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Warrior (DVD)

Warrior is a 2011 American sports drama film directed by Gavin O Connor. It stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as two estranged brothers whose entrance into a mixed martial arts tournament makes them come to terms with their lives and each other. Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo, and Bryan Callen appear in supporting roles. Real-life MMA and combat sports figures like Kurt Angle, Nate Marquardt, Anthony Johnson, Roan Carneiro, Yves Edwards, Amir Perets, and Dan Caldwell make appearances.

The film was theatrically released in the United States on September 9, 2011, by Lionsgate. Although not commercially successful, the film received positive reviews from critics, with Nolte receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.


U.S. Marine Tommy Riordan visits his father, Paddy Conlon, a recovering alcoholic who has returned to his Catholic faith in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a child, Tommy had to run away from Paddy with his dying mother due to Paddy being an abusive alcoholic, and has never forgiven him. Paddy tries to convince him that he has changed, but to no avail. The next day, Tommy enters a gym where he quickly knocks out Pete Mad Dog Grimes, a professional fighter; a video of the fight goes viral on the internet. Learning about a winner-takes-all mixed martial arts tournament called Sparta, whose winner will receive $5 million, Tommy asks Paddy to help him train for the tournament, but only under the condition that Paddy does not try to reconcile their relationship.

Tommy s older brother Brendan, a high school physics teacher and former MMA fighter, is struggling to provide for his wife, Tess, and their two daughters. He had to mortgage his house in Philadelphia to pay for his younger daughter s open heart surgery, and is now in danger of losing everything. To increase his income, Brendan battles amateur fighters for money. He is suspended without pay after rumors of his secret life spread around the school. Paddy meets Brendan in his driveway to try to reconcile with him, albeit unsuccessfully, and to tell him that Tommy is back in town. Out of options, Brendan seeks the training of old friend Frank Campana and begins competing in smaller venue fights. After the fighter Frank planned to enter into the Sparta tournament is injured, Brendan convinces Frank to enter him as a replacement.

When the brothers separately enter the tournament, it is revealed that Tommy is still angry at Brendan for staying behind for Tess when Tommy and their mother left Paddy; Tommy was left to care for their mother when she became terminally ill. Brendan claims that he could not help having been in love with Tess and that he has forgiven his father for the wrong he has done, but Tommy is unconvinced.

Meanwhile, the video of Tommy beating Grimes attracts the attention of a Marine, who tells the press that Tommy saved his life in Iraq. Although Tommy becomes a national hero, his military records reveal that he deserted after his entire unit was killed in a friendly fire bombing; Tommy had been using his mother s maiden name as his own surname to evade arrest for his desertion. He reveals to have pledged to give his winnings to the widow of one of his fallen friends. The military police will take him into custody but will wait until after the tournament is over.

Over two nights, Brendan and Tommy have contrasting fortunes: Tommy quickly and brutally knocks out opponents, while Brendan is outmatched physically but uses Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to force grappling submissions. In the semifinals, Brendan is matched up with undefeated Russian wrestler Koba, who dominates him in two rounds. In round three, Brendan swings for the fences, making the bout a back and forth battle. In the closing moments of the final round, Koba takes Brendan s back from the clinch and Brendan goes for a rolling kneebar. As Koba attempts to escape the position, Brendan quickly reverses and readjusts the kneebar, narrowly winning by submission. Tommy is matched up with Grimes, again knocking him unconscious almost immediately.

The night before the final day, Paddy attempts to talk to Tommy about his actions in Iraq. Tommy angrily dismisses his father, who relapses and starts drinking again. Seeing his terrible pain, Tommy calms and comforts him.

Tommy and Brendan s relationship is revealed to the world when they are the tournament s last remaining fighters. Despite Brendan s desire to reconcile, Tommy shows no interest in doing so. Tommy wins the first two rounds, but Brendan eventually dislocates Tommy s shoulder with an omoplata arm-lock. As the fourth round starts, Brendan insists Tommy give up as Tommy only has use of one arm. As Tommy continues trying to knock Brendan out, Brendan unloads a barrage of strikes trying to end the fight. Tommy goads Brendan to continue hitting him as the fourth round ends. At the start of Round 5, Brendan refuses to fight, but Tommy persists. Brendan realizes he has to force him to submit, and he traps Tommy in a rear naked choke. As they struggle on the canvas, Brendan apologizes to Tommy and tells him that he loves him. After some hesitation, Tommy submits. The reconciled brothers exit the ring as their father looks on smiling.


