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Central Intelligence is a 2016 American buddy action comedy film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and written by Thurber, Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen. The film stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson as two old high school classmates who go on the run after one of them joins the CIA to save the world from a terrorist who intends to sell satellite codes.

The film premiered in Los Angeles on June 10, 2016, and was theatrically released in the United States on June 17, 2016. Central Intelligence received praise from critics for Hart and Johnson s performances but criticism for the script, and grossed $217 million worldwide against its $50 million budget.


In 1996, star athlete Calvin The Golden Jet Joyner is being honored at his high school. Halfway through Calvin s speech, a group of bullies led by Trevor Olson throws the naked morbidly obese nerd Robbie Weirdicht into the gymnasium where the school assembly is taking place. Everyone starts laughing except for Joyner and his girlfriend, Maggie Johnson, who are the only ones sympathetic towards Weirdicht; the former even going as far as to quickly cover Weirdicht with his varsity jacket in a moment of compassion. Weirdicht thanks Calvin and flees in embarrassment.

20 years later, Joyner is married to Maggie and works as a forensic accountant, but he is dissatisfied with his career. Maggie suggests they see a therapist to salvage their deteriorating marriage. At work, Joyner receives a friend request on Facebook from a man named Bob Stone, who invites Joyner to meet at a bar. Stone reveals himself to be Weirdicht. Joyner is shocked to see that Weirdicht has transformed from a morbidly obese nerd into a muscular, fit, confident man with advanced hand-to-hand combat skills.

Stone asks Joyner to review some online transactions, and Joyner discovers a multimillion-dollar auction with bidders from radical countries, with the final bids set to conclude the following day. Stone avoids Joyner s questions and spends the night on his couch. The next morning, a team of CIA agents led by Pamela Harris arrives at Joyner s house in search of Stone, who already escaped. Harris tells Joyner that Stone is a dangerous rogue agent who murdered his former partner, Phil Stanton.

Harris tells Joyner that Stone intends to sell satellite codes to the highest bidder. Soon after, Stone abducts Joyner and explains that he is trying to stop a criminal known as the Black Badger from selling the codes but needs Joyner s skills to locate the meeting place. After an attack by a bounty hunter, Joyner flees and calls Maggie, telling her to meet him at the marriage counselor s office. Harris intercepts him and tells him that Stone is the Black Badger. She warns him to refrain from telling Maggie and gives him a device to alert them to Stone s location.

Joyner then arrives to meet Maggie for their marriage counseling session, where he finds Stone posing as the counselor. Stone convinces Joyner to help him, so he sets up a meeting with Trevor Olson, who is able to track the offshore account for the auction so they can get the deal s location. Olson apologizes for bullying Stone, but fabricates his apology before once again antagonizing Stone. Harris calls Joyner and threatens to arrest Maggie if he fails to help them detain Stone. Joyner reluctantly betrays Stone, and the CIA arrests him.

As Harris tortures Stone to get him to confess, Joyner helps Stone escape. Joyner finds that the deal is happening in a Boston underground parking garage and helps Stone steal a plane. Stone enters alone, while Joyner sees Harris entering a short while later. He assumes that she is the Black Badger and runs after her only to find Stone meeting with the buyer and claiming to be the Black Badger. Stone shoots Joyner, grazing his neck, to keep him safe. Stanton arrives, having faked his death, and reveals himself as the Black Badger.

A fight breaks out, and Stanton reveals his plan to frame Stone for the crime. Stone kills Stanton by ripping his throat out. Joyner and Stone make it in time to their 20th year high school reunion. Upon arriving, Joyner reconciles with Maggie and promises to improve their marriage. The new prom king is announced to be Stone; Joyner reveals to Maggie that he hacked the school s voting system to make it happen. Olson shows up to bully Stone again, but Stone finally stands up for himself and punches him unconscious.

Stone gives an acceptance speech in which he reveals he is Weirdicht, cites the importance of overcoming obstacles, and praises Joyner as his best friend. He then relives his most embarrassing incident on his own terms by stripping off all his clothes. Stone then encounters his high school crush Darla, whom he proceeds to dance with. Maggie is now pregnant, and Joyner has joined the CIA as Stone s co-worker. As a gift for his first day on the job, Stone returns Joyner s varsity jacket.


