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Hindsight is an American comedy-drama television series that premiered on VH1 on January 7, 2015 and ended on March 11, 2015. The series was created by Emily Fox and stars Laura Ramsey in the lead role of Becca Brady. Becca wishes she had lived her life differently, and finds herself sent back to 1995, with her knowledge and experience and a chance to do things differently.

On March 16, 2015, VH1 announced that the show was renewed for a second season, but after a change in leadership at VH1 Hindsight was cancelled in August 2015.


Becca Brady is wrestling with doubts on the eve of her second wedding, her first wedding having ended in divorce. Although she loves her fiance Andy, he is not as exciting as her first husband Sean. Trapped in the elevator she wishes she could have done things differently the first time round. She awakes to find herself in 1995, confused and at first not even believing it is real; Becca has time traveled to the day of her first wedding. Becca realizes she is reliving her life, and has the chance to correct what she sees as personal and professional mistakes.

She reunites with her best friend Lolly, from whom she had become estranged in present day. With the knowledge that her first marriage turned from passion to constant arguments and that Sean never managed to achieve in his career as an artist, she decides she cannot go through with the wedding and she breaks off her engagement. Becca also knows her job as an assistant is a dead end and decides not to tolerate the constant petty demands of her high-maintenance boss Simon, and asks for promotion. Ultimately she quits and pursues a new uncertain career path.

Becca does not know if she can change her fate, or if she is destined to repeat some of the same mistakes, but she resolves to try and do things differently.


The series was originally developed for NBC in 2009. VH1 were looking to develop their own scripted television series and were looking to adopt already developed projects, and the show only required a small changes to fit VH1. The time leap had originally been to 1999, but was pushed back to 1995 when the show moved to VH1.

The series was renewed for a second season but later cancelled after a change in leadership at VH1. The whole of the second season had already been mapped out, and the writers were in the process of writing episode five. Fox said they had only ended season 1 on a cliffhanger because they already knew that had been renewed.

The show included a companion web series called Planet Sebastian. It was streamed on the VH1 website and featured recurring character Sebastian Wexler, video store manager and Lolly s boss, running his own public access style talk show.



  • Laura Ramsey as Becca Brady
  • Sarah Goldberg as Lolly Lavigne
  • Craig Horner as Sean Reeves
  • Nick Clifford as Andy Kelly
  • John Patrick Amedori as Jamie Brady
  • Jessy Hodges as Melanie Morelli
  • Drew Sidora as Paige Hill


  • Donna Murphy as Georgie Brady
  • Adam Herschman as Sebastian Wexler
  • Collins Pennie as Xavier
  • Alexandra Chando as Noelle
  • Steve Talley as Kevin
  • Joshua Mikel as Stanton
  • Brian Kerwin as Lincoln Brady
  • Lauren Boyd as Lois
  • Liz Holtan as Phoebe
  • Briana Venskus as Victoria
  • Charlie Bodin as Chester
  • Dominick Vicchiullo as Grumpy Rick


