Your Highness (DVD)

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Your Highness (DVD)

Your Highness is a 2011 American stoner comic fantasy film directed by David Gordon Green. It stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux. Written by McBride and Ben Best, the film was released on April 8, 2011. It follows an arrogant prince and his brother on a quest to kill the sorcerer and save the bride and their father s kingdom. The film received negative reviews from critics and was a box office bomb, grossing $28 million worldwide against a $50 million budget.


Thadeous and Fabious are sons of King Tallious in the Kingdom of Mourne. Fabious is dashing and skilled and Thadeous is lazy and ineffectual. While celebrating victory over the evil sorcerer, Leezar, who has been ravaging Tallious s kingdom, Fabious presents the virgin Belladonna whom he has freed from a tower and wishes to marry.

Though his brother makes him best man, Thadeous skips the wedding after overhearing Fabious Knights Elite, led by Boremont, talk about him negatively. The wedding is then crashed by Leezar, who admits being the one who placed Belladonna in the tower. Leezar re-kidnaps her and flees. Returning to the castle with his servant and best friend Courtney, Thadeous is given an ultimatum: join Fabious on his quest to rescue Belladonna or be banished.

Visiting the Great Wize Wizard, Thadeous and Fabious learn that Leezar s goal is to fulfill a prophecy: a warlock having sex with a virgin when the two moons converge, will impregnate her with a dragon that will allow him to take over King Tallious kingdom. To destroy Leezar, they are given a magic compass that will lead them to the Blade of Unicorn, located within a labyrinth. On the way there, they learn Fabious s eunuch slave, Julie, has been informing Leezar of their progress and the Knights Elite are serving the warlock.

After the knights are killed and he escapes, Fabious sends his mechanical bird Simon to warn the king of the betrayal by the Knights Elite, requesting reinforcements. Thadeous, Fabious and Courtney are captured by wild women led by the savage warlord Marteetee, who imprisons them in an arena, where Fabious kills off Marteetee s finest warrior. In retaliation, Marteetee summons a hydra-like monster to kill them. The brothers are rescued by Isabel, a warrior seeking revenge for her father s murder at Marteetee s hands.

Later that night, Thadeous learns Isabel is also after Leezar to avenge the slaughter of her brothers. The next day, the party learns too late that Isabel stole the compass from Thadeous. Fabious, finally angered by his brother s selfishness, decides to find the Blade of Unicorn alone. Thadeous and Courtney go to a tavern, where they find Isabel and retrieve the compass. Finding that his brother has been captured by Leezar s men, Thadeous wins Isabel over as they join forces, entering the labyrinth where they encounter a Minotaur.

After becoming separated from the others, Thadeous retrieves the Blade of Unicorn and slays the Minotaur. Thadeous and his group make their way to Leezar s castle and free Fabious, giving him the Blade. As the others kill off Julie, Boremont and his men and Leezar s three witches, Fabious impales Leezar with the Blade of Unicorn, preventing him from raping Belladonna.

After their victory, Isabel leaves for another quest and the heroes return home. Some time later, Fabious and Belladonna marry, while Thadeous is approached by a returning Isabel, who reveals that she has fallen in love with him. However, for them to have sex, he must first slay the witch who has cast a spell on her, locking her in a chastity belt. Though not in the mood to go out, Isabel s suggestion convinces him to go on a new adventure.


  • Danny McBride as Prince Thadeous
  • James Franco as Prince Fabious
  • Natalie Portman as Isabel
  • Zooey Deschanel as Belladonna
  • Justin Theroux as Leezar
  • Toby Jones as Julie
  • Damian Lewis as Boremont
  • Rasmus Hardiker as Courtney
  • Caroline Grace-Cassidy as Handmaiden
  • Simon Farnaby as Manious the Bold
  • Deobia Oparei as Thundarian
  • Charles Dance as King Tallious
  • John Fricker as Marteetee
  • Matyelok Gibbs, Angela Pleasence and Anna Barry as Helinda, Sariah and Marlyne, Leezar s three Mothers
  • Charles Shaughnessy as Narrator / Soul of the Labyrinth
  • Rhian Sugden, Amii Grove and Madison Welch as Forest Women


