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Doom (DVD)

Doom is a 2005 science fiction film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. Loosely based on the video game series of the same name by id Software, the film stars Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Razaaq Adoti, and Dwayne Johnson (credited as The Rock). In the film, Marines are sent on a rescue mission to a facility on Mars, where they encounter demonic-like creatures.

After film rights deals with Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures expired, id Software signed a deal with Warner Bros. with the stipulation that the film would be greenlit within a year. Warner Bros. lost the rights, which were subsequently given back to Universal, which started production in 2004. The film was an international co-production of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Doom was theatrically released in the United States on October 21, 2005 to negative reviews. The film was a box office bomb, grossing $58.7 million worldwide against a production budget between $60–70 million. In 2019, Universal released a second live-action film direct-to-video titled Doom: Annihilation.


In 2026, a wormhole portal, the Ark, to an ancient city on Mars is discovered deep below the Nevada desert. Twenty years later, the 85 personnel at the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) research facility on Mars are attacked by an unknown assailant. Following a distress call sent by Dr. Carmack, a squad of eight Marines are sent to the research facility. The team includes squad leader Sgt. Asher Sarge Mahonin, Duke , Goat , Destroyer , Portman, Mac , a rookie ( Kid ) and John Reaper Grimm. They are sent on a search-and-destroy mission to Mars, with UAC only concerned with the retrieval of computer data from their anthropology, archeology, and genetics experiments.

The team uses the Ark to reach Mars, ordering the Earth site on lockdown. Arriving on Mars, they are met by UAC employee Pinky . Reaper finds his twin sister, Dr. Sam Grimm, and escorts her to retrieve the data. He learns that a dig site, where their parents were accidentally killed years earlier, was reopened and ancient skeletons of a humanoid race genetically enhanced with an artificial 24th chromosome pair were discovered.

While searching for survivors in the facility, the Marines find a traumatized and injured Dr. Carmack and escort him to the medical lab for treatment, but he later disappears. The Marines shoot at an unknown creature in the genetics lab that leads them down into the facility s sewer, where it attacks and kills Goat. They kill the creature and take it to the medical lab, where Sam performs an autopsy and discovers that its organs are human. She and Duke witness Goat resurrecting and killing himself by smashing his head against a reinforced window. The two are attacked by a creature, trap it, and soon deduce that it is a mutated Dr. Carmack.

The squad methodically tracks down and destroys several of the creatures, though Mac, Destroyer, and Portman die in the process. An angered Sarge kills the mutated Dr. Carmack. Sam, Reaper, and Sarge learn that UAC was experimenting on humans using the extra Martian Chromosome (C24) harvested from the remains of the ancient skeletons, but the mutants got loose, leading to the outbreak. Sam and Reaper try to convince Sarge that the creatures are humans from the facility, mutated by the C24 serum and that not all of those infected will fully transform into the creatures. Sam hypothesizes that some of those injected with C24 will develop superhuman abilities but retain their humanity, while others with a predisposition for violent or psychotic behavior will become creatures, a pattern she believes also happened with the Martians, who built the Ark to escape.

Some creatures use the Ark to reach Earth, where they slaughter or mutate the research staff. The Marines, Sam, and Pinky follow, and Sarge orders the squad to sanitize the entire facility. When Kid informs Sarge that he found, but refuses to kill, a group of survivors, Sarge executes Kid for insubordination, leading to a standoff with an armed Pinky. The group is suddenly attacked by creatures who kill Duke and drag Sarge and Pinky away. Reaper is wounded by a ricocheting bullet. To prevent him from bleeding to death, Sam injects her brother with the C24 serum, despite his concern that his violent past predisposes him to transform into a creature.

Reaper regains consciousness and finds his wounds have healed and that Sam has gone missing. Using his new C24 superhuman abilities, he fights his way through the facility, even battling a mutated and monstrous Pinky before finding an unconscious Sam with Sarge, who has become infected and has murdered the group of survivors Kid had previously found. Reaper and Sarge battle, both of them enhanced with superhuman powers. Reaper is able to gain the upper hand and throws Sarge through the Ark back to Mars along with a grenade, which destroys Sarge and the Mars facility. Reaper then carries his unconscious sister into the elevator and rides back up to the ground level in Nevada.