  • Mario Cantone as Simon


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
(in millions)
1 Pilot Michael Trim Emily Fox January 7, 2015 0.367
After having second thoughts the night before her second wedding, Becca finds herself back on October 8, 1995, the day of her first wedding. When she arrives, she breaks off her engagement to her first husband and reunites with her best friend. She uses this time travel to correct past mistakes.
2 Square One Michael Trim Emily Fox January 14, 2015 0.226
As Becca continues to adjust to life in 1995, she finds herself facing situations that she knows the outcome of. In an effort to avoid repeating mistakes, she quits her job and promises to stop meddling in Lolly and Jamie’s relationship. She also continues to deal with her feelings for Sean and Andy.
3 I Never… Michael Trim John A. Norris January 21, 2015 0.298
A girl’s night out finds Becca contemplating a one-night stand and being pressured by Lolly to reveal why the two of them become estranged in the future. Becca also begins to fear that her attempts to alter her destiny may have changed the future in a negative way for a family member.
4 A Very Important Date Jonathan Frakes Mike Herro & David Strauss January 28, 2015 0.320
Becca’s redo of Halloween 1995 leads to the discovery that Sean is now involved with Paige. Melanie finally confronts Becca and Andy about the kiss they shared. Meanwhile, Lolly becomes increasingly troubled by Jamie’s behavior while also learning some frightening details about their break-up in the future. Becca begins a new job.
5 …Then I ll Know Jonathan Frakes Lenn K. Rosenfeld February 4, 2015 0.280
Everything that can go wrong does go wrong as Becca, Lolly, and Paige head out on a road trip. Still, when the dust settles everything seems to have worked out. Becca and Paige bond while Lolly takes some tentative first steps toward repairing her relationship with her father. Becca even seems to decide she is ready to pursue a relationship with Andy. Then tragedy strikes.
6 Tragic Kingdom Tara Nicole Weyr Meredith Philpott February 11, 2015 0.284
As Andy recovers from his car accident, Becca begins to question whether a relationship between them will cause him more harm than good. Ultimately, she decides it will be best for him if she lets him go. Lolly breaks up with Jamie while Sean and Paige grow closer. Becca turns to Sean for comfort.
7 The Cranberries Tara Nicole Weyr Kenny Neibart February 18, 2015 0.175
Everyone gathers at Becca’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving. The day’s events force Becca to rethink her plans for changing her destiny. Sean decides he and Becca shouldn’t get back together while Andy and Melanie get engaged. Meanwhile, Jamie leaves for the Dominican Republic to buy drugs, a trip that led to his downward spiral in the future. At the end of the night, Kevin visits Lolly and introduces himself to Becca for the first time, though it s clear that he s someone that she knows from the future.
8 The Imaginary Line Bradley Walsh John A. Norris February 25, 2015 0.205
A night out with Becca and Kevin finds Lolly struggling to find the courage to tell Kevin how she feels about him. The night’s events also force Becca to reflect on the most severe of her mistakes in the future. In 2003, she sleeps with Kevin behind Lolly’s back. This turns out to be the event that severs her friendship with Lolly. As the night goes on, Becca tries to avoid Kevin while growing more fearful the future will repeat itself. Meanwhile, Sean meets an art dealer who is interested in him both personally and professionally.
9 All I Want for Christmas is You Bradley Walsh Mike Herro & David Strauss March 4, 2015 0.227
Lolly finally tells Kevin how she feels about him but he doesn’t return her feelings. Becca throws a Christmas party to cheer Lolly up and to celebrate her magazine s success. After finding out that Noelle isn’t who she seems to be, Sean reconnects with Paige. Jamie appears to have cleaned his act up but it’s all a front. He is secretly dealing drugs. As the evening ends, Kevin kisses Becca which opens up the possibility that Becca and Lolly’s friendship is destined to be destroyed again.
10 Auld Lang Syne Roger Kumble Emily Fox March 11, 2015 0.249
Lolly sees Becca and Kevin kissing but, after her initial shock, she gives her blessing to their relationship. Sean sells some of his paintings while Paige gets a part in a movie. They realize they have to put the brakes on their relationship, though, as Paige must move to Los Angeles for her acting role. Andy and Melanie get married. Jamie s drug problems hit dangerously close to home. The crisis, however, brings him and Lolly closer. All seems well between Becca and Lolly until Lolly finds out why their friendship ends in the future. This revelation causes her to end the friendship again, prompting a desperate move on Becca s part. Hoping to escape the damage her trip back in time has caused, Becca attempts to time travel again. She recreates the original event that brought her to the past by getting on an elevator again. The episode ends on an ambiguous note, leaving it unclear whether Becca is back in the present day or still stuck in the past.


On Rotten Tomatoes it has an approval rating of 100% based on reviews from 12 critics, with an average rating of 7.5 out of 10. The site s critical consensus states: An earnest sense of humor, excellent characters, and 90s nostalgia all work together to make Hindsight a fun and charming little romp. On Metacritic, the series has a score of 72 out of 100 based on reviews from 8 critics, indicating generally favorable reviews .

