The Change-Up – Unrated Edition (DVD)

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The Change-Up – Unrated Edition (DVD)

The Change-Up is a 2011 American fantasy romantic comedy film produced and directed by David Dobkin, written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.

The film was released on August 5, 2011, in North America, by Universal Pictures. It received negative reviews from critics.


In Atlanta, Dave Lockwood is married with three children, while his best friend Mitch Planko is single and at his sexual prime. After getting drunk at a bar, Mitch and Dave urinate into a fountain, simultaneously wishing they had each other s lives.

The next morning, Mitch and Dave realize they have switched bodies. Returning to the park to wish for their lives back, the fountain has been removed for restoration. Forced to wait until the parks department locates the fountain, Mitch and Dave have to pose as each other.

At Dave s law office, Mitch befriends Dave s assistant Sabrina, but his lack of professionalism and legal knowledge sabotage an important merger with a Japanese firm. Dave arrives at Mitch s film shoot, discovering it is a lorno – light pornography.

Dave takes Mitch to tell his wife Jamie the truth, but she does not believe him. Dave advises him on how to behave professionally, and Mitch sets up Dave on a date with Sabrina, as Mitch has a crush.

After speaking with his father, Mitch rededicates himself to Dave s life. At her ballet recital, Dave s eldest child Cara takes Mitch s advice and throws her bully to the floor, to which Mitch foul-mouthedly cheers. Cara tells him she loves him and he says the same, but feels guilty.

Dave takes the day off to take full advantage of being Mitch, who coaches him how to act like Mitch on the date, and shaves off Dave s pubic hair. Sabrina meets Dave at a classy restaurant and, despite only going because Mitch told her to, genuinely likes him, and they get tattoos. Dave walks her home, and she tells him to call her.

Mitch learns Dave told Jamie not to invite Mitch to their anniversary party, afraid he would ruin it. Dave informs Mitch the fountain has been found, but they both want to stay each other a bit longer. Mitch, forgets about the Dialogue Night he planned with Jamie, accidentally standing her up.

At the new merger meeting, the Japanese representatives offer only $625 million, $75 million short. As Dave s firm is about to agree, Mitch observes that the other representatives have not yet left, and compares the negotiations to sex and porn. He demands $725 million and has the representatives of Dave s firm begin to leave, scaring the other firm into agreement. Mitch and Dave s family go to a gala held by the firm in honor of Dave being made partner, but Jamie is upset by the speech that praises his family values.

Dave and Sabrina are at a baseball game when a thunderstorm hits, and wait it out at Mitch s house. She tells him she is going to have sex with him, but when he sees her tattoo of a many-spotted skipperling – his daughter s favorite butterfly – he regretfully leaves.

At the gala, Dave s boss delivers a speech about his accomplishments and love for his family, filling Mitch with guilt. Dave rushes in and kisses Jamie, finally convincing her that he is her husband. He and Mitch find the fountain surrounded by people. Proceeding with their plan to urinate in the fountain, Mitch is too embarrassed, especially after the crowd notices Dave doing so. Mitch asks why Dave did not invite him to his anniversary party, and Dave admits he was embarrassed by Mitch, but has grown to respect him while in his body. This relaxes Mitch enough to urinate, but their wish does not work. Security approaches, but on Mitch and Dave s third try the Galleria s lights go out, and they run.

In an epilogue, Dave and Mitch are thrilled to have returned to their original bodies. Mitch gets breakfast with Sabrina, not realizing the tattoo Dave got is of his face on Mitch s back, captioned I ♥ Dave . Mitch speaks at his father s wedding, and attends Dave s anniversary party. In a post-credits scene, Dave and Jamie get high and visit the aquarium, while Mitch and Sabrina have sex for the first time, and Mitch sends Dave the porno he starred in.


  • Ryan Reynolds as Mitchell Mitch Planko, Jr./David Dave Lockwood
  • Jason Bateman as David Dave Lockwood/Mitchell Mitch Planko, Jr.
  • Leslie Mann as Jamie Lockwood, Dave s wife
  • Olivia Wilde as Sabrina McKay, Dave s attractive assistant
  • Alan Arkin as Mitchell Mitch Planko, Sr., Mitch s father
  • Mircea Monroe as Tatiana, Mitch s nymphomaniac ex-girlfriend
  • Gregory Itzin as Flemming Steel, Dave s boss
  • Ned Schmidtke as Theodore Teddy Ted Norton
  • Dax Griffin as Blow-Dried Goon
  • Craig Bierko as Valtan
  • Taaffe O Connell as Mona
  • Fred Stoller as Movie Set PA
  • TJ Hassan as Kato

In addition, Sydney Rouviere and Lauren and Luke Bain play Dave and Jamie s children Cara, Sarah, and Peter, respectively.


