervisor.
  • Jenn Murray as Chastity Barebone, the middle of Mary Lou s adopted children.
  • Gemma Chan as Madam Ya Zhou, a witch who is a member of MACUSA.
  • Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald, an infamous, powerful dark wizard who believes in the superiority of wizards and seeks to lead a new Wizarding Order.

Zoë Kravitz appears in a photograph as Leta Lestrange, Newt s former love who betrayed his trust, to set up her role in the sequel film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018).



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is mentioned several times as a school textbook in the Harry Potter book series, with Scamander named as the author. In 2001, Rowling published an edition of the textbook to be sold to raise money for the British charity Comic Relief. The book is a directory of magical creatures with an introduction by its author, Newt Scamander. It does not contain a narrative.

First announced in September 2013 just two years after the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, the Fantastic Beasts project marked Rowling s debut as a screenwriter. The film sees the return of producer David Heyman, as well as writer Steve Kloves, both veterans of the Potter film franchise. There were rumors that Alfonso Cuarón would direct, which he refuted in May 2014. Warner Bros. announced that David Yates would direct at least the first instalment of a planned trilogy. James Newton Howard was brought on board to score the film.


Principal photography began on 17 August 2015, at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden, in Hertfordshire, England and wrapped in January 2016. Several scenes were shot on location in London. After two months, the production moved to the Cunard Building and St George s Hall in Liverpool, which was transformed into 1920s New York City. Framestore in London produced the visual effects for the film.


On 9 April 2016, the film s website announced that James Newton Howard would write and compose the score. On 24 October 2016, Pottermore published an official first look at the film s main theme composed by Howard. The main theme incorporated John Williams themes from earlier films, such as Hedwig s Theme . The soundtrack was released by WaterTower Music on 18 November 2016, coinciding with the film s release worldwide.

Visual effects

The visual effects were provided by Cinesite, DNEG, Framestore, Image Engine, Moving Picture Company, Milk VFX and Rodeo FX.


On 4 November 2015, Entertainment Weekly released the first official publicity shots of the film, including pictures of characters Newt, Tina, and Queenie, and behind-the-scenes shots of production and filming on various sets designed to mirror 1920s New York City. On 10 December 2015, @Fantastic Beasts announced on Twitter that an announcement trailer would be released on 15 December. A teaser poster was also released along with the one-minute trailer.

During A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort in February 2016, a featurette was released showcasing several interviews with various cast and crew members, as well as the first official behind-the-scenes footage. On 10 April 2016, the first teaser trailer was released during the MTV Movie Awards. On 10 August 2016, more information and publicity shots for the film were released through Entertainment Weekly, with new information on Ezra Miller s character, Credence Barebone, and the news that Zoë Kravitz would have a role in the series. New images released at the time include the quartet running down a New York City alleyway; David Yates chatting to stars Katherine Waterston and Eddie Redmayne on the set in front of a blown out subway station; Colin Farrell s character, Percival Graves, interrogating an arrested and handcuffed Newt; and Graves and Credence putting up anti-magic propaganda. A final trailer for the film was released on 28 September 2016.

Tie-in literature and merchandise

The film s script was published in book form on 18 November 2016. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay was written by Rowling herself.

On 7 March 2016 a trailer-preview was released about the History of Magic in North America as it is in the Harry Potter universe. On 7 October 2016, Rowling also released on Pottermore four pieces of writing exclusively as an introduction to the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, titled History of Magic in North America. It includes information about scourers in North America, brutal and violent magical mercenaries who played a significant role in the historic Salem witch trials of the 1600s; info about various American wand makers; the role magic played in World War I; the foundation of MACUSA; the harsh enforcement No-Maj/Wizarding segregation; and life in 1920s Wizarding America; with info about wand permits and prohibition; and her fictionalized ideas of Native American Magic. Her use of Native American religious figures and symbolism from contemporary, living cultures for this work of fiction was met with protests by Native American communities; she was accused of racial insensitivity, violation of intellectual property rights, disrespect and appropriating Native traditions while erasing Native peoples.

On 28 June 2016, Rowling released a second part to her History of Magic in North America series, concerning the fictitious Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, detailing the founding of the pre-eminent American Wizarding academy and allowing users to sort themselves into one of the four houses of the school. The school itself is mentioned in the film.

A story pack based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was released for the video game Lego Dimensions by WB Games and TT Games. The pack includes a constructible model of MACUSA, figures of Newt Scamander and a Niffler, and a six-level game campaign that adapts the film s events. The pack was released on the same day as the film, alongside a fun pack containing figures of Tina Goldstein and a Swooping Evil. The cast of the film reprises their roles in the game.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had its world premiere at Alice Tully Hall in New York City on 10 November 2016. The film was released worldwide on 18 November 2016, in 2D, 3D and the new IMAX 3D 4K Laser system. It would premiere one day earlier in a number of other countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany and Italy, on 17 November. The film would be released to a total of 1,028 IMAX 3D screens worldwide (388 screens in the United States and Canada, 347 screens in China, 26 screens in Japan and 267 screens in other countries). This marked the second time—after Doctor Strange—that a film secured a release in more than 1,000 IMAX 3D screens worldwide.

Home media

Fantastic Beasts was released on Digital HD on 7 March 2017, and on 4K UHD, 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on 28 March 2017.


Box office

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them grossed $234 million in the United States and Canada and $580 million in other countries for a total of $814 million. The film was made on a budget of $175 million, with an additional $150 million spent on marketing. Worldwide, the film grossed $219.9 million during its opening weekend in around 64 markets on 24,200 screens, both the fifth-biggest in Rowling s wizarding cinematic universe, and the seventh-biggest for the month of November 2016. IMAX totalled $15 million from 605 screens. Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $164 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues for the film, making it the ninth-most profitable release of 2016.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Fantastic Beasts went on general release in the United Kingdom and Ireland on 18 November 2016. It debuted with £15.33 million ($19.15 million) from 666 cinemas, the biggest debut of any film in 2016, ahead of the previous record holder, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (£14.62 million). The film vied with Bridget Jones Baby and briefly won first place, only to be surpassed during the last days of 2016 by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

United States and Canada

In the United States and Canada, estimates predicted that the film would gross $68–85 million—or more—in its opening weekend. The film was released on 18 November in 4,143 cinemas, of which 388 were IMAX screens, and more than 3,600 were showing the film in 3D. It grossed $29.7 million on its first day, the second-lowest opening day among Rowling s adaptations (behind the $29.6 million Friday of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets). This included $8.75 million it earned from Thursday-night preview screenings beginning at 6 p.m. in 3,700 cinemas. In total, the film earned $74.4 million in its opening weekend, falling in line with projections and finishing first at the box office, but it recorded the lowest opening among films in Rowling s Harry Potter universe. It made $8 million from 388 IMAX screens, $9 million from 500 premium large-format locations and $1.75 million from Cinemark XD.

