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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is a 2017 epic fantasy action-adventure film directed by Guy Ritchie who co-wrote the film with Joby Harold and Lionel Wigram from a story by Harold and David Dobkin, inspired by Arthurian legends. The film stars Charlie Hunnam as the title character and Jude Law as the tyrannical king Vortigern who is attempting to kill him, with Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey, Djimon Hounsou, Aidan Gillen, and Eric Bana in supporting roles.

King Arthur premiered at the TCL Chinese Theater on 8 May 2017 and was theatrically released in 2D and RealD 3D on 12 May 2017 in the United States and 19 May 2017 in the United Kingdom. The film grossed $148 million worldwide against its $175 million production budget. Originally, the film was meant to be the first in a six-film franchise, but the planned sequels were cancelled after it underperformed at the box office and lost Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures over $150 million.


Mordred the warlock and his armies lay siege to Camelot. Uther Pendragon, the king of the Britons, infiltrates Mordred s lair during the attack and beheads him with the help of a unique sword forged by Merlin, saving Camelot. Uther s brother Vortigern; who covets the throne, orchestrates a coup and sacrifices his wife, Elsa to moat hags to become a Demon Knight. He kills Uther s wife, Igraine and defeats Uther; Uther s son Arthur escapes by boat and ends up in Londinium. Taken in by prostitutes, he becomes a tough and savvy crime boss on the street. However, he is plagued by nightmares of the night that his parents died without seeing who attacked them.

Vortigern rules Briton cruelly and dedicates resources to building a tower near the castle. When the water surrounding the castle recedes, revealing a sword in a stone, he has all the men in the city taken to it in an attempt to remove it. Arthur is able to evade capture with the help of the prostitutes, but is eventually caught. He removes the sword from the stone, but is overwhelmed by its power and passes out. In captivity, Vortigern explains Arthur s lineage and that the sword s significance to him before planning his execution.

Meanwhile, a mage identifying herself as an acolyte of Merlin presents herself to Uther s former general, Sir Bedivere. At Arthur s planned execution, the mage creates a diversion while Bedivere s men rescue Arthur. Taken to Bedivere s hideout, Arthur (initially) refuses to help them, not believing that he is king. The mage persuades Bedivere to take Arthur to a realm called the Darklands , where he sees a vision of how the Demon Knight, revealed to be Vortigern, killed his mother. He also witnesses his father sacrifice himself to save Arthur and entomb the sword in stone made of his own body, making him realize that he is indeed the rightful king. Arthur learns Vortigern was responsible for persuading Mordred to attack Camelot, having grown jealous of Uther s popularity and wanting the throne for himself. He builds the tower to increase his own magical powers.

Arthur and the rebels chip away at Vortigern s army and eventually plan an assassination attempt. Vortigern eludes the assassination, and a battle ensues. Arthur escapes with his friend s son Blue but several of his men are killed and one is captured. Frustrated with the situation, Arthur attempts to throw the sword into a lake, but the Lady of the Lake returns it and shows him a vision of England s future under Vortigern s rule. Coming to terms with his responsibility, Arthur reunites with Bedivere and they return to their hideout. However, their captured man revealed its location under torture, the mage and Blue were captured, and all other rebels killed. An emissary from Vortigern instructs Arthur to surrender that day at the castle.

Bedivere brings the sword to Vortigern at the castle in exchange for the mage, indicating that Arthur is powerless without the sword. Arthur promises to surrender himself the next day in exchange for Blue. Before riding to the castle, the mage injects him with special snake venom to protect him from a surprise attack she has in store. When Arthur confronts Vortigern, a giant snake attacks the castle under the control of the mage, saving Arthur. However, Vortigern is covered in the blood of a snake that tries to attack him, providing him protection from the giant snake. As Bedivere s rebels begin their attack, Arthur reclaims his sword and follows Vortigern into the tower. Needing help from the moat hags once more, Vortigern sacrifices his daughter to once again become the Demon Knight and is confronted by Arthur. After a brutal fight, Arthur has a vision of his father passing the sword of Excalibur on to him, enabling him to defeat Vortigern. As he dies, Arthur consoles him and leaves his body behind. In the aftermath, the rebels are victorious and celebrate.

