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Man of Steel is a 2013 superhero film based on the DC Comics character Superman. Produced by Syncopy, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is the first installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and a reboot of the Superman film series that portrays the character s origin story. The film is directed by Zack Snyder, written by David S. Goyer from a story by him and Christopher Nolan, who also produces, and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, and Russell Crowe. In the film, Clark Kent learns that he is a superpowered alien from the planet Krypton. He assumes the role of mankind s protector as Superman, making the choice to face General Zod and prevent him from destroying humanity.

Development began in 2008 when Warner Bros. took pitches from comic book writers, screenwriters, and directors, opting to reboot the franchise. In 2009, a court ruling resulted in Jerry Siegel s family recapturing the rights to Superman s origins and Siegel s copyright. The decision stated that Warner Bros. did not owe the families additional royalties from previous films, but if they did not begin production on a Superman film by 2011, then the Shuster and Siegel estates would be able to sue for lost revenue on an unproduced film. Producer Christopher Nolan pitched Goyer s idea after story discussion on The Dark Knight Rises, and Snyder was hired as the film s director in October 2010. Principal photography began in August 2011 in West Chicago, Illinois, before moving to Vancouver and Plano, Illinois.

Man of Steel premiered in the Alice Tully Hall on June 10, 2013, and was released in theaters 4 days later in 2D, 3D, and IMAX. It received mixed reviews from critics, who praised the film s action sequences, cinematography, visual effects, Snyder s direction and Hans Zimmer s score, as well as Shannon s performance as Zod, although they were divided on Cavill s performance as Superman, while its pacing and serious tonal approach to Superman was criticized. The film grossed over $668 million worldwide, it made a net profit of approximately $42 million, and is the ninth-highest-grossing film of 2013. It is the final DC film co-financed by Legendary Pictures. A follow-up entitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released on March 25, 2016.


The planet Krypton is destabilized from the mining of the planetary core. Just before the planet explodes, Krypton s supreme council chief advisor Jor-El infuses the genetics codex into his infant son, Kal-El, the first naturally born Kryptonian child in centuries. Jor-El manages to send Kal-El in a spacecraft toward Earth before being killed by General Zod during an uprising. Kal-El lands in Kansas, where he is adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent and named Clark. As he grows older, he develops superhuman powers that Jonathan urges him to keep hidden, even refusing Clark s help years later during a tornado incident where he loses his life. Burdened with guilt over Jonathan s death, Clark travels the globe hiding under various aliases seeking a purpose in life.

Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane receives an assignment to investigate the discovery of a Kryptonian scout ship in the Canadian Arctic. Clark enters the ship disguised as a worker and learns from its artificial intelligence (AI), modeled after his father Jor-El, that Clark was sent to Earth to guide its people. While following Clark, Lois inadvertently triggers the ship s security system, and he uses his powers to rescue Lois from its defenses. He wears a uniform provided by the ship s AI and begins testing his flying abilities. Unable to convince supervisor Perry White to publish an article on the incident, Lois tracks down Clark in Smallville, with the intent of exposing him. However, Lois drops the story upon hearing of Jonathan Kent s sacrifice, keeping Clark s identity safe, which fuels Perry s suspicions.

Zod and his crew escape the Phantom Zone, where they were imprisoned for treason for their actions against Krypton. They travel to Earth to turn it into a new Krypton, possessing several terraforming devices salvaged from Kryptonian outposts. Following Clark and Lois capture, Zod s science officer, Jax-Ur, extracts Clark s genes to create Kryptonian colonists who will build a society based on Zod s ideals of genetic purity. Using the Jor-El AI to take over the ship, Clark and Lois flee and warn the U.S. military of Zod s plan, resulting in an explosive confrontation between Clark and Zod s troops.

Zod deploys his most powerful terraforming device, the World Engine, which severely damages Metropolis and puts humanity s existence at risk. Given the codename Superman , Clark destroys the terraforming platform while the military launches a suicide attack, sending Zod s troops back to the Phantom Zone. With the ship destroyed and Krypton s only hope of revival gone, Zod vows to destroy Earth and its inhabitants out of revenge. The two Kryptonians engage in a lengthy battle across Metropolis, which concludes when Clark is forced to kill Zod as he attacks a family in a train station. Sometime later, Clark adopts the moniker Superman and persuades the government to let him act independently, under the condition he does not turn against humanity. To gain covert access to dangerous situations, he takes a job under his civilian identity, Clark Kent, as a freelance reporter for the Daily Planet.


  • Henry Cavill as Kal-El / Clark Kent: A Kryptonian with superhuman powers and abilities, sent by his parents to Earth as an infant to escape the destruction of his homeworld, Krypton, and raised under the mental guidance of farmers in Smallville, Kansas, until he is inspired by the holographic message from his late father to become Earth s greatest protector. Cavill is the first non-American actor to play the character. He was previously cast in Superman: Flyby, which was ultimately shelved, and was considered for the role in the 2006 film Superman Returns, but lost to Brandon Routh. Cavill stated, There s a very real story behind the Superman character. He explained that everyone s goal has been to explore the difficulties his character faces as a result of having multiple identities—including his birth name, Kal-El, and his alter ego, Clark Kent. Cavill also stated that, He s alone and there s no one like him, referring to Superman s vulnerabilities. That must be incredibly scary and lonely, not to know who you are or what you are, and trying to find out what makes sense. Where s your baseline? What do you draw from? Where do you draw a limit with the power you have? In itself, that s an incredible weakness. In an interview with Total Film magazine, Cavill stated he had been consuming nearly 5,000 calories a day, training for over two hours daily and plowing protein to pack on the muscle mass. Tyler Hoechlin (who would later play the character in the Arrowverse and Superman & Lois), Matthew Goode, Armie Hammer, Joe Manganiello and Colin O Donoghue were also considered for the role. Manganiello was subsequently cast as Deathstroke in Justice League. Cooper Timberline was cast as the 9-year-old Clark Kent, and Dylan Sprayberry was cast as the 13-year-old Clark Kent.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane: A reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper and the love interest of Clark Kent. Adams was selected from a list of actresses that included Kristen Stewart, Zoe Saldaña, Olivia Wilde, and Mila Kunis. There was a big, giant search for Lois, Snyder said. For us, it was a big thing and obviously a really important role. We did a lot of auditioning, but we had this meeting with Amy Adams and after that I just felt she was perfect for it. Adams auditioned for the role three times: once for the unproduced Superman: Flyby, and the second time for Superman Returns before landing the current role. Adams was confirmed to play Lois Lane in March 2011. While announcing the role, Snyder said in a statement, We are excited to announce the casting of Amy Adams, one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today. Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful. On portraying Lois Lane, Adams stated that the film would feature a Lois Lane who is an independent, feisty woman … but set in a more identifiable world. Adams said that She has become more of a free-ranging journalist, someone who likes to be hands-on. The nature of the newspaper business has changed so much. There is so much more pressure.
  • Michael Shannon as General Zod: A Kryptonian general with the same superpowers as Superman, bent on transforming Earth into a new Krypton under his reign. Viggo Mortensen and Daniel Day-Lewis were also considered for the role. Snyder stated, Zod is not only one of Superman s most formidable enemies, but one of the most significant because he has insights into Superman that others don t. Michael is a powerful actor who can project both the intelligence and the malice of the character, making him perfect for the role. When Goyer was asked about why Zod was chosen as the villain, he stated, The way (Christopher) Nolan and I have always approached movies as well is you never say, Hey, which villain would be cool for this movie? You start with the story first. What kind of story? What kind of theme do you want to tell? So we worked that out. Then, usually the villain becomes obvious in terms of who s going to be the appropriate antagonist for that. When you guys see the movie, the only villain we could ve used was Zod and the Kryptonians. I mean, when you see what the whole story is, nothing else would have even made sense.
  • Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent: Clark s adoptive father. Snyder explained his reason for his casting the on-screen couple is solely for the realism: I think the thing you realize when you look at Diane and Kevin, in our decision to cast them so far, you sort of get a sense of how tonally we re looking at the movie, and what you realize is that those guys are serious actors, and we re taking this movie very seriously in terms of the tone of having those guys. You re talking about having a situation where whatever the action is or whatever the drama of the movie is, our first priority is to make sure it s rendered in the most realistic way we can get at.
  • Diane Lane as Martha Kent: Clark s adoptive mother. Lane was the first cast member to join the film after Cavill. This was a very important piece of casting for me because Martha Kent is the woman whose values helped shape the man we know as Superman, Snyder said in the release. We are thrilled to have Diane in the role because she can convey the wisdom and the wonder of a woman whose son has powers beyond her imagination.
  • Laurence Fishburne as Perry White: Editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet and the boss of Lois Lane. Fishburne is the first African-American to play Perry White in a live-action film. Fishburne remarked of his role: y inspiration really is the late Ed Bradley, who was a CBS correspondent on 60 Minutes for many years … legendary Ed Bradley … was a friend, a mentor, and a role model for me, particularly because he worked in journalism, and he was the kind of guy who walked with kings, but he had the common touch. And so he was my inspiration for Perry.
  • Antje Traue as Faora-Ul: General Zod s sub-commander and a commander of the Kryptonian military, who is completely devoted and loyal to Zod. Gal Gadot was offered the role but declined because she was pregnant at that time; this allowed her to be later cast as Wonder Woman in the film s sequel. Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike were also considered for the role. About the role of Faora, Traue said in an interview: What I liked about her was that as a woman, we have certain doubts and we think too much sometimes about ourselves and all these things, they re not there for Faora. She s a bred warrior. So to really focus on that aspect, that fear is a chemical reaction and that it was bred out of her and she doesn t have it, it s liberating when you actually think about it. That you re just a one-track mind, there s no filter, there s no double meaning. She gets orders and she answers those orders without a question.
  • Ayelet Zurer as Lara Lor-Van: Kal-El s biological mother and loyal wife to Jor-El. Julia Ormond had previously been announced as cast, but dropped out. Connie Nielsen was in negotiations for the role before Zurer was cast. Nielsen was subsequently cast as Queen Hippolyta in Wonder Woman.
  • Christopher Meloni as Col. Nathan Hardy: A United States Air Force officer, call sign Guardian , assigned to the United States Northern Command.
  • Russell Crowe as Jor-El: A Kryptonian scientist who is Kal-El s biological father. Sean Penn and Clive Owen were also considered for the role. Crowe incorporates how his own fatherhood informed his reading of the script to portray Jor-El, stating that … it was one of those things where that s how it was connecting me. That s the question that Jor-El faces, that s the situation that he s in. Crowe also comments on his preparation for the film stating that: When I signed on … well, one, I didn t realize that I would be wearing Spandex— cause you know that s Superman s costume—I didn t realize that I d have to fit into it as well, Crowe said. But, I also didn t realize the type of organiser that Zack Snyder is, cause this was really old-school prep. This is sort of David Lean-level preparation, and I really appreciated him. And I was on the movie for three and a half or four months before I even got in front of the camera.