The film s opening was considered a hit, taking into account the fact that the story was not based on an existing, popular source, and the film itself was missing the franchise s main character, Harry Potter. It was the top choice among moviegoers, representing 47% of the weekend s total $157.6 million tickets sales. On its second Friday, it had a gradual drop of 37% ($18.5 million) from the week before, the second-best Friday drop for any Harry Potter film, behind The Philosopher s Stone. This was in part due to Black Friday, the most lucrative day of the Thanksgiving Day stretch. It ended up grossing $45.1 million in its second weekend (a drop of just 39.4%), finishing 2nd at the box office behind newcomer Moana.

Other markets

Outside North America, the film debuted day-and-date in 63 countries, along with its North American release, where it was projected to gross $90–125 million in its opening weekend. It opened 16 November 2016 in 9 countries, earning $6.9 million from 5,070 screens. It opened in 38 more countries on 18 November, earning $16.6 million for a total of $23.5 million in two days. In three days, it made $53.6 million. Through Sunday, 20 November, the film had a five-day opening weekend of $145.5 million from 63 countries, above the initial projections. It earned another $132 million in its second weekend after a large debut in China and Japan.

It recorded the biggest opening day of all time among the Harry Potter franchise in South Korea ($1.7 million), the Philippines ($1.2 million), the UAE ($429,000) and Ukraine, the second biggest in Mexico ($1.8 million), Russia and the CIS ($1.7 million), Brazil ($1.3 million) and in Indonesia ($480,000), all behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 and the third biggest in the United Kingdom ($5.4 million), behind Part 1 and Part 2. It also scored the second-biggest Warner Bros. opening of all-time in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Notably, France opened with $1.8 million, Spain with $1.4 million, and Germany with $1 million ($2 million including paid previews). In terms of opening weekends, the film posted the biggest opening among the Harry Potter franchise in 16 markets, including South Korea ($14.2 million, also the third-biggest opening for the studio), Russia ($9.8 million) and Brazil ($6.4 million), the biggest opener of the year in Germany ($10.2 million), Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland and the biggest Warner Bros. debut in those along with France ($10.2 million), the Netherlands and Denmark. Italy debuted with $6.6 million, the biggest for a U.S. film in the country. Australia opened with $7.4 million, followed by Mexico ($5.8 million) and Spain ($4.5 million).

It opened in China on 25 November alongside Disney s animated Moana but did not face significant competition from it. It earned $11.2 million on its opening day from 11,600 screens, the best among the Rowlings cinematic universe. In total, it had an opening weekend of $41.1 million, dominating 60% of the top five films with 70,000 screenings per day. This alone surpassed the entire lifetime total of all Harry Potter films save the last one. Similarly in Japan—typically the biggest or second biggest market for the previous Harry Potter films—it debuted with $15.5 million, besting the total lifetime of all the previous films except for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

The film also set a number of IMAX records. In total, the opening weekend was worth $7 million from 276 screens, which is the second-highest ever in the Wizarding World, behind Deathly Hallows – Part 2. In 33 territories, it opened at number one, and was also the third-highest-grossing November international IMAX opening ever, and the No. 1 start for IMAX in November in 19 countries including Japan ($1.1 million), the UK, Russia, Germany, and the Netherlands. In China, it had the biggest IMAX opening among the franchise with $5.1 million from 347 IMAX screens. Overall, the film has earned a global cumulative total of $19.1 million from the format.

It has become the highest-grossing film in Rowling s cinematic universe in Russia ($16.7 million) and the second-highest in South Korea ($24.6 million). China ($41.1 million) the United Kingdom ($37.6 million), followed by Germany ($18.4 million), France ($16.7 million), and Spain ($13.3 million) are the film s biggest-earning markets.

Critical response

On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes the film holds a rating of 74% based on 347 reviews, with an average rating of 6.8/10. The website s critical consensus reads, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them draws on Harry Potter s rich mythology to deliver a spin-off that dazzles with franchise-building magic all its own. On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score 66 out of 100, based on reviews from 50 critics, indicating generally favorable reviews . Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of A on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reported filmgoers gave it a 90% positive score and a 74% definite recommend .

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian gave the film five out of five stars, hailing it as a rich, baroque, intricately detailed entertainment and a terrifically good-natured, unpretentious and irresistibly buoyant film . NME s Larry Bartleet also gave it five out of five, calling it more enchanting to your inner kid than the Potter films ever were . Robbie Collin of The Telegraph called the film a spectacular feat of world-building and said The film is immaculately cast, and the chemistry between its four heroes holds your eye with its firework fizz. IndieWire s Eric Kohn gave the film a B+ saying that it delivers the most satisfying period fantasy since Tim Burton s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street , and that its layers of sophistication made it one of the best Hollywood blockbusters of the year. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film 3 out of 4 and expressed surprise at the analogies underlying the film, calling it the first anti-Trump blockbuster . He calls Rowling a champion of outsiders facing intolerance, segregation and demonization and that although the film gets bogged down in exposition, the unexpectedly moving subtext carries the day. Travers concludes The real stars here are the beasts, supposedly ugly, weird and dangerous, but paragons of FX creativity in service of genuine ideas.

Mike Ryan of Uproxx gave the film a positive review, writing Newt Scamander is nothing like Harry, but it has to be this way. It all has to be different. And it is, but, again, with just enough sameness to make us feel like we are at home again. I m looking forward to wherever these movies are taking us . John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film is likely to draw in just about everyone who followed the Potter series and to please most of them . In a mixed review, Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of The A.V. Club found the film patchy but occasionally charming. David Edelstein of New York Magazine called it a distinctly unmagical slog , remarking that the beasts aren t especially fantastic and the effects are too blandly corporate to be exhilarating .


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The film was nominated for two Academy Awards and won for Best Costume Design, becoming the first Wizarding World film to win an Academy Award. It was also nominated for five British Academy Film Awards, including Best British Film, and won for Best Production Design.