  • Karl Urban as John Reaper Grimm / Doomguy
  • Rosamund Pike as Dr. Samantha Sam Grimm
  • Deobia Oparei as Roark Destroyer Gannon
  • Ben Daniels as Eric Goat Fantom
  • Raz Adoti as Gregory Duke Schofield
  • Richard Brake as Dean Portman
  • Dwayne Johnson as Sgt. Asher Sarge Mahonin. Johnson is credited on-screen as The Rock.
  • Dexter Fletcher as Marcus Pinky Pinzerowski
  • Al Weaver as Mark Kid Dantalian
  • Brian Steele as Curtis Stahl / Hell Knight
  • Doug Jones as Carmack Imp / Sewer Imp
  • Yao Chin as Katsuhiko Kumanosuke Mac Takahashi
  • Robert Russell as Dr. Todd Carmack



Between 1994 and 1995, following the success of Doom II, Hollywood began gaining interest in producing a live-action film adaptation of Doom. Universal Pictures initially acquired the rights, which were later obtained by Columbia TriStar. Former CEO of id Software Todd Hollenshead stated that a number of factors prevented the project from moving forward such as the Columbine High School massacre, lack of producers, and poor scripts. The id Software team screened a presentation of Doom 3 to agents from Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to see if they were interested in the property. Producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura and John Wells eventually obtained the rights.

Di Bonaventura and Wells initially set development for the film at Warner Bros., however, the duo moved development of the project to Universal after Warner Bros. failed to move the project into production after 15 months. The terms of the deal with Universal included gross point royalties for the developer and rights holder. In 2004, Enda McCallion was attached to direct the film and David Callaham was named the screenwriter, with the script loosely adapting elements from Doom 3. Callaham s early draft featured the Cacodemon, Arch-Vile, and other demons from the games but were cut due to time and budgetary reasons. That September, McCallion dropped out as director and Andrzej Bartkowiak joined the project. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg were approached to polish the script s dialogue, but declined and Wesley Strick was hired instead. Production was scheduled to begin in Winter 2004 in Prague.


Arnold Schwarzenegger was considered for the lead. Vin Diesel was offered the lead but turned it down. Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of John Grimm but turned it down in favor of Sarge , stating, For some reason I was drawn more to Sarge, I thought Sarge was, to me, more interesting and had a darker side. In September 2004, Karl Urban and Rosamund Pike were cast as John and Samantha Grimm. The RRTS actors underwent military training for two weeks under military advisor Tom McAdams.


Monsters and creature effects for the film were created by Stan Winston Studios, supervised by John Rosengrant. The visual effects were supervised by Jon Farhat. The film included 350 effects shots, the work was shared between two companies, Framestore who focused on character animation and creature work in 130 shots, and Double Negative who worked on environments, dimensional effects and futuristic weapons in about 200 shots. Pictures of Johnson were taken to conceptualize his demon makeup. The second layer of prosthetics took two hours to apply on Johnson while the third level of prosthetics took three hours to apply. Acrylic paint was used to cover Johnson s tattoos. After the 2D concept art, the creatures were sculpted and body-cast. Brian Steele and Doug Jones underwent head and shoulder life casting and body casting to get an impression for their body frames. An earpiece was added into the suits so that Jones and Steele could receive directions from Rosengrant, however, their mics were not enabled for them to reply. The team drew upon forensic pathology books to give the creatures a repulsive nature.

First person shooter sequence

The first person shooter sequence was completely directed by Farhat and was filmed in 14 days after a planning period of three months. While the scene is one continuous shot, multiple cuts, that Farhat called hook-ups , were made during filming, Farhat stated, you can do it by moving a camera, and passing something, and cutting. And then rolling the camera again on a subsequent date. Other hook-up styles were used by using a green screen or blue screen when a door opens or jump cutting by whipping an object. The gun was only used on-screen when it was needed due to its size affecting the aspect ratio.