Additionally, Harry Lennix plays Lieutenant General Calvin Swanwick, a United States Army general officer and the deputy commander of United States Northern Command. Christina Wren plays Capt. Carrie Ferris, a United States Air Force officer and the assistant to General Swanwick. Richard Schiff plays Dr. Emil Hamilton, a scientist who works with the United States Armed Forces for DARPA. Carla Gugino portrays the voice of Kelor, the Kryptonian AI service-robot. Mackenzie Gray plays Jax-Ur, a Kryptonian scientist who is one of General Zod s followers. Michael Kelly plays Steve Lombard, an employee of the Daily Planet, and Rebecca Buller plays Jenny Jurwich, an intern of the Daily Planet. Jadin Gould, Rowen Kahn, and Jack Foley, respectively, play Lana Lang, Kenny Braverman, and Pete Ross, classmates of Clark Kent in high school. Joseph Cranford portrays Ross as an adult. Richard Cetrone, Samantha Jo, Revard Dufresne and Apollonia Vanova, respectively, play Tor-An, Car-Vex, Dev-Em II and Nadira, Kryptonian soldiers that follow General Zod.



He basically told me, I have this thought about how you would approach Superman , I immediately got it, loved it and thought: That is a way of approaching the story I ve never seen before that makes it incredibly exciting. I wanted to get Emma Thomas and I involved in shepherding the project right away and getting it to the studio and getting it going in an exciting way.

—Christopher Nolan, recalling the moment when Goyer presented the idea of a modernized Superman.

In June 2008, Warner Bros. took pitches from comic book writers, screenwriters and directors on how to successfully reboot the Superman film series. Comic book writers Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns and Brad Meltzer were among those who pitched their ideas for a reboot: I told them, it s not that bad. Just treat Superman Returns as the Ang Lee Hulk , Morrison said. Waid said: The Incredible Hulk has proven the audience will forgive you and let you redo the franchise . Morrison s idea was similar to their work on All-Star Superman, while Waid s was akin to Superman: Birthright. Mark Millar, teaming with director Matthew Vaughn, also planned an epic eight-hour Superman trilogy, each installment released a year apart, similar to The Lord of the Rings. Millar compared it to The Godfather trilogy, in which it would chronicle the entire life of Superman, from the early days of Krypton, where little Kal-El witnesses his father s tireless struggle to save the planet, to the finale where Superman loses his powers as the Sun starts to go supernova. According to Millar, Vaughn suggested his Stardust actor Charlie Cox as a Golden-Age inspired Superman when he was a bit more of a regular person .

In August 2008, Warner Bros. suggested a reboot of the film series. Studio executive Jeff Robinov planned to have the film released either by 2010 or 2011, explaining that Superman Returns didn t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to. It didn t position the character the way he needed to be positioned. Had Superman worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009. Now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman without regard to a Batman and Superman movie at all. Paul Levitz stated in an interview that Batman holds the key to the Superman reboot. He elaborated: Everyone is waiting for Nolan to sign on for another Batman, once that happens, the release date for Superman and all other future projects will follow. In February 2009, McG, who previously planned to direct Superman: Flyby, expressed interest in returning to the Superman franchise. August 2009 saw a court ruling in which Jerry Siegel s family recaptured 50% of the rights to Superman s origins and Siegel s share of the copyright in Action Comics #1. In addition, a judge ruled that Warner Bros. did not owe the families additional royalties from previous films. However, if they did not begin production on a Superman film by 2011, then the Siegel estate would have been able to sue for lost revenue on an unproduced film.

The plot of Man of Steel employs a nonlinear narrative, and tells parts of the story in flashbacks. During story discussions for The Dark Knight Rises in 2008, David S. Goyer told Christopher Nolan his idea regarding how to present Superman in a modern context. Impressed with Goyer s concept, Nolan pitched the idea to the studio, who hired Nolan to produce and Goyer to write based on the financial and critical success of The Dark Knight. Nolan admired Bryan Singer s work on Superman Returns for its connection to Richard Donner s version, stating that a lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that s what I know how to do , emphasizing the idea that Batman exists in a world where he is the only superhero and a similar approach to the Man of Steel would assure the integrity needed for the film. Nolan, however, clarified that the new film would not have any relationship with the previous film series, in which he commented: Each serves to the internal logic of the story. They have nothing to do with each other .

Robinov spoke to Entertainment Weekly, and allowed a peek over the wall of secrecy surrounding their DC Comics plans: It s setting the tone for what the movies are going to be like going forward. In that, it s definitely a first step. Plans included for the film to contain references to the existence of other superheroes, alluding to the possibility of a further DC Universe, and setting the tone for a shared fictional universe of DC Comics characters on film. Guillermo del Toro, with whom Goyer worked on Blade II, turned down the director s position on the reboot because of his commitment on a film adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness, while Robert Zemeckis was also approached. Ben Affleck (who would eventually be cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film s sequel), Darren Aronofsky, Duncan Jones, Jonathan Liebesman, Matt Reeves (who would later direct a Batman reboot), and Tony Scott were considered as potential directors, before Zack Snyder was hired in October 2010. Casting began the following November. Snyder confirmed both Booster Gold and Batman references in the film, indicating their presence in the DC shared film universe. When Zod destroys a satellite, the words Wayne Enterprises are scrolled on the satellite.

The film s storyboard was created by storyboard artist Jay Oliva, in his first live-action feature film project, along with Snyder. Oliva has cited the Japanese anime shows Dragon Ball Z and Birdy the Mighty as an inspiration for the film s epic battle scenes. During the film s brainstorming, Oliva pitched the idea as I could come up with something I ve never seen in live-action American cinema and only in anime .


Principal photography began on August 1, 2011, at an industrial park near DuPage Airport under the codename Autumn Frost . Zack Snyder expressed reluctance to shooting the film in 3-D, due to the technical limitations of the format, and instead chose to shoot the film two-dimensionally and convert the film into 3-D in post production, for a 2-D, 3-D, and IMAX 3-D release. Snyder also chose to shoot the film on film instead of digitally, because he felt it would make the film a big movie experience . Cinematographer Amir Mokri shot the film with Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2 cameras and C-Series anamorphic lenses. Filming was expected to last for two to three months. Production took place in Plano, Illinois on August 22 to 29. According to an interview with Michael Shannon, filming would continue until February 2012.

Man of Steel filmed in the Chicago area, California, and Burnaby s Mammoth Studios in Vancouver, which was utilized as a set for Krypton and the extraterrestrial aircraft portrayed in the film. Vancouver s North Shore waterfront area was also used for the oil rig rescue scene where Superman is first introduced. Ucluelet and Nanaimo, British Columbia, feature prominently in the film s first hour—the trademark winter mist and rough seas are passed off as Alaska in the film. Filming took place in the Chicago Loop from September 7 to 17. The Chicago shoot was a unit project, meaning that filming would partake numerous establishing shots as well as cutaways and might not necessarily include principal cast members.