Award Date of ceremony Category Recipient(s) Result Ref.
Academy Awards 26 February 2017 Best Costume Design Colleen Atwood Won
Best Production Design Stuart Craig and Anna Pinnock Nominated
Art Directors Guild Awards 11 February 2017 Excellence in Production Design for a Fantasy Film Stuart Craig Nominated
British Academy Film Awards 12 February 2017 Best British Film David Heyman, Steve Kloves, J. K. Rowling, Lionel Wigram and David Yates Nominated
Best Production Design Stuart Craig and Anna Pinnock Won
Best Costume Design Colleen Atwood Nominated
Best Special Visual Effects Tim Burke, Pablo Grillo, Christian Manz and David Watkins Nominated
Best Sound Niv Adiri, Glenn Freemantle, Simon Hayes, Andy Nelson and Ian Tapp Nominated
Casting Society of America 19 January 2017 Feature Big Budget – Drama Fiona Weir and Jim Carnahan Nominated
Costume Designers Guild Awards 21 February 2017 Excellence in Fantasy Film Colleen Atwood Nominated
Critics Choice Movie Awards 11 December 2016 Best Art Direction Stuart Craig, James Hambidge and Anna Pinnock Nominated
Best Costume Design Colleen Atwood Nominated
Best Hair and Makeup Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Nominated
Best Visual Effects Nominated
Diversity in Media Awards 15 September 2017 Movie of the Year Nominated
Empire Awards 19 March 2017 Best British Film Nominated
Best Actor Eddie Redmayne Won
Best Costume Design Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Won
Best Make-Up and Hairstyling Won
Best Production Design Won
Best Visual Effects Nominated
Evening Standard British Film Awards 9 December 2016 Editor s Award Won
Irish Film & Television Awards 8 April 2017 Best Supporting Actor Colin Farrell Nominated
Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards 19 February 2017 Feature-Length Motion Picture – Best Period and/or Character Make-Up Fae Hammond and Marilyn MacDonald Nominated
Feature-Length Motion Picture – Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling Nominated
Feature-Length Motion Picture – Best Special Make-Up Effects Fae Hammond Nominated
People s Choice Awards 18 January 2017 Favorite Year-End Blockbuster Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Won
Saturn Awards 28 June 2017 Best Fantasy Film Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Dan Fogler Nominated
Best Music James Newton Howard Nominated
Best Production Design Stuart Craig Nominated
Best Costume Design Colleen Atwood Won
Best Make-up Nick Knowles Nominated
Best Special Effects Tim Burke, Christian Manz and David Watkins Nominated
St. Louis Gateway Film Critics Association 18 December 2016 Best Production Design Stuart Craig and James Hambidge Runner-up
Teen Choice Awards 31 July 2016 Choice AnTEENcipated Movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Nominated
Visual Effects Society Awards 7 February 2017 Outstanding Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature Tim Burke, Pablo Grillo, Christian Manz, David Watkins and Olly Young Nominated
Outstanding Animated Performance in a Photoreal Feature Gabriel Beauvais-Tremblay, Luc Girard, Laurent Laban and Romain Rico Nominated
Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Association 5 December 2016 Best Art Direction Stuart Craig and Anna Pinnock Nominated


Initially, in October 2014, the studio announced the film would be the start of a trilogy. In July 2016, David Yates confirmed that Rowling had written the screenplay for the second film and had ideas for the third. In October 2016, Rowling announced that the series would comprise five films.