Arthur, after reclaiming his rightful throne, knights his friends and begins construction on his Round Table.


  • Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur, Uther s son, Vortigern s nephew and the would-be king of Britain who was raised by prostitutes.
  • Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as the Mage, a woman working for Merlin who supports Arthur and the resistance.
  • Djimon Hounsou as Sir Bedivere, the leader of the resistance and a former knight of Uther.
  • Aidan Gillen as Goosefat Bill, a skilled archer, Bedivere s friend, a former knight of Uther and a member of the resistance; who later resumes his identity as Sir William.
  • Mikael Persbrandt as Greybeard, a Viking; who has deals with Vortigern.
  • Jude Law as Vortigern, Uther s brother, Elsa s husband, Catia s father, Arthur s uncle and the tyrannical and ruthless king of Britain. He is able to transform himself into a demonic knight.
  • Eric Bana as Uther Pendragon, Vortigern s brother, Arthur s father and the previous king of Britain.
  • Annabelle Wallis as Maggie, a member of Vortigern s court; who helps the resistance.
  • Peter Ferdinando as Earl of Mercia.
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Wet Stick, Arthur and Back Lack s childhood friend; who is later knighted by Bedivere under his real name as Sir Tristan.
  • Neil Maskell as Back Lack, Arthur and Wet Stick s childhood friend and Blue s father; who helps the resistance.
  • Geoff Bell as Mischief John.
  • Freddie Fox as Rubio, a member of the resistance; who is later forced to give away the hideout to Vortigern under torture.
  • Lorraine Bruce, Eline Powell and Hermione Corfield as the three Syrens.
  • Millie Brady as Princess Catia, Vortigern s daughter.
  • Poppy Delevingne as Igraine, Uther s wife.
  • Tom Wu as Kung Fu George, Arthur s Chinese friend and teacher; who owns a martial arts school; who is later knighted as Sir George.
  • Craig McGinlay as Percy, another of Arthur s friends; who is later knighted as Sir Percival.
  • Dick Ochampaugh as the Old Salty Sea Dog, town fisherman.
  • Michael McElhatton as Jack s Eye
  • Katie McGrath as Elsa, Vortigern s wife.
  • David Beckham as Trigger, a guard; who oversees the prisoners; who attempt to pull Excalibur from the stone.


After 2004 s King Arthur, Warner Bros. made multiple attempts to make a new film based on Arthurian legend: one was a remake of Excalibur, helmed by Bryan Singer, while the other was a film titled Arthur & Lancelot, which would have starred Kit Harington and Joel Kinnaman in the title roles respectively. Warner Bros. worried that neither names were big enough, and attempted to replace both actors with more profitable ones, before eventually dropping the project altogether.

Warner s next attempt to create a new King Arthur film was an attempt to create an Arthurian cinematic universe which would span six films, following different characters before their eventual team up. For this endeavour they hired director Guy Ritchie, who had himself wanted to make a King Arthur movie for several years. According to The Guardian, the script soon became a strange Frankenstein s Monster-style screenplay incorporating elements from several of the unproduced Arthurian scripts.


In August 2014, Charlie Hunnam, Ritchie s choice for the role, was cast to play King Arthur. Elizabeth Olsen was in talks for the female lead, but on 18 September, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey landed the role instead. On 14 November, Jude Law was in talks to play the lead villain role in the film. On 11 February 2015, Eric Bana was added to the cast to play Uther, the father of King Arthur. Mikael Persbrandt joined the film on 6 March 2015, to play a villainous role. Although there were reports Idris Elba had been cast, he would confirm, in a Reddit AMA, this was a rumour.


Filming in Windsor Great Park was underway in February 2015, then later in North Wales from 2 March 2015. Later on 10 March 2015, Ritchie tweeted a photo and confirmed the first day of shooting. In April 2015, filming took place in Snowdonia, where locations used were Tryfan, Nant Gwynant near Beddgelert and Capel Curig. Early in July filming continued in the Shieldaig, Loch Torridon and Applecross areas of Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands. One day of filming also took place at The Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. Filming also took place at Warner Bros. Studios, Leavesden.