Reviews of the series seem positive in general. Variety called the show “breezy” with an intriguing premise while also pointing out that, like many time travel stories, the narrative doesn’t necessarily stand up to scrutiny. Rolling Stone praised the relationship between Becca and Lolly while noting the show’s use of ‘90s pop culture archetypes to invoke nostalgia. Vulture called the show’s vision perfect, while The New York Times called the show clever, affecting and sly and a credible period dramedy, somewhere between Beverly Hills, 90210 and Friends, and an armchair rumination on destiny and will.


Music, particularly music from the 1990s, is used heavily in the series and as a significant part of the network s promotion of the show. Creator Emily Fox said she didn t want the big number one songs but wanted the one that sort of reaches into the back of your consciousness, that flicks this switch that hasn t been flicked in 15 years. Fox praised music supervisor Jon Ernst for his song selections and his ability to get the necessary licensing at reasonable cost. The show was able to license most of the music using three-year deals. Music used during the series includes:

Episode Artist(s) Song Notes
Pilot (1.01) U2 Numb Played during Becca s elevator ride back to 1995
Ace of Base The Sign Played on alarm radio when Becca awakens in 1995
Alanis Morissette Hand In My Pocket Played in bar as Becca meets Xavier
The Cranberries Linger Played as Becca breaks off her engagement to Sean
Spin Doctors Two Princes Played in bar in final scene
Deee-Lite Groove Is in the Heart Played during the premiere s final scene
Square One (1.02) Spacehog In the Meantime (Re-recorded version) Played while Becca and Xavier run into each other; Lolly and Jamie talking about their relationship
Lisa Loeb Stay (I Missed You) Played as Sean confronts Becca about her breaking off their engagement
Gin Blossoms Found Out About You Played while Lolly sneaks into Jamie s room
Soul Asylum Misery Played while Sean talks to Becca on the street and invites her to go on the honeymoon with him
Collective Soul Shine Played while Sean waits for Becca at the airport and Andy kisses Becca
Green Day When I Come Around Played while Becca and Lolly talk about the date with Anton
Social Distortion Ball and Chain Played while Becca and Lolly look at movies in the video store
Huey Lewis and the News The Power of Love Played while Becca and Lolly watch Back to the Future and talk about flying cars
Trio Da Da Da Played while Becca explains the iPhone and future technology to Lolly
Us3 Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) Played while Becca gets ready for the first day of her new life
Mariah Carey Fantasy Played while Becca goes to work
Drivin N Cryin Fly Me Courageous Played while Becca and Lolly talk in the video store
Red Hot Chili Peppers Breaking the Girl Played while Lolly goes to Sean s apartment to pick up Becca s stuff
Juliana Hatfield My Sister Played while Becca gets dressed to go meet Anton
The Soup Dragons I m Free Played while Becca leaves Simon s apartment after quitting her job
Toad the Wet Sprocket Walk on the Ocean Played while Lolly and Jamie are in bed
I Never… (1.03) Matthew Sweet Sick of Myself Played while Lolly & Becca talk in the video store
The Soup Dragons Divine Thing Played when Phoebe gives her bridesmaid dress back to Becca
Sheryl Crow All I Wanna Do Played as Becca and her friends arrive at the bar for Lois s birthday party
Jane s Addiction Been Caught Stealing Played when the gang starts doing shots for Lois birthday
Better Than Ezra Good Played when the gang starts playing Never Have I Ever during Lois birthday
Stone Temple Pilots Plush Played at the end of Lois birthday
Green Day Longview Played as Becca and Lolly discuss one night stands
Spin Doctors Little Miss Can t Be Wrong Played as Becca and Lolly decide that Becca should pursue a one-night stand
Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It Played as Becca, Lolly and Phoebe enter the club
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Good Vibrations Played during a montage of men trying to pick up Becca at the bar
Bell Biv DeVoe Poison Played as Becca and Lolly argue about Becca s refusal to explain why their friendship ends in the future
Collective Soul December Played during a montage of Becca and her friends and family going on with their lives in 1995.
