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End Game is a 2006 American action film written and directed by Andy Cheng, and starring Cuba Gooding Jr. as Secret Service agent Alex Thomas, who is shot in the hand while unsuccessfully trying to protect the President (Jack Scalia) from an assassin s bullet. Later, with the help of a persistent newspaper reporter named Kate Crawford (Angie Harmon), he uncovers a vast conspiracy behind what initially appeared to be a lone gunman. The film co-stars James Woods, Burt Reynolds, and Anne Archer. This film was originally set to be shown in cinemas by MGM in 2005, but was delayed by the takeover from Sony and eventually sent direct-to-DVD.


While giving a speech, the president is shot by a man holding a camera. The president s main Secret Service agent, Alex Thomas (Cuba Gooding Jr.), is grazed by the bullet that hits the president. Thomas and other Secret Service agents kill the shooter, but the president dies at the hospital.

Kate Crawford (Angie Harmon), an investigative journalist, starts asking questions about the assassination. Anyone she questions is killed. She goes to Thomas s house to tell him what is happening. As they head to his boat, Thomas sees some men hiding in the bushes. He sees a bomb on his boat, and throws Crawford into the water and dives in after her as the boat explodes. While the pair are underwater, the men move close and open fire on them. Thomas kills two of the hitmen while a third hitman drives off to inform his boss what happened. Thomas and Crawford are able to link the hitmen to a man called Jack Baldwin (Peter Greene).

Thomas and other Secret Service members attack Baldwin s location. Baldwin escapes but is later caught by Thomas. After a meeting with General Montgomery (Burt Reynolds), Thomas and Crawford become suspicious of Vaughan Stevens (James Woods), Thomas s boss, who turns out to have had previous links to Baldwin. While reviewing film of the assassination, Thomas discovers that Stevens handed the assassin a gun during the president s entrance. Thomas leaves to find Stevens while Crawford stays at his house.

When Thomas arrives at Stevens home he finds him dead. Thomas sees a car with a female driver leaving the house. He then receives a call that Baldwin has escaped. Baldwin attacks Crawford, but Thomas arrives and kills him. Thomas arrives at the first lady s (Anne Archer) house to see the car that left Stevens house pulling away. Thomas discovers that the first lady wanted her husband killed because he was being unfaithful to her.

A few weeks later Crawford and Thomas have dinner. Thomas decides that protecting the dead president s reputation is more important than implicating his widow, and tells Crawford that he still does not know who wanted the president dead.


  • Cuba Gooding Jr. as Alex Thomas
  • Angie Harmon as Kate Crawford
  • James Woods as Vaughn Stevens
  • Patrick Fabian as Brian Martin
  • Peter Greene as Jack Baldwin
  • Jack Scalia as The President
  • Anne Archer as The First Lady
  • David Selby as Shakey Fuller
  • Burt Reynolds as General Montgomery


Although set in Washington, D.C., End Game was actually filmed in Spokane as indicated by the end credits, and hinted at by the evergreen fir trees in the background in most outdoor scenes. The actual city of Washington appears only in aerial shots. Part of End Game was filmed on the campus of Gonzaga University.


In the first week End Game opened at #20 at rentals chart and earned $1.18 million.

Year 2006
ReleaseDate 2006-07-21
RuntimeMins 93
RuntimeStr 1h 33min
Plot A secret Service agent and a news reporter investigate the conspiracy behind the assassination of the President.
Awards Awards, 1 nomination
Directors Andy Cheng
Writers J.C. Pollock, Andy Cheng
Stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Angie Harmon, James Woods
Produced by Boaz Davidson,Danny Dimbort,Manfred D. Heid,Gerd Koechlin,Josef Lautenschlager,Avi Lerner,Johnny Martin,Juan Mas,David E. Ornston,Brett Ratner,Richard Salvatore,Trevor Short,Andreas Thiesmeyer,Tierre Turner
Music by Kenneth Burgomaster
Cinematography by Chuck Cohen
Film Editing by Julia Wong
Casting By Rosemary Welden
Production Design by Vincent DeFelice
Set Decoration by Benjamin Maixner
Costume Design by Melissa Lacombe
Makeup Department Trista Jordan,Arlene Nagle,Jolynn Nieto,Angel Radefeld,Kimberly Ulmer
Production Management Rich Cowan,George Gale,Ian Kennedy,Kathie McCallister
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Greg Guzik,Johnny Martin,Spiro Razatos
Art Department Dan Beyer,Craig Binkley,Lee Lazarow,Charles Lewis,David Steen,Jana Treadwell
Sound Department Jason Brennan,Chris Clifford,Marc Glassman,Anthony Krajchir,Paul Menichini,Nancy Parker,Paul Ratajczak,Carlos Sanches,Gabriel J. Serrano,Tom Taylor,Steven Utt,Britton Ortize,Ernest Sample
Special Effects by Giuliano Fiumani,Craig Reedy,Jim Reedy,Frank Toro
Visual Effects by Simeon Asenov,Scott Coulter,Miroslav Dikov,Nikolay Gachev,Emil Georgiev,Velislava Gospodinova,Ivan Grozev,Dobromir Hristov,Velichko Ivanov,Milen Jiliazkov,Delyan Ketipov,Momchil Kirov,Nikolay Kolev,Danail Lazarov,Ivaylo Marinov,Jordan Markov,Maria Mavrova,Nikolay Mihailov,Nikolay Mishonov,Krasimir Paskalev,Nikola Simeonov,Stefan Tchakarov,Filip Uzunov,Adriana Valcheva,Borislava Zahova,Milen Zhelyazkov,Jeff Douglas
Stunts Joe Cofer,Eddie J. Fernandez,Al Goto,Anita Hart,Mark Hicks,Yoshio Iizuka,John Koyama,Spencer Sano,John Siciliano,Justin Sundquist,Michael Trisler
Camera and Electrical Department Andy Barden,Bob Clifford,Brianne Cronkhite,Tamia Diaz,Tim Eberly,T.G. Firestone,Christopher Fyan,Brad Grimmett,Steve Hurson,Mike Kjolso,Mateo Londono,Matthew May,Cassius McCabe,Mike McEveety,Dan Misner,Justin O Shaughnessy,Joe Vitellaro,Mike Vukas
Costume and Wardrobe Department Kirstin Bianchi,Alayna Caryl,Lisa Caryl-Vukas,Rebecca Cook,Julia Gelfgatt,Lori Maloney,Wesley Bryan Walker
Editorial Department Alexandra Leviloff,Tim Maffia,Sarah Parker
Location Management Maura Feely,John Petty
Music Department Selena Arizanovic,Drew DeAscentis,Tanjeeb Khan,Ashley Waldron
Script and Continuity Department Lisa Collins
Transportation Department Steve Evans,Bart Heimburger,John Suttles
Additional Crew Rachel Abarbanell,Megan Albertus,Craig Antioco,Donald Bruce,Rachel Cates,Jessica Dolan,Claude Forest,Michael Gershowitz,Pamela B. Green,Kris Hafso,Brad Harland,Elizabeth Harrington,Cole Hoover,Kent Kimball,Susannah Lowber,Gretchen Oyster,Frederic Perrin,Lonnie Ramati,Amanda R. Robinson,Scott Roddan,Mary C. Russell,Tristan Staton,Pete Stroud,Sharla Tandler,Jarik Van Sluijs,T.J. Williams
Genres Action, Thriller
Companies Millennium Films, Two Sticks Productions, Martini Films
Countries Germany, USA, Canada
Languages English
ContentRating R
ImDbRating 5.1
ImDbRatingVotes 5450
Keywords car chase,painting,flipping car,warrior,surprise ending