The film had been a passion project of Green s for a long time, with him later calling it, an entirely self-indulgent dream project for the 11-year-old in me. Although marketed as a spoof of 80s fantasy movies, Green has said that this was not his intent. Instead he hoped to, with star Danny McBride, put our stamp on it and bring our sensibility to it, but work within the genre. Early on, according to Green, Universal was nervous about the prospects of the film, believing it to be a parody. However, their minds were eased when discussing the casting, and that we weren t filling it with comedian cameos. Filming began in the summer of 2009 in Northern Ireland, at historic locations such as Dunluce Castle, Cairncastle and Shane s Castle, and it concluded in October 2009. Although Green wanted to make the film epic in scale, they were hampered by a limited budget. Ad libbing and improv were encouraged on set, although Green has implied that the extent of this has been exaggerated, adding, There was definitely more of a script here than anything I’ve ever worked on . Still, at least one notable part of the backstory was improvised, which was the idea that the Wizard molested James Franco s character as a youth. McBride has said that he was certain that the scene where this was revealed would be cut, and he was shocked when it appeared in the final film.


A red-band trailer was released on IGN and Funny or Die. On December 21, 2010, a green-band trailer was released online, and shown before screenings of Little Fockers and The Dilemma.

On March 23, 2011, a second red-band trailer was released.


Box office

Your Highness opened on April 8, 2011 in 2,772 theaters nationwide and made $9,360,020 in its opening weekend, ranking number six in the domestic box office. By the end of its run, the film had grossed $21,596,445 in the United States and Canada and $6,417,288 overseas for a worldwide total of $28,013,733.

Critical reception

Your Highness received negative reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a rating of 28%, based on 179 reviews, with an average rating of 4.27/10. The site s critical consensus reads, Big budgets and costumes in service of scatalogical jokes may seem funny on paper, but in execution this is a highly monotonous romp that registers only occasional laughs. On Metacritic, the film has a score of 32 out of 100, based on 33 critics, indicating generally unfavorable reviews .

Roger Ebert gave the film one star out of four, calling it juvenile excrescence that feels like the work of 11-year-old boys in love with dungeons, dragons, warrior women, pot, boobs and four-letter words. Entertainment Weekly gave it a C+, with Natalie Portman favorably reviewed as fierce and funny as a babe warrior...good with dirty words . The L.A. Times noted the even but fun sword-and-sandals at its best when it s at its silliest , while the lowbrow humor is sometimes witless and sometimes winning comedy...begins with grade-school-level graffiti being scrawled across storybook pages and goes up and down from there. Still, the fun can be infectious...a farce within a farce...tawdry tale of the bothered and bewildered Kingdom of Mourne .

David Edelstein of New York magazine gave a favorable review, describing the film as a cunning weave of low and high . Yahoo! described the Raunchy Sex Comedy Wrapped Up in a Noble Quest as overall, sets and scenery were fantastic and photography was incredible...a awesome, piece of foolishness wrapped up as a Period Piece...more in common with American Pie than it did to Lord of the Rings. Richard Corliss, who admired McBride s and Green s earlier work, said he felt a kind of head-swiveling awe in Your Highness‘s concentration of aimless inanity, in the purity of its devotion to its own louche principles. Like members of some post-Dadaist collective, the filmmakers have dedicated themselves to memorializing every first, wrong impulse that popped into their heads, while ruthlessly excising any vestige of wit or narrative niceties as being too linear, dude.

James Franco received a Razzie nomination for Worst Supporting Actor for the film, but lost to Al Pacino in Jack and Jill.

James Franco would later poke fun at the film s poor reception during his Comedy Central Roast, saying I agreed to do this roast because I wanted to do something I ve never done before — something that has zero artistic value, something nobody will remember three months from now, something that s offensive, homophobic, and stars horrifically untalented people and something that s only a big deal to a handful of teenage stoners on Twitter. You might say, James, didn t you just describe Your Highness? I wouldn t know, I didn t see Your Highness. On his first-ever interview on The Howard Stern Show to promote the film Spring Breakers, Franco was surprised to hear Stern compliment Your Highness, asking incredulously, you liked that? He attributed the film s lackluster performance to its tricky blend of lowbrow humor and medieval swords and sorcerers, a combination that hadn t worked well since Monty Python and the Holy Grail.