The first sequel, titled Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, was released on 16 November 2018. The second sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, was released in the United Kingdom on 8 April 2022 and in the United States on 15 April 2022; production was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Year 2016
ReleaseDate 2016-11-18
RuntimeMins 132
RuntimeStr 2h 12min
Plot The adventures of writer Newt Scamander in New York’s secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.
Awards Won 1 Oscar, 15 wins & 54 nominations total
Directors David Yates
Writers J.K. Rowling
Stars Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol
Produced by Neil Blair, David Heyman, Steve Kloves, Tim Lewis, J.K. Rowling, Rick Senat, Michael Sharp, Lionel Wigram
Music by James Newton Howard
Cinematography by Philippe Rousselot
Film Editing by Mark Day
Casting By Fiona Weir
Production Design by Stuart Craig, James Hambidge
Art Direction by David Allday, Ravi Bansal, Guy Bradley, Toby Britton, Peter Dorme, Gavin Fitch, Martin Foley, Kate Grimble, Christian Huband, Hayley Easton Street, Leslie Tomkins
Set Decoration by Anna Pinnock
Costume Design by Colleen Atwood
Makeup Department Sally Crouch, Sarah Grispo, Fae Hammond, Carmel Jackson, Nicky Knowles, Fiona Lobo-Cranston, Marilyn MacDonald, Madlen Mierzwiak, Alex Rouse, Loulia Sheppard, Karen Sherriff-Brown, Rachael Speke, Sarah Weatherburn, Xanthia White, Jo Barrass-Short, Emmy Beech, Anita Burger, Holly Caddy, Helena Card, Dorey Cilia, Emily Rose Connor, Mark Coulier, Tania Couper, Lauren Katie Cox, Pollyanna Coxon-Smith, Andrea Cracknell, Sally Crawshaw, Lizzie Davies, Gemma Dillon, Ellie Garratt, Jules Greenan, Catherine Grove, Jessie Harrison, Victoria Holt, Lydia Jeffcoat, Lucie Blundell Jones, Leila Karalic, Deb Kenton, Sophia Knight, Suzi Long, David Malinowski, Colum Mangan, Helen Masters, Donald McInnes, Polly Mossman, Lesley Noble, Molly Peters, Adam James Phillips, Chloë Pyne, Clare Ramsey, Susie Redfern, Gemma Richards, Adrian Rigby, Inga Ross, Catherine Elizabeth Smith, Khanh Trance, Victoria Warrington, Josh Weston, Louise Young
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McClain, Jonathan McClintic, Mark McCormack-Douglas, Russell McCoy, Peter McDonald, Riley McDougall, Niall McEvoy, Marlin McGlone, Owen McGonigle, Brooke McGowan, Declan McGuire, Scott McInnes, David McKay, Michelle McKeating, Chris McLaughlin, Liz McLelland, Steve McLeod, Brandon McMenamin, Donal McMullan, Jim McVay, Liam Meakins, Zoe Medcraft, Himanshu Meena, Wanamas Meevasana, Gurel Mehmet, Philip Melancon, Hugo Melo, Alex Melville, Mariano Mendiburu, Carlos Mendoza Jr., Horacio Mendoza, Lewis Menga, Catherine Menoudakis, Szabolcs Menyhei, Ian Menzies, Massimo Meo, Simon Mercier, Jeremy Mesana, Sheetal Meshram, Josh Methven, Christophe Metz, Margarita Meza, Rahul Mhaskar, Jared Michael, Jarl Midelfort, Joanna Migodzinska, Lizz Miller, Alejandro Miranda Palombo, Harsh Mistry, Scott Mitchell, Akmal Mlahaili, Emma Moffat, Effandi Mohamed, Farhad Mohasseb, Benjamin Moktar, Kobi Moldavski, Damiano Moltisanti, Stephen Molyneaux, Steve Moncur, Bappa Mondal, Philippe Mongeau, Blanaid Montague, Hugo Montambault, John Montefusco, Christopher Montesano, Samuel Montminy-Brodeur, Daniel Moody, Steven Moor, Daniel Moore, Sébastien Moreau, Maxime Moreira, Emmanuelle Morin, Jean-Francois Morissette, Andrew Morley, Claire Morris, Bastien Mortelecque, Sarah Moussaif, Sergio Mucino, Andrew Mukama, Deep Mukherjee, Rakesh Mukherjee, Rohan Mukherjee, Bastien Muller, Andy Mulligan, Chris Munns, Jenesta Munro, Stuart Munro, Tomas Munzar, Adam Muratoff, Gautama Murcho, Brian Murphy, Melanie Murray, Gabriela Mursch, Muruganantham, Prakash Murughendra, Khan Musira, Scott Musselman, Jayaraj Muthukumar, Monica Muzzolini, Javier Muñoz, Christopher Myerchin, Tristan Myles, Ashley Nagy, Natascha Nalewajek, Prajakta Nandlaskar, Patrick Nanton, Nishant Narang, Alessandro Nardini, Amit Narwani, Zeeshan Nasir, Sudipto Nath, Varshini Naveen Kumar, Stephane Naze, Devesh Neema, Stuart Nelhams, Kenneth Nelson, Paul Nelson, Maxwell Nemeth, Alessandro Neri, Avadhut Nerurkar, Sebastian Ness, Shannon Nettleton, Sarah Neveu, Pete C. 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Noon, Aaron Noordally, Clare Norman, Mark Norrie, Emma Norton, Sylvain Nouveau, Collette Nunes, Adrian Nurse, Dameon O Boyle, Barry O Brien, Adam O Brien-Locke, John O Lone, Dano O Shaughnessy, Matthew O Sullivan, Nora O Sullivan, Piper Odegard, Alok Ogale, Hideki Okano, Adele Olsauskaite, Lalit Om Prakash, Nguon Vissal Ong, Jonathan Opgenhaffen, Michelangelo Neri Orliani, Daniele Orsetti, Raphael Oseguera, Aaron Ouellette, Eduardo Parra Ouilhet, Ben Outerbridge, Matthew Ozerski, Simon Pabst, Christophe Pacaud, Béatrice Palin, Guo Kun Pan, Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos, Amey Panchal, Bhavesh Pandey, Shailendra Kumar Pandey, Sum Pang, Bikas Panigrahi, Peter Panton, Niomie Papatens-Rochon, Nikolett Papp, Camille Paquet, Jonathan Paquin, Om Parab, Catherine Park, James Park, Sehwi Park, Chris Parks, Andrew Parnell, Aaron Parry, Sudarson Parthasarathy, Chaplais Pascal, Eric Pascarelli, Dana Passarella, Maïckel Pasta, Diego Pastor Bartoli, Sydney Patapoff, Harshna Patel, Nikul Patel, Saurabh Patel, Athena Patterson, Jeremy Patterson, Uppu Pavanrajesh, Gareth Pearce, Henry Pearce, Jessica Pearce, Garrett Pedde, Geoff Pedder, Tom Pegg, Roy Peker, Daniel Pelc, Laurie Pellard, Martin Pelletier, Marko Perendija, Angelica Perez, Cindy Perez, Juan Sebastian Perez, Menelaos Peristeridis, Gabrielle Perreault, Matt Perrin, Richard Perry, Pete Ashford, Dennis Petkov, Leela Petrie, Viktor Petrov, Yordan Petrov, Daniel Pettipher, Carlos Pfister, Chi