The film s score was composed by Clint Mansell, upon which he produced a remix of the Nine Inch Nails song You Know What You Are? , which was used in the film s ending credits. The song Switchback by Celldweller was licensed for the trailers.


Critical response

Doom received negative reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 18%, based on 138 reviews, with an average rating of 4/10. The site s critical consensus states: The FPS sections are sure to please fans of the video game, but lacking in plot and originality to please other moviegoers. On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average rating of 34 out of 100, based on reviews from 28 critics, indicating generally unfavorable reviews . Audiences surveyed by CinemaScore gave the film a grade B− on scale of A to F.

Roger Ebert said, Doom is like some kid came over and is using your computer and won t let you play. Rob Gonsalves gave it two stars, citing incoherent action sequences, flat and humorless characters, and poor acting: Only Richard Brake, as the sleazy and duplicitous grunt Portman, gives a performance of any interest, and even that s on the level of caricature. Kim Newman of Empire magazine called it Not quite as dreadful as Resident Evil: Apocalypse, but that s hardly a major achievement. Justin Chang of Variety gave the film a mixed review, he was critical of Johnson’s performance but positive about the tongue-in-cheek sensibility and the faithful display of weapons from the game. In summary: It s really not all that bad. Ultra-derivative bigscreen transplant of one of the most successful (and controversial) games ever made plays like a mutant cross between a biotech thriller and a zombie movie, with all the alien autopsies, blood-gushing protuberances and meaningless scientific jargon that come with the territory.

Richard James Havis of The Hollywood Reporter wrote: Plot, character development and dialogue are so sparse that the screenwriters are fortunate they re not paid by the word. But this basic approach doesn t render it ineffectual. There s so little to go wrong that those who like their entertainment mindless and violent will find little fault. Chris Carle at IGN gave it 3 out of 5 and called it easily the best videogame-to-film adaptation yet , saying although it is not big on plot or characterization it succeeds in the things it sets out to do .

Other responses

John Carmack (co-founder of id Software and co-creator of Doom) spoke favorably of the film, stating, I liked it. Nobody expects a video game movie to be Oscar material, but I thought it was a solid action movie with lots of fun nods to the gaming community. In 2009, Johnson described the film as an example of trying and failing to do a good video game adaptation, and that it was a cautionary tale of what not to do . In 2021, Rosamund Pike expressed embarrassment for not familiarizing herself with the source material, commenting, I feel partly to blame in that respect because I think I failed just through ignorance and innocence to understand, to fully get a picture of what Doom meant to fans at that point. I wasn’t a gamer. I didn’t understand. If I knew what I knew now, I would have dived right into all of that and got fully immersed in it like I do now. And I just didn’t understand. I feel embarrassed, really.


In 2009, Time listed the film on its list of top-10 worst video games movies. Johnson received a Golden Raspberry Award nomination for his performance.

Home media

Doom was released on VHS, UMD, and DVD on February 7, 2006, HD DVD on April 26, 2006, and on Blu-ray Disc on February 10, 2009. The DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray releases only feature the unrated extended cut, with no options for the theatrical cut. The extended cut runs 113 minutes. In the United States and Canada, the DVD earned $29.2 million in domestic video sales. The extended cut was released on 4K Blu-ray on August 9, 2022.


In an October 2005 interview, executive producer John Wells stated that a second film would be put into production if the first was a box office success. In April 2018, Universal Pictures announced plans for a new Doom film. Doom: Annihilation was released direct-to-video on October 1, 2019.