  • Tom Hardy as Tommy Riordan Conlon
  • Joel Edgerton as Brendan Conlon
  • Nick Nolte as Paddy Conlon
  • Jennifer Morrison as Tess Conlon
  • Frank Grillo as Frank Campana
  • Kevin Dunn as Principal Joe Zito
  • Vanessa Martinez as Pilar Fernandez
  • Noah Emmerich as Dan Taylor
  • Laura Chinn as K.C.
  • Capri Thomas as Emily Conlon
  • Lexi Cowan as Rosie Conlon
  • Denzel Whitaker as Stephon
  • Carlos Miranda as Tito
  • Nick Lehane as Nash
  • Charlie Smith as Leo
  • Maximiliano Hernández as Colt Boyd
  • Fernando Chien as Ian Fenroy
  • Kurt Angle as Koba
  • Erik Apple as Pete Mad Dog Grimes
  • Nate Marquardt as Karl The Dane Kruller
  • Anthony Johnson as Orlando Midnight Black Le
  • Roan Carneiro as Marcos Santos
  • Yves Edwards as Houston Greggs
  • Gavin O Connor as J.J. Riley
  • Jake McLaughlin as Mark Bradford
  • Amir Perets as Yosi Haas
  • Dan Caldwell as Himself
  • Bryan Callen as Himself
  • Rashad Evans as Himself


Described by critics as heartbreaking and emotionally satisfying , really gripping , an unapologetic powerhouse of emotional conflict and self-described as a rousing ode to redemption, reconciliation and the power of the human spirit , Warrior has received the most praise for the emotional approach it takes to the themes of forgiveness and the enduring bonds of family that it explores. In their review, Common Sense Media cites unconditional love as a major theme, further explaining that some weighty issues such as estrangement and alcoholism are also dealt with.


Mogul Minds Studios, (now 31st Street Studios), located in Pittsburgh, was used during the filming, as well as the University of Pittsburgh s Petersen Events Center and the Twin Hi-Way Drive-In. North Hills Senior High School was also used for some scenes. Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City was used for the exterior scenes of the main fight venue, along with scenes filmed on the boardwalk and beach.

Hardy went through a demanding training routine for gaining muscle during the film s pre-production, gaining around 28 pounds (13 kg) of muscle (a physique which he also used to portray Bane in The Dark Knight Rises).


The film was released in the United States on September 9, 2011.


The Men of Warrior book was released on July 19, 2011. Lionsgate s We Are All Warriors project to support the release of Warrior by highlighting everyday heroes was launched August 1, 2011.

Home media

Warrior was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United States on December 20, 2011. The Blu-ray release includes a DVD copy of the movie, as well as a downloadable digital copy. With the exception of the Blu-ray including an additional Feature Length Enhanced Viewing Mode, extras are similar between both releases.


Box office

Warrior debuted in third place in its first week at the U.S. box office with $5.2 million behind Contagion and The Help. It dropped down to #8 the following weekend. Overall, the film made $13.7 million in United States and Canada, and $9.6 million in foreign countries for a worldwide total of $23.3 million.

Critical response

On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 84% based on 195 reviews, with an average score of 7.3/10. The site s critical consensus reads: Warrior relies on many of the clichés that critics of the genre love to mock — and it transcends them with gripping action, powerful acting, and heart. On Metacritic the film has a weighted average score of 71 out of 100, based on reviews from 35 critics, indicating generally favorable reviews . Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of A on an A+ to F scale.

Bruce Diones of The New Yorker highly praised the actors performances, especially Tom Hardy s, as convincingly real and sensational. He further complimented the film as cathartic and winning, and said that the film as a whole achieves a surprising compassion and honesty. Simon Miraudo from Quickflix praised the character development of brothers Tommy Riordan and Brendan Conlon: When they speak to each other for the first time in the film – amazingly, only once before they actually meet in the ring – we understand their relationship completely. He called the film as a whole beautiful in spite of how violent it is, and gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Common Sense Media s Sandie Angulo Chen called the film a touching family drama wrapped in an intense David vs. Goliath -style fight. Meanwhile, Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, declaring that this is a rare fight movie in which we don t want to see either fighter lose, while praising Gavin O Connor s direction and Nick Nolte s performance. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone was also complimentary towards O Connor, stating that he comes out swinging in this flawed but fiercely moving family drama, while A.O. Scott of The New York Times credited the film for being appropriately blunt, powerful and relentless, also praising the skillfully staged fight scenes.

