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Locker 13 (originally released as Locker 13: Down and Out) is a 2009 anthology thriller film directed by Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Matthew Mebane, Adam Montierth, and Donovan Montierth. The story was written by John Waldron; the screenplay by Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Donovan Montierth, Jose Rosete, Jason Walters, and Cameron Young. The film was produced by Danny Del Toro, Shawn Haught, Jason Marsden, Neil Mather, Maria White Mebane, Matthew Mebane, Jose Rosete, Rick Schroder, and Nick Stahr.


Skip (Jason Spisak) works at an Old West theme park and is told several stories by his supervisor Archie (Jon Gries). Each story contains not only a strange locker with the number 13 on it, but also involves themes about making the right choices and the consequences of not doing so. The stories range from an aging boxer faced with a big choice to a young man desperate to take his own life.


  • Krista Allen as Patricia
  • Tatyana Ali as Lucy
  • Jason Marsden as Suicide Jack
  • Jon Gries as Archie
  • Rick Schroder as Tommy Novak
  • Curtis Armstrong as Clifford
  • Bart Johnson as Eugene MacClemore
  • Jon Polito as Don Dillon
  • Rick Hoffman as Armando
  • Thomas Calabro as Harvey
  • Carmen Perez as Marcia
  • David Huddleston as Floyd
  • Jesse Garcia as Ray
  • Vanessa White as TV Personality #1 (voice)
  • Steve Eastin as Doc Herman
  • Jimmy Gambina as Jesse
  • Jose Rosete as Jake
  • Elizabeth Bond as TV Personality #2 (voice)
  • Cathy Rankin as Lola
  • Jason Spisak as Skip
  • Victor Campos as Nate
  • Amanda Melby as Erica
  • Marina Benedict as Rachel
  • Deonte Gordon as Boxer
  • Bob Rue as Linus
  • Steve Briscoe as Manfred
  • John Schile as B.B.O.N.E.O. Member
  • Maria White Mebane as News Anchor (voice)
  • Ed Gary as Supporting
  • Montgomery Maguire as Ring Announcer
  • Herb Dean as Trainer
  • Steven Motta as Billy Thunderheart Marco
  • Michael Anthony Rosas as Cut Man / Corner Man
  • Lamar Newmeyer as Grover
  • Rory Pierce as Supporting
  • Klor Rowland as Gavin


Plans to create Locker 13 began in 2007 after Waldron met Adam and Donovan Montierth of Brothers Ink Productions at a film festival, where they started planning an anthology feature film. The trio sought other filmmakers to join the film by utilizing social media and writing websites, and raised funding via a successful Kickstarter campaign.


Critical reception for Locker 13 has been predominantly negative. The film holds a rating of 13% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 8 reviews. On Metacritic it has a score of 22% based on 6 reviews.

Variety and The Hollywood Reporter both panned the film, and The Hollywood Reporter commented that Despite a couple of mildly arresting vignettes, this philosophy-minded effort doesn’t offer enough genuine thrills to compensate for its pretensions. gave the movie 1 star and criticized it as being amateurishly acted, illogically plotted, cruelly violent and needlessly sexist . In contrast, Fangoria gave the movie 2 1/2 out of 4 stars and stated that Occasionally problematic, LOCKER 13 makes up for its weaknesses with good performances, intriguing stories and an unconventional approach to its segments. Twitch Film called the film fine, light entertainment but noted that it may not stand out or linger long after viewing .


  • Jury Award at the Atlanta Film Festival (2009, won)

