Dragonheart – A New Beginning (DVD)

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Dragonheart – A New Beginning (DVD)

Dragonheart: A New Beginning is a 2000 fantasy action-adventure drama film directed by Doug Lefler, starring Robby Benson, Christopher Masterson, Harry Van Gorkum, and Rona Figueroa. The film is a direct-to-video sequel to the 1996 film Dragonheart.


A year before his death, Sir Bowen visits the cave of his long-dead dragon friend Draco and finds an egg. He entrusts it to the monastery of his friend Brother Gilbert. Aware of a prophecy stating a dragon s heart could doom mankind when a two-tailed comet blazed across the night sky, the Friars pledge to hide the dragon until the comet passes, with Friar Peter protecting and teaching him for 20 years. The dragon s care soon falls upon a young and grumpy monk named Mansel.

Geoff, an orphaned stable boy who dreams of becoming a knight like Bowen, lives at the monastery doing menial chores. Meanwhile, the king makes a man named Osric his chief adviser. Osric pledges to ensure the Old Code continues but secretly corrupts it while poisoning the king, plotting to take the throne. Two Chinese citizens from the Hebei Province: Master Kwan and his son, enter the kingdom and ask Friar Peter if he knows anything about dragons. According to the stars, a new dragon was born, and the comet arrives in eight days; they want to prevent the prophecy and confirm if the dragon has a pure heart. Geoff tricks Mansel into doing manual labor and finds the hidden dragon, Drake. Geoff is initially afraid but realizes Drake is equally scared, and they become fast friends. Friar Peter dies suddenly the following day, and Drake goes outside for the first time.

Four days before the comet, the two Chinese learn of Drake s existence. Some knights surprise Geoff, and he discovers the Chinese son is Lian, China s empress in disguise. The knights threaten Geoff, forcing Drake to take his first flight to rescue him, revealing himself to the kingdom. Osric names Geoff and Drake as the kingdom s protectors against the invading Teregoths and takes Geoff under his wing. After testing Drake s purity, Master Kwan begins teaching him to use his dragon abilities, including exhaling ice breath, a rare skill that few dragons master. Lian reveals to Geoff that a rogue dragon, Griffin, betrayed the dragon s honor code and led a rebellion until virtuous dragons captured him and took his heart, placing it in an amulet. Fearing that all dragons were like Griffin, the Chinese emperor Kuo-fan ordered all Eastern dragons killed, so Drake is now the world s last dragon.

On the prophesized day, Kwan and Lian are captured and jailed. Osric takes Geoff and Drake to battle a group of Teregoths at a border house. Osric fakes a fatal blow and asks Drake to give him half his heart, but Geoff realizes the deception and stops Drake. Osric tries holding Geoff hostage but fails. Drake rallies an escape and masters firebreathing to save Geoff. Kwan, Lian, and Mansel escape the castle dungeon, heal the king, and confront Osric, who recognizes Lian and the amulet. Kwan discerns Osric s true identity and orders the amulet burned. Osric recovers and throws a knife at Lian to punish her for her ancestor s sins, but Kwan intervenes and dies.

Geoff and Drake arrive as Osric claims to have exposed the Old Code s true meaning as a way to control the weak. Osric reveals one dragon escaped Bowen s wrath, fled to the East, and sought revenge before the noble dragons stopped him and cursed him to live as a human as punishment. He cuts his chest open with Lian s knife and takes the heart as the comet appears, revealing himself as Griffin and making Lian realize the prophecy was about him. Resuming his dragon form, Griffin asks Drake to join him in humanity s conquest. Recalling how Griffin would ve cost him his soul hadn t Geoff intervened, Drake refuses and challenges Griffin. After a short but fierce fight between the dragons, Drake masters ice breath and freezes Griffin to death; Griffin falls and shatters before the comet passes. An ice shard stabs and kills Geoff, so Drake offers part of his heart, reviving Geoff. The Old Code is restored; Lian returns to her royal duties for a time; and Mansel is awarded guardianship of Brother Gilbert s scrolls, finally gaining the desired life of prayer and devotion. Geoff and Drake become brothers, finally getting the family they both wanted.