The film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia from October 2010 to January 2011, which is also its setting. There were open castings at Turner Field and other venues in Atlanta. Several of the bar scenes were shot on location at a bar called Joe s on Juniper, in midtown Atlanta. The exterior and interior scenes of the Lockwood home were shot on location at a Buckhead residence designed by Atlanta residential designer Steve McClanahan. The movie was also shot in Los Angeles. The house used for the Lockwood home is on the 2400 block of Gramercy Park in historic West Adams. Despite being set in the summertime, production continued during a major winter storm that briefly crippled the city in January, leaving Peachtree and other streets covered in snow and ice and nearly preventing the governor s inauguration. Reynolds complimented the city in his interview on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, but joked that he thought the city was trying to kill him because of several unrelated incidents on the set and in his personal life that happened to occur during production. During her interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Olivia Wilde stated that she refused to appear naked or take most of her clothes off and used a body double for some shots and wore pasties for close-up and upper shots. Leslie Mann has also followed this technique while other actresses used prosthetics.


On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 25% based on 157 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/10. The site s critical consensus reads, There s a certain amount of fun to be had from watching Bateman and Reynolds play against type, but it isn t enough to carry The Change-Up through its crude humor and formulaic plot. On Metacritic, the film has a score of 39 out of 100 based on 35 critics, indicating generally unfavorable reviews . Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of B on an A+ to F scale.

British newspaper The Telegraph named The Change-Up one of the ten worst films of 2011, saying Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman have skill, charm, timing – everything but the right script.

On its opening weekend, The Change-Up opened at #4, grossing $13,531,115 in 2,913 theaters with a $4,645 average. The film grossed $37.1 million in North America and $38.4 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $75.5 million against a budget of $52 million.




David Dobkin, Jon Lucas, Neal H. Moritz, Scott Moore


Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Published Date


Age group
Rating MPA

Not Rated

Recording Studio

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment



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1h 52min


Awards, 1 nomination


David Dobkin


Jon Lucas, Scott Moore


Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde

Produced by

Joseph M. Caracciolo Jr., David Dobkin, Jeff Kleeman, Ori Marmur, Jonathon Komack Martin, Neal H. Moritz

Music by

John Debney

Cinematography by

Eric Alan Edwards

Film Editing by

Lee Haxall, Greg Hayden

Casting By

Lisa Beach, Sarah Katzman

Production Design by

Barry Robison

Art Direction by

Ian Gracie, Thomas Minton

Set Decoration by

Debra Schutt

Costume Design by

Betsy Heimann

Makeup Department

Andrea C. Brotherton, Char Coats-Crump, Carlton Coleman, Greg Ellinwood, Selena Evans-Miller, Vincent Gideon, Lee Gren, Aurelio Guzman, Jamie Hess, Matthew Jorgensen, Alexis LaCentra, Natasha Ladek, Lloyd Matthews, Michael Shawn McCracken, Talya Melvey, Matthew W. Mungle, Elaine L. Offers, Koji Ohmura, Rod Ortega, Richard Redlefsen, Jonathan Seti, Mary Anne Spano, Gianna Sparacino, Amy Tagliamonti, Denise Tunnell, Dawn Turner, Lynne Watson, Clinton Wayne

Production Management

Frank Cuomo, Dana Robin

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Alexander H. Gayner, Jack Gill, Matthew Goodwin, Robert S. Hoffman, Jonathan McGarry, Emily McGovern, Paul Schmitz, Tucker Wells

Art Department

Paige Adair, Nathan Alexander, James Anthony, Bil Barnes, Taylor Bennett, Matthew Butler, Dana Corbett, Gerald D Onofrio, James M. Davis, Bruce Di Valerio, James Doh, Jann K. Engel, Stephen Eno, Seth Gardner, Laurie Garner, Romain Gateau, Philip Ginolfi, Lucas Godfrey, Cary Goen, Rob Hamby, Ron Hammond, Sammy Ray Hill, Chris Holcombe, Margaret Hungerford, Julie Kobsa, Ryan Kutch, Laurence Laufer, Amy Lehman, John Madge, Brooke McBryde, Michelle Millay, Adam Miller, John W. Morgan, Sarah Myers, LeShae Ann Nash, Nick Nelson, Javed Noorullah, Joe O Shea, Neil Palmer, James Passanante, Jeff Passanante, Thomas Pearson, Tommy Pittman, Travis Pittman, Marco Rubeo, Erin Santini, Kenneth R. Saunchegraw, Philip Schneider, Shaquana Simmons, Bob Smith, Roland Spence, Mary Stacy, James Bryant Wactor, Frankie Walker, Derek G. West, Robert Williams, Nichole Wleklinski, Michael C. Woodcock, Lewis Zucker