Bergès-Frisbey s character was originally intended to be Guinevere. During production, the connection to Guinevere was dropped and the character became simply the Mage . In an interview with Den of Geek, Hunnam ascribes the change to partly the film, and partly the actor dictating that is was going to be something different, and Guy having the confidence and versatility to just roll with it and realise that what he intended wasn’t going to work, and him recognising the value of that being something else.


In April 2014, Warner Bros. set the film for a 22 July 2016 release, alongside Lights Out, but it was then moved by Warner Bros. to 17 February 2017, alongside Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Warner Bros. moved the release date to 24 March 2017. The title was changed to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword in July 2016. In December 2016 the release date was again moved, this time to 12 May 2017, possibly so as not to compete with CHiPs.


The trailer was released on 23 July 2016, during the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.

It was originally planned for an IMAX release on 22 July 2016, as evident in the Comic-Con trailer, but was cancelled due to it being postponed and only received non-IMAX presentations. The first extended TV spot was released on 22 January 2017, and was shown on the 2017 NFC Championship Game on Fox Broadcasting Company between the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers and the 2017 AFC Championship Game on CBS between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots.

A second trailer was released on 20 February 2017. The third and final trailer was released on 1 April 2017. All in all, Warner Bros. spent $135 million on marketing the film.

The film was shown at select AMC Theatres in a special preview on 27 April 2017, in a promotional event titled King for a Day. Demand for tickets led AMC to expand the event to 200 theatres.

Home media

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was released on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and Ultra HD on 8 August 2017.


Box office

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword grossed $39.2 million in the United States and Canada and $107 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $146.2 million, against a production budget of $175 million. Deadline Hollywood calculated the film lost the studio $153.2 million, when factoring together all expenses and revenues.

In North America, the film was released alongside Snatched and Lowriders and was initially projected to gross around $25 million from 3,702 theatres during its opening weekend. It made $1.15 million from Thursday night previews at about 3,200 theatres, but after making just $5.3 million on Friday, weekend projections were lowered to $15 million. It ended up debuting to $15.4 million, finishing third at the box office. Deadline Hollywood noted that due to the film s $175 million production budget, as well as at least an additional $100 million spent on marketing, the film was destined to be a box office bomb. Regarding the cost of the film, the site quoted one finance expert as saying: Make original IP for a cost effective price. If it works then spend more if necessary on the sequel. King Arthur should have been done for $60–80. Warner Bros. had no reason to spend $175M-plus on this picture. Comparing its opening to cost, IndieWire called the film s failings historic . The Hollywood Reporter noted that the film would likely lose about $150 million. In its second weekend the film grossed $7.2 million (a drop of 53.5%), finishing 5th at the box office.

The film debuted at No. 1 in an estimated 29 countries, including Russia, with openings to follow in the United Kingdom, France, South Korea and Australia. Over its opening weekend, it made $29.1 million worldwide.

Critical response

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 31% based on 275 reviews and an average rating of 4.7/10. The site s critical consensus reads, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword piles mounds of modern action flash on an age-old tale – and wipes out much of what made it a classic story in the first place. On Metacritic, the film has a score 41 out of 100 based on 45 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews . Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of B+ on an A+ to F scale, while PostTrak reporter filmgoers gave it an overall positive score of 78%; 56% of the opening weekend filmgoers were under the age of 35, and 59% were men.

Writing for The Guardian, Peter Bradshaw gave the film a generally positive review: Guy Ritchie s cheerfully ridiculous Arthur is a gonzo monarch, a death-metal warrior-king. Ritchie s film is at all times over the top, crashing around its digital landscapes in all manner of berserkness, sometimes whooshing along, sometimes stuck in the odd narrative doldrum. But it is often surprisingly entertaining, and whatever clunkers he has delivered in the past, Ritchie again shows that a film-maker of his craft and energy commands attention, and part of his confidence in reviving King Arthur resides here in being so unselfconscious and unconcerned about the student canon that has gone before.

In a pan of the film for the Chicago Tribune, Michael Phillips questioned the long-term longevity of the projected series of six Arthur films from Ritchie: I m no businessman, but plans for a six-film franchise may be optimistic. Optimism is nowhere to be found in Ritchie s movie itself. It is a grim and stupid thing, from one of the world s most successful mediocre filmmakers, and if Shakespeare s King Lear were blogging today, he d supply the blurb quote: Nothing will come of nothing. . Matt Zoller Seitz of gave the film one-and-a-half out of four stars, stating that despite the potential for a revisionist King Arthur story with he Ritchie sense of style , the overall problem is the film s lack of modulation: Ritchie keeps rushing us along for two hours, as if to make absolutely certain that we never have time to absorb any character or moment, much less revel in the glorious, cheeky ridiculousness of the whole thing.