Rating MPA

R (Restricted)

Recording Length


Recording Studio






Amazon ASIN











1h 45min


Awards, 3 nominations


Andrzej Bartkowiak


Dave Callaham, Wesley Strick


Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Dwayne Johnson

Produced by

Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Laura Holstein, David Minkowski, Henning Molfenter, Thierry Potok, John D. Schofield, Jeremy Steckler, Matthew Stillman, John Wells

Music by

Clint Mansell

Cinematography by

Tony Pierce-Roberts

Film Editing by

Derek Brechin

Casting By

Jina Jay

Production Design by

Stephen Scott

Art Direction by

Peter Francis, Paul Kirby, Dominic Masters, Jan Zázvorka

Set Decoration by

Richard Roberts

Costume Design by

Carlo Poggioli

Makeup Department

Richard Alonzo, Christine Blundell, Hana Chylova, Charmaine Fuller, Nelly Guimaras, Pau Loewe, Eliska Malikova, David Martí, Jason Matthews, Nuria Mbomio, Joey Orosco, Robert Ramsdell, Montse Ribé, Simon Rose, Juan Serrano, Matthew Smith, Rachel Solow, Rene Stejskal, Arjen Tuiten, Katka Vávrová, Lesa Warrener, Simon Webber, Eddie Yang, Tony Buffa, Jeff Dawn, Nathaniel De'Lineadeus, Chris Gallaher, Richard Glass, Barrie Gower, Vincent J. Guastini, Brian Hillard, Duncan Jarman, Brian A. Jones, Zdenek Klika, Chris Lyons, Waldo Mason, Greg McDougall, Mimi Palazon, Darren Robinson, Jemma Scott-Knox-Gore, Aleix Torrecillas, Josh Weston

Production Management

Terry Bamber, Tania Blunden, David Cain, Jana Hrbková, Richard Sharkey, Ondrej Slama, Peter Oillataguerre, Miguel Ángel Poveda

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Terry Bamber, David Cain, Aron Clayton, Patrick Clayton, Geoff Dibben, Jon Farhat, Fraser Fennell-Ball, Petr Hartl, Petr Kaderabek, Nada Kartiskova, Dion Lam, Vladimir Nemecek, Shaun O'Dell, Petra Ratner, Martin Sebik, Michael Stevenson, Michaela Strnadova, Dan Sura, Pavel Typolt

Art Department

Martin Asbury, Steve Bohan, Gabi Brown, Milos Cerný, Daniel Cmolik, Jan Cmolik, Frantisek Copf, Gary Crosby, Peter Dorme, Dean Dunham, Jiri Dusek, Petr Garbaczewski, Stanislav Glugar, Pavel Hemmy, Jiri Hybes, Jiri Jelinek, Martin Jelinek, Martin Kotek, Stefan Kovacik, Klara Kralova, Martin Kubricht, Daniel Kvarda, Charlotte Leatherland, Zdenek Maska, Richard Mccarthy, Daniel Michl, Stefan Mily, Cyrille Nomberg, Marek Novak, Ales Novotny, Seamus O'Sullivan, Alan Payne, Raymond Perry, Michal Pokorny, Chris Rosewarne, Terry Royce, Jaroslav Sir, Michal Soun, Michael Spence, Martin Stepan, Micky Swift, Pavel Tatar, Martina Ter-Akopowá, Daniel Tisl, Kurt van der Basch, Emma Vane, Josef Vecerek, Lloyd Vincent, Dan Walker, Tom Whitehead, Ian Young, Miroslav Zdenek, Jiri Zucek, Krystof Binder, Jakub Eliasek, Adriaan Engelbrecht, James Enright, Tomas Hais, Emmanuelle Hoessly, Michael Anthony Jackson, Thomas Jones, Barbora Kelbichova, Alice Cortes Kheilova, Patrik Krizovensky, Pavel Lipert, Don Punchatz, Sergio Sandoval, Elliot Scott, Zbynek Trojan, Slavek Vankat, David Weller, Carl Wilson

Sound Department

Nigel Bennett, Tomas Cervenka, Simon Chase, Mike Dowson, Robert Dufek, Michael Fentum, Richard Fettes, Richard Fordham, Petr Forejt, Paul Govey, Mark Hackett, Howard Halsall, Paul Hanks, Ivan Horák, Sue Lenny, John Leveque, David Mackie, Frank A. Montaño, Roman Rigo, Liza Ross, Jan Skala, Esther Smith, Oliver Tarney, Carol Thomas, Ian Waggott, Jack Whittaker, Harry Barnes, Ed Colyer, James Corless, Nick Foley, Glen Gathard, Chris Goodes, Jamie Roden, Johnathan Rush, Ted Swanscott, Ceri Thomas, David Tyler, Nick Watson