A Very Important Date (1.04) James Laid Played as Lolly hooks up with Jamie
Hootie & the Blowfish Time Played while Becca receives multiple job offers
The B-52 s Roam Played as Lolly and Becca plan for the big Halloween party
Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars Played in the bar as Becca, Lolly and Paige talk
Violent Femmes Blister in the Sun Played during a montage of Jamie and Lolly trying on Halloween costumes
Chuck Berry You Never Can Tell Played as Lolly & Jaime try on costumes as Mia Wallace & Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction
Bryan Adams Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? Played as Andy and Melanie try on their Halloween costumes
Veruca Salt Seether Played as Becca tells Melanie how to fix Simon s plumbing
Soho Hippychick Played as Becca puts on her Alice costume
Cypress Hill Insane in the Brain Played as Jaime plays video games and gets stoned with his friends
The Proclaimers I m Gonna Be (500 Miles) Played as Lolly worries about why Jamie is late for the Halloween party
Poison Nothin but a Good Time Played as Becca sees Sean kissing Paige at the Halloween party
INXS Devil Inside Played while Becca talks to Sean at the bar
Mazzy Star Fade Into You Played as Becca tends to Andy s fat lip
Collective Soul The World I Know Played while Lolly and Becca talk on the roof after the Halloween party
The La s There She Goes Played at the end of the episode as Becca takes a new job at a magazine.
…Then I ll Know (1.05) Toadies Possum Kingdom Played as Becca pitches her idea to do a story on R.E.M to her bosses at the magazine
Deep Blue Something Breakfast at Tiffany s Played as Becca and Lolly make plans to go to the concert; as Lolly and Jamie run into each other at Becca s parent s house
R.E.M. Shiny Happy People Played as Becca, Lolly, and Paige head out on their road trip to the concert
Alanis Morissette You Oughta Know Played as Becca and Paige bond
R.E.M. What s the Frequency, Kenneth? Played outside the concert as Becca interviews a couple for her story then starts thinking about the kiss she shared with Andy
Del Amitri Roll to Me Played as Paige helps Becca come to terms with her feelings for Andy
Tom Cochrane Life Is a Highway Played as Becca arrives at the beach house she and Andy used to visit as children
R.E.M. Nightswimming Played as Becca waits for Andy to arrive at the beach house
Tragic Kingdom (1.06) The Cure Lovesong Played as Lolly contemplates calling Kevin
Sarah McLachlan Fear Played as Becca prays for Andy
Bush Glycerine Played as Becca tells Lolly what her life with Andy was like in the present day
Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy Played as Becca tries to figure out whether Andy was on his way to see her or to see Melanie when he had his accident
Live I Alone Played as Paige visits Sean and sees his drawings of Becca
Tori Amos Precious Things Played as Becca tells Andy he is better off with Melanie
KWS Please Don t Go Played by Jamie as he tries to win Lolly back by recreating the boombox scene from Say Anything…
Natalie Merchant Carnival Played during the episode s end montage scene
The Cranberries (1.07) Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck My Kiss Played as Becca and Sean have sex in his apartment
U2 All I Want Is You Played as Sean tends to Becca s burned hand in the bathroom
Green Day Geek Stink Breath Played as Jamie and Stanton do drugs and plan their trip to the Dominican Republic
Jeff Buckley Last Goodbye Played as Becca and Lolly discuss everything that happened during Thanksgiving dinner; played during the episode s end montage scene
The Imaginary Line (1.8) Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles Played as Lolly talks about how much she likes Kevin while she and Becca wait for him to arrive at the diner in 2003
Sheryl Crow Leaving Las Vegas Played as Lolly asks how her relationship with Kevin ends up in the future
Annie Lennox Why Played as Becca and Lolly meet Kevin in the diner in 1995
The Flaming Lips She Don t Use Jelly Played as Becca explains viral marketing to her bosses
Digable Planets The May 4th Movement Played as Sean asked Paige out to an Oasis concert
Digable Planets Rebirth of Slick Played as Paige offers Sean the opportunity to work with her at an art show
