Atentado (DVD)

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Atentado (DVD)

Bastille Day (released as The Take in North America and on international home release) is a 2016 action thriller film co-written and directed by James Watkins. It is a Luxembourgish, French and American venture produced by Anonymous Content, Vendôme Pictures, TF1 Films Production and StudioCanal. The film stars Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon, Eriq Ebouaney and José Garcia. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 22 April 2016 and 13 July 2016 in France, and on 18 November 2016 in the United States.


On the eve of Bastille Day in Paris, American drifter and pickpocket Michael Mason steals a woman s handbag, not knowing that it contains explosives. After taking the cash from the bag, he discards it, caught unwittingly on CCTV as he does so. The bag then detonates and kills four people. Upon being captured by CIA agent Sean Briar, who is being reprimanded for irresponsible conduct on the job, Mason protests that he is not a terrorist, and tells Briar that the bag contained a cell-phone owned by a woman named Zoe. The bomb was set up by a group of corrupt policemen led by Rafi Bertrand, all of them members in the French special force RAPID who intend to pull a robbery at the French National Bank. Zoe was told to plant the bomb at the office of the French Nationalist Party (as part of a diversion for the heist), but after seeing the night cleaning crew arrive, she was unwilling to kill innocents and so abandoned the plan. Zoe s boyfriend Jean, one of the conspirators, allows her to escape, realizing that his compatriots will kill her.

The group tracks Zoe s phone to Briar s and Mason s location. Briar engages the conspirators, who subdue him, while Mason escapes. Bertrand s team proceeds to plant fake evidence at a mosque and stir up a nationwide uproar among its Islamic population, using agitating hashtags on the Internet. Chased by the French authorities and Bertrand s forces, Mason is picked up by Briar, who has come to believe his story and intends to clear the case with his help, even against the orders of his superiors. They track Zoe to the hideout of her friend Paul and his motorcycle gang, but the gang firebombs their car to cover their escape. Appropriating another car, they track Paul down to the bar where he works, and Mason instigates a brawl, during which he steals Paul s ID card.

Mason and Briar use the card to find out Paul s address, where Zoe is hiding, and manage to gain her cooperation. Zoe leads them to Jean s apartment, where they find his body and an ID and badge identifying him as a police officer. Briar informs his colleague, Karen Dacre, who confers with her French contact, DGSI Director Victor Gamieux, about taking Mason and Zoe into protective custody. However, Gamieux, actually the mastermind of the heist conspiracy, kills Dacre after obtaining the information he needs and sends a pickup team consisting of his henchmen. Briar, Mason and Zoe manage to pick up clues about the men s true allegiance and fight their way out of the deathtrap. Now realizing Gamieux s hand in the game, the three head toward the French National Bank.

When a crowd of protestors masses at the front of the bank—as the conspirators have intended—Gamieux assigns Bertrand s RAPID team to the building to provide interior security, thus facilitating the digital robbery of its entire monetary reserves (half a billion euros). Upon arriving at the bank, Briar disguises himself as a RAPID officer and manages to gain access to the building before he is found out. Hearing of his predicament over their stolen police van s radio, Zoe and Mason start a riot among the protestors, who storm the bank and overpower the RAPID troopers closing in on Briar. Briar subsequently infiltrates the vault and engages Bertrand and his remaining henchman. Bertrand escapes with the USB flash drive on which the money has been downloaded, but Briar contacts Mason, who steals the flash drive from Bertrand. Upon noticing the theft, Bertrand takes Zoe hostage. Gamieux, trying to salvage his plan, commands a squad of policemen to shoot and kill Bertrand, and Mason escapes with the flash drive. Zoe survives.

Some time later, Mason, working with Briar and French law enforcement, meets with Gamieux on the pretense of trading the flash drive for a passport and a ride out of the country, leading to the latter s arrest.


  • Idris Elba as Sean Briar, a CIA agent.
  • Richard Madden as Michael Mason, an American pickpocket living in Paris.
  • Charlotte Le Bon as Zoe Naville, an anti-fascist protestor.
  • Kelly Reilly as Karen Dacre, a senior CIA agent.
  • José Garcia as Victor Gamieux, the director of the DGSI.
  • Thierry Godard as Rafi Bertrand, a corrupt commander in the French National Police RAPID Unit.
  • Anatol Yusef as Tom Luddy, leader of the CIA surveillance unit in Paris.
  • Eriq Ebouaney as Baba, Mason s black market contact for stolen goods.
  • Arieh Worthalter as Jean
  • Stéphane Caillard as Beatrice


On 11 November 2013, Idris Elba joined the cast of the film. On 2 October 2014, Richard Madden joined the cast. On 18 May 2014, Focus Features acquired the rights to distribute the film in North America. Principal photography began on 13 October 2014 in Paris, and ended on 17 December 2014.