Special Effects by

John Baker, Bill Beenham, John Evans, Wai-Lun Fung, George Gibbs, Terry Glass, Ernst Gschwind, Wolfgang Higler, Roman Holub, Ron Hone, Ondar Hrncir, Stepan Janecek, Jan Klinke, Chi Tai Lam, Richard J. Landon, Ian Lowe, David B. Miller, Todd Minobe, Vaclav Moravec, Jan Moro, Martin Mottl, Uli Nefzer, Jacub Nierostek, Ondrej Nierostek, Martin Pryca, Jens Schmiedel, Karel Sebl, Petr Sekanina, Jiri Simberský, Aaron Sims, Ladislav Sindelar, Frantisek Sloup, Stanislav Smeral, Karel Solc, Martin Soukup, Jan Trnka, Rudolf Tudzaroff, Kit West, Jack Wai-Leung Wong, Gary Yee, Tin Hick Yick, Arturo Balseiro, Xavi Bastida, Enrique Bilsland, Damian Fisher, Joe Giles, Brian Goehring, Joe Gomez, Raquel Guirro, Mark Hunter, Oliver Jarlett, Hiroshi Katagiri, Lindsay MacGowan, Rick Marr, Kevin Mathews, José M. Meneses, Pablo Perona, Cliff Wallace, TaMara Carlson Woodard

Visual Effects by

Ben Aickin, Oliver Atherton, Jason Baker, Gavin Baxter, Pete Bebb, Paul Beilby, Michael Bell, James Benson, Rodrigo Bernardo, Jenny Bichsel, Andrew Booth, Nicola Brodie, Sule Bryan, Ross Burgess, Andy Burrow, Gia K. Campbell, Mei-Ming Casino, Martin Caulton, Fiona Chilton, Frazer Churchill, Debra Coleman, Paul Conner, Ciaran Crowley, Paul Doogan, Stephen Enticott, Jon Farhat, Jonathan Fawkner, Simon French, Steve Garrad, Danny Geurtsen, Rohit Gill, Toby Glover, Joe Godfrey, Vincent Goodsell, Adrian Graham, Gavin Graham, Vanessa Gratton, Ummi Gudjonsson, Jonathan Hall, Jeremy Hattingh, Alex Hessler, Frederic Heymans, Garrett Honn, Alex Hope, Robert Hopper, Charles Howell, Laurent Hugueniot, Claire Inglis, Alex Ireland, Niklas Jacobson, Ken Mitchel Jones, Theo Jones, Lucinda Keeler, Tim Keene, John Kilshaw, Jesper Kjölsrud, Nicha Kumkeaw, Serena Lam, Pedro Lara, Ray Lau, Kwok Law, Paul Lee, Beren Lewis, John Peter Li, Kim Loan-Do, Benjamin Loch, Roz Lowrie, Nick Ludlum, Craig Lyn, Martin Macrae, Rebecca Manning, Helena Masand, Chris McBride, Ken McGaugh, Alex Mein Smith, Evonne Merlicek, Christophe Meslin, Neil Miller, Paolo Mitton, Thomas Mortimer, Michael Mulholland, Tristan Myles, Mark Nelmes, Bruce Nelson, Paul Norris, Dameon O'Boyle, Kamila Ostra, Gruff Owen, Greg Pearson, John Peck, Aleksandar Pejic, Stuart Penn, Dan Perry, Fred Place, Richard Poet, Melvin Polayah, Aled Prosser, Howard Protheroe, Richard Raimbault, Andrew Rawling, Laurent-Paul Robert, Xavier Roig, Tom Rolfe, Alex Rothwell, Filip Sanders, Cal Sawyer, Ben Schrijvers, Dan Seddon, Robert Sethi, Gaël Seydoux, Foad Shah, David Shere, Anthony Smith, Marc Smith, Kevin Spruce, Jon Stanley, Jim Steel, Jelena Stojanovic, Hayley Easton Street, Bill Sturgeon, Fredrik Sundqvist, Martin Taylor, Mathieu Vig, Victor Wade, Andy Walker, Tara Walker, Pieter Warmington, Rebecca Waters, Ben White, Rob Woiwod, David Woodland, Alan Woods, Polly Yates, Tim Young, George Zwier, Claudia Dehmel, Karl Derrick, Richard Diver, Mike Eames, Daniel Evans, Venetia Hadley, Andy Hague, Pete Hanson, Matthew Jacques, Lorraine Johnson, Simon Johnson, Steve Lynn, Oliver McCluskey, Jan Meade, Mitch Mitchell, John Moffatt, Rob Richardson, Dave Robinson, Nick Savy, Aatesh Shah, Christopher Sweet, Matthew Tsang, Ollie Weigall, Stephen Willey