Man of Steel features a redesigned Superman costume by James Acheson and Michael Wilkinson. The costume preserves the color scheme and S logo, but adopts darker tones, and notably does not feature the red trunks usually worn by Superman. Zack Snyder said the costume is a modern aesthetic . He and the producers attempted to devise a suit featuring the red trunks, but could not design one that fit into the tone of the film, leading to their removal from the suit. Because of Wilkinson s unavailability, Snyder chose Acheson to design the suit; however, he only started developing it, and Wilkinson finished the development when he returned, and designed the other character s costumes as well. Due to the substantial weight a practical suit would yield, the Kryptonian armor for General Zod was constructed through CGI to allow Shannon freedom of movement . In a March 2014 interview with Esquire, Wilkinson explained the reason for the look of Superman s redesigned suit:

A lot of the efforts we took in the film were to explain why the suit looks the way it does. We didn t want it to be a random, ornamental decision. We start the film on the planet of Krypton, which is where the suit comes from, and we go to great pains to show the suit fitting into the culture. All of the people you see on Krypton are wearing this chainmail-like suit, with the same detailing as the Superman suit. Everyone has their family crests on their chests. The cuff and the boot details are shared through all of the different characters we meet on Krypton. So by the time we see Superman in his suit we understand why it looks the way it looks.


John DJ Desjardin served as the visual supervisor for Man of Steel, with Weta Digital, MPC and Double Negative providing the visual effects for the film. Zack Snyder wanted the film to appear very natural because there s some very fantastical things in there and he wanted people to suspend their disbelief, and we the visual effects team had to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Desjardin noted that the intent in shooting the film was to utilize handheld devices to make the film feel like a documentary-style film. Desjardin said: We had to think about what that would mean, since we also had to photograph some crazy action. So for a lot of the previs we did, we d start to think where our cameras were and where our cameraman was. A lot of the rules are the Battlestar Galactica rules for the space cams that Gary Hurtzel developed for that miniseries, where we want to make sure if we re translating the camera at all it makes sense. Unless the action is so over the top, like in the end where Superman is beating up Zod—we had to break it a bit.

For the first act of the film taking place on the planet Krypton, Weta Digital placed alien-like planet environments, creatures and the principal means of display—a technology the filmmakers called liquid geometry . Weta Digital visual effects supervisor Dan Lemmon explained that it s a bunch of silver beads that are suspended through a magnetic field, and the machine is able to control that magnetic field so that the collection of beads behave almost like three-dimensional pixels, and they can create a surface that floats in the air and describes whatever the thing is you re supposed to be seeing. The beads of the display, which up close would appear to be pyramids with a slight bevel, were designed to create a surface of the object to depict inside a console-like figure.

In the modeling and animation aspect of the liquid geometry, Goodwin explained: We had to develop a pipeline to bring in assets, so instead of going through the route of reducing the polygon count to something usable what we would then do—you would take the model in whatever way it was made and just scatter discrete points onto it, and extract the matrix onto the animation and copy these points onto the matrix and have these sparse points behaving in a way that the model would. After the animation, artists duplicated the beads onto the animated geometry for a pre-simulated lighting version to get approval on how the object would read. Sims were then run on all the targets which would be discrete beads floating around on top of the surface which would have its own set of parameters , in which Goodwin further explained: The bead size or the turbulence that would crawl along the surface constantly updating the orientation was based on the normal provided by the surface. That was then saved to disk and we would use that sim as the final target for the simulation. After the simulation process, Weta Digital ran every bead through a temporal filter to remove jitter to control the noise. Lighting solutions directly worked on the set. Weta utilized RenderMan to take advantage of improved ray tracing and instancing objects.

The sequences where Superman utilizes close-combat fight scenes with the other Kryptonians proved to be a major challenge for the filmmakers and the visual effects crew. Desjardin explained: When we do these fights and these hyper-real things, we don t want to do the traditional, OK I m a cameraman, I m shooting a clean plate, I m going to pan over here to follow the action that s not really there yet but we ll put the action in later. Because that s us animating the characters to the camera. So we would do that animation with the characters—grappling, punching or flying away—and we would take the real guys up until the point until they were supposed to do that and we d cut. Then we d put an environment camera there and take the environment. And then a camera for reference of the actors and get each moment. So then we had a set of high-res stills for the environment and the characters. Then, in post, we take the digi-doubles and animate them according to the speeds we want them to move in our digital environment.

MPC handled the visual effects for the Smallville encounter sequence. Before providing the visual effects, the shots were previsualized for the fight choreography. After the previsualizations, live action portions of the scene would be filmed in small pieces: If say Superman was being punched and would land 50 meters away, we would shoot our start position and end position, and then bridge that gap with the CG takeovers , says Guillaume Rocheron, the MPC visual effects supervisor. A camera rig would then obtain key frames of the choreographed actor; Desjardin said it s a six-still camera rig that s built on a pipe rig so that you can run it in at the end of a setup and get stills of key frames of a performance or an expression, and then we could use those hi-res stills to project onto the CG double and get really accurate transition lighting and color—right from the set.

On set, a camera rig was used to capture the environment of the sequence. Dubbed enviro-cam , the visual effects crew would mount a Canon EOS 5D and a motorized nodal head, allowing the crew to capture the environment at a 360-degree angle with 55K resolution for every shot, the process would take approximately two to four minutes. The set capture resulted in lighting and textures that could be reprojected onto geometry. Full-screen digital doubles were a major component for the fighting sequences. Digital armor was also added, along with the energy-based Kryptonian helmets. Cyberscan and FACS were conducted with the actors, and polarized and non-polarized reference photos were taken. Superman s cape and costume were scanned in high detail—the cape in particular became a direct extension of Superman s actions.

For the sequences involving the terraforming of the city Metropolis, Double Negative handled the visual effects for the sequence. In order to construct a Metropolis that seemed convincing and realistic, Double Negative utilized Esri s CityEngine to help procedurally deliver the city. According to Ged Wright, a Double Negative visual effects supervisor, it was a much more sci-fi based role, so we took what they had done and extended it a great deal. The work we were doing was based around the Downtowns for New York, L.A. and Chicago and that gave us the building volumes for heights. We d skin those volumes with kit parts, but most of it then had to fall down! So we had to rig it for destruction and use it for other aspects of the work as well.

For the destruction of the buildings, the studio rewrote its own asset system to focus towards its dynamic events. The Bullet physics software was a heavily impacted component for the utilization of the destruction. Wright said that we wanted to be able to run an RBD event and trigger all these secondary events, whether it was glass or dust simulations—all of those things needed to be chained up and handled in a procedural way. One of the advantages of this was that, because it was all based around a limited number of input components, you can make sure they re modeled in a way they re usable in effects—you can model something but they ll be another stage to rig it for destruction. Fire, smoke, and water stimulation tools were developed at the Double Negative studio. The studio transitioned between the existing proprietary volume rendering software to rendering in Mantra for elements such as fireball sims. Double Negative also used the in-house fluids tool Squirt to handle larger-scale sims and interaction for more tightly coupled volumes and particles. Regarding the battle between Superman and Zod, Double Negative implemented real photography onto its digital doubles.


Hans Zimmer initially denied popular rumors that he would be composing the film s score, but in June 2012, it was confirmed that Zimmer would, in fact, be doing so after all. To completely distinguish Man of Steel from the previous films, the iconic Superman March by John Williams was not used. Hans Zimmer s soundtrack for Man of Steel was released publicly on June 11, 2013. An unofficial rip of the musical score from the third trailer, entitled An Ideal of Hope , confirmed to be a cut-down version of the track What Are You Going to Do When You Are Not Saving the World? , was released on April 19. In late April, the official track listing of the two-CD deluxe edition was revealed.


Many reviewers interpreted Man of Steel as a religious allegory, especially since Warner Bros. set up a website that contains a nine-page pamphlet entitled Jesus: The Original Superhero . Justin Craig compares Kal-El s struggle to the Passion of Christ, stating that Kal-El is more than willing to sacrifice himself to save the people of Earth. Originally reluctant to reveal his identity and powers to the world, Superman decides to turn himself over to Zod to save humanity from annihilation. Craig also states that there is an allegory to the Trinity within Man of Steel: Jor-El returns to Kal-El on Earth as a ghost, guiding his budding superhero son on his journey to salvation. Before Jor-El sends his son off to Earth baby Moses-style, he tells his wife that, like Jesus, He ll be a god to them. Paul Asay of The Washington Post writes that Superman floats in space with his arms splayed out as if nailed to an invisible cross, a fact that Craig also mentioned in his assessment of the film. The protagonist of the film is also 33 years old and seeks counsel at a church.

Writing for The Huffington Post, Colin Liotta compared Zod to Adolf Hitler, citing: He feels his vision for a pure Krypton (i.e. a society like the one Hitler envisioned with his eugenics program) is the only answer for survival. The sequence where a young Clark s powers overwhelm him in grade school, leading to him shutting himself in a closet, has led many to speculate that DCEU Superman is either autistic or meant to represent the struggles of autism. Many noted that when Martha comforts him, she encourages him to hone out the world by focusing on her voice, an example of hyperfocus; a necessary tool for many autistics to reduce overstimulation.


Warner Bros. and DC Comics won the rights to the domain name, in use by a member of the public, for use for the film s official website. On November 20, 2012, for the release of The Dark Knight Rises DVD and Blu-ray, Warner Bros. launched a countdown on the film s website where fans could share the countdown on websites like Facebook or Twitter to unlock an exclusive reward . On December 3, 2012, the exclusive reward was revealed to be an official Man of Steel teaser poster. The poster, which depicts Superman being arrested, generated a positive response and much speculation about the film s story. On December 10, 2012, a website appeared at that provided audio signals to be decoded by viewers. It was discovered to be related to the film due to the copyright on the website. By December 11, 2012, the decoded message led readers to another website with a countdown that led to the public release of the trailer. In anticipation of the film, Mattel unveiled a toy line which includes Movie Masters action figures. In addition, Lego released three Man of Steel sets, inspired by scenes from the film; Rubie s Costume Co. also released a new line of Man of Steel-inspired costumes and accessories for both kids and adults. The film has reportedly earned over $160 million from promotional tie-ins.