In the United Kingdom, StudioCanal scheduled the film to be released on 19 February 2016. However, following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, the film was delayed. Bastille Day was released simultaneously in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Sweden on 22 April 2016. In France, the film was released on 13 July 2016 to coincide with the dates in the story. Following the 2016 Nice truck attack, Studiocanal pulled the film from theatres on 17 July 2016, citing it as a sign of respect for the victims and their families.


On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 48% based on 80 reviews, with an average rating of 5.2/10. The site s critical consensus reads, Bastille Day proves Idris Elba is an action hero in waiting – specifically, waiting for a script that deserves his talents. On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 48 out of 100, based on 16 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews .




Bci / Eclipse

Published Date


Recording Studio

Bci / Eclipse



Age Group


Rating MPA

Not Rated

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1h 32min


James Watkins


Andrew Baldwin, James Watkins


Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon

Produced by

Olivier Courson, Bard Dorros, Michael Dreyer, Fabrice Gianfermi, Steve Golin, Ron Halpern, David Kanter, Dan MacRae, Philippe Rousselet, Guy Stodel

Music by

Alex Heffes

Cinematography by

Tim Maurice-Jones

Film Editing by

Jon Harris

Casting By

Julie Harkin, Michael Laguens

Production Design by

Paul Kirby

Art Direction by

Joe Howard, Jim McCallum, Paul Spriggs, Vicki Stevenson, Eric Viellerobe

Set Decoration by

Kate Good, David Morison

Costume Design by

Guy Speranza

Makeup Department

Beverley Binda, Véronique Boslé, Avril Carpentier, Marie-christine Carpentier, Romaric Colombini, Véronique Gely, Bella Ava Georgiou, Paul Job, Katie Lee, Daniel Phillips, Clare Ramsey, Fabienne Robineau, Tapio Salmi, Linda Schwach, Malwina Suwinska

Production Management

Jerome Albertini, Marion Comengre, Antonin Depardieu, Simon Fraser, Matthieu Rubin, Emma Zee

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Delphine Bertrand, Vlad Cirdeiu, Aurore Coppa, Daniel Cox, Frederic Dagmey, Gayle Dickie, Simon Duric, Jean Ghesquiere, Mark Hopkins, Grégoire Jeudy, Mathieu Laemlé, Guilhem Malgoire, Hugo Martin-Lassagne, Josey McNamara, Damien Noguer, Jack Ravenscroft, Nicolas Rebeschini, Arnaud Rivaille, Elspeth Rodgers, Sam Rook, Olivier Sagne, Jack Scarisbrick, Mathieu Turi, Jawahine Zentar

Art Department

David Ackrill, Kevin Anthony, Joelle Aoun, Sophie Ba, Oliver Benson, William Birt, Anton Botic, Louis Boulenouar, Tom Brice, Mark Buck, Nil Calmon, Pauline Carrat, Andy Challis, Mathieu Champel, Pascal Chevé, Augustin Collet, Liam Collins, Eléonore Cremonese, Peter Davis, Marine de Lamarzelle, Perrine Dupuy, Simon Duric, Colombe Gillet, Kate Good, Grant Greenaway, Richard Hardy, Justin Hayzelden, Simon Hutchings, Romain Hémeray, Paul Jones, Eleanor Kirby, Lucas Levon, Laura Livingstone, Christophe Maratier, Régis Marduel, Ginger McCarthy, Piotr Micyk, Sam Moulsdale, Alison Naudin, Peter Pj Newman, Géraldine Nicolo, Julian Nix, Seb Palmer, Francois Poublan, Martin Pype, Jean Noel Péché, Jelle Rebry, Victoria Rhodes, Paul Rigby, Patricia Ruelle, Lotty Sanna, Simon Sheppard, Nina Surguine, Leo Anna Thomas, Pierre Tormo, Aislinn Tudhope, Nick Walker, Peter Wignall, Uriel Zylberman, Ian Bruce, Lettie Grumbar, Kartik Nagar

Sound Department

Ben Barker, Frank Barlow, Dillon Bennett, Mark DeSimone, Simon Diggins, Danny Freemantle, Lee Grainge, Peter Hanson, Bill Higley, Robert Malone, Gavin Marshall, Mélanie Moreira, Brendan Nicholson, Kasper Pedersen, Jemma Riley-Tolch, Adam Scrivener, John Skehill, Andy Stallabrass, Jason Stevens, Ivor Talbot, Steve Whetman, Tarn Willers

Special Effects by

Hubert Devinck, François Gaubert, Philippe Hubin, Jean-Christophe Magnaud, Kyle May, Mark Meddings, Greg Oddoye, Ronnie Rackley, Frank Scala, Neil Toddy Todd