Pham, Duy Pham, Mathieu Phaneuf, Maxime Philippon, Kate Phillips, Phets Phonasa, Brittany Piacente, Dominic Piché, Ezra Pike, Praveena Pinnoju, Fred Place, Britton Plewes, Cody Poag, Sabrina Poirier, Samuel Poirier, Patrice Poissant, Yash Polke, Pietro Ponti, Eric Ponton, Barry Poon, Vladimir Popovic, Travis Porter, Tim Potter, Etienne Poulin St-Laurent, Guillaume Poulin, Marc-Andre Poulin, Tim Pounds-Cornish, Becky Pownall, Ashutosh Prajapati, Akie Prapas, Kukal Prasanth, Davide Prato, Jeremy Preissner, Matthieu Presti, Laurence Priest, Richard Pring, Ankit Priya, Stewart Probert, Ted Proctor, Aaron Providence, Derek N. Prusak, Jeanne-Élise Prévost, Christopher Puchta, Simon-Pierre Puech, Giorgia Pulvirenti, James Pyper, Martin Pélissier, Adam Quattrociocchi, Carlos Quijada, Michel Raad, Christopher Rabacal, Marko Radinkovic, Rajeev Raghavan, Nordin Rahhali, Velmurugan Rajamani, Sathya Rajarajan, Bhattacharjee Rajat, Ashwin Raju, Keerthana Ramani, Adrian Ramirez, Ramón Ramos, Austin Ramsey, Ryan Ramsey, Akshay Rana, Subodhana Ranatunga, Dan Rankin, Karl Rapley, David Ratajczak, Sagar Rathod, Justin Ray, Kisholay Ray, Aamir Raza, Diego Rebello, Murali Krishna Reddy, Ryan Reeb, Jason Reese, William Reges, Kristian Rejek, Simeon Remedios, Emeric Renard, Mike Rhone, Tyler Rice, Thomas Rich, Maxime Richard, Tania Richard, Daniel Richardson, Rob Richardson, Tina Richardson, Dominique Richer, Romain Rico, Dominic Ridley, Mnandi Ridley, Pasquale Riefoli, Benjy Riehl, Pascal Rigaud, Dante Rinaldi, Genesis Rivas, Ariz Akhtar Rizvi, Marianne Roberge, Alexandra Robert, Benoit Robert, Paul Roberts, Myles Robey, Matthew Robinson, Neil Roche, Natalie Rocks, Johnny Roek, Suresh Rohit, Justi Romero, Diego Romo, Andrea Rosa, Philip Rosado, Hunter Rosenberg, Karlie Carpentier Rosin, Steven Roste, Michael Rouayroux, Matthew Rouleau, Julien Rousseau, Samuel Rousseau, Andrew Rowan-Robinson, Akash Roy, Jonak Roy, Marc-André Roy, Rajat Roy, Sandeep Roy, Richelle Rueda, Jorge Oliva Ruiz, Jean-Marc Rulier, Croft Russell, Timothy Russell, Vishal Rustgi, Adam Ruzycki, Ash Ryan, Shayne Ryan, Desiree Ryden, Fran Saa, Moika Sabourin, Matt Sadler, Rahul Kumar Sahu, Stephanie Saillard, Shiv Sairam, Anjum Sakharkar, Salar Salahi, Thomas Salama, Sam Salek, Mayur Samant, Jorge Sanchez Fresno, Sandeepchoudhary, Kevin Sanders, Raj Sandhu, Anthony Luigi Santoro, Andre de Oliveira Santos, Tiago Santos, Saranraj, Nick Sargent, Sergane Sariani, Tarkan Sarim, Daniel Sarnowska, Sathishbabu, Edwin Schaap, Eduardo Lalo Schmidek, Cale Schmidt, Jakob Schmidt, Arvid Schneider, Maxine Schnepf, Daniel Schrepf, Brian Schultz, Kate Schultz, Hamish Schumacher, Andrea Schweitzer Gil, Angelika Schweitzer, Abigail Scollay, Jonathan Scott, Liscar Scott, Amanda Seah, Nicholas Seal, Ryan Sefton, Yulia Segura, Nupur Sehgal, Leila Sen, Igor Senkin, Balasubramaniam Senthil Kumar, SenthilRaja, Bryan Servante, Joseph Severn, Karl Sevilla, Khizar Shabir, Rasoul Shafeazadeh, Rushabh Shah, Virendra Kumar Shah, Shabbir Shaik, Fiaz Shaikh, Neetha Shankar, Balakumaran Shanmugam, Aurora Shannon, Rahul Sharma, Shwet Suman Sharma, Ben Sharp, Jessica Sharp, David Sheldon, Gary Shelley, Drew Shields, Sohail Shimi, Swain Shiv, Ahmed Shoaib, Naveen Shukla, Lynn Sibley, Matthew Sidebottom, Resh Sidhu, Dominic Sidoli, Mark Simone, David Simpson, Jade Simpson, Kasey Simpson, Ganesh B. Singh, Sandeep Singh, Siddharth Singh, Vinay Pratap Singh, Mevlan Siqani, Ali Ashif Sk, Piotr Skiejka, Igor Skliar, Klaus Skovbo, Matthew Smart, Corey Smith, Jordan Smith, Joshua Smith, Kath Smith, Katherine Smith, Laurence Smith, Maxwell Smith, Parker Smith, Joanne Smithies, Elise Smulova, Jordan Soles, Jitendra Soni, Leon Li-Aun Sooi, Yoan Souligoux, Marianne Speight, Alicia Spilka, David Spotts, Adam Michael Spring, Tatampudi SrinivasaRaju, Saren Sritharathas, Christophe St-Pierre Paradis, Pembrooke St. Cyr, Lukas Stabile, Keven Stapleton, Harrison Stark, David Steed, Federico Stefanini, Marc Steinberg, Thomas R. Steiner, Penn Stevens, Murray Stevenson, Jordan Stolearcius, Yesod Stone, Cody Stoof, Perry Stoutt II, Euan Strachan, Steve Stransman, Alan Stucchi, Damien Stumpf, Thomas Stölzle, Musumuru Sudhasrinivas, Sudhirvarma, Larissa Sudom, Haruka Sugimura, Akmal Sultanov, Iryna Sumanova, Daisy Summerfield, Troy Summersett, Suga Suppiah, Quentin Sur, Behede Suraj, Veena Suresh, Elfar Sverrisson, Matthew Swanton, Anna Swift, Josh Sykes, Krisztian Szeibold, Brian Sziklasi, Albert Szostkiewicz, Alonso Sánchez, Sebastien Tafani, Amin Taghipour, Rob Taheij, Alanna Tai, Graham Tailleur, Shirin Takallu, Katie-Louise Talbot, Stedman Tam, Avadhoot Tambe, Amina Tan, Jerrod Tan, Olcun Tan, Priscilla Tan, Shu Jun Anson Tan, Donna Wing Yan Tang, Dipak Tarpara, Valerio Tarricone, Simone Tartaglia, Ben Taylor, Jenn Taylor, Noah Taylor, Tatiana Tchoumakova, Vincent Techer, Sridhar Telaprolu, Jigna Thacker, Damien Thaller, Nithya Thangamani, Olivier Thibaut, Sunny Thipsidakhom, Simon Thistlethwaite, Chris Thomas, Hayley Thomas, Neville Thomason, James Thompson, Jithendran Thottupurath, Caroline Thoumire, Mark Tica, Jamie Tilston, Eric Timm, Marc Tingle, Andrew Tinkler, Rohan Tirkey, Tim Tobin, Maria Todorov-Topouzov, Ruggero Tomasino, Andre Tong, Brian Tong, Craig Tonks, Jessica Toucoula, Jean-Philippe Toutant, Duy Tran, Kathleen Tran, Sanju Travis, Kallan Treadwell, Chris Treichel, Marjolaine Tremblay, Gabriel Tremblay-Beauvais, Caspar Trenchard-Turner, Jorge Trevilla Esquivel, Rousselot de Saint Ceran Tristan, Christine Troianello, Sarah Trudelle, Adrian Tsang, Eric Tsui, Andrew Tulloch, Abdul Ahad Tunio, Arron Turnbull, Danny Turner, James Turner, Charlotte Tyson, Panida Umrapal, Jon Uriarte, Chris Uyede, Ryan Vaillancourt, Jonny Vale, Stefano Valente, Felix