  • Kevin Hart as Calvin Joyner: A former popular star athlete that went to high school with Robbie, now working as an accountant.
  • Dwayne Johnson as Bob Stone / Robbie Weirdicht: A formerly bullied, overweight, morbidly obese, friendless, socially awkward high school student-turned-big bodied CIA agent and hand-to-hand combatant. Sione Kelepi as Young Robbie Weirdicht (body double)
  • Sione Kelepi as Young Robbie Weirdicht (body double)
  • Amy Ryan as Agent Pamela Harris: A CIA agent who suspects Bob is a rogue agent.
  • Aaron Paul as Phil Stanton: Bob s former partner, who is believed to be dead after apparently being killed in action.
  • Danielle Nicolet as Maggie Joyner: Calvin s high school sweetheart now turned wife.
  • Timothy John Smith as Agent Nick Cooper.
  • Megan Park as the waitress in the bar.
  • Thomas Kretschmann as the buyer: A man who wants to buy US satellite codes.
  • Jason Bateman as Trevor Olson: A former high school student who bullied Robbie in the past. Dylan Boyack as Young Trevor
  • Dylan Boyack as Young Trevor
  • Melissa McCarthy as Darla McGuchian (uncredited): Robbie s former high school crush.
  • Kumail Nanjiani as Jared: the airport security guard.
  • Ryan Hansen as Steve


The script was greenlit by Universal Pictures in 2010, and Thurber was selected to direct and started to write the script together with Ike Barinholtz and David Stassen. Before production began, Thurber convinced New Line Cinema to buy the script and the studio became the film s domestic distributor through Warner Bros. That year, Dwayne Johnson was cast alongside Kevin Hart.

Principal photography began on May 6, 2015, and took place in Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout various Massachusetts locations, including Boston, Burlington, Lynn, Middleton, Winchester and Quincy. Principal photography ended in July 2015. To promote the film, Johnson and Hart had an Instagram war against each other on set.


The film premiered at the Regency Village Theater on June 10, 2016. Warner Bros. handled distribution in the United States, where the film opened on June 17, 2016, while Universal covered global distribution, as the film was released between June and July 2016.

Central Intelligence was released on Digital HD on September 13, 2016, before being released on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD on September 27, 2016.


Box office

Central Intelligence grossed $127.4 million in North America and $89.5 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $217 million, against a budget of $50 million. Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $52 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues for the film.

Central Intelligence opened on June 17, 2016, alongside Finding Dory and was projected to gross around $30 million from 3,508 theaters in its opening weekend. The film grossed $1.8 million from its Thursday previews and $13 million on its first day. The film went on to gross $35.5 million, finishing second at the box office behind fellow newcomer Finding Dory ($135.1 million).

Critical response

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 71% based on 184 reviews with an average rating of 5.76/10. The site s critical consensus reads, Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make for well-matched comic foils, helping Central Intelligence overcome a script that coasts on their considerable chemistry. On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 52 out of 100 based on 35 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews . Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of A− on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reported filmgoers gave it a 75% overall positive score and a 55% definite recommend .

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave the film two out of four stars, writing, If you re expecting the story threads to cohere, you re in the wrong multiplex. Central Intelligence always takes the lazy way out. You go along for the ride because Hart and Johnson promise something they can t deliver: a movie as funny as they are. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of The A.V. Club criticized the film as a shambolic high-concept farce that doubles as a cautionary tale of where studio comedies go wrong, writing, In spots as indifferent and self-indulgent as any latter-day Adam Sandler production … , switches back and forth from snail-paced to incoherently over-stuffed on a moment s notice, with no in-between mode. Keith Phipps of Uproxx gave the film a positive review, saying, It all adds up to the sort of breezy, undemanding comedy that fits nicely into the summer months, and plays beautifully in endless cable repeats.


Award Category Recipient(s) Result Ref(s)
Critics Choice Awards Best Comedy Central Intelligence Nominated
Best Actor in a Comedy Dwayne Johnson Nominated
Golden Trailer Awards Best Comedy Trailer 1 Nominated
Best Comedy Poster Big Johnson Teaser Nominated
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Favorite BFFs (Best Friends Forever) Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart Won
People s Choice Awards Favorite Comedic Movie Central Intelligence Nominated
Favorite Comedic Movie Actor Kevin Hart Won
Dwayne Johnson Nominated
Teen Choice Awards Choice Summer Movie Central Intelligence Nominated
Choice Summer Movie Actor Kevin Hart Won
Dwayne Johnson Nominated


In November 2021, writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber stated that a sequel had been in development, before being delayed in favor of the collaboration between Johnson and Hart in the Jumanji sequels.