Ben Best, Danny McBride, Scott Stuber


Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

Published Date


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Rating MPA

Not Rated

Recording Studio

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment



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1h 42min


Awards, 1 win & 3 nominations


David Gordon Green


Danny McBride, Ben Best


Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, James Franco

Produced by

Andrew Z. Davis, Mark Huffam, Peter McAleese, Danny McBride, Jon Mone, Scott Stuber

Music by

Steve Jablonsky

Cinematography by

Tim Orr

Film Editing by

Craig Alpert

Casting By

Gail Stevens

Production Design by

Mark Tildesley

Art Direction by

Gary Freeman, Tom McCullagh, Stuart Rose, David Warren

Set Decoration by

Dominic Capon, Stuart Rose

Costume Design by

Hazel Webb Crozier

Makeup Department

Tina Earnshaw, Mike Elizalde, Nana Fischer, Jilly Green, Tahira Herold, Teresa Hinton, Eileen Kastner-Delago, Lizzie Lawson, Aisling Nairn, Conal Palmer, Lisa Pickering, Laura Pollock, Susie Redfern, Natalie Reid, Sevlene Roddy, Kerry Skelton, Pamela Smyth, Brian Walsh, Audrey Doyle, Paul Hyett, Louis Kiss, Judith Laverty, Clare Ramsey

Production Management

Andrew Z. Davis, Lisa Drayne, David Mack, Peter McAleese, Donald Sabourin, Sean T. Stratton

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

Simon Crane, Stephen Darragh, Richard Goodwin, Terence Madden, Terry Madden, Christopher Newman, Adam Philpott, Ciara Tinney, Markus Allan Black, Alex Cheung, Sean Roe Curran, Sam Donaghy-Bell, Colum Eastwood, Paul George, Paul McAnearney, Maria Mulhall, Carly Taverner, Richard Wilson

Art Department

David Abbott, David Balfour, Jim Barr, Jerry Bingham, Gabor Biro, Peter Black, Shane Bunting, Oliver Carroll, David Carson, David Cheesman, Colin Childs, Marlon Cole, Will Coubrough, Michael Cullen, Cole Doherty, David Doran, Alice Felton, Jaeson Finn, Kevin Fraser, Bobby Gee, Mark Geeson, Mike Gibson, Brendan Gillespie, Raymond Ginnane, Rob Hill, Henry Hole, Peter Hooper, Robert Huffam, Emma Jackson, Patricia Johnson, Bethan Jones, Sam Jones, Sian Alaw Jones, Gary Jopling, Greg Keeley, Niall Loughrey, David Lowery, Mark Lowry, Darren Lyttle, Richard Magennis, Jon Marson, Brian Martin, Tom Martin, Daniel May, Kevin McCabe, Richard Mccarthy, Stephen McClure, Dan McCoy, Duncan McDevitt, Niall McEvoy, Neil McNally, Christopher Moore, Ivan Nesbitt, Will Newton, Laura Ng, John O'Brien, Dessie O'Neill, Daniel O'Regan, Joe Paul, Peter Popken, Bill Reid, Alanna Riddell, Jo Roberts, Chris Seddon, Seamus Sharkey, William Simpson, Adrian Start, Matthew Start, Paul Stewart, Don Sturgeon, Liam Taylor, Bill Thomas, Benedict Tildesley, Andrew Tombs, Steve Tranfield, Sara Jo Mhic An Tsaoir, Claudiu Turcanu, Isabella Walsh, Norman Walshe, Michael Weaver, John Wells, Paul Wiltshire, Lauren Young, Martin Campbell, David Carson, Dean Coldham, Rohan Harris, Anna McCaughtry, Kelly Neary, David J. Negron Jr., Timothy Oakley, Stephanie Rea, Cheryl Rock, Codrina Spataru, Tony Swatton

Sound Department

Dave Bergstrom, Tucker Bodine, Barbara Delpuech, Yann Delpuech, Paul Drenning, Kim Drummond, Stefan Fraticelli, Alan Freedman, Christof Gebert, Jeff Gomillion, Andrew Grijalva, Shaughnessy Hare, Derek Hehir, Ronan Hill, Chris Jenkins, Simon Kerr, Darren King, E. Niles Klein, Ryan Lukasik, Ron Malligers, Simon McCormick, Terry McDonald, Mike McKone, Bill Meadows, Frank A. Montaño, Trent Richmond, Philip Rogers, Kevin Schultz, Joel Shryack, John Sievert, Randy Wilson, Antony Bayman, Nick Kray, Brandon Loulias, Michael McKnight, Mike McKone