Vallieres, Henry van der Beek, Leigh van der Byl, Neil Van Dijk, Liana van Rensburg, Jeremy Vanneman, Simone Vassallo, Kamyllia Vasseur, Anandan Vasudevan, Smeet Vedant, Matthieu Veillette, Vanessa Velasquez, Lies Veldeman, Gergely Velki, Rainy Venne, Benoit Vervier, Pier-Luc Verville, Valeri Vidakovic, Vanesa Vidakovic, Quentin Vien, Michael J. Viera, Ezequiel Villanueva, Cantatore Vittorio, Marion Voignier, Nadia Volodina, Jean-Philippe Voyer, Michael Wachniak, Ghanshyam Sureshbhai Waghela, Nigel Wagner, Stephanie Wagner, Sagar Wakankar, Wes Walcott, Chris Walker, Tara Walker, Blaze Wallber, Nicky Walsh, Nina Walsh, Shawn Walsh, Karen Wand, Jiayin Wang, Jonny Wang, Nancy Wang, Pablo Wang, Ruiting Wang, Ruochen Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Yanbo Wang, Dan Warder, Jon Warne, Sanford Warwick, Alex Watkins, Bret Watkins, Hazel Weatherall, Alex Webb, Marie-Hélène Weiss, Mark Wendell, Kelly Wescott, Conner Wessinger, Christoph Westphal, Kyle Whaley, Diamond Max Wheeler, Rachel Wheeler, Ben White, Stephanie Whitmarsh, Chelsea Whittet, Luke Wilde, Michael Wilde, Bryce Williams, Duncan Williams, Elise Williams, Michael Williams, Susannah Marie Williams, Sarah Williamson, Corrina Wilson, Craig Wilson, Richard Stuart Wilson, Ryan M. Wilson, Kate Windibank, Anna F. Winters, Eddy Wolfson, Christine Wong, Sauyan Wong, Pornthep Wongkitigumjorn, Anthony Wonsoff, Jamie Wood, Adam Woodfield, Melody Woodford, John Wootton, Simon Wottge, Hui-wen Wu, Dane Wylie, Jin Xie, Nancy Xu, Xye, Sunil Kumar Yadav, Casey Yahnke, Edwin Yang, Jungjoo Yang, Yi Yang, Rinci Yao, Eamon Yates, Roman Yavorsky, James Yeoman, Matt Yeoman, Randal Yeoman, Abhijeet Yerunkar, Prince Yiadom, Donmill Yip, Farrah Yip, Aleksandar Yochkolovski, Jacob Yorke, Sarah Seungah You, Glen Young, Olly Young, Phil Young, Tim Young, Charbel Youssef, Jenna Yu, Ngnodjom Yvan, Indrit Zabzuni, Alessandro Zanforlin, Michael Zannetou, Adam Zanotto, Hubert Zapalowicz, Anand Zaveri, Jahan Zeb, Dan Zelcs, Eva Zemaitis, Russel Zenarosa, Tristan Zerafa, Jason Zhao, Billy Ziller, Monica Østbø Østgård, Ella Adams, Ruben Gerardo Alfaro Moreno, Miriam Alvarez, Rajesh Babu, Darren Bailey, Lorien Baquera, Cédric Battude, Ashley Beyer-Whitaker, Rohan Bhingarde, Matthew Boston, Chris Bouchard, Laura Brocato, Marguerite Chantal, Je-Ren Chen, Soomin Chon, Michael Colburn, Bec Cranswick, Michael Crusz, Nguyen DangVy, Ashwini Dey, Navdeep Dhamu, Giovanni Di Giulio, Daniel Duwe, Guy-Edwards Gonsalves, Riley Gray, Emmanuel Guevarra, Jamal Hajlaoui, Clark Harding, Naoki Kato, Andreas Krein, Deanna Louie, Zachary V. Lowe, Kevin Luttman, Madhurimagupta, Riasat Manzoor, Laura Martin, Michael Martinez, Chiaki Matsubayashi, Jean-Christophe Morin, Nicole Nagata, David O Brien, Glenn Osgood, Prakash Pathak, Bandhavit Puangpikul, Sullivan Richard, Chus Rodriguez, Alessandro Sabbioni, Branan Sarveswaran, Adithya Sharma, Krishnam Sharma, Jitendravijay Srinivasagan, Andrei Szasz, Adam Tamblyn, Joseph Towe, Rhys Warren
Stunts Lucy Allen, David Anders, Mark Archer, Gary Arthurs, Benjamin Ashley, Carly Barnes, Adam Basil, Adam Bowman, Nellie Burroughes, Dacio Caballero, Neil Chapelhow, David Collom, Christoph Cordell, Talila Craig, Danielle da Costa, Matt Da Silva, Nicholas Daines, Andrius Davidenas, Kelly Dent, Josh Dyer, Ben Essex, Bradley Farmer, Dave Fisher, Pete Ford, David Forman, Grace Franzl, Sarah Franzl, Aldonio Danny Freitas, Richard Hansen, Bobby Holland Hanton, Paul Harford, George Harris, James Harris, Dee Harrop, Dan Hartley, Elliot Hawkes, Paul Heasman, Robert Hladik, Jan Holicek, Al Holland, Rob Hunt, Eunice Huthart, Tiddler James, Gary Kane, Baz Karbouris, Mathew Kaye, Robbie Keane, Tolga Kenan, Troy Kenchington, Joe Kennard, Cristian Knight, Nicholas Lewis, Sonny Louis, Paul Lowe, Marc Mailley, Freddie Mason, Kim McGarrity, Adrian McGaw, Belinda McGinley, Jack Millham, Theo Morton, Lee Moulton-Davies, Brian Nickels, James O Daly, Alan Ormrod, Bonnie Parker, Charlie Pawlett, Ian Pead, Martin Pemberton, Charles Ramsay, William Ramsay, Joshua Ravenscroft, Daniel Rawlins, Peter Robinson, Douglas Robson, Tom Rodgers, Nick Roeten, Fabio Santos, Sid Sentry, Anthony Skrimshire, Jordan Smith, Karen Smithson, Mark Southworth, Jonny Stockwell, Leo Stransky, Michael Stransky, Christopher Tomkins, Tony Van Silva, Ami Verge, Martin Vose, Richard Wheeldon, Grant Wiesinger, Martin Wilde, Belle Williams, Annabel Elizabeth Wood, Steen Young
Camera and Electrical Department Ryan S. Adams, Richard Anderson, Josh Andrews, David Ashby, Darren Bailey, Simon Baker, Simon Baker, Lincoln Benjamin, Jack Bentley, Michael Berglund, Jason Berman, Alexander Bridges, Stuart Bridges, Jaap Buitendijk, Abigail Catto, Andres Claridge, Rachel Clark, Dave Clements, Alan Coates, Ricky Collins, Adrian Connellan, Dante Connor, Theo Cook, Ashley Cooke, David Cormack, Josselin Cornillon, Alistair Cox, Nic Cupac, Carlos De Carvalho, Larry Deacon, Tim Dean, Oscar Deeks, Jonathan Dennis, Robert Diebelius, Ryan Donnelly, John Donohue Jr., Aaron Dunning, Phillip Eastwood, Steve Ellingworth, Harry Elvidge, Harry Elvin, Jason Ewart, Chuck Finch, Wick Finch, Will Finch, Phoebe Fraser, Neil Frazer, Dan Garlick, Max Glickman, Jean-Philippe Gossart, Dan Hartley, Rowan Haughey, Samuel Hayes, Peter Hayley-Barker, Steve Hideg, Wayne Howlett, Charlie Hughes, Stuart Hurley, Paul Hymns, Sam Jones, Jody Knight, Harry Langston, Brad Larner, Stephen Lloyd, Lisa MacGregor, Leigh Marcelino Gardner, Joe Marsden, Peter Marsden, Stephen Mathie, Vince McGahon, Ray Meere, Michael Mensah, Billy Merrell, Richard Merrell, Tim Morris, Will Morris, Spencer Murray, Steve Murray, Ken Musson, Jason Noble, Gary Nolan, Russell O Connor, Peter Olney, Scott Parker, Gary Parnham, Piotr Perlinski, Elliot Purvis, Georgia Quilliam, Laura Redpath, Jack Ridout, Kevin Roberts, Tony Roberts, Ben Casciello Rogers, Sean Rogers, Sol Saihati, Gary Samson, Clare Seymour, Steven Skinner, Ross Slater, Vis Sopjani, Kat Spencer, Stefan Stankowski, Duncan Steven, Tobias Sullivan, Giles Taylor, Billy Thornhill Jr., Kes Thornley, Clive Tocher, Joe Tooke, Ryan Turner, Mustafa Tyebkhan, Derek Walker, Charlie Wall, Matthew Waving, Gavin Weatherall, Peter Welch, Dave Wells, Des Whelan, Pip White, Matt Windon, Steve Wood, Harry Young-Jamieson, George Anthony Fox, Ryan March, Michele Abramo Puricelli