Andrew Pulver of The Guardian rated the film 2 out of 5 stars stating, This mixed-martial-arts fight movie has received bafflingly high praise considering its lunkhead plot and rudimentary characters .

Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter stated, For an entertainment, Warrior accomplishes a lot. The family drama resonates strongly with a resolution that, in retrospect, seems like the only way the brothers could have rediscovered blood ties.

Some critics, including Philip French from the UK magazine The Observer, have noted similarities to other sports drama films such as Rocky (1976), The Wrestler (2008), and The Fighter (2010).


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Warrior: Original Score
Soundtrack album by
Mark Isham
ReleasedSeptember 11, 2011
GenreFilm score
ProducerMark Isham

Warrior: Original Score is the soundtrack album for the film, composed and produced by Mark Isham. It was released by Lakeshore Records on September 13, 2011. The song About Today by the indie rock band The National was also featured on the soundtrack and also in the film during the final fight scene. The composition entitled Listen to the Beethoven incorporates elements of the final movement of Ludwig van Beethoven s ninth symphony, which is featured prominently throughout the film.


The film has been remade in Hindi Language as Brothers starring Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra in lead roles.

A film with the same title and similar plot was made in 2015 in Russia.





Published Date


Rating MPA


Recording Length


Recording Studio






Age Group


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2h 20min


Top rated movie #168 , Nominated for 1 Oscar, 5 wins & 22 nominations total


Gavin O'Connor


Gavin O'Connor, Anthony Tambakis, Cliff Dorfman


Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton

Produced by

Lisa Ellzey, Josh Fagin, John J. Kelly, Jamie Marshall, David Mimran, Gavin O'Connor, Greg O'Connor, Michael Paseornek, Jordan Schur, Anthony Tambakis

Music by

Mark Isham

Cinematography by

Masanobu Takayanagi

Film Editing by

Sean Albertson, Matt Chesse, John Gilroy, Aaron Marshall

Casting By

Randi Hiller, Weist-Barron Ryan, Stefanie Ryan-Manhim

Production Design by

Dan Leigh

Art Direction by

James Donahue

Set Decoration by

Ron von Blomberg

Costume Design by

Abigail Murray

Makeup Department

Trish Almeida, Felicity Bowring, Roderick R. Carter, Mishell Chandler, Sharyn Cordice, Jeannee Josefczyk, Nancy Keslar, Rachel Kick, Dugg Kirkpatrick, Karen Lovell, Heather Mages, David Presnell, Rosalee Riggle, Calvin Scott, Marianne Skiba, Randy Westgate, Amanda Williams

Production Management

Craig Ayers, Bree Bailey, John J. Kelly, Mark W. McCoy, Curtis A. Miller, Charlene Olson, Carl Pedregal, Donna Sloan

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Deon Boyce, Thomas Coe, Jamie Marshall, J.J. Perry, Susan Ransom-Coyle, Fred Roth

Art Department

Jenn Albaugh, Joe Arnold, Demian Aspinwall, Timothy Barnhill, Greg Boggs, Emilie Bosworth-Clemens, Dan Bothe, Lisa Bradley, Keith Brzozowski, Paul Bucciarelli, Robert Buncher, Daragh Byrne, Julie Chill, Joseph Conard, Raymond Consing, Jonathan Curotola, Darien N. D'Alfonso, Jolene Dames, Eugene Doyle, Josh Drylie, Zachary Dwyer, Chip Eccles, Gina Favano, William H. Franko, Thomas J. Garrigan, Severino Gonzales, Mark Gualtieri, Joshua Hogan, Smith Harper Hutchings, Norm Johnson, Gregory Jones, Kenneth J. Kellers, Brett Kennedy, Lara Lampenfield, Jeff Lavezoli, Merissa Lombardo, Joseph A. Manni, Thomas Matela, Mike Matesic, Tim McGrane, Daniel McGuinness, Michael J. McKee, Len Morganti, David Moriarty, Elizabeth A. Nally, Bronwen O'Connor, Edward Wayne Parrish Jr., Justin Pelissero, Buster Pile, Cody Pile, Ray Pivirotto, Brandon A. Plonka, Gregory Puchalski, Michael G. Richer, Jesse Ross, Kenneth Sayers, Kelley Snyder, Mamie Stein, Diane Sunderlin, Shawn Tambellini, Lance R. Walters, Joseph Waterkotte, Shawn Watrous, Leo Welsh, Kevin Wenner, Scott B. Wood, Jonathan Woods, Kelley Snyder, Nicholas Spivak, Steve Tolin

