John Wayne, Great American Western (DVD)

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John Wayne, Great American Western (DVD)
John Wayne, Great American Western, 2 DVD The Trail Beyond: Rod Drew is on the hunt for an old family friends long-lost miner brother and his niece. Drew takes a train to northwestern Canada where he runs into an old buddy, Wabi, on the run after being framed for murder. The pair, hiding from the law, stumbles onto a map leading to the missing Ball familys cabin and a fortune in gold. Riders Of Destiny: Villain James Kincaid is forcing farmers off their land by charging outrageous prices for water from the supply he controls. Kincaid wants the land for himself, but unfortunately for him, theres another water source in town that hes trying desperately to destroy. But then Singin Sandy Saunders, a government agent, wanders into town, posing as an outlaw. Kincaid soon hires Saunders, who immediately sets his sights on sabotaging the mans malicious plans. West Of The Divide: In this fourth entry in John Waynes Lone Star series, he plays a traveler named Ted Hayden, who is in search of his parents killers. Along the way he is reunited with his long-lost brother Spud, and impersonates a hunted man in order to gain entry into the Gentry gang, which has falsely taken over the Winters ranch. Hayden soon learns that Gentry, the gangs leader, is the man responsible for his parents deaths. Texas Terror: Distraught by the mistaken belief that he is responsible for his best friends death, Sheriff John Higgins turns in his badge and assumes the life of a gold prospector. But in a turn of events, the truth is revealed to Higgins that he, in fact, is innocent of any wrongdoing. The former sheriff then learns who is responsible and enlists the aid of an entire Indian tribe to capture the villain. Winds Of The Wasteland: John Blair and Larry Adams, one-time Pony Express riders, are duped into purchasing a ramshackle stagecoach that travels to Crescent City, which unbeknownst to them is a ghost town. But Blair and Adams believe that the town shows promise and they can make it a functioning settlement again – if only they can get a $25,000 government mail subsidy by winning a race with their dilapidated stagecoach. His Private Secretary: Dick Wallace is a young man with little on his mind other than women, women, and more women. His father, a driven businessman, is tired of his sons leisurely ways and puts him to work as his companys collection manager. Dick travels to the neighboring town of Somerville to track down a debtor for payment but is quickly distracted by Marion, the mans pretty granddaughter. Rainbow Valley: John Martin, a covert government agent, is sent to protect the men building a road in Rainbow Valley from the gang who claims the territory and whose main interest lies in the areas gold mines. And when the gang plans to engage in illegal activity by blowing up the road with dynamite, Martin realizes he must put a stop to the gang for good. Shadow Of The Eagle: Complete 12-Chapter Serial: A mystery pilot, known only as the Eagle, is making treacherous threats in a most unusual way – by writing them in the sky! The creative criminals intimidation tactics are aimed at a company, which has somehow agitated the mystery man, and now he wants his own type of justice. The word on the street is that Nathan Gregory, a traveling fair owner, is the Eagles true identity. But when Gregory turns up missing, they begin to doubt that the man disappeared on his own. Determined to reveal the truth, pilot Craig McCoy vows to unmask the unknown sky-writer before anything else can run afoul. Paradise Canyon: Wyatt, a covert government agent, is on the hunt for a band of counterfeiters believed to be involved with a traveling medicine show run by Doc Carter. Wyatt suspects Doc as being the ringleader, but when he and his daughter Linda are kidnapped, John knows hes been tracking the wrong person. Now the lawman must uncover the truth of whos behind the counterfeiting and disband the group before harm can come to the innocent Carters.




Echo Bridge

Rating MPA

PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)

Recording Label

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

Recording Length


Recording Studio

Echo Bridge




Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

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John Wayne

Produced by

Joe Cayre, Ken Cayre, Stan Cayre

Additional Crew

Sandy Oliveri, Eileen Ruffolo


Documentary, Action, Adventure


Film Shows Inc.






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