Visual Effects by

Nawaz Alamgir, Olivia Beresford, Charles Brelaud, Tim Caplan, Matthew Chan, Jo Dale, Agueda Del Castillo, Simon Dowling, Tiago Faria, Edd Gamlin, Nicci Gelnar, Fernando Guerrero Rodriguez, Alexander Ha, Manuel Huertas, Simon Hughes, Timothy P. Jones, Taskin Kenan, Jenny King, Steven King, Lindsey Lo Presti, Elliot Mander, Jacob Curtis Miller, Dillan Nicholls, Noel O Malley, Rob Pizzey, Iain Read, Adam Redhead, Susanna Riccio, Benito Sanz, Tj Singh, Linda Spaggiari, Elliot Staker, Noga Alon Stein, Gareth Stevenson, Dan Victoire, Ben Wilson, Lewis Wright, Luca Zappala, James Roberts


Mehdi Abdelhakmi, Guiomar Alonso, Virginie Arnaud, Tony Augé, Adam Basil, Florian Beaumont, Ashley Beck, Jean-Marc Bellu, Patrick Bernaud, Thomas Billings, Sybille Blouin, Bruno Bonelli, Carlos Bonelli, Noémie Caloussis, Marvin Campbell, Neil Chapelhow, Jonathan Cohen, James Cox, Andrius Davidenas, Shirley Denoual, Levan Doran, Kenny Douala, James Embree, Ben Essex, Neil Finnighan, Dominique Fouassier, Sébastien Fouassier, Anthony Fouillet, Sarah Franzl, Sylvain Gabet, Jérôme Gaspard, William Gay, Pierre Gomes-Tavares, Aurélien Grelier, Alain Grellier, Jean-Benoit Guillon, Nora Henderson, Vladimir Houbart, David Julienne, Michel Julienne, Troy Kenchington, George Kirby, Leonard Kwasmovska, Pascal Lavanchy, Claire Lawrence, Alexandre Lopoka, Christophe Marsaud, Alex Martin, Freddie Mason, Frédéric Mouquet, Rory Mulroe, Chris Newton, Cecilia Ngo, James O Daly, James O Donnell, Nicolas Pauget, Peter Pedrero, Rashid Phoenix, Nicolas Retabi, Christophe Roblin, Tiger Rudge, Matt Sherren, Ludo Silemetzoglou, Mark Stanton-Kelly, James Stewart, Shane Steyn, Phillip Ray Tommy, Arran Topham, Yann Tremblay, Pablo Verdejo, Ben Wright, Karanja Yorke

Camera and Electrical Department

Boris Abaza, Andy Achard, Stéphane Afchain, Quentin Améziane, Graham Baker, Andrew Banwell, Brice Barbier, Sidney Baucheron, Thierry Baucheron, Nathanael Bauer, Samuel Beazley, Jack Bentley, David Bird, Jessie Brough, Bobby Brown, Fred Brown, Joel Canard, Dan Carling, Lawrence Carter, Adam Coles, Callum Collins, Martin Conway, Stephen Coquin, Cristina Cretu, Marie-Sophie Daniel, Oscar Deeks, Tom Elgar, Hugues Espinasse, Wick Finch, Will Finch, David Foquin, Jessica Forde, Jonny Franklin, Grégori Gajéro, Olivier Garin, Denis Garnier, Manuel Gaspar, Antoine Guichard, Phill Hardy, George Harrison, Paul Holley, David Holliday, Demetri Jagger, Mark Keane, Cyril Kuhnholtz, Vincent Le Borgne, Julien Lefebvre, Oliver Loncraine, Chaz Lyon, Darren Mackay, John Malaney, Romain Malavoy, Jake Marcuson, Laurentiu Maria, Bruno Martins, Jeremy Mauroy, Malcolm Mclean, Eric Monin, Luc Poullain, Mickaël Radke, Amélie Raoul, James Ray-Leary, Jérôme Robin, Pascal Rossignol, Kevin Rosé, Vincent Scotet, Laurie Sparham, Joel Spinola, Alan Stewart, Lydia Stott, James Swanson, Pat Sweeney, Vincent Taberlet, Gary Thornhill, Ryan Thornhill, Vincent Tulasne, Nicolas Turchet, Mustafa Tyebkhan, Mohan Valmy, Frédéric Vial, Michael Wacker, Pete Wade, Dan West, Jamie Whickman, Oliver Whickman, Greg Whitbrook, Peter Wignall, Terry Williams, Ben Wilson, Charlie Wyldeck-Flowers, Harry Young-Jamieson, Natie Marie Davies, Tristan Hey, Matt Markham