Special Effects by

Brent Baker, Roland Blancaflor, Herbert Blank, Darin Bouyssou, Norman Cabrera, Josh Cameron, A. Robert Capwell, Diana Choi, Liam Clarke, Bernhard Eichholz, Glen Eisner, Mary Elizalde, Tim Estes, Chris Fitzgerald, Claire Flewin, Frederick Fraleigh, Deborah Galvez, Chris Garnaas, Christoph Gartlacher, Claudia Hardy, Jurgen Heimann, Andreas Herberg, Wolfgang Higler, Janhwoon Andrew Im, Hannes Jung, Vincent Kivlehan, Taishiro Kiya, Audrey Klein, Junko Komori, Maria Kruse, Steve Kuzela, Tara Lang, Tim Larsen, Solon Luigi, Michael Luppino, Bob Mano, Kyle Martin, Cass McClure, Lacy McGarry, James McLoughlin, Klaus Mielich, Scott Millenbaugh, Nick Morton, Sylvia Nava, Gerd Nefzer, Uli Nefzer, Larry Odien, Alejandro Palma, James Patterson, David Perteet, Brian Rae, Claudius Rauch, Bernd Rautenberg, Michael Rudnik, Otto Schlosser, Jens Schmiedel, Constantine Sekeris, Mark Setrakian, Jürgen Thiel, Mario Torres Jr., Matt Ullman, Mark Viniello, Brian Walsh, Albert Whiteside, Neil Winn, Robert Wright, Norman Ernst, Colin Holmes, Steve Koch, Bernd Rautenberg, Cliff Wallace

Visual Effects by

Ben Aickin, Anuj Anand, Katarzyna Ancuta, Lorenzo Angeli, David Aulds, Adam Azmy, Heath Baker, Tom Baskaya, Paul Beilby, Jennifer C. Bell, Jeremy Berruel, Jarnail Bhachu, Ilona Blyth, Ella Boliver, Guy Botham, Emma Bowler, Neal Bradshaw, Bertrand Bry-Marfaing, Lukasz Bukowiecki, Will Burdett, Keanan Cantrell, Simon Carlile, Ronan Carr Fanning, Helen Carr, Nardeep Chander, Catherine Chase, Noemie Cruciani, Tabitha Dean, Ciaran Devine, Eran Dinur, Luke Drummond, Robert Duncan, Katherine Durant, Selcuk Ergen, Emma Ewing, James Farrington, Justin Ferk, Matt Fox, Rob Garner, Frederikke Glick, Mark Gostlow, Theodor Groeneboom, Charlie Habanananda, Nicholas Hampshire, Chris Hardman, James Harmer, Chloe Harrison, Eoin Hegan, Andrew Hogden, Daren Horley, Charles Howell, Oliver Johnstone, Rikki Knight-Trembath, Robert Kolbeins, Lina Kouznetsova, Jaye Krebs, Claudia Lechen, Beren Lewis, Patricia Llaguno, Beatriz Lorenzo, Martin Macrae, Damien Macé, Ian Mathews, Giacomo Matteucci, Niall McEvoy, Mike McGee, Mariano Mendiburu, Horacio Mendoza, Adrian Metzelaar, Paul V. Molles, Jeanette Monero, Rodney Montague, Ivan Moran, Rafael Morant, Danielle Morley, Ryan Mullany, Adriano Mulè, Patrick Muylkens, Bruce Nelson, Jeff Newton, Tom Nixon, Robert O'Neil, Kevin O'Sullivan, Richard Ollosson, Mark Osborne, Sam Osborne, Adam Parker, Russell Pawson, John Peck, Manuel Perez, Angelo Perrotta, Ryan Pilcher, Aled Prosser, Howard Protheroe, Sirio Quintavalle, Melissa Rea, Robin Reyer, Marc Rice, Bjarni Robert Bragason, Dale Rostron, Martin Sawtell, Fernando Serrano, Joseph Severn, David Shere, Brad Silby, Helen Sloan, John-David Solon, Kevin Spruce, Elwaleed Suliman, Noah Taylor, Ben Thomas, Michael Adam Thompson, Garv Thorp, Arda Uysal, Dan Victoire, Giuliano Dionisio Vigano, Carlo Volpati, Mark Wainwright, Alexis Wajsbrot, Tara Walker, Ben White, Stephen Willey, Rachel Williams, Corrina Wilson, Kate Windibank, Rob Woiwod, Graham Wood, Alan Woods, Christian Zeh, Akemi Abe, Casey Allen, Holli Alvarado, Spencer Armajo, Cheryl Bainum, Lizi Bedford, Zachary Bloom, Anthony Chadwick, Trent Claus, Dan Copping, Amy Davis, Richard Edwards, Deak Ferrand, Trey Freeman, Miles Friedman, Ummi Gudjonsson, Nic Hatch, Oliver Hearsey, Karsten Hecker, Winnie Ho, Nicholas Illingworth, Christopher Django Johnston, John Kay, Max Leonard, Dave Levine, Christophe Meslin, Thomas Nittmann, Robert Olsson, Radhika Patel, Stuart Penn, Adam Redford, Aatesh Shah, Katherine Smith, Jessica Soderstrom, Justin Summers, Jeremiah Sweeney, Wilson Tang, Mark Taylor, Bryan Thombs, Eric Tsui, Alexander Turusov, Glenn Wells, Edson Williams