Year 2014
ReleaseDate 2014-03-28
RuntimeMins 90
RuntimeStr 1h 30min
Plot Skip delves into the mysteries of an old locker. His sage supervisor recounts chilling tales that underscore the importance of making the right choice. The stories come into play when Skip faces a life-or-death decision of his own.
Directors Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Matthew Mebane
Writers Bruce Dellis, Jason Marsden, Adam Montierth
Stars Ricky Schroder, Jon Polito, Steve Eastin
Produced by Erik C. Andersen, Anna L. Coats, Danny Del Toro, Adam Devaney, Frank Di Bugnara, Rob Gordon, Shawn Haught, Jon Mallard, Jason Marsden, Neil Mather, Matthew Mebane, Adam Montierth, Donovan Montierth, Monica Montierth, Jose Rosete, Ricky Schroder, Nick Stahr, John Waldron, Jason Walters, Maria White Mebane
Music by Paul Cristo, Lou Forestieri, Jasper Randall
Cinematography by Matthew Boyd, Russell Carpenter, Adam Devaney, Frank Di Bugnara, Wes Johnson, Webb Pickersgill
Film Editing by Erik C. Andersen, Adam Devaney, Frank Di Bugnara, Wayne Leonard
Production Design by John P. Goldsmith, Jason Marsden, John Waldron
Art Direction by Rachel Lee Payne Darrow, Adam Devaney
Set Decoration by Adam Devaney, Stephanie Mace
Costume Design by David Anaya, Connie Dellis, Elizabeth Few, Darragh Marmorstein, Tracey Shrier
Makeup Department David Anaya, Steve Costanza, Christina Dougan, Ashlyn McIntyre, Joia Mercedes, Bill Myer, Carolyna Robezzoli, Emily Rowan, Kurumi Uchino Schulz, Tawnie Vickery, Yvonne Wang
Production Management Anna Marie Esparza, Tyler Romary, Michelle Vogler
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Carlos De La Torre, Anna Marie Esparza, Katie Hausmann, Jon Mallard, Michelle Vogler, John Waldron
Art Department Jon Bando, Buzz Beumeler, Adam Devaney, Rick Dyer, Erin Frisbie, Scott Gregory, Jason Liddle, Stephanie Mace, Neil Mather, Michael Patch, Nick Stahr, Steve Werblun
Sound Department Joseph D. Becker, Onnalee Blank, Richard Bullock Jr., Amber Conroy, Jeff Cools, Kevin Cross, Andy D Addario, Charlie Ethridge, Lisa K. Fowle, Brandon T. Hickey, Landon Johnson, Abbott Miller, Geoff Parker, Robert Sharman, Drew Strickland
Special Effects by Josh Hakian, Nathan Stipes
Visual Effects by Adam Benson, Michael Bodnar, Terra Breese, Jeff Griffin, Geoff Parker, Carlos Weaver
Stunts Chaz Lee, George Nelson, David Smith
Camera and Electrical Department Gary Ambrosia, R.K. Anderson, Aram Aramyan, Richard Artman, Bianca Bahena, Mark Bain, Joseph D. Becker, Josh Bluth, Chad Braker, Larry Brecht Jr., Walter Bryant, Charles Cartwright, Frédéric Chaignat, Robin Charters, Carlos Chavez, Jay Coolidge, George Davis-Pinn, Adam Devaney, David E. Diano, Corey Erwin, Ardy Fatehi, Brian Ferguson, David Michael Fordham, Alessandro Gentile, James Ginn, Sean Ginn, Gene Hara, Mark Harrison, Nick Haynie, Todd Haynie, Chris Heck, Daniel Hipps, Steve Iriguchi, Dennis Ivarsson, Julien Janigo, Rick Johnson, Nathan Kappel, Kenneth Lehn, Charles Lenz, Len Levine, Timothy Martin, Kevin McKnight, J.D. Murray, Haydn Pazanti, Adam Robezzoli, John Rogers, Jack Serino, T.J. Shafer, Richard Shrier, Casey Slade, Rudy Tucich, Chuck Whelan, Jarrod Wilson
Costume and Wardrobe Department Jennifer McCuen, Tracey Shrier, Nathan Stipes
Editorial Department Michael Cioni, Frank Di Bugnara, Laura Jans Fazio, Kyle Niemier, Mark Todd Osborne, Geoff Parker, William Gene Price III, Brian Sorbo
Location Management Jim Fittipaldi, Louise Galea
Music Department Germain Corriero, Paul Cristo, Devany Dellis, Lou Forestieri, Steve Francois, Greth Ligon, Amanda Melby, Cathy Rankin, Tom Strahle, Jason Walters
Script and Continuity Department Towie Bixby, Dee Hodgkins, Caroline Yeh
Transportation Department David Smith
Additional Crew Nathan Atkinson, Wendy Beaver, Drew Berkowitz, Michael Briscoe, Jasmine Carlisle, Colten Currey, Denise Decarlo, Alex Delgadillo, Matt Derdivanis, Lauren Esparza, Paul Foerster, Kelly Fowler, Betty Fraser, Javier Galaviz, Louise Galea, David Galindo, Jimmy Gambina, Ed Gary, Cat Goeson, Jeff Goeson, Tal Goeson, Andres Gonzales, Justin Greene, Scott Gregory, Nick Haynie, Amy Hubbs, Jeff Hunter, Chris Koceja, Emilee Koceja, Matt Kyhn, Bryan Laurel, Zach Manis, Chase Montierth, Daniella Montierth, Logan Montierth, Monica Montierth, Monte Montierth, Tony Parsons, Angel Peavy, Logan Petree, Chris Piper, Melissa Rich, Tishana Richards, Christopher Rondolos, Scotty Servis, Matthew Shreder, Alice Shumway, Ruth Ann Smith, Keesha Sutherland-Galindo, Stefani Tewes, Christine Vo, Jason Walters, Maria White Mebane, Tara White, Vanessa White, Topher Winslow
Thanks Marilyn Battle, Kerry Bellessa, Summer Bellessa, Chalet Lizette Brannan, Russell Brannan, Joseph Cahill, Joseph Chandler, Julie Chandler, Sylvia Ciranni, Jay Coolidge, Connie Edwards, Robert Frank, JP Frydrych, Andy Krummenacher, Brett Laub, Todd Ligon, Ginger Mather, Monte Montierth, Mason Moore, Matt Moore, Tri Pham, Richard Reinke, Brady Rogers, David Sampson, Brad Sanders, Holly Sanders, Mike Sanders, Craig Schnyder, Judy Sheehan, David J. Smith, Ryonna Smith, Darren Stokes, Rodger Walters
Genres Thriller
Companies Brothers’ Ink Productions
Countries USA
Languages English
ContentRating R
ImDbRating 4.8
ImDbRatingVotes 505
MetacriticRating 22
Keywords psychotronic film,life or death,philosophy,latino,anthology