Dr. James Dobson Kids Need Self-Esteem, Too (6 Cassette Tape Set)

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Dr. James Dobson Kids Need Self-Esteem, Too (6 Cassette Tape Set)
Tape 1. Raising Confident Kids in an Age of Inferiority
After pointing out that there is an epidemic of feelings of inferiority and inadequacy
in our young people today, Dr. Dobson discusses the roots of these feelings. He
offers strategies to help parents deal with the assaults on their childrens’ self-worth.
He suggests ways to handle such questions as “Who am I?” ~ “Does anybody love me?”
~ “Who cares?” ~ “What’s my place in life?”

Tape 2. Evaluating Your Childs’ Mental Health / Teaching Children To Be Kind
Evaluating Your Childs’ Mental Health. Dr Dobson helps parents distinguish – and then respond
to – psychological and behavioral symptoms of internal problems which result from emotional
and mental disorders. / Teaching Children To Be Kind. Dr Dobson points out that there is a
hierarchy among children that can be assaulting to self-esteem and can leave lifelong emotional
scars. Attitudes in the home and classroom can dispel an atmosphere of competition and create
an atmosphere of respect and caring.

Tape 3. Self-Esteem In Adulthood
Dr Dobson discusses Satans’ psychological tools for discouragement – fear, anxiety, guilt, doubt
and pessimism. He points out that inferiority and inadequacy are Satans’ most powerful weapons.
Through those feelings, Satan tries to contaminate our relationship with God. Dr Dobsons’
message is: “Recognize your potential and let it emerge!”

Tape 4. The Late-Blooming Child
This discussion is devoted to the child whose development is somewhat behind his or her peers.
Dr Dobson begins the discussion by saying that every child has their own developmental timetable.
Then he describes the characteristics of the late-blooming child and identifies the problems he or
she must face.

Tape 5. Gifted Children & Learning Difficulties
This tape includes two topics: Gifted Children. Dr Dobson talks with a panel of guests, including a
gifted child and her mother. They discuss the unique frustrations often experienced by gifted
children. They also consider what it means to have a gifted child in the family – and identify
specific problems and advantages. / Learning Difficulties. On the other end of the spectrum are
children with learning difficulties. Jamie Evans, author of An Uncommon Gift, is a former dyslexic
child and suggests ways parents can handle the problems, frustrations, and misunderstandings
surrounding this form of learning difficulty.

Tape 6. Mothers Of Handicapped Children / Letters From Kids
This tape includes two topics: Mothers Of Handicapped Children ~ Dr Dobson, together with a
panel of mothers of handicapped children, discusses the emotional impact of giving birth to a
baby with handicaps such as Downs’ Syndrome and Spinabifida. They offer coping skills and
advice on how to handle the needs and problems of these very special children. / Letters From
Kids. Dr Dobson reads and answers letters from some of the many children and young people who
tune into Dr Dobsons’ radio program.






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