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211 is a 2018 American crime-action film directed by York Shackleton and written by Shackleton and John Rebus. The film stars Nicolas Cage, Sophie Skelton, Cory Hardrict, Michael Rainey Jr., Ori Pfeffer and Weston Cage. Filming began on February 27, 2018 and ended on April 27, 2018. The film was released on June 8, 2018, by Momentum Pictures. It is based on the 1997 North Hollywood shootout.

211 refers to the Hundred Code for robbery used in California, although the story is set in the fictional city of Chesterford, Massachusetts.


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In Afghanistan, disgruntled mercenaries corner a mob boss who owes them money. Under torture, he discloses it has been wired to various banks including one in Chesterford. In a Kabul market, Interpol Agent Rossi s operation to catch an antiquities smuggler is interrupted and she is redirected to the crime scene caused by the mercenaries.

In Chesterford, Massachusetts, Kenny Ralston, a quiet high school student, has an altercation with bullies. The school vice-principal tells Shawnee Ralston, Kenny s mother, that he must go on a police ride-along or face expulsion.

Meanwhile, Agent Rossi asks a gun shop manager for information on the mercenaries and receives a warehouse address.

Patrolman Mike Chandler has lost his wife of thirty years to cancer. His difficulty in expressing his emotions has strained his relationship with his daughter, Lisa. Mike’s patrol partner and son-in-law, Steve, reveals that Lisa is pregnant.

At the bank, an armoured cash transport delivers over $1.3 million. Tre, Rob and Luke finalise their heist plan, while Hyde plants a cell-phone IED in a restaurant.

Mike and Steve arrive at work. Kenny signs forms regarding the ride-along. Responding to a call from headquarters, Steve and Mike draw their weapons on a suspect and Kenny records it using his smartphone.

The crew storm the bank and threaten everyone. Near the bank, Steve goes for coffee while Mike and Kenny discuss the school altercation. Gaining insight, Mike empathizes with Kenny. On Steve’s return, Mike indicates a black Escalade parked in the red zone outside the bank. Inside the bank, Tre orders Hyde to ‘make the call’. The IED destroys the restaurant.

Police headquarters alerts all patrols to the explosion. Mike chooses to remain because of Kenny. Hyde becomes agitated. The other patrols converge on the restaurant and news reaches the hospital where Shawnee prepares to receive multiple casualties. Rossi diverts to Chesterford. First responders arrive and SWAT Captain, Horst, issues orders.

Hyde opens fire on the cruiser. As Mike takes evasive action, Steve alerts headquarters. Some officers leave the restaurant area to provide backup to Mike and Steve. Mike crashes the cruiser and gets out, returning fire. Initially trapped, Steve manages to free himself and then Kenny. Kenny grabs his phone as he exits the cruiser and Mike eventually kills Hyde. Realising Steve is seriously injured, Mike fabricates a tourniquet. Rossi arrives at the restaurant area and Hyde is identified.

The back-up team attempt to evacuate Steve and Mike retrieves a first aid kit. Inside the bank, Luke uses a 50-cal rifle to shoot Mike but misses. Two other officers are killed.

Steve gets Kenny to record a farewell message on his phone. Lisa learns of the restaurant explosion and gets Steve’s voicemail.

The back-up team reach their colleagues. Moving Steve, they become separated from Kenny who hides in a parked Blazer. His phone dead, Kenny looks for another battery and hacks a charger.

An EMT assesses Steve, Hanson returns with a seriously-wounded Jacobs and Mike notices Kenny is missing. Starting a search with Hanson, Mike receives a call from Lisa and prepares her for bad news. Lisa arrives at the ER and questions the now barely-conscious Jacobs who says Mike is still on scene looking for the ride-along kid . Shawnee, in earshot of Jacobs, reacts just as Kenny telephones to let her know he is safe, for now.

Rossi arrives in the command post to witness Mike shouting that his dead son has ‘a child on the way’. Horst finalizes the breach. Mike and Hanson head for the parking lot to locate and rescue Kenny. SWAT advances. Tre orders the hostages out. Now safe, a hostage reveals something in her pocket. Horst, identifying another IED, dies selflessly protecting the hostages.