  • Christopher Masterson as Geoffrey (credited as Chris Masterson)
  • Robby Benson as Drake (voice)
  • Harry Van Gorkum as Old Bowen / Lord Osric of Crosley / Griffin (voice)
  • Rona Figueroa as Lian
  • Henry O as Master Kwan
  • Matt Hickey as Novice Monk Mansel
  • Anthony O Donnell as Older Mansel (voice)
  • John Woodnutt as Friar Peter
  • Ken Shorter as The King
  • Tom Burke as Roland
  • Lubomir Misak as Lubo
  • Karin Haydu as King s Attendant
  • Peter Hric as Sir Stefan, Osric s Henchman
  • Imrich Strunar as Miller
  • Gustáv Kyselica as Cowherd
  • Vladimir Oktavec as Abbott
  • Vlado Durdík as Old Man
  • Stano Satko as Squire
  • Roman Jankovic as Squire
  • Peter Olgyay as Squire
  • Vladimir Furdo Furdik as Sentry (credited as Vladimir Furdik)



Dragonheart: A New Beginning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Soundtrack album by
Mark McKenzie
ReleasedAugust 15, 2000
GenreFilm score
LabelUniversal Studios
ProducerMark McKenzie

Mark McKenzie composed the score with orchestrations done by him, Patrick Russ, and Warren Sherk. At producer De Laurentiis s request, McKenzie incorporated Randy Edelman s Dragonheart theme from the first film in some tracks; using it as a guideline, McKenzie wrote themes that would easily transition with it.

All tracks are written by Mark McKenzie.

Dragonheart: A New Beginning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1. Dragonheart: A New Beginning, Main Titles (includes Dragonheart theme)4:52
2. I m Flying?! 2:20
3. Knighthood and the Old Code 2:00
4. Friar Peter Went to Heaven (includes Dragonheart theme)1:32
5. Lian s Awesome Fight 1:37
6. My Heart Goes With You - Instrumental 2:19
7. Dungeons, Skeletons, and a Dragon 3:45
8. Serenade to the Stars 1:06
9. Dragon Heaven (includes Dragonheart theme)1:21
10. Roland Bullies Geoff 1:25
11. Renaissance Banquet 1:28
12. Chinese Battle the Knights 2:14
13. Withered Heart Tale 0:56
14. Tai Chee 0:49
15. Terragoth Ambush! 2:14
16. Prophetic Transformation 1:24
17. Dragon Fight! 1:28
18. My Wise Master and Closest Friend 1:32
19. Of My Heart to Thee I Give (includes Dragonheart theme)1:43
20. My Heart Goes With You (performed by Rona Figueroa)3:19
Total length:39:34


The film-critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports 40% positive reviews, based on five critics.


Video Premiere AwardBest Supporting ActorHarry Van GorkumNominated
Best Original ScoreMark McKenzieNominated
Best Art DirectionBruno VilelaNominated
Best Visual EffectsMelissa Taylor
Ron Simonson
Dobbie Schiff
Jason Armstrong
Fish Essenfeld
Bruno Vilela
Tim Lannon
Best SoundStefan HenrixNominated
Writers Guild of AmericaChildren s ScriptShari GoodhartzNominated


A third Dragonheart was in development since June 2014. Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer s Curse is a prequel taking place years before the 1996 film, focusing on the idea of the dragon race being rejuvenated from its brink-of-extinction state. The film was released as a direct-to-DVD/Blu-ray movie in February 2015 in North America. Raffaella De Laurentiis was chosen to be the producer, with Colin Teague as the director. The second and third prequels, Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire and Dragonheart: Vengeance, were released in 2017 and 2020, respectively.



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1h 24min


Awards, 6 nominations


Doug Lefler


Patrick Read Johnson, Charles Edward Pogue, Shari Goodhartz


Christopher Masterson, Harry Van Gorkum, Rona Figueroa

Produced by

Raffaella De Laurentiis, Hester Hargett

Music by

Mark McKenzie

Cinematography by

Buzz Feitshans IV

Film Editing by

John M. Taylor

Casting By

Elizabeth Hayden, Jeffery Passero

Production Design by

Giorgio Postiglione

Art Direction by

Ján Svoboda

Set Decoration by

Alberto Tosto

Costume Design by

Giorgio Desideri

Makeup Department

Eloisa De Laurentiis, Blazena Dollingerova, Angelo Vannella

Production Management

Raffaella De Laurentiis, Dino A. De Laurentis, Jim Kristoff, Dubravko Petrovic, Viliam Richter, Milan Stanisic, Ed Wacek

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Jozef Dodo Banyak, David Carrigan, Daisy Cummins

Art Department

Jan Adasek, Tomas Agh, Tibor Alexy, Peter Balogh, Jozef Benus, Miro Benus, Peter Benus, Stefan Benus, Vito Consoli, Oliver Csoka, Vierka Dandova, Marian Deda, Giorgio Desideri, Galliano Donati, Ron Downing, Franco Fabietti, Stanislaw Flak, Robert Galfy, Milan Jaycay, Miroslav Kakacka, Milan Karik, Vendelin Karlak, Jozef Koniarcik, Eugen Koszeghi, Juraj Kriha, Peter Kusy, Igor Lichy, Dusan Luknar, Carlo Maggi, Miroslav Malicek, Ladislav Markic, Gianfranco Masciotti, Alexander Mattefy, Ignac Matula, Ratislav Pauliny, Andrej Pavlicek, Palo Prielozny, Marian Skolar, Ludvik Sury, Fero Turna, Pavol Venglar, Peter Vojtech, Karol Zelenay, Marcel Ziak, Stefan Ziak, Jan Ziska