Year 2016
ReleaseDate 2016-06-17
RuntimeMins 107
RuntimeStr 1h 47min
Plot After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.
Awards Awards, 2 wins & 8 nominations
Directors Rawson Marshall Thurber
Writers Ike Barinholtz, David Stassen, Rawson Marshall Thurber
Stars Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danielle Nicolet
Produced by Beau Bauman,Richard Brener,Samuel J. Brown,Michael Disco,Toby Emmerich,Michael Fottrell,Hiram Garcia,Ed Helms,Adam McCarthy,Steven Mnuchin,Peter Principato,Scott Stuber,Paul Young
Music by Ludwig Göransson,Theodore Shapiro
Cinematography by Barry Peterson
Film Editing by Brian Scott Olds,Michael L. Sale
Casting By Lisa Beach,Sarah Katzman
Production Design by Stephen J. Lineweaver
Art Direction by Parker Beck,Rachel Block,Bryan Felty
Set Decoration by Leslie E. Rollins
Costume Design by Carol Ramsey,Rebecca Todd
Makeup Department Merc Arceneaux,Frank Barbosa,Stephen Bruno,Elizabeth Cecchini,John Clausell,Char Coats-Crump,Juliet Loveland,James MacKinnon,Joanna Raskin,Rachel Solow,Rebecca Woodfork,Gary Archer,Rob Fitz,Jennifer Traub
Production Management Allison Furgal
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Kenneth Donaldson,Joel Kramer,Katharine McManus,Dana Nelson,Paul Schneider,Jeffrey Wetzel,Paul Schneider
Art Department Tobias Aldrich,Christopher Analoro,Beth Anderson,Bobby Anderson,Graves Bates,Nick Bellofatto,Megan Blake,Steven Blaney,Steve Brennan,Brian Buckley,Rachel Burgio,Mickey Carter,Frank G. Cavarretta,Jonathan Champoux,Doug Cluff,Christopher Conroy,Gregory J. Corcoran,William Costello,Debbie Cutler,Michael Dias,Tom Diorio,Bob Flannery,Brian Fry,Stephen Gavin,Kel Genovese,Jared Patrick Gerbig,David Gulick,Grace Gulick,W.D. Hogan,James D. Hurd,Ryan Johnson,Jason Joubert,Wayne Kimball,Jenelle Kinney,Morgan Kling,Michael Krause,Lance Littlefield,Kendra Long,Nathan Longest,Jim Magdaleno,Mike Maher,Masako Masuda,Cameron Matheson,Butch McCarthy,Petra Mcelvenny,Travis Moonschein,Isaac Nadreau,Theo Orfanos,Jeremy M. Pereira,Andrew Poleszak,Eugene Pope,Sam Rashba,Anthony Raymond,Leslie Risak,Adam Roffman,Christopher Sawtelle,Patrick Scalise,Heath L. Sewell,Tyris Smith,Lauren Ashly Suchecki,Theodore Suchecki,Chris Sullivan,Cammeron Truesdale,Robert A. Valley,Zachary Zablocki,Charlotte Lee,Michael Sabo,Natalie Taylor Smith
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Visual Effects by Shaun Friedberg Pyrokinesis ,Hussam Alazhar,Oleg Alexander,David Aughenbaugh,Cheryl Bainum,Robert Baldwin,Guillaume Baratte,Marie-Pier Barrette,Jessica Bascom,Scott E. Baxter,Bryn Bayliss,Owens Bazile,Alexis Belanger,Jennifer C. Bell,Brad Betschart,Pierre Blain,Vincent Blanco,Brandon Blevins,David Bobichon,Robert Bock,Florin Boieriu,Nick Booth,Antoine Bordeleau,Rachel Bouchard,Marie-Philippe Boudreau,Sara Bourque,Adam Bradley,Lee Bramwell,Kristen Branan,Kristie Breslin,Ryan Brooks,Adrian Brown,Lee Brunet,Jeremy Burns,Lorie Bussières,Miguel Carballal,Nicholas Cerniglia,Carly Cerquone,Karina Cesta,Christophe Chabot-Blanchet,Tristan Charette,Tadeusz Chmiel,Gabrielle Chouinard,Eric D. Christensen,Jasper Chung,Francis Clément,Marie-Joëlle Clément,Catherine Coley,Juliette Compignie,David Conley,Tara Conley,André-Pierre Cormier,Craig Crawford,Donna Cullen,Matt Cunningham,Roberto D