Phil Adams, Pavel Cajzl, Joe Dunne, Michal Grün, Dion Lam, Mark Anthony Newman, Tanoai Reed, Jiri Simberský, Jindrich Klaus, Miroslav Lhotka, Dimo Lipitkovsky, Juan Serrano, Pavel Vokoun, Rudolf Vrba

Camera and Electrical Department

John Bailie, Dan Balzer, Libor Bruha, Jan Brumlich, Martin Bublik, Joe Buxton, Jan Carda, Pavel Caslavsky, Petr Cejka, Václav Cermak, Michal Chadima, Milan Chadima, Karel Charvat, Vladimir Cholasta, Petr Cypryan, Jakub Dvorsky, Tommy Finch, James Folly, David Gregor, Keith Hamshere, Fred Harris, Marek Havel, Peter Hawkins, Jan Hladik, Lada Holznecht, Stuart Howell, Alan Hrstka, Ladislav Hruby, Tellson James, Ivan Janousek, Lukas Jaromersky, Hynek Jecha, Dan Kafka, Vaclav Kares, Jirka Klaska, Robert Kodera, Ales Kohout, Petr Konrád, Tomas Konvalinka, Vladimír Krepelka, David Kriz, Roman Kuchar, Daniel Kutaj, Radek Kuzdas, Paul Legall, Clive Mackey, Miroslav Malik, Jan Matejka, Otto Matejka, Juraj Meznik, Zdenek Mrkvicka, Igor Murco, Martin Myska, Jiri Navrátil, Jirka Nosek, Frantisek Novák, Shaun O'Dell, Miroslav Pavlik, Daryl Polk, Jirka Pospisil, Lukas Pospisil, Pavel Proisl, Darren Quinn, Jan Rehanzl, Lukás Rezek, Ervin Sanders, Martin Schmarc, Jaromir Sedina, Werner Shelzig, Frank Shields, Andy Siddall, Stefan Stefanov, Dalibor Suchy, Petr Sulc, Kamil Svejda, Petr Svoboda, Ronald Telinger, Martin Tichy, Alf Tramontin, David Treybal, Josef Valta, Martin Vejvoda, Zdenek Vodvarka, Jan Vojtech, George White, Alan Williams, Petr Zavrel, Jiri Zelenka, Petr Zemlicka, Vladimir Holzknecht, Troye Jenkins, Viktor Lonek, John J. Moers, Jirí Málek, Zdenek Pozar, Karel Schneiberg

Casting Department

Abigail Barbier, Nancy Bishop, Dixie Chassay, Louis Elman, Jirí Hrstka, Robin Hudson, Noelle Trkulja, Olga Záhorbenská

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Giovanni Casalnuovo, Serena Fiumi, Gastone Grassi, Giampiero Grassi, Rebecca Higginson, Jo Korer, Romana Martinkova, Veronika Nemeckova, Luciano Parisi, Enzo Serafino Pellegrino, Ladislav Procházka, Salvatore Salzano, Marek Sobor, Larisa Sramkova, Tomás Sýkora, Vera Tomaskova, Karel Vesely, Lenka Vitvarová, Pavla Zimova, Sarka Zvolenska, Viera Zvonarova, Dita Valentinova