Sound Department

Tyler Berrie, Milos Betko, Maija Burnett, Marc Chiasson, Stephen Fitzmaurice, Dean Giammarco, Milos Gluvna, Paul Hackner, Stefan Henrix, J. Stanley Johnston, Stanley Kastner, Todd Langer, Jacques Leroide, Sheena Macrae, Stuart Morton, Becki Ponting, Andy Potvin, Juraj Pravec, Nicole Thompson, Andrej Vojticko, James Harrison

Special Effects by

Aladino V. Debert, Peter Fern, Ron Hone, Alexander Mucha, Trevor Neighbour, Drago Poldrugac, Jozef Taptik, George Vrattos

Visual Effects by

Patricia Aguirre, Jenny Arata, Jason Armstrong, Natalie Carroll, Benjamin Cinelli, Rafael Colon, Sean Diddy Combs, Jason Dennis, Fish Essenfeld, John Follmer, Peter Greenstone, Pat Hadnagy, David Hankinson, Jessica Harris, Balin Hewitt, So-ok Kim, Alex Klyusner, James W. Kristoff, Brian Krusic, Tim Lannon, Stephan Martinière, Andrea Maxwell, Reynaldo Mollinedo, Hugo Ramírez, Leigh H. Rens, Rebecca Ruether, Heather MacPhee Ryan, Dobbie Schiff, Ron Simonson, Eric Tablada, Jeremie Talbot, Melissa Taylor, Christine Troianello, Bruno Vilela, Stefano Villa, Jerry Weil, Shyam V. Yadav


Ratislav Benza, Marek Borik, Monika Fiserova, Vladimir Furdo Furdik, Lubos Gajdosik, Roman Jankovic, Rastislav Kotula, Radislav Lehocky, Richard Lekl, Branislav Martinak, Jaroslav Medvid, Ivan Mica, Peter Plazak, Juraj Pospech, Marcel Potocny, Pavol Rolnick, Michael Sandala, Stanislav Satko, Ladislav Sekera, Melissa Siew, Lucia Srnoca, Marek Toth, Martin Mato Uhrovcik, Barbara Zadovicova

Camera and Electrical Department

Vlado Bures, Václav Cermak, Ivan Fabo, Buzz Feitshans, Cranston Gobbo, David Holub, Ivan Hulik, Stjepan Klen, Branko Knez, Jura Kostic, Pavol Kovac, Lubor Kysel, Fernando Massaccesi, Zoran Mikincic, Ranko Mitic, Miroslav Polak, Ron Simonson, Neno Sokac, Emil Tardík, Guenther Uttendorfer, Lovre Vidic, Jozef Zeman

Animation Department

Ana Maria Alvarado

Casting Department

Patty Sherman, Lenka Stefankovicova, Suzzana Stefankovicova, Eva Stefankovicová, Sheila Trezise

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Zdenka Bocankova, Alzbeta Burianova, Snjezana Miric, Andrea Rezna, Vittorio Torrieri, Alberto Tosto

Editorial Department

Philip Azenzer, Chris Lamie, Theresa Repola Mohammed, Bronwyn Shields, Steven Sjolund

Location Management

Brano Kollar, Zdenko Sertic, Martin Vrabel

Music Department

Milos Betko, Peter Breiner, Pavel Hanzel, Ladislav Krajcovic, Mark McKenzie, Otto Nopp, Patrick Russ, Warren Sherk, Paul Hackner

Script and Continuity Department

Nada Pinter

Transportation Department

Mladen Cernjak, Martin Stubniak

Additional Crew

Roy Bodner, Zuzana Chadimová, Eduardo De La Grana, Dino A. De Laurentis, Leslie Hathaway, Erik Jessen, Tomas Klenovics, Andrejka Lalakova, Michael Lichtenegger, Bruce Lomet, Michael Menzies, Steve O Corr, Hamid Orandi, Juraj Povazan, Elena Povazanova, Sergio Salvadori, Talley Singer, Pascal Vaguelsy, Aaron Yamamoto, Zeljko Hren


Action, Adventure, Comedy


Universal Family and Home Entertainment









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Short Description

Dragonheart: A New Beginning is a 2000 fantasy action-adventure drama film directed by Doug Lefler, starring Robby Benson, Christopher Masterson, Harry Van Gorkum, and Rona Figueroa. The film is a direct-to-video sequel to the 1996 film Dragonheart.


Betrayal by a friend,second part,narration,sword stuck in tree,one against many