Viral marketing campaigns for the film began when the official website was replaced by deep space radio waves . The message was decoded to reveal a voice that said You Are Not Alone . The official site continued to be updated with new static files that slowly revealed the symbol for the film s villain, General Zod. Shortly after, the website was replaced with a message from Zod, who requested that Earth must return Kal-El to his custody and told Kal-El to surrender within 24 hours or the world would suffer the consequences. A viral site called was released that showed a countdown to the third trailer for the film.

Warner Bros. enlisted Christian-based marketing firm Grace Hill Media to help spread the Christian themes of the film to the religious demographics. Special trailers were created outlining the religious tones, due to Hollywood studios frequently marketing movies to specific religious and cultural groups. Warner Bros. previously marketed films such as The Blind Side, The Notebook, The Book of Eli and the Harry Potter series to faith-based groups. Warner Bros. also asked Professor Craig Detweiler of Pepperdine University to create a Superman-centric sermon outline for pastors titled Jesus: The Original Superhero. Regarding this, Paul Asay of The Washington Post wrote that the religious themes keep coming: Free will. Sacrifice. God-given purpose. Man of Steel isn t just a movie. It s a Bible study in a cape. The messages are so strong that its marketers been explicitly pushing the film to Christian audiences.



Man of Steel held a red carpet premiere at the Lincoln Center s Alice Tully Hall in New York City on June 10, 2013, which featured the attendance of the principal cast members. The film received a wide release on June 14, 2013, in conventional, 3D, and IMAX theaters.

Home media

Man of Steel was released as a single-disc DVD (feature film only), on two-disc DVD with bonus features, and respective Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D combo packs on November 12, 2013, and in the United Kingdom on December 2, 2013. As of January 2019, Man of Steel has sold more than 2.3 million DVDs along with an estimated of 3.3 million Blu-ray Discs totaling $44.2 million and $76 million, respectively, for a total of $120.6 million in sales. The film was later released in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray format on July 19, 2016.


Box office

Man of Steel grossed $291 million in the United States and Canada, and $377 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $668 million, making it the highest-grossing solo Superman film of all time and the second-highest when adjusting for inflation. It is also the second-highest-grossing reboot of all time behind The Amazing Spider-Man. Deadline Hollywood calculated the net profit of the film to be $42.7 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues, making it the ninth most profitable release of 2013. The film earned $116.6 million on its opening weekend, including $17.5 million from IMAX theaters. Man of Steel earned an additional $120 million from DVD and Blu-ray sales.

Man of Steel made $12 million from a Thursday night Walmart screening program, and an additional $9 million from midnight shows. This marked Warner Bros. third-highest advance night/midnight opening, and the biggest advance night/midnight debut for a non-sequel. The film eventually earned $44 million during its opening Friday (including midnight grosses) and $56.1 million when the Thursday night showings are included. The opening-day gross was the second-highest for a non-sequel, and the 20th-largest overall. Its opening weekend gross of $116.6 million was the third-highest of 2013, behind Iron Man 3 ($174.1 million) and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($158.1 million), and the third-highest among non-sequels, behind Marvel s The Avengers ($207.4 million) and The Hunger Games ($152.5 million). It also broke Toy Story 3 s record ($110.3 million) for the highest weekend debut in June (the record was again broken two years later by Jurassic World s opening gross of $208.8 million). However, on its second weekend, Man of Steel s box office fell almost 65%–68% if the Thursday night gross is included—putting it in third place, behind Monsters University and World War Z. Box Office Mojo called it an abnormally large drop, close to the second-weekend decline for Green Lantern.

Man of Steel earned $73.3 million on its opening weekend from 24 countries, which includes $4.2 million from 79 IMAX theaters, setting a June opening-weekend record for IMAX. The film set an opening-day record in the Philippines with $1.66 million. In the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta, the film earned $5.6 million on its opening day and £11.2 million ($17.47 million) on its opening weekend. Its biggest opener outside the United States was in China, with $25.9 million in four days (Thursday to Sunday). In total earnings, its three largest countries after North America are China ($63.4 million), the United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta ($46.2 million) and Australia ($22.3 million).

Critical response

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 56% based on 340 reviews, with an average rating of 6.2/10. The site s consensus reads, Man of Steel s exhilarating action and spectacle can t fully overcome its detours into generic blockbuster territory. On Metacritic, the film received a weighted score of 55 out of 100, based on 47 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews . Audience polls in North America from CinemaScore for the film tallied an average grade of an A− on an A+ to F scale, with those under the age of 18 and older than 50 giving it an A . Cavill s performance as Superman earned mixed reviews, with some critics commenting on perceived stiffness and a lack of charisma.

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times said that Man of Steel covered no new ground with regard to Superman films, and instead, we re plunged back into a mostly-underwhelming film, with underdeveloped characters and supercharged-fight scenes that drag on and offer nothing new in the way of special-effects creativity . The Boston Globe s Ty Burr wrote, What s missing from this Superman saga is a sense of lightness, of pop joy . The Washington Post s Ann Hornaday stated that with Hans Zimmer s turgid, over-produced score , the film is an exceptionally-unpleasant viewing experience . For The Denver Post s Lisa Kennedy, the chief problem with Man of Steel is the rhythm and balance in the storytelling and directing which resulted in a film that swings between destructive overstatement and flat-footed homilies.

Kofi Outlaw, Editor-in-Chief at Screen Rant, gave Man of Steel a 4-out-of-5-star review, stating that Man of Steel has more than earned its keep, and deserves to be THE iconic Superman movie for a whole new generation . He would go on to name Man of Steel the best superhero movie of 2013. Jim Vejvoda of IGN gave Man of Steel a 9 out of 10 while praising the action sequences and the performances of Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon. The performance of Antje Traue as Superman s adversary Faora-Ul, particularly in the Smallville battle scenes, has also been lauded. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone gave it 3 stars out of 4, saying, Caught in the slipstream between action and angst, Man of Steel is a bumpy ride for sure. But there s no way to stay blind to its wonders. Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter said rebooting the franchise was unnecessary, but that the film was confident enough and Snyder s attention to detail careful enough that audiences could overlook another reboot. PopMatters journalist J.C. Maçek III, wrote, The path of this flawed savior isn t quite the one that we have been led to expect and many fans will love that and many fans will decry its comic book-divergent choices. On the other hand, barring Lois Lane s own knowledge of the dual nature of Clark and Superman (thus depriving one of fiction s greatest reveals), the hero we see in the final moments of Man of Steel is nothing if not the character Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created … with just a bit more in the imperfections column. Steve Persall of the Tampa Bay Times stated that, Man of Steel is more than just Avengers-sized escapism; it s an artistic introduction to a movie superhero we only thought we knew. Time magazine s Richard Corliss said, The movie finds its true, lofty footing not when it displays Kal-El s extraordinary powers, but when it dramatizes Clark Kent s roiling humanity. The super part of Man of Steel is just okay, but the man part is super. In a review on Roger Ebert s website, Matt Zoller Seitz awarded the film three out of four stars, calling it an astonishing movie and praising the conflict between Clark and Zod. But he criticized the film for not having more personal and intimate moments between Clark and Lois. In 2014, Empire ranked Man of Steel the 286th-greatest film ever made on their list of The 301 Greatest Movies Of All Time as voted by the magazine s readers.

Speaking to Fox Business Channel, Grae Drake, senior editor of Rotten Tomatoes, expressed dismay over the critical reception, stating, As much as I love and respect our critics at Rotten Tomatoes, I ve got to say I am shocked. Listen, the movie s not perfect but … I just cannot fathom it. It was a good movie, you guys.

Reaction to the film among comics creators was mixed. Those who enjoyed it include Jeff Parker, Heidi MacDonald, Ethan Van Sciver, Christos Gage and former Superman writer Dan Jurgens. Among its detractors were Joe Keatinge, Sean McKeever, Gabriel Hardman and Mark Waid. MacDonald praised the film s action, drama and leads Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. Van Sciver singled out Cavill in particular for praise. Gage called it the best Superman film since 1980 s Superman II. Hardman said that he liked a lot of the mechanics but did not connect with the characters, which robbed the story of tension. Waid, who wrote the origin miniseries Superman: Birthright, criticized the film for its overall joyless tone, and for Superman s decision to kill Zod, a criticism echoed by other creators. Writer Grant Morrison, who wrote the critically acclaimed miniseries All-Star Superman, expressed mixed reaction to the film, saying that while they kinda liked it and kinda didn t , it did not present anything new, as they would have preferred a second act type story with Lex Luthor instead of re-establishing the character by presenting information Morrison is already familiar with. Morrison also questioned the need for a superhero to kill, as did artist Neal Adams. Adams suggested that other alternatives were open to Superman when Zod threatened innocent people with his heat vision, such as covering his eyes. He also criticized Superman for not moving the battle away from Metropolis as the character did at the end of Superman II. Jim Lee had a positive opinion: It’s epic. It’s got a lot of heart, but one of the things that was kind of missing from the last Superman movie I think was the action, and this movie has it in spades. I mean it is a visual thrill ride. It is amazing. You get to see all the powers of Superman, and in all its glory, and I think people are going to be blown away.