Casting Department

Solomon Artistes, Mareva Assouline, Andrew Casey, Frederic Dagmey, Adam Penny, Douglas Williams

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Magali Bonnot, Jérôme Brousseau, Sophie Canale, Bartholomew Cariss, Claire Chanat, Fabienne Josserand, Bruce Lignerat, Elsa Mirete, Julian Moeglin, Stephanie Paul, Katie Sheehy, Maria Smith, Alphonsine Mireille Toudonou

Editorial Department

Cherri Arpino, Maria Chamberlain, Jimmy Christophe, Peter Collins, Georgina Cranmer, Rob Farris, Gianluca Ferrari, Luke Gavin, Chema Gomez, Rebecca Goodeve, Neil Harrison, Lawrence Hook, Fred Hudson, Tamsin Jeffrey, Lindah Luseno, Patrick Malone, Gemma McKeon, Tom Mitchell, Steve O Leary, Stuart Pitcher, Daniel Tomlinson, Laurent Treherne, Diana Vasquez, Chris Wilson, Jonathan Collard

Location Management

Jerome Albertini, Julian Bivol, Reza Boirahmady, Maxime Couteret, Serge Desfilles, Lucia Fedeli, Emily Fisher, Eddie Folcarelli, Ben Gladstone, Malcolm Granath, Lionel Guerrini, Basile Lebret, Chris Lynch, Christian McWilliams, Paul Mezier, Ronan Michel, Stephen Parker, Robert Platt-Higgins, Charlotte Schaeffer, Josh Spear, Jojo Warne, Adriene Whitwell

Music Department

Red Bennett, Ben Caucci, Peter Cobbin, Rebecca Dale, Bastide Donny, Daniel Elms, Sandro Friedrich, Peter Gregson, Dominik Johnson, Jérôme Lateur, Tommy Laurence, Will Rice, Mehdi Sayah, Hilary Skewes, Graham Sutton, John Ashton Thomas, Cecile Tournesac, Alexius Tschallener, Kirsty Whalley, Richard Harwood

Script and Continuity Department

Caroline Bowker, Aurelia Fourcaut, Lizzie Pritchard

Transportation Department

Gilles Camy, Charles Heidet, George Kapetanios, David Lewis, Francois Litou, Alexandre Petellat, Janek Piner, Jason Pinto, Ian Smith, Amandine Vallee

Additional Crew

Rodrigue Adompo, Segolene Amice Lagny, Sashi Arnold, Anthony Bas, Laurent Blu, Mélodie Boileau, Peter Boothby, Marc Boubli, Elizabeth Brizzell, Tony Browne, Liam Byrne, Fred Bonham Carter, Phil Davey, Emma Davie, Nicolas Descombes, Nicolas Dessommes, Claire Dobner, Wayne Docksey, James Doyle, Fanny Floupin, Brice Francois, Henrietta Fuller, Susanna Fyson, Jean Ghesquiere, Harry Greaves, John David Gunkle, Fiona Harper, Boyd Harvey, Martin Heberden, Anna Hintzen, Katherine Holder, De Leon Howard III, Nick Jeffries, Cécile Joffo, Amy Jones, Leanne Jones, Alexandra Kan, Rabia Kassam, Saba Kia, Benjamin L Hoir, Yaël Lamglait, Bernard Lamy, Sandrine Legrand Dealbera, Toby Lomas, Stephen Melanga, Chima Mgbemere, Astrid Monarque, Tony Morgan, Olympe Mousseron, Simon O Connell, Paul Pattison, Martin Poultney, Karen Rodrigues, Tom Rothwell, Olivier Sagne, Anne Shanley, Jennifer Simonnet, Richard Smedley, Johann Sorin, Roy Squires, Peter Stainthorpe, Tristan Tansu, Gianpiero Vannucci, Daphne Wattiez, David Wilcock, Stewart Allen-Smith, Naomi Hughes


Stephen Dixon, James Alexander Waller


Action, Crime, Drama


StudioCanal, Anton, Amazon Prime Video


UK, France, USA, Belgium, Luxembourg, China, Germany


English, French





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Short Description

Bastille Day (released as The Take in North America and on international home release) is a 2016 action thriller film co-written and directed by James Watkins. It is a Luxembourgish, French and American venture produced by Anonymous Content, Vendôme Pictures, TF1 Films Production and StudioCanal. The film stars Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon, Eriq Ebouaney and José Garcia. The film was released in the United Kingdom on 22 April 2016 and 13 July 2016 in France, and on 18 November 2016 in the United States.

Box Office Budget

$20,000,000 (estimated)

Box Office Opening Weekend USA


Box Office Gross USA


Box Office Cumulative Worldwide Gross



Pickpocket,bomb,swat team,riot,female rear nudity