SWAT begin their breach but are repelled. Rob exits first, firing to cover his escape but gets killed. Luke is killed at the bank door. Tre approaches Mike firing wildly. Hanson is killed. Mike is wounded and as Tre raises his weapon to kill Mike, Kenny uses Hanson’s side arm to shoot Tre. Rossi appears and shoots Tre.

As Mike and Kenny sit in an ambulance, Shawnee arrives and hugs her son. Lisa arrives and embraces her father.

One year later, Mike arrives home after a run. He is greeted with shouts of Happy Birthday. Among his well wishers are Jacobs, Steve, and Mike’s granddaughter. Stepping towards his visitors, Mike asks Kenny to ‘take some new pics’.


  • Nicolas Cage as Mike Chandler
  • Dwayne Cameron as Steve MacAvoy
  • Sophie Skelton as Lisa MacAvoy
  • Alexandra Dinu as Agent Rossi
  • Michael Rainey Jr. as Kenny Ralston
  • Shari Watson as Shawnee Ralston
  • Ori Pfeffer as Tre
  • Sean James as Rob
  • Weston Cage as Luke
  • Michael Bellisario as Hyde
  • Cory Hardrict as Officer Hanson
  • Amanda Cerny as Sarah
  • Bashar Rahal as ANP Major


On January 27, 2017, Nicolas Cage joined the cast of the film. Filming took place at Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia, Bulgaria.


The film was released on June 8, 2018, by Momentum Pictures.


Critical response

The film review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes rates it 4% positive based on 24 reviews with an overall rating of 2.5/10. The website s critics consensus reads: 211 s disjointed assortment of action clichés and uninspired set pieces adds up to roughly zero. Metacritic reports an aggregate score of 21 out of 100 (based on 8 critics), indicating generally unfavorable reviews .

Luke Y. Thompson of Forbes gave it a fresh rating, writing “I can’t begrudge you waiting until 211 shows up on a Blu-ray at Walmart that also contains ten other Cage movies…But I can tell you that when it does, you shouldn t skip over this one.”

Other reviewers were not as complimentary. Jacob Knight from Birth Movies Death declared it rotten, writing, “Nic Cage’s latest DTV action endeavour is a bizarre slog.” Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times gave it 2/4 and wrote, A muddled, overcrowded, trigger-happy heist movie brimming with clichés while constantly trying our patience. Glenn Kenny of RogerEbert.com gave it 1/4, describing it as This effort is a cavalcade of crap. Loud crap. Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter wrote, It s probably foolish to wish that Nicolas Cage would once again make movies as good as Adaptation and Leaving Las Vegas. But is it too much to ask that he go back to the comparative glory days of Con Air and The Rock? Dennis Harvey of Variety wrote, Unsurprisingly, the director doesn t get very good work from a cast asked primarily to ramp up the intensity on stereotypes.