Five for Fighting Superman (It s Not Easy) Played as Becca and Kevin see each other in New York in 2003
L7 Pretend We re Dead Played as Becca and Lolly make plans to attend a rave
Elastica Car Song Played as Becca, Lolly, and Paige talk at the bar where Paige works
Weezer Say It Ain t So Played as Paige talks to Becca about Sean
Green Day Basket Case Played as Becca, Lolly, and Kevin place stickers for Becca s magazine around New York
Coldplay Clocks Played as Becca and Kevin kiss for the first time in 2003
Norah Jones Come Away with Me Played as Becca and Kevin lie in bed together after having sex in 2003
Sarah McLachlan Possession Played as Becca tells Lolly she s been sleeping with Kevin
All I Want for Christmas is You (1.09) Toad The Wet Sprocket Little Heaven Played during the episode s opening scene as Becca and Kevin talk in the kitchen
Green Day Stuck with Me Played as Lolly and Kevin discuss their plans for the day
Mumbleskinny Fall Down Played as Noelle tries to convince Sean that he should make his art more commercial
Frente Labour of Love Played as Becca helps Lolly get ready for her dinner with Kevin; as they re-enact the makeup scene from the movie The Breakfast Club
Letters to Cleo Here and Now Played as Kevin and Lolly have dinner together
Annie Lennox No More I Love You s Played as Lolly tells Kevin how she feels about him and he rejects her
Morrissey The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get Played as Lolly ruins the plot of My Girl for customers at the video store
Sub Rosa White Flag Played as Becca tries to comfort Lolly over Kevin not returning her feelings
Meat Puppets Backwater Played as Becca learns how successful her viral marketing campaign for the magazine has been
Run-D.M.C. Christmas in Hollis Played as Becca greets guests at her Christmas party
Blues Traveller Run-Around Played as Becca realizes Lolly has invited Kevin to the party
Freedy Johnston Bad Reputation Played as Kevin and Becca talk at the party; as Lolly and Jamie see each other at the party
Ini Kamoze Here Comes The Hotstepper Played as Becca s bosses arrive at the party
Haddaway What Is Love Played as Sebastian mistakes a VHS tape of a colonoscopy for a movie
Skee-Lo I Wish Played as Paige begins to suspect that Becca and Kevin may have feelings for each other
Dusty Springfield Son of a Preacher Man Played as Becca sees Sean at the party
Cracker Low Played as Lolly and Kevin talk at the party
UB40 Can t Help Falling In Love Played as Lolly tries to get Kevin to kiss her under the mistletoe
Soul Asylum Runaway Train Played as Jamie and Lolly kiss
The Cure Pictures of You Played as Lolly finds the money Jamie has been making from selling drugs
Ammonia Drugs Played as Jamie and Stanton discuss their drug business
Live Lightning Crashes Played at the end of the episode at Kevin kisses Becca in 1995
Auld Lang Syne (1.10) Andy Williams It s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Played as Becca repeatedly leaves Lolly phone messages after Lolly caught her and Kevin kissing
Stone Temple Pilots Big Empty Played as Sean and Noelle discuss his art at his apartment
Dog and Pony Show What Else Played as Sean and Paige talk on the phone
Blues Traveller Hook Played as Becca runs into Kevin
Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane Played as Becca tries to break things off with Kevin
White Zombie More Human than Human Played as Becca and Lolly discuss Kevin
The Black Crowes She Talks to Angels Played as Paige finds out she got a part in a movie
Lab Partners Starlight Played as Lolly questions Jamie about the trouble he is in
Enigma Return to Innocence Played as Sean finds out his paintings have sold
Sheryl Crow I Shall Believe Played as Kevin and Becca kiss and consider pursuing a relationship
Toad the Wet Sprocket Crowing Played as Paige tells Sean she is moving to Los Angeles
Ace of Base Beautiful Life Played as Becca and Lolly arrive at the New Year s Eve party
Dexy s Midnight Runners Come On Eileen Played as Jamie and Lolly begin to come to terms with their feelings for each other
R.E.M. It s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) Played as Lolly figures out the real reason her friendship with Becca ends in the future
U2 Numb Played as Becca tries desperately to recreate the elevator ride that brought her to 1995 in hopes of escaping the results of her trip back in time