Alissa Wilkinson of Vox writes that the film is surprisingly good, and surprisingly political in relation to the British withdrawal from the European Union, and occasionally, it s even pretty great . Chris Hartwell of The Hollywood Reporter expressed disappointment in the film s lackluster box office performance denying a sequel for the introduction of Merlin, stating it would have been more successful as a solo film instead of setting up a franchise.

Year 2017
ReleaseDate 2017-05-12
RuntimeMins 126
RuntimeStr 2h 6min
Plot Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy – whether he likes it or not.
Awards Awards, 10 nominations
Directors Guy Ritchie
Writers Joby Harold, Guy Ritchie, Lionel Wigram
Stars Charlie Hunnam, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Jude Law
Produced by Bruce Berman,Steve Clark-Hall,David Dobkin,Akiva Goldsman,Joby Harold,James Herbert,James Herbert,Max Keene,Steven Mnuchin,Guy Ritchie,Tory Tunnell,Lionel Wigram
Music by Daniel Pemberton
Cinematography by John Mathieson
Film Editing by James Herbert
Casting By Reg Poerscout-Edgerton
Production Design by Gemma Jackson
Art Direction by Thomas Brown,Anthony Caron-Delion,Oliver Carroll,James Collins,Luke Hull,Luigi Marchione,Andrew Palmer,Denis Schnegg,Hayley Easton Street,Georgia Warner
Set Decoration by Tina Jones
Costume Design by Annie Symons
Makeup Department Federica Adorno,Ivan Bejarano,Francesca Bernardelle,Christine Blundell,Jessica Brooks,Steven Byrne,Claudia Cavalli,Rachel Coenen,Sharon Colley,Michele Davidson Bell,Louise Day,Nathaniel De’Lineadeus,Brooke Dibble,Francesco Fabiani,Dave Felstead,Charmaine Fuller,Jo Grover,Chris Kearey,Tamzin Kearey,Ailsa Lawson,Sebastian Lochmann,Kristyan Mallett,Nuria Mbomio,Donald McInnes,Chloe Meddings,Madlen Mierzwiak,Niall Monteith-Mann,Flora Moody,Clementine Ollerenshaw,Natalia Osipova,Sunita Parmar,Ruth Parry,Lisa Pemberton,Julia Vernon,Lesa Warrener,Olivia Barningham,Liz Bradbear,Satinder Chumber,Chloe Edwards,Sophie Finch,Tono Garzón,Monique Giamattei,Richard Glass,Frances Hitchcock-Wynne,Ria Knoll,Roseanna Larner,Chris Lyons,Ray Marston,Claire Matthews,Nuria Mbomio,Polly McKay,Laura Morse,Ryo Murakawa,Amy Pilkington,Amber Pitkin,Jemma Scott-Knox-Gore,Andrew Simonin,Stephanie Lynne Smith,Malwina Suwinska,Mariona Trias,Sarah Weatherburn,Louise Young
Production Management Siobhan Boyes,Gary Bunn,Jose Maria de la Puente,Brian Donovan,Pietro Gallo,Marianne Jenkins,Ashish Kukian,Drew Payne,Prashant Sharan,Sainath Shinde,Katherine Tibbetts,Kevin Daly,Mark Scoon
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Corrin Allen,Paul Bennett,Rory Broadfoot,James Chambers,Ellysha Eglon-Smith,Paul Hayes,Daniel Hillary,Barney Hughes,Max Keene,Tony Lucas,Terry McShane,Jacopo Miceli,Sarah Jean Selway,Abbie Sheridan,Samuel A. Smith,Patrick Waggett,Gareth Webb
