Dead Space: Aftermath (DVD)

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Dead Space: Aftermath (DVD)




Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Published Date


Age group

14 Up

Rating MPA

Not Rated

Recording Studio

Lionsgate Home Entertainment



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1h 25min


Mike Disa


Brandon Auman, Mike Disa, Chuck Beaver


Christopher Judge, Ricardo Chavira, Gwendoline Yeo

Produced by

Chuck Beaver, Eeljin Chae, Jay Fukuto, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Joe Goyette, Jisun Hong, Chung Hyun, Cho Yong Joo, Erin Eunsung Kim, Ji-Hyun Kim, Mi-Sun Kim, Shin-Wan Kim, Cate Latchford, Joung Mee, Patrick O'Brien, Hyun-ju Oh, Steve Papoutsis, Sook-Young Park, Jon F. Vein, Jim Wyatt, Ga-Ram Yoon

Music by

Christopher Tin

Film Editing by

Steven Fahey

Art Direction by

Moon-Joong Han, Hoe-Young Lee

Production Management

SungYeon Kang, Kyu-Sub Keon, Tom Klein

Art Department

SunMyung Back, Brent M. Bowen, Don Cameron, HaeRyong Cho, Mike Disa, Hyun Kwon Dong, Tae Ho Han, Yu Seoung Hun, Min Geol Jeon, ByungHwa Jung, Kim Ui Jung, Jae-hong Kim, JaeHoon Kim, Ji-young Kim, Jung Eun Kim, Wyatt Lavasseur, Seung-Gyu Lee, Jong-Sik Nam, Jung-Hee Noh, Chan-Young Park, Jeong Ryeol Park, Cha Dong Seok, Rich Wilkie, Haebum Youn, Myoung Ga Young

Sound Department

Roy Braverman, Fil Brown, Marco Bustos, Melissa Ellis, J. Lampinen, Robert Poole II, Robert Daniel Pratt, Patrick Rodman, Robbi Smith

Visual Effects by

Na Young An, Brent M. Bowen, Deok-Gyu Choi, Deok-Kyu Choi, Eunjoo Choi, Kwang Jin Choi, Steven Fahey, Heather Han, Dae Yeong Hong, Tae Hee Huh, Seonmi Hwang, Jong-Seob Jang, Hwan Chul Kang, Jee-Chang Kang, Hyun Su Kim, Hyun Sub Kim, Hyung Woo Kim, Kang-Ohk Kim, Mi-kyung Kim, Sung-Joon Kim, Dong-Phil Ku, Wyatt Lavasseur, Seongha Oh, JaeWook Park, Jee-Won Park, Jeong-Sei Park, Jiho Park, Jung-Joon Park, Kwang-Chan Park, Sehwi Park, Hye-won Seo, Young Hyun Seo, Kun Su Shin, Choul-Ho Sim, Par Mim Sun, Yu-Mi Sung, Jinmin Woo, Jong Yo Woo, Ju-Jee Yang, Soo-Jung Yang, Han Geul Yoo, Han-Geul Yoo, Nam-Suk Yoon, Jong-Soo Yu