International broadcast

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In Southeast Asia, the series was broadcast on cable and satellite channel Star World beginning in August 2016.

In Germany, the series was broadcast on the Disney Channel beginning March 30, 2017.

Year 2015
ReleaseDate 2015-01-07
Plot Becca, as she nears 40, is about to embark on her second wedding to Andy Kelly, but her joy is tempered by the absence of her old best friend Lolly who’s a no-show, having dropped out of their relationship years ago.
Stars Laura Ramsey, Sarah Goldberg, Craig Horner
Series Produced by Joe De Oliveira,Emily Fox,Mike Herro,Lynn Hylden,Chris Leanza,Jonathan Mallow,Alexander Motlagh,John A. Norris,Meredith Philpott,Lenn K. Rosenfeld,David Strauss,Carl Beverly,Jill Holmes,Susan Levison,Maggie Malina,Sarah Timberman
Series Music by Stephen Endelman
Series Cinematography by Mark Doering-Powell,M. David Mullen
Series Film Editing by James Renfroe
Series Casting By Wendy O’Brien
Series Production Design by Jeffrey Pratt Gordon
Series Art Direction by Taylor Bennett
Series Set Decoration by Javed Noorullah,Sarah Carter
Series Costume Design by Lorraine Coppin
Series Makeup Department Richard Boggs,Gigi Collins,Samantha A. Smith,Jacquelyn Taylor,Hope Ferguson,Katelyn Barton,Beth Pilgreen,Suzanna Boykin,Carla Gentry Osorio,Fawn Ortega,Teresa Foshee,Tracy Ewell
Series Production Management Cameron Boling,Carl Clifford,Justin Lancaster,Christopher Nappi,Alex Orr,Michael Romero
Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Yor-El Francis,Vanessa Hickey,Eddie Ziv,Alexander Motlagh,Asante White,Matthew Vose Campbell,Angel Cook,Braheeim Roberts,Yann Sobezynski
Series Art Department Elliott Boswell,Alex Dorminy,Jessica Golden,R. Barry Green,Ryan Kutch,Thomas Andrew Lawson,Sean Macomber,Eitan Sonnenberg,Brittany Upchurch,Ruth Mitchell,’Jamie’ James Free,Archer Watkins,Robert Castillo,Jacob Johnson,William Craig Johnson,Maxfield Ladish,Elizabeth Ralston,Vanessa Rogers,Alexandra West,Michael C. Woodcock
Series Sound Department Scott Brewster,Joe Cappelletti,Tim Chilton,Gerry Lentz,Arielle McGrail,Christopher Mills,Aron Siegel,Allen Lee Williams III,Darin Heinis,Colin Rogers,Steve Bucino,Joel D. Catalan,Matt Hovland,Nik Waddell,Tim West,Kurt Kassulke,Reed Lovell,John Maskew,Paulette Victor-Lifton
Series Special Effects by Ian McCall,Doug Van Arsdale
Series Visual Effects by Kurt Bernardin,Timothy Little,Mary Joy Macalintal,Michael J. Morris,Preston Openshaw,Chris Tezber,Craig Weiss,David Neuberger,Chris LeDoux,Max Gabl
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Series Additional Crew Kayla Allen,Edwin Burgos,Sabrina Byrdsong,Lindsay Calhoon Bring,Brittany N. Dixon,Michèle Etges,Sara Lou Hartman,Carmen K. Jones,LaVeda Lewis,Rick Marcena,Ian McCall,Kenny Neibart,Daniel Rambacher,Jay Rogers,Carrie Sharpe,LeeMark Swain,Austin Tulp,Erica Villeneuve Elson,Matthew Vitale,Colby Bachiller,Paul Bednarz,Rebekah E. Cooper,TaKnesha Hubbard,Dan McDonough,Emily Munroe,Kayla Moore,Joel Bosh,Lauren Lieb,Taylor Vaughn,Elyse Archie,Won Chung,Britt Dvorak,Brandon Folsom,Jennifer A. Hampton,Cheri Jacobs,Wanda Morganstern,Nick Moyer,Isaac Sever,Keith L. Sexton,A.C. Smallwood,Jessica Yoshimura,Reginald Smith,Stefano Smith
Genres Comedy, Drama
Companies Timberman-Beverly Productions
Countries USA
Languages English
ImDbRating 7.4
ImDbRatingVotes 2913
MetacriticRating 72
Keywords humor,love