Sound Department

Robert Althoff, Bruce Barris, Ron Bedrosian, John Bires, David Boulton, Charlie Campagna, Julio Carmona, Mike Chock, Emma Church, Madelaine Church, Mark Coffey, Jenna Dalla Riva, Robert Deschaine, Peter J. Devlin, Mitch Dorf, Ezra Dweck, Jeffrey Eisner, Dante Fazio, Paul Flinchbaugh, Lauren Fraser, Brian Gallagher, Arda Gulesserian, Jack Heeren, Zack Howard, Daniel S. Irwin, Elliott Koretz, Goro Koyama, Andy Malcolm, Mark A. Mangini, Christian P. Minkler, Emma Minkler, Gracie Minkler, Glenn T. Morgan, Stephen Muir, Piero Mura, Nancy Nugent, Margit Pfeiffer, Andy Potvin, Ian Rankin, Stephen P. Robinson, Paul Rodriguez, Kelly Roofner, Bob Rosenthal, Chris Rudyk, Kyle Seo, George E. Simpson Jr., Scott Solan, Gary Summers, Rich Toenes, Tami Treadwell, Glen Trew, Don White, Ben Wilkins, Dave Wilson, David Young, Greg Zimmerman, Peter Gleaves, Kimberly Jimenez, Allen Lau, Dana McCommon, Tyler Parkinson, Andy Stallabrass

Special Effects by

David Beavis, Robert L. Girard, Michael Hauck, Aaron Strickland

Visual Effects by

Colby Bartine, Jamie Baxter, Trinh Baxter, Jason Bidwell, Derek Bird, John Brubaker, Cyntia Büll, Angelo Caruso, Chris Castro-Rappal, David Cole, John Cornejo, Steve Dellerson, Henrik Fett, Jenny Foster, Janet Gaynor, Debra George, Jeff Ginyard, Eddie Gutierrez, Cortney Haile, Spencer Hecox, Brian Holter, Andreas Jablonka, Brad Kalinoski, Patrick Keenan, Danny S. Kim, Geoff Leavitt, Gabriel Lopez-Shaw, Roger Mocenigo, Francesco Panzieri, Justin Pascal, Sarah Jean Porter, Drew Redford, Jason Sanford, Ben Sumner, Mike Uguccioni, Tina Wallace, Ashley J. Ward, Mike Wil, Nicole Arnell, Andy Burmeister, Michael S. Pryor, Migs Rustia, Paul Stemmer, Jason Wilson


David Anthony Buglione, Hunter Chechak, Fernando Chien, Brendan M. Conte, Damon T Dana, Erick Fink, Justin Fulmer, Norbertro Garrido, Daniel Hargrave, Sam Hargrave, Thayr Harris, Jace Jeanes, Sam Jones, Hans Marrero, Ricardo Marston, J.J. Perry, Brian Pfeiffer, Mark Shrader, Daniel Stevens, Ronald Strang, Brian Thatcher, Erin M. Thompson, Kip Wolverton, Lee Zawacki, Antal Kalik, Danny Le Boyer, Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom, Lin Oeding, William Tilk, Ayhan Tongadur