Camera and Electrical Department

JaeChul Bae, Kyu-Seok Kim

Animation Department

Joong-Ryoul Ahn, SunMyung Back, JaeChul Bae, Jae-Young Bang, Robert Brousseau, Han Hee Cheol, Han-mo Cho, Young-Hwa Cho, Na Na Gang, Kim Jin Gi, Hang Jung Goon, Sun-Jung Ha, EonDuck Han, Moon-Joong Han, Sang Wook Han, Tae Ho Han, Young-Gil Han, Jang-Han Hee, Kang Seung Ho, Jisun Hong, SoonHo Hong, SooWon Hong, Chu Kyung Hui, Im Jin Hui, Kim Deok Hui, Kim Gwi Hui, Yu Seoung Hun, Im Eun Hwa, Jun-Pil Hwang, Sue Hwang, Hong Ji Hyeon, Park Hyeon, Dean Jackson, Hye Jin Jo, Kim Kyo Joon, Won-Hyuk Joung, Bae Ok Ju, Deo Myung Ju, Choi Ik Jun, ByungHwa Jung, Hoon Jung, Kim Ui Jung, Kim Yu Jung, Lee Seo Jung, Woosuk Jung, Young-sun Jung, Jae-Yeon Kang, SungYeon Kang, Gordon Kent, Bo-kyung Kim, ByungWook Kim, Chan-Hee Kim, Dohoon Kim, Erin Eunsung Kim, Eunsun Kim, Gong Ja Kim, Haw-Ran Kim, Hee-Kyung Kim, Ho Girl Kim, Hwa Roeng Kim, Hyeon Soo Kim, Hyun Kim, Hyung-Hwan Kim, Hyung-il Kim, Jae-hong Kim, JaeHoon Kim, Jeung Kim, Ji-Young Kim, Jin Yong Kim, Jong-soo Kim, Jung Eun Kim, JungHyun Kim, Kyoung Sook Kim, Lyoung Hui Kim, SunJung Kim, Tae-Hyun Kim, Taehwan Kim, Yong-jae Kim, Young Chan Kim, Young-Bum Kim, Yu-Jin Kim, Yu-Ran Kim, Bong-Kyung Koo, Jae-Eui Kwak, BoUn Kwon, Eun Kyung Kwon, Kang Hye Kyung, Kwon Eun Kyung, Bang Won Lee, Dong Joo Lee, Jong-Chan Lee, Joo-hee Lee, Jun Gu Lee, JuneSung Lee, Jung Hun Lee, JungOh Lee, Kyung-jin Lee, Man-Pyo Lee, Rae-Seok Lee, SangGeun Lee, SangWoo Lee, Seung-Gyu Lee, Won-Gu Lee, Youn Ho Lee, Young-Min Lee, Yun-Joo Lee, Hyung-Suk Lim, Ji-Hye Lim, Kyung Hwa Lim, Sun-Min Lim, Woong Lim, Meuo Meuo, Kim Sun Mi, Jung Hye Min, Park Min-Young, Choi Jung Nam, Gug-Heui Nam, Jong-Sik Nam, Ricardo Ortiz, Chan-Young Park, JeongRyeol Park, Kwan-Sik Park, Kyeong Sook Park, MinJoon Park, Sang-wan Park, Soon-Ok Park, Sungho Park, Yong-il Park, Lee Ju Ri, Jae-Ha Ryu, Sung-Soo Ryuk, HyungEun Seo, Jung Seo, Tae-Won Seo, YongHan Seo, Cha Dong Seok, Eun Soon Shin, Sung A. Shin, Han Gyu Sim, In-Sung Song, Kim Kyung Su, Heo Ji Uk, Laurie Wetzler, Young-Ju Won, Kim Ki Woong, Hong Su Yeon, Kim So Yong, In-Sook Yoo, Byung-ok Yoon, Choi Hyo Young, Choi Yu Young, Jung Ha Young, Ko Jin Young, Myoung Ga Young, Bi Yoeng Yuem, Hae Hueb Yug, Jong Ho Yun, YoungSam Kim

Editorial Department

Robert Anich, Larry Field, Young-Min Lee, Jung-Joon Park

Music Department

Jason Graves, Aaron Purvis, Janine Scalise

Additional Crew

Peter Baghdassarian, Marc Barson, Kimberly Bitsui, Amy Blaisdell, Brittani Cherelle Chapman, Bradley Cooper, Christopher Davis, Elaine DeMari, John Dillon, Mike Disa, Daniel Einhorn, Brian Gee, Tae Ho Han, Felicia Harrison, Sangjin Kim, Ivan Lawrence, Seung-Gyu Lee, Samuel Mason, Charles McCaskill, Ronald McNutt, Jong-Sik Nam, David Orona, MinJoon Park, Corina Paz, Rob Renshaw, Eun Soon Shin, Yvette Thomassian, Jesse Torres, Portia Udeh, Myron Watson, Robert Weaver, Stanley Wong, Erin Eunsung Kim


Animation, Horror, Sci-Fi


Starz!, Film Roman Productions, Pumpkin Studio









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Short Description

Dead Space: Aftermath is a 2011 American adult animated psychological science fiction horror film directed by Mike Disa, written by a team including Brandon Auman, and developed by Film Roman and Pumpkin Studios under the supervision of Electronic Arts. It was released direct-to-video on January 25, the same day as the 2011 survival horror video game Dead Space 2, published by Electronic Arts.

The movie serves as a prequel to Dead Space 2. The story follows the interrogation of four survivors from the USG O Bannon, who were sent to the remains of the planet Aegis VII to investigate the fate of its colony, discovering a fragment of an artifact called the Marker which triggers an outbreak of reanimated mutated corpses dubbed Necromorphs .

Film Roman, which had previously collaborated on the production of Dead Space: Downfall, wanted to create a prequel with a narrative based on the Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon, showing the same event from multiple perspectives. To reflect the different narrative timelines, different animation styles were adopted, with Film Roman partnering with multiple South Korean animation studios to head each flashback sequence. Multiple staff members had previously worked on Dante s Inferno: An Animated Epic. Reception of the film was mixed, with many criticizing its niche appeal and animation quality.

Box Office Budget

$2,500,000 (estimated)


Spin off,based on video game,trapped in space,anime,mature animation