Richard Bradshaw, Michael Byrch, Neil Carr, Tony Condren, Rob Cooper, Talila Craig, Ken Doherty, Tracey Eddon, Andy Godbold, Paul Herbert, Rob Hunt, Rob Inch, Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov, Philip Lowry, Mark Anthony Newman, Eimer O'Hare, Charlie Pawlett, Justin Pearson, Robert Schofield, C.C. Smiff, Lyndal Smith, Mark Southworth, Helen Steinway Bailey, Ryan Stuart, Ian van Temperley, Stephen Walsh, Andy Wareham, Simon Whyman, Dave Williams, William Willoughby, Leonard Woodcock, Ben Wright, Nurlan Altaev, Paul Burke, Joe Condren, Rob Cooper, Matt Da Silva, Brian Danner, Levan Doran, Ciarán Hanlon, Norman Kelly, Stephanie Lelievre, Jamie Millington, Ricardo Rocca, John Sheridan, Paul Thompson, Paul Valentine, Ian van Temperley

Camera and Electrical Department

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Animation Department

Brad Silby, Ricardo Silva, Alfonso Sicilia, Jonathan Symmonds

Casting Department

Colin Jones, Caitlin McKenna, Tom Newton, Toby Spigel, Terry L. Lamfers

Costume and Wardrobe Department

Louise Allen, Susan Barras, Marie-Therese Breen, Simon Brindle, Katherine Cahill, Melanie Carmichael, Lucie Corcoran, David Craig, Caroline Dillon, Mark Ferguson, Rachael Forde, Kerry Gooding, Donna Hughes, Becky Johnson, Becky Johnson, Nicky Jones, Enda Kenny, Claire Leese, Claire Loh, Heather Long, Emma Loughridge, Carolyn Marston, Lily Mathiszig-Lee, Amanda Mattes, Edel McCarron, Nico McClean, Sarah McCormack, Nancy McKenna, Crawford McKenzie, Mark Miller, Camille Moohan, Ciana O'Kane, Stephen O'Rawe, Margaret Pescott, Anna Robbins, Dulcie Scott, Carl Summersgill, Kathryn Tart, Sarah Touaibi, Rachael Webb-Crozier, Timmy White, Raymond Widdowson, Jane Law, Anna McCaughtry, Catherine McNally, Emma O'Loughlin, Rebekah Sewell, Ciara Winnington

Editorial Department

Jim Carretta, Trevor Joyce, Lindsey Morrow, Ray Neapolitan, Colin Patton, Bob Peishel, Mathieu Reid, Kortney Rubottom, Helen Sheridan, Michael Underwood, Everette Webber, Bill Ceresia, Catherine Williams

Location Management

Robert Boake, Lisa Byrne, Jon Caldwell, Damien Glenholmes, Brenda Gough, Barry Keil, Chris Myers, Andrew Wilson, Phil Crothers