Camera and Electrical Department

Alfred Ainsworth Jr., Alex Andres, David E. Augustson, Allan Barch, Lucas Bielan, Keith R. Bradley, Jarrett Buba, Matthew Bulleri, Donald Burghardt, Brian 'Buzz' Buzzelli, Jorgen Christenen, Josh Cleland, Marcis Cole, Alexander 'Lex' Crow, Richard S. Crumrine Jr., Zachary Dwyer, Gregory L. Edwards, John J. Ellingwood, Bart Flaherty, Brett F. Gates, Pasquale Greco, John Grillo, Kevin Hogan, Mike Howell, John Janusek, Michael Kelly, Pete Klingenberg, Brian LeGrady, Ashley Marze, W. Russell McCormack, Maurice K. McGuire, Chris Milani, Greg Mitchell, Jon D. Morrison, Chris Muchow, Sean Murray, Ryan Nelson, David B. Nowell, Jean-Pierre Nutini, Mark D. Pasquale, Nic Pesante, Deb Peterson, Mario Pignard Jr., David Pipik, Brennan Reilly, Greg Richards, Eric Riedmann, Amanda Rotzler, John Alan Roush, Matt Schafer, Amishjim Schulze, Keith Seymour, Colin Sheehy, John P. Shine, Terry Shirk, Scott Sprague, Doug Stanczak, Monte Swann, John Szajner, Jeff Vandermolen, Troy N. Wade, William J. Weaver, Jared Wellman, Justin Wells, John Wright, Nick Yost, Eric Yu, Michael Zinobile, Nick Zinobile, Chuck Zlotnick, Luke Andrade, Phillip 'Felix' Arceneaux, Pat Dames, John Donaldson, David A. Dwyer, David 'Yoko' Jose, Jordan Lippert, Dante Ludovici, Brian Powers, Jon Thurner, Don Yockey

Casting Department

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Costume and Wardrobe Department

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Editorial Department

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Music Department

Jonathan Bartz, Clint Bennett, Gary Chester, Brad Dechter, Hector Delgado, The Filmharmonic Orchestra Prague, Mark Isham, Zoe Keating, Adam Klemens, Jason La Rocca, Matt Lilley, Veigar Margeirsson, Tracy McKnight, Jennifer Nash, Cindy O'Connor, Tyler Parkinson, Julie Pearce, Petr Pycha, Brian Ross, E. Gedney Webb, Willa Yudell

Script and Continuity Department

Susan Bambara, Jan McWilliams, Anna Rane

Transportation Department

David Allen, Mike Bearer, Robert Bowen, Dennis Braun, Charles V. Brown, Frank Conforti, Frank Conway Jr., Roy Dillon Jr., Lauren Donnelly, Kevin C. Dougherty, Thomas Flemming, Robert Foster Jr., William Gillespie, Roger S Graham, Albert E. Hippert Sr., Kevin Hume, Thomas R. Johnston, Vince Junkins, Richard A. Koenig, Terence Mahoney, Terence W. Mahoney, Richard P. Mareno, Tom McCue, Timothy McLaughlin, Dennis Michaels, Justin Nance, Lauren Newhouse, Roger Nicholas, Joe Rogers, Byron Roland, Patrick Roland, Mario D. Russo, Karriem Sami, Katie Scott, Marc Scott, Michael Shuron, Robert J. Szaliwski, Greg Viglione, George Waidelich, Tom Weifenbach, Keith Wichryk, Stanley M. Wojtaszek III, Doraifay Estrada, Kevin McCune, Michael B. Russell, Bob Szalinski