Award Date of ceremony Category Recipient(s) Result Ref.
Annie Awards February 1, 2014 Outstanding Animated Effects – Live Action Jonathan Paquin, Brian Goodwin, Gray Horsfield, Mathieu Chardonnet, Adrien Toupet Nominated
British Academy Children s Awards November 25, 2013 BAFTA Kids Vote – Feature Film Man of Steel Nominated
Critics Choice Awards January 16, 2014 Best Actor in an Action Movie Henry Cavill Nominated
Golden Trailer Awards June 17, 2013 Summer 2013 Blockbuster Trailer Man of Steel Nominated
Best Summer 2013 Blockbuster Poster Won
Best Teaser Poster Nominated
Houston Film Critics Society December 15, 2013 Best Original Score Hans Zimmer Nominated
NewNowNext Awards June 17, 2013 Cause You re Hot Henry Cavill Nominated
Next Must-See Movie Man of Steel Won
MTV Movie Awards April 13, 2014 Best Hero Henry Cavill Won
People s Choice Awards January 8, 2014 Favorite Dramatic Actress Amy Adams Nominated
Saturn Awards June 26, 2014 Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture Man of Steel Nominated
Best Performance by a Younger Actor Dylan Sprayberry Nominated
Best Special Effects Joe Letteri, John DJ Desjardin, Dan Lemmon Nominated
Teen Choice Awards August 13, 2013 Choice Movie: Liplock Henry Cavill and Amy Adams Nominated
Choice Summer Movie: Action Man of Steel Nominated
Choice Summer Movie Star: Male Henry Cavill Nominated
Choice Summer Movie Star: Female Amy Adams Nominated
Visual Effects Society February 12, 2014 Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture Daniel Paulsson, Edmund Kolloen, Joel Prager, David Stripinis Nominated
Outstanding FX and Simulation Animation in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture Brian Goodwin, Gray Horsfield, Mathieu Chardonnet, Adrien Toupet Nominated


DC Extended Universe

The success of Man of Steel started Warner Bros. plans of a cinematic universe featuring other DC Comics characters. In June 2013, Goyer was hired to write the sequel to Man of Steel, as well as a Justice League script, with the previous draft being scrapped. In July 2013, Zack Snyder announced at San Diego Comic-Con International that the sequel to Man of Steel would have Superman and Batman meeting for the first time in the next film. Cavill, Adams, Lane and Fishburne were signed on to reprise their roles. Snyder stated that the film would take inspiration from the comic The Dark Knight Returns. In August 2013, Ben Affleck was announced to be playing Batman, while Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in December 2013. Later in December, Chris Terrio was hired to rewrite the script. In January 2014, it was announced that the film had been delayed from its original July 17, 2015 release date to May 6, 2016. In April 2014, it was announced that Snyder would also be directing Goyer s Justice League script. In May 2014, the film s title was revealed to be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Warner Bros. was reportedly courting Terrio to rewrite Justice League the following July, after having been pleased with his rewrite of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Superman star Henry Cavill does not consider it a Superman sequel, Snyder stated that he thinks in a way Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is Man of Steel 2 .

Possible sequel or reboot

In August 2016, TheWrap reported that Warner Bros. put a second standalone Superman film in active development as a top priority. The news was later confirmed by Dany Garcia, Cavill s manager. While promoting Arrival, Amy Adams confirmed that work had begun on the screenplay. In March 2017, it was announced that Matthew Vaughn was being eyed by Warner Bros. to direct. In April 2018, it was reported that Christopher McQuarrie was considering directing the film but later dropped it. In May 2019, however, Polygon reported that Vaughn is no longer in negotiations to direct, adding that the project was going to include some ideas Vaughn and Mark Millar initially pitched in 2008 for their proposed Superman trilogy, whose first film would have taken place mostly on Krypton. In July 2019, McQuarrie revealed that he and Cavill had pitched a Superman film and a Green Lantern film for the studio, but they were rejected. In January 2020, James Gunn said that he was offered to direct a Superman film, which he declined in favor of directing The Suicide Squad. However, he denied the film was going to be part of the Man of Steel universe.