Alesio,Hua Dai,Dominic Daigle,Jamie Darville,Shad Davis,Anouk Deveault-Moreau,Julianne Dome,Julien Dubuisson,Samuel Durocher,Matt Eaton,Areito Echevarria,Jennifer Elena,Luca Fascione,Chloe Feodoroff,Lauren Fernandez-Morrell,James Fouche,Ludovic Fouche,Jérôme Foucout,Xavier Fourmond,Elliot Francoeur,Guillaume François,Alan Fregtman,Vincent Frei,Mathias Frodin,Marie Fétiveau,Carl Gagnon,Gabriele Gennaro,Roxanne Geoffroy,Chris J. Gerrard,Gabriel Giguère,Robert Giles III,Jen Gillespie,Kenneth Gimpelson,Ève Giordani,Sébastien Giroux,Cyrille Gohier,Charlotte Gray,Vanessa Gray,Jay Grunfeld,Jonathan Grégoire,Christophe Guertin,Thomas Hallé,Adam Harriman,Quentin Hema,Martin Hill,Jessica Hong,Courtney Hooper,Robert Hubbard,Sébastien Jacob,Samuel Jacques,Jean-Sebastien Jasenovic,Gios Johnston,Chris John Jones,Danny Jones,Malgorzata Kaca,Matthew Kapfhammer,Stéphane Keller,Kevin Kelm,Don Kemmer,Seth Kenlon,Ara Khanikian,Diana Kim,Laura Kwan,Melanie La Rue,Charles Labbé,Jonathan Laborde,Eric Labranche,Fabrice Lagayette,Kosta Lagis,Isabelle Langlois,Louis-Charles Lapointe,Francis Larouche,Lopez Laura,Rachel Laurenson,Dixie Legare-Collins,Jesse Lehrman,Nicolas Lemay,Marc-Antoine Lemerise,Mark Leone,Olivier Lesaint,Jacques Levesque,Sébastien Levrard,Edy Susanto Lim,Jolanie Lincourt,Martin Lipmann,Siobhan Lo,Aaron Lucas,Joaquin Ludewig,Tony Lupoi,Rob MacBride,Stephane Mailet,Catherine Maillette,Jean-Philippe Marchand,Lidia Martinez Prado,Rob Mason,Richard Matthews,Amaury Matu,Robert McDougall,Kelvin McIlwain,Bradleigh McKay,David McKay,Rick McMahon,Juan Melgoza,Simon Mercier,Steve Mihaylov,David Monfette,Samuel Montminy-Brodeur,Sonia Moreau,Sébastien Moreau,Jean-Christophe Morin,Stephen Morton,Melanie Murray,Naren Naidoo,Amber Marie Naveira,Karen M. Nichols,Valérie Nicol,Piper Odegard,Chloé Ostiguy,Emiliano Padovani,Filippo Paganoni,Béatrice Palin,Maxime Pearson,Martin Pelletier,Keven Perreault,Mathieu Phaneuf,Domi Piturro,Éric Pouliot,Anne-Isabelle Pronkin,Fernando Raigoza Jr.,Gladys Ramelot,Troy Ramsey,Paul Redican,Jean Remond,Mark Richardson,Jordi Riera,Pascal Rigaud,Stéphane Rioux,Grant Roa,Tom Rubendall,Rosi Ruiz,Lucita Rule,Rene Sekula,Janet Sharpe,David Short,Natalie Smith,Philippe Soeiro,Jordan Soles,Aurélie Somet,Eddie Soria,Laurent Spillemaecker,Jeremy St-Amant,Kelly Swenson,Simon J. Taua i,Sandy Taylor,Jamie Telfer,Eteuati Tema,Chris Templeman,Radley Teruel,Michael Thingnes,Kar Hung Tom,Carine Touraille,Charles Tremblay,Jocelyn Tremblay,Marjolaine Tremblay,Myriam Tremblay,Alexandre Vachon,Pierre-Hugues Vachon,Felix Vallieres,Matthieu Veillette,Adrian Vercoe,Nicholas Verschelde,Eric Vidal,Fabrice Vienne,Sophie Vigne,Marie Vignola,Angelo White,Kevin Whitfield,Adam Wierzchowski,Christal Wolgamott,David B. Wolgemuth II,Teddy Wong,Beck Woolhouse,Andy Wright,Hui-wen Wu,Sunny Ye,Alice Collins,Sean Cushing,Philip Fraschetti,Hanna Marijke Hurndell,Stephen Lawes,Matt Mueller,Jorge Schwarzhaupt
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Genres Action, Comedy, Crime
Companies New Line Cinema, Universal Pictures, RatPac-Dune Entertainment
Countries USA, China
Languages English
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 6.3
ImDbRatingVotes 189353
MetacriticRating 52
Keywords profanity,high school,rogue agent,accountant,facebook