Animation Department Florine Abad, Mauro Affronti, Jhon Alvarado, Michael Augello, Adrien Barbier, Eric Bates, Krzysztof Boyoko, Nikki Braine, Christian Brown, Nicholas Cabana, Vincent Caudeville, Benjamin Cheong, Russell Chou, Sean Conly, Jay N. Davis, Felipe de Lanteuil, Aaron Deerfield, Fatih Dogan, Jim Donovan, Brian Eyre, Fernando Falero, Nathan Fitzgerald, Hayley Fromstein, Michael Galbraith, Gian Luigi Granieri, Lae Gutierrez, Robert Hemmings, Naomi Hibbert, Megan Hughes, Trystan James, Dennis Jepsen, Louisa Kerrache, Aziz Kocanaogullari, Kolby Krook, George Meppadath Kurian, André Lacroix, Thomas Lee, Chris Lentz, Sandra Lin, Sherin Mahboob, Derek Mancini, Christopher Marshall, Eduardo Castells Mateo, Charly Mauri, Colin McEvoy, Andrew Mills, Benoit Moranne, Rameshbabu Morkonda Sethuraman, Dhanamjaya Muddikuppam, Oriol Navarro Orduña, Juan Sebastian Niño Florez, Andras Ormos, Hennadii Prykhodko, Ed Roberts, Samer Sallman, Kat Seale, Amy Sendon, Brad Share, Kevin Spruce, Joe Tarrant, Tatiana Tchoumakova, Nathan Thomas, Milian Topsy, Oskar Urretabizkaia, Ryan Vicik, Lisa Wang, Kimberley Watts, Darryl White, Xin Zhao, Andy Le Cocq
Casting Department Alexandre Bleau, Jim Carnahan, Ruth Earley, Abigail Millar, Adam Penny, Alice Searby, Tannis Vallely, Chris Velez, Douglas Williams, Hannah Marie Williams, Sarah Wilson
Costume and Wardrobe Department Ben Allard, Jill Avery, Kathryn Avery, Laura Bailey, Frances E. Barer, Mollie Barr, Helen Beasley, Anna Beckett, Jodie Bell, Abigail Best, Marcia Bethell, Amber Brabant, Barbara Brady, Christine L. Cantella, Daniela Cazmal, Lottie Chamberlain, Junior Crowd Costumer, Alex Cox, Emma Crean, Maria D Agostino, Hollie Danby, Tom Duthie, Kristen Ernst-Brown, William Evans, Sara Fay, Simone Feulner, Charlotte Finlay, Katie Fitzsimons, Jessie Gelpke, Louise George, Teddy George-Poku, Lily Gibbs, Charles Gillies, Sarah Godwin, Jessica Goodall, Perry Goyen, Alex Grace, Myra Hanet, Claire Hardaker, Sophie Hart-Walsh, Paul Harvey, Monica Haynes, Emma Heath, Lora Heath, Mariette Hendriks, Beth Herd, Mike Hodge, Carin Hoff, Warren Holder, Gary Hyams, Helen Ingham, Charlotte Ivans, Sally James, Sam Keyte, Emily Knight, Eabha Lambe, Sophie Lambe, Jane Law, Zoé Le Moullec, Esther Lee, Diane Logel, Niall Macaulay, Susan MacKenzie, Kay Manasseh, William McGovern, Stephanie Miles, Jenna Miller, Sanaz Missaghian, Jacqueline Mulligan, Kathryn Mysko Von Schultze, April Nash, Shirley Nevin, Sophie Norinder, Alessio O Driscoll, Samuel Ososki, Yvonne Otzen, Matt Payne, Jessica Phillips, Julia Piatkowska, Francis Ponisi, Jennifer Powell, Sharona Prior, Gemma Rasmussen, Matt Reitsma, Laura Renouf, Chloe Reynolds, Christof Roche-Gordon, Eva Roelfs, Rosy Rudkin, Kimberley Scott, Katie Sheehy, Jane Spicer, Robert James Sutherland, Sekou Traore, Claire Tremlett, John Usher, Wyn Vaughan-Humphreys, Isobel Williams-Ellis, Lex Wood, Dominic Young
Editorial Department Matt Adams, Cherri Arpino, Victoria Bate, Elliot Bick, Stuart Bryce, Mark Burton, Hermione Byrt, Jose Carretas, Samuel Clough, Paula Crickard, Vikram Dharankar, Sinéad Doherty, Peter Doyle, Colin Foulkes, Chema Gomez, Diarmuid Hughes, Henry Kemplen, Karl Kuehn, Charlotte Llewelyn, Lindah Luseno, Katie McCulloch, Jessica E. Newman, Shaun Richards, Myles Robey, Raul Sevilla, Lee Twohey, Mark Wilkinson, Raja Jambulingam, Afnahn Khan, Sherri Potter
Location Management Peter Bardsley, Lewis Barron, Mike Battle, Tabitha Denny-Northover, Colin Giles, Mitchell Green-Muid, Dolly Jagdeo, Kevin Jenkins, Gavin Kidner, Sarah Kate Lewis, Cazzie Loveday, Hannah McCarthy, Sue Quinn, Frankie Lee Taylor, Georgette Turner, Dan Whitty
Music Department Catherine Backhouse, Helen Brooks, Peter Cobbin, Chris Cozens, Grace Davidson, Amanda Dean, Clemmie Franks, Joanna Goldsmith-Eteson, Alison Jiear, Nick Korth, Joanna Forbes L Estrange, Ny Lee, London Voices, Mike Lovatt, Louise Clare Marshall, Martha Mclorinan, Everton Nelson, Katherine Nicholson, John Parricelli, Kathryn Parry, Judy Rees, Clara Sanabras, Naomi Sato, Jim Weidman, John Anderson, Pete Anthony, Jon Aschalew, Duncan Ashby, Jeff Atmajian, Michael Bahnmiller, Max Baillie, Chris Baron, Christian Barraclough, John Barrett, Fenella Barton, Cara Batema, Mark Berrow, Richard Berry, Nigel Black, Sue Bohling, Rachel Bolt, Fiona Bonds, Natalia Bonner, Thomas Bowes, James Boyd, Peter Boyer, John Bradbury, Sue Briscoe, Daniel A. Brown, Tom Brown, Morve Bryce, Ian Burdge, Nick Carpenter, Rebecca Carrington, Paul Cassidy, Victor Chaga, Simon Chamberlain, Corinne Chapelle, Reiad Chibah, Jina B. Choi, Gustav Clarkson, Paul Clarvis, Richard Cookson, Nick Cooper, Caroline Dale, David Daniels, Alejandro de la Llosa, Sue Dench, Alison Dods, Michael Dore, Clay Duncan, Philip Eastop, Paul Edmund-Davies, Richard Edwards, Terry Edwards, Chris Egan, Karen Elliott, Christina Emanuel, Jason Evans, Jonathan Evans-Jones, Sarah Eyden, Sven Faulconer, Gillian Findlay, Luke Flynn, David Fuest, Roger Garland, Tim Gill, Jenny Godson, Adam Goldsmith, David Gordon, Rachel Gough, Clio Gould, Kathy Gowers, Mark Graham, Isobel Griffiths, Dominic Hacket, Gillianne Haddow, Ben Hancox, Peter Hanson, Sophie