Year 2013
ReleaseDate 2013-06-14
RuntimeMins 143
RuntimeStr 2h 23min
Plot An alien child is evacuated from his dying world and sent to Earth to live among humans. His peace is threatened when other survivors of his home planet invade Earth.
Awards Nominated for 1 BAFTA Award, 7 wins & 46 nominations total
Directors Zack Snyder
Writers David S. Goyer, Christopher Nolan, Jerry Siegel
Stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon
Produced by Wesley Coller,Curt Kanemoto,Christopher Nolan,Jon Peters,Lloyd Phillips,Charles Roven,Deborah Snyder,Emma Thomas,Mark Thomas,Thomas Tull
Music by Hans Zimmer
Cinematography by Amir Mokri
Film Editing by David Brenner
Casting By Kristy Carlson,Lora Kennedy
Production Design by Alex McDowell,Aaron Ragan-Fore
Art Direction by Virginie Bourdin,Chris Farmer,Kim Sinclair
Set Decoration by Anne Kuljian
Costume Design by James Acheson,Michael Wilkinson
Makeup Department Diana Acrey,Anji Bemben,Anne Carroll,Victoria Down,Vanessa Giles,Patricia Gundlach,Alma Izquierdo,Alla Kornilov,Veronica Lorenz,Rosemarie Maldonado,Pamela Milone-McLaughlin,Suzi Ostos,Cheryl Pickenback,Christopher Mark Pinhey,Gina Sherritt,Thomas Terhaar,Vicki Vacca,John JayBee Bivins,Marcus Davis,Céline Godeau,Rosalind Jones-Crosby,Dominic Mango,Francisco X. Pérez,Justin Stafford,Tim Toth
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Marlett,Jason Marlow,Shaun Marnewick,Ernesto Marrero,Scott Marriott,Nic Marrison,Christopher Marshall,Justin Martin,Joseph Marut,Giovanni Mascherpa,Mark Masson,Rachel Matchett,Javad Matoorian-Pour,Nicole Kiele Matteson,Lee Matthews,Christoph Matthiesen,Alesh Mav,Luca Mazzoleni,Phil McAuliffe,Alan McCabe,Mamie McCall,Elizabeth McClurg,Oliver McCluskey,Nathan McConnel,Melissa McCook,Lindsay McDonald,Colin McEvoy,Steve McGee,Dave McGrath,Brody McIlveen,Chris McIlveen,Scott McInnes,Adam McKee,James McPhail,Tom Meade,Gurel Mehmet,Vivek Mehta,James Meikle,Jennifer Giovanna Meire,Rebecca Melander,Emanuel Melgarejo,Zack Melton,Ronnie Menahem,Cedric Menard,Juan Carlos Mendoza,Joel Román Mendías,Jeremy Mesana,Chrissy Metge,Orlando Meunier,Andy Middleton,Goran Milic,Marko Milicevic,Daniel Miller,Keith Miller,Michael Miller,Seth F. Miller,Vladimir Minguillo,Sangita Mistry,Jonathan Mitchell,Saki Mitchell,Mahito Mizobuchi,Azhul Mohamed,Buhas Mohammedunny P.,Dejan Momcilovic,Jonathan Moniatis,Alberto Montañés,Jeremy Mooney-Somers,Richard John Moore,Sara Moore,Gwilym Morris,Darren Mortillaro,Martin Mousseau,Kathrin Julia Mueller,Julia Mueller-Madaus,Matthew Muntean,Masakazu Murakami,Laura Murillo,Ben Murray,Jun Zee Myers,Vanessa Mylchreest,Per Mørk-Jensen,Chris Nabholz,Patrick Nagle,Marcell Nagy,Georges Nakhle,Patrick Nanton,Katrina Navassartian,Anton Nazareth,Martin Necas-Niessner,Marlene Nehls,Kenneth Nelson,Geng Tong Neo,Stephen Newbold,Chun Seong Ng,Nhi Wendy Nguyen,Habib Niazi,Dillan Nicholls,Wolfgang Niedermeier,Kenichi Nishida,Mike J. Nixon,Tom Nixon,Peti Nohotima,Donal Nolan,James Noorani,Victor Norberg,Espen Nordahl,Kevin Norris,Tristan North,Winfield O Brien,Jane O Callaghan,Sean O Hara,Doug Oddy,Andrew Ogawa,Cyrus Ongg,Jonathan Opgenhaffen,Arturo Orgaz Casado,Daniele Orsetti,Sasha Ortega,Clayton Osmus,Alex Ouzande,Satisha P.Y.,Sumit Pabbi,Mangesh Palkrit,Sanjay Panchal,Michael Pangrazio,Sathyan Panneerselvam,Gurpreet Singh Pannu,Nicholas Papworth,Jonathan Paquin,Stephane Paris,Hojin Park,Ryan Parker,Matthew Parkhill,Hunter Parks,Girish Patil,Daniel Paulsson,Goran Pavles,Robert D. Pearson,Anthony Peck,Arnaud Pecqueur,Leandro Pedroni,Laurie Pellard,Chris Pember,Craig Penn,Ana Sofia Mestre de Almeida Pereira,Marco Perez,Paul Perrott,Britni Ziegler Peters,Dana Peters,Kalle Peterson,Nicolas Petit,Chris Phillips,Richard Pickler,Carles Piles,Camil Planella,Danielle Plantec,Stephanie Pocklington,Matthieu Poirey,Andrew Poole,Rupert Porter,Travis Porter,Cornelius Porzig,Hannes Poser,Donna Poynton,Joel Prager,Kukal Prasanth,Yosafat Prayogo,Niklas Preston,Laurence Priest,Chris Priscott,Thomas Proctor,James Prola,Gabriela Pruszkowska,Eddy Purnomo,Stefan Puschendorf,Steven Quinones-Colon,Jonathan Quintero,Ula Rademeyer,Simon Rafin,Søren Ragsdale,Pascal Raimbault,Preetham Raj,Rajabose,Ricardo Alberto Ramos,Troy Ramsey,Michael Ranalletta,Max Rees,Saul Reid,Markus Reithoffer,Stephan Remstedt,Rasmus Rendtoft Jørgensen,Jay Renner,Marco Revelant,Mark Richardson,Daniel Ricwulf,Nicolas Rigaud,Benoit Rimet,Saysana Rintharamy,Christian Rivera,Kyle Robinson,Sophie Robinson,Gaspard Roche,Guillaume Rocheron,Bernardo Rodriguez,Darren Rodriguez,Marco Rolandi,Tom Rolfe,Erasmo P. Romero III,Kevin Romond,David Rose,Stephanie Ross,Sharuddin Rosunally,Julien Rousseau,Jance Rubinchik,Jesús Ruiz Torres,Garry Runke,Jack Runyon,Scott Russell,James Rustad,Desiree Ryden,In Oh Ryu,Ryosuke Leo Sakaue,Zoe Saker-Norrish,Kenneth Sales,Shae Salmon,Michel Samreth,Jose Samson,Sean Samuels,Daniel Sandoval-Guillen,Jared Sandrew,Sean Santiago,Victor Sanz Fernandez,B.S. Rajkumar Sapate,Daryl Sawchuk,Carlo Scaduto,Anya Scarpa,Michael Scarpa,Dan Schick,Claude Schitter,Markus Schmidt,Sebastian H. Schmidt,Arian Schouten,Sebastian Schütt,David Scott,Leanna Vaiman Scott,Rebecca Scott,Robert Seaton,László Sebõ,Paul Seyb,Amir Shachar,Shareef Shanawany,Glen Sharah,Madhu Sharan,Leona Sharkey,Rahul Sharma,Sanjeev Sharma,Sam Sharplin,James Shaw,Holly Inyoung Shin,David Short,Roger Shortt,Robert Shrider,Andrew Simmonds,Amitkumar Singh,Rupa Singh,Kris Sison,Karl Sisson,Brett Skinner,Olaf Skjenna,Adam Slater,Michael Slater,Lori Smallwood,Anton Smit,Billy Smith,Brendan Smith,Cameron Smith,Craig W. Smith,Eric Smith,Jeremy Smith,Katherine Smith,Marc Smith,Matthew Smith,Jason Snyman,Angie Young-Ji Sohn,Perry Hyunwoo Sohn,Richard Soledad,Sepp Sonntag,Frederic Soumagnas,Roy Soumyadipta,Carla Sparrow,Lisa Spence,Richard Spriggs,Jesse Squire,Kai Stavginski,Richard Stay,Justin Steel,Chris Stefiuk,Albrecht Steinmetz,Giulia Stermieri,John Stevenson-Galvin,Matteo Stirati,Paul Venn Stirling,Justin Stockton,Yesod Stone,David Philip Stripinis,Jonathan Stroud,Petra Stueben,Peter Sumner,Brian Sunderlin,Finlay Sutton,Masaya Suzuki,James Sweeney,Christopher Sweet,Attila Szalma,Albert Szostkiewicz,Susan Taaffe,Mark Tait,Eric Tang,Christopher Tanks,Anne Taunga,Sanjay Tawale,Andrew Taylor,Larry Taylor,Sandy Taylor,Michelle Teefey-Lee,Sompong Teekasathien,Tim Teramoto,Kieran Tether,Premranjan Thirukattupali,Gavin Thomas,Nathan Thomas,Prajeesh Thomas,Jithendran Thottupurath,Caroline Ting,Edwina Ting,Steve Tizzard,Blaine Toderian,Jacky Toh,Mathilde Tollec,James Tomlinson,Mark Tompkins,Gladys Tong,Joel Tong,Stephen Tong,Audrea Topps Harjo,Mariko Tosti,Adrien Toupet,Ted Trabucco,Quan Tran,Wayne Traudt,Sanju Travis,Diego Trazzi,Jamie Tremelling,Dan Trezise,Gang Trinh,Stephan Trojansky,Oleg Troy,Sebastian Trujillo,Phil Tsang,Alexandra Turner,Keith Patrick Turner,Miquel Ubeda,Randy Ui,Riaan Underwood,Chris Ung,Ben Ussher,Chris Uyede,Mauricio Valderrama,Manuel Valdez Mendia,Arnaud Valette,Nick van Diem,Nathan Van Horn,Brian van Zanden,Diana Velasquez,Hristo Velev,Milo Verbowski,Keir Vichert,Shiv Kumar Vishwakarma,Eva von Overheidt,Eugénie von Tunzelmann,Oleksandr Vozniuk,Ben Walker,Lauren Walker,Nancy Wang,Loicia Ware,Bret Watkins,Martin Toby Watson,Malcolm Watts,Shraga Weiss,Tyler Wheeler,Ben White,Kevin