Additional Crew

Darrell Abbott, Charlyn Adkins, Martha Allen, James Arone, Omer Avarkan, Charles S. Badamo, Kirk Baily, Cassandra Barbour, Alyssa Batchelor, Kate Bauer, Alex Benevent, John Biondo, Alex Briones, Chris Brown, Ben Bullock, Anna Burd, Carlos Giovanny Castillo, Ray Cervenak, Marisa Clayton, Ami Cohen, Paula Collins, JC Conklin, G.R.M. Cross, Angeles Morales Cruz, Mark Davis, Michael Day, James D. Dever, Alex Diaz, David Dilley, Gary Ebron, Samantha Ellison, Yon Elvira, Natasha Espiedra, Mary Flynn Feeney, Krystal Finkbeiner, Cliff Fleming, Jeff P. Frankek, Jose Garcia, Larry Geyer, Jim Giesler, Erin Gillette, Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez, Lindsay Gores, Pamela B. Green, Paula Gregg, Wescott Guarino, Kerry Gutierrez, Cornelius Henke III, Virginia M. Herdman, Salvador Hernandez, Todd Hill, Jakob Hochendoner, Bridget Hoffman, Joseph D. Hollabaugh, Jim Ivy, Bill Jacks, Greg Jackson, Yooha Jo, Travis Johnston, Jina Jones, Marla Jones, Walter Jones, M. Lamine Keita, Douglas R. Kennedy, Emi Kimura, Brian M. Kingman, Kelsie Kirchartz, Melanie Kirk, Ryan Klutch, Garrett Kniseley, Paul Kuzmich, Matt Laboryteaux, Rosemary Lara, Jebadiah Lemos, Tory Lenosky, Drew Levinson, Peter Lowe, Paul Makowski, Michelle Marino, Krystal Mathiesen, Ryan McCloskey, Benjamin Jeran McGinn, Caitlin McKenna, Jesse McMartin, Dominic Mecchia, Robert M. Melnik, Jose Menjivar, Scott Menville, Melissa Miller, Michael Mims, Patrick Viktor Monroe, Christina Myal, Walter E. Myal, Heidi Brook Myers, Tamara Nagahiro, Jonathan Nichols, Kayoon Oh, Francesco Giuseppe Pace, Tim Palen, Robert Chase Pallone, Paul Pape, Carlellé Mercedes Parr, George Parra, Mark Pedante, J.J. Perry, Alex Plapinger, Emily Powell, Donald Lee Rager, Timothy Scott Ralston, Paul Rathburn, Nicole D. Rebyanksi, Sabine Rehfeld, Emily Rice, Gabriel Rivera, Peter A. Rocca, Josh Rosenthal, Melissa Rotonto, Thomas Rumpf II, Laura Sevier, Zane Shapiro, Justin Shenkarow, Dan Short, Jessica Silver, Jason Silvis, Franses Simonovich, Drew Smith, Mary Beth Spears, Jeremy Speicher, Nicholas Spivak, Andrea Spring, Warren Sroka, Kelly Stables, Jillian Stein, Mark Sussman, Amanda Sutton, Shane Sweet, Stephen Thiele, Stephanie Turman, Olwen Turtle, Cara Udy, Christian Vagley, Jarik Van Sluijs, Bill Viola Jr., Alan Vitt, Don Wadsworth, Cherokee Walker, Jeremy Walker, Thane Watkins, Ryan Wickers, Harley Wilson, Lenny Wohl, Shauna Brianne Wong, Ron Yuan, Zoran Zdrnja, Nico Aguilera, Rachel A. Bailey, David Barckhoff, Aaron Bernard, Dean Ciocca, Sean Dylan Conley, Dana Dancho, Richard Fike, Cory Fleming, Amy Hawkins, Kate Hennessy, Jerry P. Jacobs, William Kania, Amy K. Lamb, Casey LaRocco, Benjamin Jeran McGinn, Dennis C. Miller Jr., Emma Minkler, Gracen Minkler, Nancy Minkler, David Moreno, Richard Norton, Ryan O'Shea, Dwayne Pintoff, Greg Richards, Kristy Richman, Michael James 'Scotty' Scott, Cassius Allen Shuman


Mikael Astrom, Spencer Baumgarten, Liza De Leon, Jorge Gamarra, Sean Gamarra, Brian Hartman, Sue Kroll, Don Lemon, Matthew F. Leonetti, Charles 'Mask' Lewis Jr., Rage Ng, Jessica Prussick, Lisa Prussick, Lisa Shotland


Action, Drama, Sport


Lionsgate, Mimran Schur Pictures, Solaris




English, Spanish





ImDb Rating Votes


Metacritic Rating


Short Description

Warrior is a 2011 American sports drama film directed by Gavin O Connor. It stars Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as two estranged brothers whose entrance into a mixed martial arts tournament makes them come to terms with their lives and each other. Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo, and Bryan Callen appear in supporting roles. Real-life MMA and combat sports figures like Kurt Angle, Nate Marquardt, Anthony Johnson, Roan Carneiro, Yves Edwards, Amir Perets, and Dan Caldwell make appearances.

The film was theatrically released in the United States on September 9, 2011, by Lionsgate. Although not commercially successful, the film received positive reviews from critics, with Nolte receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Box Office Budget

$25,000,000 (estimated)

Box Office Opening Weekend USA


Box Office Gross USA


Box Office Cumulative Worldwide Gross



Tournament,father son relationship,martial arts tournament,mixed martial arts,brother brother relationship