Sound Department

David Bach, Benjamin Beardwood, Bob Beher, Rick Canelli, Tim Chau, Andy D Addario, Barry Donnelly, Holly Fields, Joe Foglia, Nils C. Jensen, Jason King, Oleg Kulchytskyi, John Kwiatkowski, Mary Jo Lang, Nancy MacLeod, Alyson Dee Moore, Chris Navarro, Thomas J. O Connell, Michele Perrone, Mark Purcell, John Roesch, Kevin Santy, Eric Stolberg, Joseph Tsai, Clayton Weber, Anna D. Wilborn, Jade Köhler, Mark Sheffield

Special Effects by

Lou Carlucci, Joe Digaetano, Heath Hood, Tyler C. Martin, Carlo Perez, Richard Redlefsen, Edward T. Reiff Jr., R. Bruce Steinheimer, Scott Willis

Visual Effects by

Tony Barger, Michael Bogen, Joshua Bolin, Andrea Caretta, Chris Chappell, Myong Choi, Chad E. Collier, Christopher Cram, Scott M. Davids, Genevieve DeMars, Nancy Duff, Brian Fortune, Todd Fulkerson, Micah Gallagher, Annemarie Griggs, Anthony Hays, Holly Gregory Horter, David Jones, Justin Kirk, Justin Richard Kirk, Seth Kleinberg, Apryl Knobbe, Thomas Kuo, Mathew Lamb, Chris LeDoux, Mark LeDoux, Tim LeDoux, Adam Lima, Samuel Low, Richard Lund, Michael A. Martinez, Young Joon Mok, Andy Mower, Pia Odell-Foster, Rebecca Ramsey, Prasanna Siddharthan, Riggs Stevenson, Olcun Tan, Thomas Tannenberger, David B. Wilson, Ned Wilson, Travis Baumann, John Brubaker, Lauren Sorofman


Kacie Borrowman, Charlie Brewer, Andy Gill, Jack Gill, Brian Machleit, Jay Pearson, Daniel Stevens, Ashley Rae Trisler, Andy Gill, Brian Machleit, Anthony G. Schmidt, Daniel Stevens

Camera and Electrical Department

Nick D. Allin, John C. Barber, Breyaan Bolling, Jermaine Brantley, Scott Brinson, Patrick Capone, Dan Carpluk, Ian Cone, Jeff Crumbley, Keith Cutler, Greg Davis, Chad Deslatte, Eason Duncan, Rusty Edmonson, Jeffrey Engelson, Terry Fitzpatrick, Ian Forsyth, Ben Gaskin, Matthew Gaumer, Mike Gentry, Bob Gorelick, Eric Henson, Kevin Hightower, Paul Hughen, William Kent, Matthew J. Klann, Bob Leitelt, Anthony J. Lullo, Bob Mahoney, Todd Marshall, Matthew McGinn, Christopher L. Miller, Conrad Mizzell, Keith Moore, David Morenz, Peter Morenz, Greg Morse, Shawn Neary, Glenn Ortman, Luis Pagan, Jerry Chief Parker, Meiklejohn Pate, Christopher E. Pettus, Justyn Plath, Michael C. Price, J. Ryan Provence, Kerry Rawlins, Kenny Rivenbark, Mackie Roberts, Allen Robinson, Peter Rosenfeld, Landon Ruddel, Robert Russell, Michael Sannuti, Schenley V. Sargusingh, Christian Satrazemis, Michael E. Satrazemis, Gary D. Scott, Michael Stippich, Grady Upchurch, German Valle, James D. Wickman, Neal Wilde, Joe Jody Williams, Paul E. Woods, Jorge Del Valle, Gregory Still

Casting Department

Tara Feldstein, Barbara Harris, Jonathan Clay Harris, Julie Hutchinson, Beth Lipari, Bill Marinella, Kelli Wilcoxen