Year 2018
ReleaseDate 2018-06-08
RuntimeMins 86
RuntimeStr 1h 26min
Plot While on a routine patrol, an aging cop, his partner and their ride-along, get caught in a standoff with a band of former mercenaries robbing a bank.
Directors York Alec Shackleton
Writers York Alec Shackleton, John Rebus
Stars Nicolas Cage, Sophie Skelton, Michael Rainey Jr.
Produced by Boaz Davidson,Isaac Florentine,Jeffrey Greenstein,Alain Jakubowicz,Scott Karp,Avi Lerner,Gisella Marengo,Peter Mechkoff,Lonnie Ramati,John Thompson,Les Weldon,Jonathan Yunger
Music by Frederik Wiedmann
Cinematography by Alexander Krumov
Film Editing by Ivan Todorov Ivanov
Casting By Luke Cousins
Production Design by Kes Bonnet
Set Decoration by Arta Tozzi
Costume Design by Anna Gelinova
Production Management Brian Hayashi
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Jordan Jacques Aboutboul,Ioan Banzourkov,Vessela Banzourkova,Anna Damaskova,Dian Hristov,Galina Kyuchukova,Kremena Makarieva,Maya Markova,Rumyana Popova,Edis Seliminski,Zornitsa Tsvetanova
Art Department Borislav Bogdanov,Asen Bozilov,Irina Cherkelova,Martin Genchev,Elena Georgieva,Peter Krumov,Petar Lozanoff,Nikolai Nikolov,Hristo Petkov,Ivan Radev,Ivan Roujev,Dobrinka Stamenkova,Rosen Stefanov,Kristian Stoyanov,Yulian Svilenov,Evgeni Vladimirov,Zhivko Zhelyazkov
Sound Department Nikolay Bakalov,Kris Casavant,Patrick Christensen,Anton Dimitrov,Adrian Gougov,Gord Hillier,Daniel Ivanov,Matt Kendall,Vedat Kiyici,Pierre-Yves Lavoué,Tapio Liukkonen,Ivaylo Natzev,Ivan Nikolov,Ryan Nowak,Paul Riechman,Krasimir Shtabekov,Wouter van Herwerden,Sofia Zhecheva
Special Effects by Nikolay Fartunkov,Ivo Jivkov,Georgi Karadjov,Tsvetan Miladinov,Elena Zhekova
Visual Effects by Aleksander Aleksiev,Vanya Benelinova,Ivailo Bonev,Stanislava Chiflichka,Kristina Dasheva,Nevena Dragoshinova,Denitsa Georgieva,Danail Hadzhiyski,Nikolay Kirov,Galina Krasimirova,Gordana Krsteva,Silviya Mariyanova,Stefan Mihalev,Radoslav Misarokov,Svetoslav Mitev,Nikol Nacheva,Bogdan Nedkov,Nikolay Pachov,Desislava Pavlova,Diyan Penev,Gergina Petrova,Stefan Rachev,Marinela Racheva,Aleksandar Slavov,Stanislav Stavrev,Vyara Stoyanova,Valeria Valeva,Vladimir Vatev,Diana Yordanova,Monika Zhelevska
Stunts Boyan Anev,Asen Asenov,François Coetzer,Ivailo Dimitrov,Zahari Grozdanov,Dian Hristov,Radoslav Ignatov,Ivan Iliev,Genko Ivanov,Angel Lukanov,Georgi Manchev,Stiliyan Mavrov,Krum Rangelov,Vasil Simeonov,Dessy Slavova,Georgi Stanislavov,Teodor Tsolov,Snejina Vasileva,Stoyanov Vencislav,Tihomir Vinchev,Ivan Vodenicharov,Ivo Vuchkov,Vasil Yordanov,Peter Schindelhauer
Camera and Electrical Department Nikola Angelov,Angel Balakchiyski,Stefan Filipov,Hristo Genkov,Sergey Giaurov,Veselin Dimchov Hristov,Geo Ivanov,Dimitar Krastev,Dimitur Krumov,Ivelin Metodiev,Nikolai Mihailov,Ivo Peitchev,Roman Pessarov,Simona Ravalieva,Georgi Raykov,Iva Slavova,Daniel Stanilov,Slavyan Stoichev,Konstantin Vasilev,Ivan Vatsov,Danail Vuchkov,Yavor Zahariev
Casting Department Preslava Hristova,Hrista Ilieva,Mark Sussman
Costume and Wardrobe Department Rosen Georgiev Georgiev,Marina Proykova,Georgi Petrov Yakimov
Editorial Department Pascal De Maria,Robert A. Haynes,Svetoslav Mateev,Nedelko Tudzharov
Location Management Stefan Mutafchiev,Gergana Petrova,Nasko Vulev
Music Department Atanas Babaleski,F.A.M.E.’S. Project,Georgi Hristovski,Hyesu Wiedmann
Script and Continuity Department Hila Cage Coppola,Maria Djidrova,Milena Mihaylova
Transportation Department Daniel Balchev
Additional Crew Jennifer Cain,Aaron Cohen,Rick Eyler,Robert A. Haynes,Shiri Lerner,Valeria Marinova,Ralitsa Ognianova,Borislav Pekin,Petia Petrova,Violeta Piperevska,Lonnie Ramati,Veselin Stankov,Svetoslav Svilenov,Ray Tamayo
Thanks Hazal Karahan,Andreas Vasshaug,Craig Walser
Genres Action, Drama, Thriller
Companies Millennium Films, 211 Productions, Nu Image Bulgaria
Countries USA, Bulgaria
Languages English
ContentRating R
ImDbRating 4.4
ImDbRatingVotes 8430
MetacriticRating 21
Keywords bank heist,bank vault,shot in the head,executed hostage,human shield