Editorial Department

Aisha Bicknell, Daniel Bird, Kathryn Cole, Brano Danis, Peter Dansie, Paul Ensby, Tamaron Greene, Martin Hubacek, Christopher Lloyd, Toby Lloyd, Jay Warren, Simon Wilkinson, Dominic Thomson, Jason Wheeler

Location Management

Markéta Maková, Pavel Mrkous

Music Department

Dina Eaton, Geoff Foster, Vic Fraser, Dominic Gibbs, Isobel Griffiths, Kathy Nelson, Roger Argente, Mark Berrow, Rachel Bolt, Heather Cairncross, Chris Cozens, Sarah Eyden, Bruce Fowler, Rick Giovinazzo, Steve Mair, Everton Nelson, Allen Walley, Lawrence Wallington, Bruce White, Warren Zielinski

Script and Continuity Department

Julie Brown, Sue Field, Sharon Mansfield, Sárka Sklenárová, John Adams, Laura Miles

Transportation Department

Silvie Janculová, Jiri Kotlas, Václav Kocman, Ondrej Modry, Jan Smoldas, Lada Vacik, Tony Vizina

Additional Crew

Vivian Al-Samarraie, Ota Bares, Ryan Beeman, Ondrej Bylok, Karolina Cerna, Martin Cigler, Colleen Conroy, Karen Davidsen, Lenka Dokulilova, Eva Dvorakova, Michal Engrth, Jessica Forte, Geoff Freeman, Jim Hajicosta, Sam Holt, Richard Hooper, Veronika Horka, Vlastimil Hynek, Nghaamwa Isaac, Jinny Joung, Antonia Kalmacoff, Petr Kavalek, Samantha Kolker, Eric Layne, Amy Lee, Veronika Lencova, Nguesan Lukoji, Martin Marek, Tom McAdams, Franta Mesicek, Miroslav Mika, Julian Murray, Marija Nikolic, Enzo Serafino Pellegrino, Linda Pianigiani, Marek Porada, Eda Raban, John Rosengrant, Annabel Schofield, Nicola Scott, Lori Scowley, Rob Seager, Katerina Silna, Matthew Skiena, Joss Skottowe, Michal Skrna, Milos Stehlik, Vera Trousilová, Zdena Vlkova, Milan Zaba, Heather Zuhlke, Aaron Bauer, Greg Corke, Alexander Gurlich, Viera Hladisova, Chris Hopkins, Lubomir Janci, Vladimir Kesl, Richard J. Landon, Regina Lee, Radim Macha, Emily Mann, Noah Lee Margetts, Chris McBride, Lanny Nenicka, John Nixon, Andreas Pense, Neil Pinkawa, Michal Ralis, Gabriela Rezacova, Benjamin Rigaud, David Ryan, Marie Sayej, Ty Senior, Tim Wildgoose


John Graydon, Steve Norris, Mike Phillips, Clare Wise


Action, Horror, Sci-Fi


John Wells Productions, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Doom Productions


UK, Czech Republic, Germany, USA


English, Japanese





ImDb Rating Votes


Metacritic Rating


Short Description

Doom is a 2005 science fiction film directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. Loosely based on the video game series of the same name by id Software, the film stars Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Razaaq Adoti, and Dwayne Johnson (credited as The Rock). In the film, Marines are sent on a rescue mission to a facility on Mars, where they encounter demonic-like creatures.

After film rights deals with Universal Pictures and Columbia Pictures expired, id Software signed a deal with Warner Bros. with the stipulation that the film would be greenlit within a year. Warner Bros. lost the rights, which were subsequently given back to Universal, which started production in 2004. The film was an international co-production of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Germany.

Doom was theatrically released in the United States on October 21, 2005 to negative reviews. The film was a box office bomb, grossing $58.7 million worldwide against a production budget between $60–70 million. In 2019, Universal released a second live-action film direct-to-video titled Doom: Annihilation.

Box Office Budget

$60,000,000 (estimated)

Box Office Opening Weekend USA


Box Office Gross USA


Box Office Cumulative Worldwide Gross



Based on video game,survival,brother sister relationship,genetic,monster