Whitfield,Shane Christopher Wicklund,Chad Wiebe,Amber Wilkins,Ross Lee Wilkinson,Adam Will,Chantelle Williams,Darren Williams,Gavin Williams,Robin Williams,James Wilson,Wade Wilson,Sophie Wilton,Jessica Winata,Blake Winder,Jedrzej Wojtowicz,Derek Wolfe,Eric Hp Wong,Jasmine Wong,Pornthep Wongkitigumjorn,Chris Wood,Rory Woodford,Ryan John Woodward,Kai Woytke,Ged Wright,Jennifer Wright,Jui-Min Remi Wung,Piotr Fox Wysocki,Junying Xu,Cheng Yang,Ricky Yau,Cao Ye,Rayeon Yeem,Viki Yeo,Niki Yoblonski,Leanne Young,Mark Young,Trevor Young,Christopher Lee Zammit,Jorge Zarate Salas,Tristan Zerafa,Peter Ji Zheng,Shaun Friedberg Pyrokinesis ,Seb Abante,Aileen Acayan,Arpit Achha,Matthew Adams,Olivia Adams,Glen Adlam,Nidhi Agarwal,Stanley Joseph Aghori,Joel Aguilar,Gerardo Aguilera,Gus R. Aguilera,Stuart Allan,David W. Allen,Andrei Allerborn,Stephen Allison,Yalda Armian,Gabriel Arnold,Ruth Asensio,Nicole Ashford,Mathieu Assemat,Nikki Atkinson,Derrick Auyoung,Awadhut,Dan Ayling,Andreea Babiuc,Mathieu Bacchous,Sindharmawan Bachtiar,Daniel Baker,Leslie Baker,Simon Baker,Mahesh Balakrishnan,Michael Jeff Baldemoro,Sam Balzer,Wisam Barkho,Adam Barnett,H.R. Barnett,Brandon Barney,Sonia Bass,Michael Baula,Scott E. Baxter,Bryn Bayliss,Tom Becker,Brittany Bell,Richard Bendo,Nadir Benhassaine,Rodrigo Bernardo,Sachin D. Bhanushali,Jonathan Bird,Kanishk Deb Biswas,Kathryn Jane Black,Gerald Blaise,Derek Blume,Felipe Bohórquez,Caleb Bomysoad,Nick Booth,Chris Bore,Jean-Christophe Boue,Derek Bradley,Dhiraj Brahma,James Braid,Benjamin Bratt,Nina Brautigam,Justin Brekke,Joshua Bristow,Ryan Brooks,Seth Brower,Austin Brown,Colin P. Brown,Boris Bruchhaus,Matt Beauchamp Buck,Jared Buford,Christian Bull,Shaun Bullied,Matthew Bullock,Joerg W. Bungert,Will Burnsteel,Julian Burt,Amirah Busairi,Ria-Bella Buys,Carlos Caballero Valdés,Daniel Caffrey,David Cameron,Sarah Canale,Cedric Enriquez Canlas,William Carley,Dan Carpenter,Alex Carr,Rodrigo Carrasco,Taylor Carrasco,Brendan Carroll,Owen Cartagena,Nicolás Casanova,Remi Cauzid,Caroline Chai,Saptarshi Chakraborty,Arthur Chan,Max Jin Yaw Chan,Raymond Chan,Anoop Chandran,Barish Chandran,Jung Min Chang,Vincent Chang,Kirk Chantraine,Peter Charron,Jason K.S. Cheung,Julian Chong,Sanchari Chowdhury-Kesler,Jasper Chung,Alex Clarke,Erik Classen,Johann Francois Coetzee,Rosie Colligan,Alice Collins,Robert Connor,Gemma Cooper,Shane Cooper,Dan Copping,Juan Francisco Correa Diaz,Alasdair Coull,Andrei Coval,Louis Cox,David Crabtree,Craig Crane,Jim Croasdale,Noemie Cruciani,Mark Curtis,Nic Davidson,Christopher Davies,Robert John Davies,Jayson Davis,Stephen Davis,Stefania De Santis,Sarah de Schot,Frans de Vries,Christopher DeFaria,Reyna Delaney,Joel Delle-Vergin,Steve Dellerson,Stanley A. Dellimore,Thomas Devorsine,Yannick Dewes,Brian Dickett,Timothy Diem,Kenneth Dietrich,Adam Dolby,Jason Dourgarian,Julien Ducenne,Georg Duemlein,Gregory Duncan,Anthony Dunifer,Tim Ebling,Brandon Eddington,Clwyd Edwards,Favian Ee,Jack Elder,Daniel Elliott,Tosh Elliott,Eddie Englander,Alexander Eriksson,Erick Escobales,John Paul Escobar,Huw J. Evans,Brian Eyre,Andrew Farris,Luca Fascione,Kathryn Fay,Oliver Ferguson,Rodney Figueroa,Paul Flanagan,Jay Fleming,Matt Flicker,Sarah Foff,Marvin Fonacier,Jenny Foster,Migael Franken,Nick Fredin,Mathias Frodin,Pierre Fromentin,David Frylund Otzen,Pablo José Fuertes,Sarah Fuller,Adiel Galvan,Michael Garrett,Christoph Genzwürker,Jack George,Abhishek Ghorui,Kunal Ghosh Dastider,Jen Gillespie,Kenneth Gimpelson,Pablo Giménez,Jordi Girones,Peter Godden,Erick Godreau,Jitesh Gohil,Walter Gonzalez,Philip Gordon,Ranjit Gosavi,David Goubitz,Sofus Graae,Cody Graham,Erik Gronfeldt,Christopher Grutzmacher,Lewis Guarniere,Ummi Gudjonsson,Signy Bjorg Gudlaugsdottir,Luis Alejandro Guevara,Andrew J. Hall,Miles Hall,Nick Hanks,Pete Hanson,Rachel Faith Hanson,Patrick Harboun,Jonathan Harden,Pola Hareesh,Richard Harper,Andrew Harris,Joey Harris,Ben Hatton,Stacie Hawdon,Will Haynes,Kelly Haysom,Eric Heaton,Jason Hebert,Ewoud Heidanus,Nicole Hekel,Rachael Hender,Kevin Kim Long Ho,Claire Louise Hoey,Anish Holla,Lisa Hooper,Daniel Horgan,Dan Horne,Jeremy Houtz,Jason Howden,Andrea Huber,Melissa Huerta,Rollin Hunt,Megan Hutchison,Andrew Hutton,Rachel Hydes,Amanda Hyland,Susan Immonen,Lia Ioanniti,Ashley Irving-Scott,Anthony Max Ivins,Christopher Ivins,Sherawn Jackson,Ebrahim Jahromi,Akhilesh Jain,Phillip James,Zafar Janjua,Beau Janzen,Wayne Jaworskyj,Malik Jayawardena,Chris Jestico,Adam Jhani-Stephens,Carolina Jimenez Garcia,Michael Jimenez,Inki Jo,Jimmy Johansson,Amanda Johnstone-Batt,Danny Jones,Owen Jones,Mladen Jovicic,Kimberly Julien,Mark Julien,Lince K.F.,Matthew Kapfhammer,Daveed Kaplan,Henrik Karlsson,Peter Kasim,Shraddha Kate,Simon Kay,Greg Kegel,Kevin Kelm,Aslam Khader Hayath,Dave Kim,Ki-Hyun Kim,Balazs Kiss,Alana Kochno,Jayzica Kong,Robin Konieczny,Jakob Kousholt,Lars Kramer,Markus Kranzler,Dmitri Krasnokoutski,Sundar Krishnamurthy,Uma Krishnamurthy,Ben Krolick,Stephanie Ku,Sujay Kumar G.,Ashwin Kumar,Sanjeev Kumar,Chun-Lin Kuo,Ganesh Lamkhade,Marc Landrain,Chi-Shing Lau,Adam Lauwers,Brian Le Hong,Matthew Leach,Nicolas Leblanc,Pier Lefebvre,Celeste Leizer,Niall Lenihan,Shae Lepere,Luke Letkey,Antoine Letouzey,Joe Letteri,Samuel Leung,Dean Lewandowski,Dominique Libungan,Matthew Lim,Bryan Litson,Darren Little,Cindy Liu,Wendy Lloyd,Jason Lodas,Taz Lodder,Gary L. Lopez,Zoe Lord,Thomas Luff,Matt Lumb,Lap Van Luu,Son T. Ly,Martin López Funes,Melaina Mace,Alex James Macieira,Daniel MacIsaac,Tiana Mackenzie,Sam Maclennan,Garry Maddison,Merlin Bela Wassiij Maertz,Raj Mahendran,Suraj Makhija,Baily Managhan,Rajesh Manayil,Christina Mandia,Samuel Maniscalco,Jade Mansueto,Indah Maretha,Aaron Marine,Tyler Marino,Muhammad Marri,Fernando Martinez,Kimberly Martinez,Tony Masiello,Marc Mason,Deepak Mathur,Dexter Matias,Adam Matis,Chiaki Matsubayashi,Kirk Mawhinney,David Mayhew,Neil Mayo,Lauren McCallum,John McCarten,Jonathan McClintic,David McCormick,Jason McKeeman,Richard McKenzie,Chloe McLean,Robert K.O. McLeod,Ray McMaster,Brandon McMenamin,Donal McMullan,Renton McNeill,Mark McNicholl,Andrew McPhillips,Darshan Mehta,Ravi Mehta,Jeremy Meltzer,Abigail Mendoza,Stephanie Metcalfe,Tony Micilotta,Justin Mijal,Brandon A. Miles,Lex Millena,Scott Miller,Danielle Millington-Peck,Marta Mintenko,Christina Mitrotti,Jambunatha Mn,Vikram Mohan,Leah Montagnino,Summyr Montesanto,David Moraton,Steven Morgan-Hastie,Hugo R.A. Morris,Josh Mossotti,Betsy Mueller,Matt Mueller,Balaji Muppalla,Nick Murphy,Frances Muthaiah,Dominica Myles,Dileep Nadesan,Trilochan Naik,Duncan Nairn,Arslan Naqvi,Mark A.J. Nazal,Stuart Nelhams,Shaan Nelson,Avadhut Nerurkar,Gloria Nguyen,Thierry Nguyen,Vincent Niebla,Ben Nightingale,Vasko Nikolovski,Stephen Nixon,Matthew Novak,Thomas Nugent,James Ogle,Anton Ognyev,Yvonne Oh,Ray Ooi,Elaine Ormes,Daniel Luke Orr,Glenn Osgood,Jojan P M,Nitheesh P.C.,Rui Padinha,Puja Parikh,Joo-Hwan Park,Chintan Parmar,Ellis Parry,Jeremie Passerin,Ashwani Patel,Bhavik B. Patel,Garrett Pavao,Anna-Marie Payne,Lizette Payneward,Tom Pegg,Gabriele Pellegrini,Philip Pendlebury,Alex Perlstrom,Ben Perrott,Joep Peters,Scott C. Peterson,Dennis Petkov,Sandy Phetchamphone,Brittany Piacente,Diego Piccinato,Melvin Polayah,James Porter,Christian Poullay,Tim Pounds-Cornish,Brian Praamsma,Nico Primak,Michael