Harris, Jackie Hartley, John Heley, Jim Honeyman, Philippe Honoré, Mariko Horikawa, Riley Hughes, Gareth Hulse, Martin Humby, Ian Humphries, Philippa Ibbotson, Freya Jacklin, Garfield Jackson, Allan Jenkins, Katherine Jenkinson, Karen Jones, Matt Jones, Skaila Kanga, Helen Keen, Paul Kegg, Tom Kemp, Gary Kettel, Alex Kharlamov, Patrick Kiernan, Paul Kimber, Philip Klein, Julia Knight, Boguslav Kostecki, Jon Kull, David Lale, Peter Lale, Oli Langford, Julian Leaper, Tony Lewis, Roger Linley, Bill Lockhart, Beatrix Lovejoy, Alistair Mackie, Steve Mair, Rita Manning, Dorina Markoff, Andy Marshall, Jane Marshall, Vicky Matthews, Stephen Maw, Katherine Mayes, Lorriane McAslan, Gavin McNaughton, Don McVay, Adam Miller, Janey Miller, John Mills, Perry Montague-Mason, Kate Moore, Steve Morris, Shawn Murphy, Kate Musker, Charles Mutter, Mark Nightingale, Anna Noakes, David Olson, George Oulton, Andy Parker, Ben Parry, Andy Pask, Victor Pesavento, Tom Pigott Smith, Anthony Pike, Debbie Preece, Richard Pryce, David Pyatt, Maciej Rakowski, Ian Rathbone, Tom Rees-Roberts, Llinos Richards, Frank Ricotti, Nina Robertson, Rachel Robson, Nick Rodwell, Ben Rogerson, Annie Rosevear, John Ryan, Frank Schaefer, Steven O. Scott, Mary Scully, Lindsay Shilling, Rachel Simms, Emlyn Singleton, Richard Skinner, Owen Slade, Sonia Slany, James Sleigh, Robert Smissen, Peter Smith, Pamela J. Sollie, Dave Stewart, Jonathan Strange, David Swinson, Jamie Talbot, Edward Tarrant, Julian Tear, Ian Thomas, John Ashton Thomas, Cathy Thompson, Clare Thompson, John Thurgood, Chris Tombling, Robin Totterdell, Cecile Tournesac, Trinity Boys Choir, Nate Tronerud, Jonathan Tunnell, Helen Tunstall, Edward Vanderspar, Karen Vaughan, Mark Vines, Allen Walley, Vicci Wardman, Richard Watkins, Hugh Webb, Kirsty Whalley, Debbie Widdup, Paul Willey, Jonathan Williams, Steve Williams, Alexandra Wood, Andrew Wood, Mark Wood, Tony Woollard, Chris Worsey, Warren Zielinski, Joe Zimmerman
Script and Continuity Department Marianne Huet, Norina Mackey, Sharon Mansfield, Anna Worley
Transportation Department Jim Adams, Darren Aitchison, Paul Allen, Paul Andrews, Bryan Baverstock, Darren Beaven, Dean Burtenshaw, Pani Constantinides, Mark Dilliway, Ricki Disson-Meade, Kevin Fisher, Willie Fonfe, Barry Goodwin, Chris Hammond, Sean Haskett, Peter Herst, Carl Isherwood, Tony Jayes, Alex King, David Lewis, Colin Morris, David O Connor, Brendan O Gorman, Andy Petry, Francisco Pinto, Terry Reece, Steve Rogers, Emma Savin, Clive Shaw, Barry Snell, John Usher
Additional Crew Maria Aguilar, Craig Ainsworth, Josh Allan, Derek Arnold, Stephanie Aspin, Tracy Asslanian, Jon Baker, Sarah Ball, Jordan Barbour, Paul Barratt, Alex Barrett, Lewis Barron, Oliver Bentley-Jones, Michael Berendt, Scott Berridge, Ellie Bevan, Leah Blackaby, Hayley Blackall, Joy Blumenthal, Bonnie Breen, Matthew Broderick, James Broom, Bridgett Buss, Jaryl Cabal, Sam Carmichael, Faye Carney, Brett Carter, Carmela Caruso, Jussilinho Ángel Castro, Aneta Chalas, Steven Charalambous, Craig Claassen, Jim Clubb, Rosie Coker, Carrie Cooksley, Lara Cornell, Katie Cox, Hephzibah Craen, Ben Croft, Matt Curtis, Paresh Dayalji, Robin Demetriou, Charlie Dennis, Sam Dent, Jason Devil, Samantha Dixon, Jessica Drake, Charles Edwards, Chris Etherington, James Excell, Riyonn Farsad, Caspian Faye, Rachael Fullerton, Alexandrea Furr, Chris Gainsbury, Vinay Gautam, Micheal Gentry, Leigh Gettens, Alex Ghaffari, Colin Giles, Leigh Gill, Melissa Green, Ned Grigson, Chris Grundy, Cameron Guest, Harry Guest, Robin Guiver, Leena Gundapaneni, Nicklas Hansson, Karen Harper, Robert Harrison, Robert Havill, Emma Hazell, Matthew P. Higgins, Katharina Hingst, Gemma Hodgson, Natasha Hook, Luke Hope, Nasrin Hoque, Hannah Louise Howell, Moin Hussain, Teodora Ilie, Amy Irvine, Ben Irving, Chamberlin Izzy, Craig Jamieson, Martin Jenkins, Evan Kenneth Jones, Lucy C. Jordan, Marc Karzen, Ethan Keaton, Jimmy Keeping, Ann Koska, Veronika Koubova, Jane Leaney, Imogen Leaver, Jacqueline Leppert, Richard Anthony Lewin, Georgia Lewis, Rachel Lloyd, Jeff Ludwig, Samantha Maggiolo, Stacy Mann, Guy Mannerings, Liam McCartney, Jill McCullough, Siobhan McDonnell, Wayne McGregor, Fiona May McLaren, Alastair McNeil, Brian Mear, Charlotte Amelia Miles, Georgina Miles, Lauren Mills, Guy Milnes, David Moore, Sally Mulligan, Gary Nixon, Josh Nixon, David Orpheus, Tim Packham, Martine Palmer, Miguel Pariente, Ryan Parker, Andy Parry, Marcus Payne, James Payton, Ben Pearce, Moreno Perdoni, Jan Peters, Santiago Placer, Lee Pretlove, Tom Ralphs, Tom Ray, Henry Redcliffe, Laura Reece, Melissa Reeck, Alex Reynolds, Allison Rice, Rémi-Dovick Rivest, Matt Rock, Jay Rosenwink, Ben Rothwell, Victoria Rothwell, Angela Rowden, Kirsty Savory, Jack Scarisbrick, Sid Sentry, Lucia Serpini, Rob Silva, Kaitlyn Smith, David Sowerby, David Stafford-Clark, Brian Steele, Matthews Street, Ewan Taylor, Katharine Tidy, James Tilbury, Rob Townsend, Sarah Unwin, Nicola Van Barthold, Gianpiero Vannucci, Charlie Vaughan, Fiona Vokes, Zuzana von Schlippe, Andrew Ward, Sean Ware, Vanluke Watson, Jonathan Wayre, Rebecca Whiting, Luke Kimble Williams, Chris Wilson, Tom Wilton, Jo Winter, Winnie Wishart, Jacob Wood, Natalie Wood, Camilla Wren, Phoebe Young, Kiri Bloom, Andrew Ellinas, Dan Evans, Franki Hackett, Annabelle Le Gresley, Alexander Lloyd, Roland Lukacsi, Mark Sealey, Arti Shah, Greg Silverman, Elliot Stewart
Thanks Stephen Dixon
Genres Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Companies Heyday Films, Warner Bros.
Countries UK, USA
Languages English, Central Khmer
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 7.2
ImDbRatingVotes 479888
MetacriticRating 66
Keywords magic,wizard,suitcase,based on novel,new york city