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Ashley Aikens Dorough, Queensylvia Akuchie, Pablo Borges, Miracole Burns, Aimee Campolucci, Leoisick Castro, Cylinda Nesmith Davison, Sarah Downer, Karen Freed, K. Drew Fuller, Rhonney Greene, Jessy Jamison, Joyce Kogut, Sally Kruse, Hana Rausalova, Tracey Rogers, Autumn Saville

Editorial Department

James Andrykowski, Rick Beausoleil, Ryan Bennett, David Berman, P.J. Burch, George Chavez, David S. Clark, Siggy Ferstl, Adam Fox Forrest, Elizabeth Hitt, Danya Joseph, Michael Landon, Ricardo Martinez, Debra Neil-Fisher, Joe Pestana, Stephen Regnier, Sean Phillip Rowe, Kyle Salazar, Jason Solberg, Stefan Sonnenfeld, Arthur Tremeau, David Zimmerman, Ian Sullivan

Location Management

Maria T. Bierniak, Chris Coyne, Whiteurst Erik, Wesley Garrison, Ian MacGregor, Thomas R. Polleri, Chris Saharek, Robin F. Samson, Kai Thorup

Music Department

Matt Aberle, Tom Brown, Brian Bulman, Jeff Carson, Lola Debney, Brad Dechter, Sandy DeCrescent, Greg Dennen, George Doering, George Drakoulias, Thomas S. Drescher, Chris Fogel, Matt Franko, Tom Hardisty, Jim Harrison, Jaime Hartwick, Jamie Hartwick, Jim Hoffman, Kevin Kaska, Andrew Kinney, Mike Knobloch, Rachel Levy, Christopher Lord, Tony Morales, Shawn Murphy, Jamie Olvera, Stephanie Pereida, Victor Pesavento, Radu Pieptea, Ryan Robinson, Peter Rotter, Naomi Sato, Theodore Shapiro, Andrew Silver, Mike Simonec, Linnea Snyder, Noah Scot Snyder, David Stal, Erik Swanson, James Thatcher, Kent Verderico, Mike Watts, Rich Wheeler, Frank Bennett, Christopher Klatman

Script and Continuity Department

Gail Hunter, Debbie Walters

Transportation Department

Quincy Cason, Roxie Caswell, Terry Collis, John Croker, Thomas Fountain, Jason LaFountain, Norman J. Morton, Micah Osborne, Mike Rodgers, Carl Scott, Jake Smith, Chad Wadsworth, Oranz Walker

Additional Crew

Aeric Adams, Jodi Arneson, Duffy Astriab, Paul Bednarz, Eddie Billue, Chris Burns, Justin Campbell, Stephanie Nicole Campbell, Michelle Caruso, Clay Chamberlin, Wen-Chia Chang, Beverly Cole, Marcus Cooley, John Cubelic, Jessica Derhammer, Robert Dierx, Wes Dorough, Erin Douglass, Rebecca Etheridge, Vincent Farrell, Lindsay Feldman, Ellen Gannon, Sherri Goldman, Ronald Hice II, Eric Hollenbeck, Kenyea Johnson, Kirk W. Johnson, Paul Keables, Robin Rk Kempf, Nikki King, John C. Kruize, Angela S. Lee, John Van Loan, Debra R. Lopez, Todd A. Marks, Lucas Moore, Michael Neal, Kenneth Nelson, Brent Ogburn, John Fitzgerald Page, Jonathon Pawlowski, Michael Pendergrass, Rachel Perez, Tarah Phillippi, John M. Pisani, Brandi Quinn, Miguel Ian Raya, Rachel Redding, Seth Renshaw, Rebecca Rogers, Caroline Seale, Benjamin Sidoti, Amanda Simon, Gene Michael Smith, Michael Teixeira, Matt Traylor IV, Gretel Twombly, Jill Vaupen, Clinton Wayne, Townson Wells, Debi West, JZ Jihad Ziyad, Austin Behl, Ilana Foglia, Gale Hansen


Peter Aman, Beth Marshall, John F. McDonough, Kasim Reed


Comedy, Fantasy


Universal Pictures, Relativity Media, Original Film




English, Ukrainian





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Short Description

The Change-Up is a 2011 American fantasy romantic comedy film produced and directed by David Dobkin, written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and starring Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman.

The film was released on August 5, 2011, in North America, by Universal Pictures. It received negative reviews from critics.

Box Office Budget

$52,000,000 (estimated)

Box Office Opening Weekend USA


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Sex,body swap,woman sits on a toilet,female rear nudity,lust