Prince,Rajasekar Prince,Alexandre Prod homme,Kelly Prow,Robin Prybil,James Purdy,Simon Pynn,Osiris Pérez,Dione Quek,Cesar Quijada,Jennifer Quintero,Johanna Ramos Santiago,Kade Ramsey,Ryan Ramsey,Sean Ramsey,Mayec Rancel,Ambrish Rangan,Amardeep Rattan,Craig Douglas Rattray,Robert Reategui,Richard R. Reed,Tom Reed,Jason Reese,Josiah Reeves,Julia Reinhard,Shinichi Rembutsu,Jonathan Reynolds,Kim Rickard,Pasquale Riefoli,Joshua Rivas,Cesar Rodriguez Bautista,Ryan Rogers,Damon Rolls,Justi Romero,Mario Orlando Rosales,Andrew Ross,Dale Rostron,Adam Rote,Simeon Rowsell,Sandeep Roy,Alejandro Rubio,Tim Rudolph,James Russell,John Russell,Steven Sagues,James Salas,Miguel A. Salek,Matthew Salisbury,Peter Salter,Geoff Samuel,Udhaya Sankar,Miguel Santana da Silva,Julius Padilla Santos,Lord Ryan Santos,Alessandro Saponi,Michael Sarkis,Horst Sarubin,Sathiyakumar,Sourabh Saxena,Aldo Scarella,Caterina Schiffers,Andreas Schulz,Tom Schwarz,Jarmila Seflova,Parker Sellers,Paolo Emilio Selva,David Serrano,David Settlow,Adhir Sewambar,Swati Shamsundar Malu,Upasana Shanker,Aurynn Shaw,Cameron Shepler,Randal Shore,Eric Sibley,Jarom Sidwell,Jared Simms,Harsimmar Singh,Keith Sintay,Chrystia Siolkowsky,Klaus Skovbo,Eván Skíbin,Matt Sloan,Howard Sly,Stephen Smart,Billy Smith,Billy Smith,Colby S. Smith,Courteney Smith,Laurel A. Smith,Michael Solon,Arvind Sond,Mark Soraci,Eddie Soria,Doug Spilatro,Michele Stocco,Perry Stoutt II,Georgina Street,Frederick George Stuhrberg,Prasad Subramanian,Ben Sumner,Richard Sur,Yanti Suryati,Ignacio Suárez Rubio,Josh Swanson,Jonathan Swartz,Michael J. Sweetser,Sebastian Sylwan,Giuseppe Tagliavini,Reynold Tagore,Hirofumi Takeda,Raymond Tan,Chris Tay,Sunny Teich,John Michael Temple Jr.,Chris Templeman,Adrian Teng,Sebastien Tessier,Olivier Thibaut,Sunny Thipsidakhom,Joseph Thomas M.,Amy Thomas,Callum Thomas,Gareth Thomas,Ben Thompson,Stephen Thornhill,Jon Thorsen,Kirk Tingblad,Shauna Tingey,Philip To,Shermaine Toh,Chris Tomkins,Josselin Tonnellier,Lorraine Torres,Chris Tost,James Tottman,Hardik Trivedi,Dean Tumaliuan,Chloe Valdecantos,Jonny Vale,James Van Der Reyden,Jozef van Eenbergen,Vasantharajan.g.d,Kerry Vasquez,Gianluca Vatinno,Vanessa Velasquez,Sukumaran Lalithambika Vijin,Douglas Peter Viljoen,Joseph Villa,Andreas Vrhovsek,Andreja Vuckovic,Reed Wade,Steven Wade,Brenda R. Wallace,Thomas Ward,Ryan Ware,Diana Marie Wells,Peter Welton,Brittany Wetzel,Huw Whiddon,Matthew White,Michael Wilbourn,Aaron Williams,Guy Williams,Mark Cameron Williams,Shanese Williams,Garrett Wilson,Nicholas Wilson,Jesse Wolfe,Jessica Wolff,Eddy Wolfson,Lionel Wong,Pat Wong,Beck Woolhouse,Andy Wright,Jonathan Wright,Casey Yahnke,Perry Yap,Kelvin Yee,Elliott Young,Ahmed Yousry,Farhad Yusufi,Daniel Zettl
Stunts Fraser Aitcheson,Brian Avery,Helena Barrett,Jason Bell,Krista Bell,Benjamin Blankenship,Rob Sluggo Boyce,Nick Brandon,Frank P. Calzavara,Damon Caro,Mike Carpenter,James M. Churchman,Laura Lee Connery,Tim Connolly,Wayne Dalglish,Crystal Dalman,Paul Darnell,Keith Splinter Davis,Seth Duhame,Glenn Ennis,Ryan Ennis,Mike Fierro,Marilyn Giacomazzi,Jason Gosbee,Kory Grim,Guillermo Grispo,Jimmy Hart,Rob Hayter,Adrian Hein,Edward J. Hertzog III,Dar Hicks,Brian Ho,Kim Howey,Mike Justus,Dennis Keiffer,Nito Larioza,Cody Laudan,Rick LeFevour,Paul Leonard,Don Lew,John MacDonald,Kit Mallet,James R. Mammoser,Alexander Mandra,Nancy McCrumb,Natalie M. Meyer,Phillip Mitchell,Louisa Oeding,Carl Paoli,James Paradis,Daryl Patchett,Holly Raczynski,Tim Rigby,Dan Rizzuto,Ronald Robinson,John Ross,Matthew Rugetti,Darryl Scheelar,Todd Scott,Hugo Steele,Bobby Stuart,C.C. Taylor,Monte Thompson,Patrick Tray,Sabine Varnes,Ryan Watson,Max White,Justin A. Williams,Paul Wu,Clayton J. Barber,Shawn Bernal,Freddy Bouciegues,Brian Christensen,James M. Churchman,Aaron Crippen,Clay Cullen,Tobiasz Daszkiewicz,Shawnah Donley,Zack Duhame,Patrick Dunham,Kofi Elam,James Fierro,Marie Fink,Todd Gillenardo,Sara Holden,Richard King,John Koyama,Christian Litke,Tom Lowell,Daniel Maldonado,Mike Mukatis,Lin Oeding,Chris Palermo,Linda Perlin,Brian Peters,Scott Philyaw,Rex Reddick,Spencer Sano,Jeff Shannon,Alicia Skirball,Mark Stefanich,Todd Rogers Terry,John Turk,Justin A. Williams,Samantha Win,Terry Woodcock,Kofi Yiadom
Camera and Electrical Department Mauricio J. Alvarez,David Arms,Tim Armstrong,Adam Austin,Roger Bailey,Ryan Bailey,Harold Bernard,Jeffery Bjorgum,Rob Brady,Michael Brennan,Trevor Carabin,John Clothier,Mark Connelly,Michael J. Coo,William R. Dalgleish,Drew David,Drew Davidson,Herb DeWaal,Don Duffield III,Waylon Edwards,Loren Elkins,Clay Enos,Kevin Fairbairn,John Garrett,Lee Gibeau,David Goyer,Joseph Guerino,Jay Hager,Charles Hart,Mitchell K. Hiniker,Patrick Hogue,Walrus J.U.I.C.E. Howard,David Joshi,Yuka Kadono,Michael Kelem,Mike Kirilenko,Joshua Kjorven,Craig Kohtala,Peter Kuttner,Andrew Lostumo,Brett Mabry,Gideon Markham,David McIntosh,Ryan Monro,Patrick Moore,Dan Morrison,David B. Nowell,Travis Panarisi,Vincent Parker,Brad Peterman,Keith Peterman,Larry Portmann,Doug Price,Jonah Ravine,John S. Robertson,Pete Romano,Brian Rosso,Robin Say,Aaron Schuh,Ian Seabrook,Dennis Seawright,Shawn Seifert,Sean Smith,Shaun Stander,Jason Storandt,Joe Sutera,Karina Teismann,Arturo Valaquez,Christopher Warren,Joseph F. Warren,Robin West,Rick Whitfield,Chris Wittenborn,Steve Wolfe,Scott Zematis,Scott Andrew Armstrong,Stephen Arnott,Jon Arturi,Nico Bally,Troy Bassett,Brian Bishop,Jeff Bonny,Jonathan Bosse,Keith Brooks,Eric C. Castro,Jonathan Chapman,Greg Chmura,Marty Coady,Dawn Copeland,Eric Cortez,Nicholas Dent,Tommy Donald,Ronald Dragosh,Cameron Drinkle,Sean Edmiston,Jonathan Ellison,Chad Eshbaugh,Peter Graf,Josh Hackney,Rod Haney,James S. Harvey,Jeff Harvey,Eric Hingst,Kyle Hou,Jeffrey Hurt,Robert Ikeda,Timothy Jipping,Justin Johns,Matt Johnson,Ryan Ketchum,Phil Klapwyk,Jack Kney,Tim Kossa,Zander Kroon,Jeff Kuzyk,Kevin Lheritier,Jeremy Long,David Louie Lukasik,Damon Marcellino,Prem Marimuthu,Carson E. Mayne,Paul Go Mayne,Adam McDonald,Jason McKinnon,Brad Mear,Lee Mills,Keith Mukai,Bryce Munro,Jeremy Noggles,Michael Orr,Peter Pacula,Dave Pawela,Corey Benson Powers,Dean Reca,Lance Rieck,Tim Ryan,Armand Santos,Christian Schauz,Dean Schwingboth,Jason Selsor,Leon Serginson,Kacper Skowron,Ed Titus,Jerry Tran,Timothy Troy,Scott Wallace,Justin Watson,Roger Wells,James Williams,Steven R. Wojcik,John Woods,Keith Woods,Mark N. Woods
Animation Department Juani Guiraldes
Casting Department Michelle Allen,Maryellen Aviano,Shelby Cherniet,Tom Gustafson,Arlene Kiyabu,Amy Newbold,Claire Simon,Rachel Steele,Caitlin Well,Andrea Brown,Eric Carthan,Emma Day,Andrea Hughes,Julianna LaRosa,James McKay,Jessica Gisin Needham,Erin Stewart Tiedje
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Script and Continuity Department Steve Gehrke,Kimi Webber
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Thanks Sean Carroll,Kenneth Hawes,Albert Nolasco,Lloyd Phillips,Robert Poremski,Philip M. Strub,Develyn J. Watson
Genres Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Companies Warner Bros., Legendary Entertainment, Syncopy
Countries USA, UK
Languages English
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 7.1
ImDbRatingVotes 763892
MetacriticRating 55
Keywords superhero,reboot,clark kent character,origin of hero,superhero origin