Music Department

Eun-Mee Ahn, Christopher Anderson-Bazzoli, Thomas Annang, Philip Ayling, Joan Beal, Ethan Bearman, Becky Bentham, Jeffrey Biggers, Cindy Bourquin, Eric Bradley, Belinda Broughton, Reid Bruton, Christian Burke, Joanna Bushnell, Amick Byram, Elin Carlson, Alvin Chea, Gina Coletti, Greg Dennen, George Doering, Bruce Dukov, Clay Duncan, Paul Englishby, Steve Erdody, Amy Fogerson, Dick Glasgow, Savina Glasgow, Nick Glennie-Smith, Scott Graff, Stephen Grimm, Tina Guo, Trevor Handy, Steven Harms, Walter S. Harrah, The Hollywood Studio Symphony, Sheri Izzard, Luana Jackman, Ferris Jay, Elissa Johnston, Bob Joyce, Jon Joyce, Dan Kelley, Teri Koide, Penka Kouneva, Daniel Kresco, Tim Lauber, Songa Lee, Jon Lewis, Michael Lichtenauer, Virenia Lind, Rick Logan, Timothy Loo, Frank Macchia, Guy Maeda, Wilson Magwere, Larry Mah, Shawn Mann, Darrin McCann, Jeff McIlwain, Malcolm McNab, Donna Medine, Aaron Meyer, Victoria Miskolczy, Yvonne S. Moriarty, Brian O'Connor, Alyssa Park, Holly Pitrago, Satnam Ramgotra, Bill Reichenbach, Faith Rivera, Stacey Robinson, Geri Rotella, Katrina Schiller, Lisbeth Scott, Fletcher Sheridan, Jeanne E. Skrocki, Denis St. Amand, Tereza Stanislav, Tom Steel, Sally Stevens, Susie Stevens-Logan, Geoff Stradling, Carmen Twillie, Michael Valerio, Dick Wells, Paul Wertheimer, Rich Wheeler, Booker White, Gerald White, Nathan Whitehead, Mae Crosby, Mike Knobloch, Daniel Pinder, Peter Rotter

Script and Continuity Department

Andrea Bamford, Morag Cameron, Lynda Marshall

Transportation Department

Jeff Brown, Maurice Brown, Stephen Collins, Alan Crozier, Thomas Hamilton, Paul McCausland, Johnny Anderson, Ken Cathcart, Johnny Crawford, Philip Crawford, Tom Heany, Ian Lewis, Ryan Marshall, Roy McManus, Tony Rice

Additional Crew

Inessa Adler, Betty Ainslie, Sean Bailey, Rajia Baroudi, Karen Batley, Ashley Bowen, Alex Boyd, Kieran Brady, Edita Brychta, Michelle Burns, Jordan Campbell, Ciaran Colton, Lynne Costenbarder, David Cowgill, Shannon Creen, Alan Dale, Mark Davis, Mark Devlin, Beth Dewey, Neil Dickson, Robin Atkin Downes, Tommy Dunne, Stuart Ferguson, Tracy Ferguson, Jeff Fradley, Miguel Callerjon Gallindo, Paul George, Katie Gibson, Jackie Gilbey, Jean Gilpin, Brendan Gunn, Jim Hajicosta, Zara Hamill, Clair Hanson, Joe Hendriks, Andy Hennigan, Stuart Hopps, Sammy Horton, Julia Jakovlena, Brandon James, David Joo, Aleksandra Kaminska, Rachel Kennedy, Peter Lavin, Chris Manger, Barry Maxwell, Stephen McConnell, Anthony McCullough, Lucy McCutcheon, Caitlin McKenna, Hugh McLaughlin, Maeve McLoughlin, Tom McMillan, Graham McTavish, Will Meldman, Clara Mercer, Cathy Mooney, Darren Murray, Danny Nash, Nicholas David Nesbitt, Paula J. Newman, Stephen North, Hernan Ortiz, Monica Perez Gelbman, Alvaro Perez, Felicity Pierce, Jaume Castan Pinos, Phil Proctor, Stacey Quigley, Moira Quirk, Boyd Rankin, Peter Renaday, Clive Revill, Darren Richardson, Frances Richardson, Tanya Ruby, Dwight Schultz, Darius Shahmir, Alan Shearman, Julian Stone, Pepper Sweeney, Aisling Thompson, Amy Whitson, Lynne Williams, Richard Wilson, Marc Wolff, Monty Bennett, Ruth Blacker, Caroline Davis, Lucia Foster Found, John Frade, Conor Gibbons, Katie Larmour, Patrick Maxwell, Emma McNeill, Andy Stephens, David Wilcock


Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy


Universal Pictures, Bluegrass Films









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Short Description

Your Highness is a 2011 American stoner comic fantasy film directed by David Gordon Green. It stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel and Justin Theroux. Written by McBride and Ben Best, the film was released on April 8, 2011. It follows an arrogant prince and his brother on a quest to kill the sorcerer and save the bride and their father s kingdom. The film received negative reviews from critics and was a box office bomb, grossing $28 million worldwide against a $50 million budget.

Box Office Budget

$49,900,000 (estimated)

Box Office Opening Weekend USA


Box Office Gross USA


Box Office Cumulative Worldwide Gross



Minotaur character,gagged,stoner comedy,farce,costume