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Browne,Mattias Brunosson,Kerrie Bryant,Bragi Brynjarsson,Marc Brzezicki,Sonja Burchard,Cuco Bures,Derek Burgess,Pauline Burns,James Burr,Daniel Burridge,Julian Burt,Elizer Cabais,Jon Caldwell,Claire Callway,David Cam,Nic Camecho,Matt Cameron,William Cameron,Lauren Camilleri,Huseyin Caner,Luca Cantani,Eric Cardenas,Anna-Lena Carl,Jesse Carlson,Dan Carpenter,Antonio Carrasco Liadskikh,Owen Cartagena,Nicolás Casanova,Federico Cascinelli,Paco Castillo,Miguel Castrillo,Gerardo Castro,Pierre Cataford,Sarah Cauchois,Maxime Cazaly,Cameron Ceja,Min Hyun Cha,Carlos Chacin,Chris Chadwick,Julien Chagnon-Zimmerly,Martina Chakarova,Martin Chamney,Thomas Champon,Adeline Chan,Matthew Chan,Miguel Chan,Solene Chan-lam,Vikas Chandel,Matthew Chandler,Jae Young Chang,Vincent Chang,Josh James Chappell,Anthony Chappina,Francis Charbonneau,Daniel Charchuk,Diane Charlery,Marcin Charlicki,Dominique Chartrand,David Charvat,Nicolas Chavigny,Rajat Chawla,Meagan Chechalk,Betty Cheong,Young Choi,Tim Chou,Zaria Chowdhury,David Christenson,Dan Churchill,Martin Ciastko,Alan Clappison,Jimi Clark,Ross Clark,Richard Clarke,Erik Classen,Pascal Clement,Michael Cliett,Jessica Clifton,James Clowater,Michelle Co,Adam Coglan,Jerome Collombier,Patrick Comtois,Carlos Conceicao,Benjamin Condy,David Connely,Karen Therese Connolly,Mollie Connor,Paolo Consorti,Rachel Copeland,David Cordon,Miquel Àngel Corominas Pla,Alejandro Corral,Juan Francisco Correa Diaz,Jadrien Cousens,Antonio Covelo Peleteiro,Gareth Cowen,Chris Cox,David Crane,Bec Cranswick,Mitch Crease,Rudyard Cretenet,Nick Crew,Oliver Cubbage,Belinda Cumming,Elliesse Cuniff,David Cunningham,Gabriel Curpas,Samuel Côté,Paul d’Herbemont,Heidi Dahle,Adolfo Dalda,Tobias Danbo,Ashish Dani,Anais Dappe,Varuna Darensbourg,Sashwata Das,Dylan Dass,Christopher Davies,Nick Davis,Stephen Davis,Jeffrey de Guzman,Jose Maria de la Puente,Carlos Patrick De Leon,Robin De Lillo,Jo De Mey,Mathieu De Saint Jores,Ruth Deane,Jake Dee-McKoy,Elise Deglau,Christian Deiß,Agueda Del Castillo,Leonardo Delaney,Stanley A. Dellimore,Quentin Delsart,Theo Demiris,Ayla Dervis,Rohan Desai,Jonathan Desaulniers,Kunal Deshpande,Saurabh Deshpande,Varadarajan Desikan,Brad Desjardins,David Desplat,Rustin Devendorf,Joshua Devenyi,Dhananjayan,Luke Dhand,Francesco Di Luisi,Robert Diaz,Craig Dibble,Linda Dimaculangan,Fred Din-Ebongue,Spencer Dinney,Catherine Dion,Eshan Dissanayake,Nikola Djordjic,Van Le Do,Matteo Dogliotti,Andrew Dohan,Francesc Donaire,Tyson Donnelly,Graham Dorey,Colin Dorssers,Thomas Dotheij,James Douvinos,Paul Driver,Luke Drummond,Jeremie Ducrocq,Ellen Duffin,Olivier Dumont,Moriba Duncan,Anthony Dunifer,Geoff DuQuette,Venkat Rathnam Durai Raju,Andrea Dutti,Josephine Dwyer,Germán Díez,Dave Early,Gottfried Eder,Richard Edwards,Kelsey Elias,Erik Elizalde,Ronald Ellis,James Elster,Kate Elum,Jack Elworthy,Lars Erik Eriksen,Karl Erlandsen,Melissa Espina,Andrea Espinal,Sarah Essam,Pedram Etebarzadeh,Youngbin Eun,Raggini Eva,Jason Evans,Josh Evans,Maggie Evans,Donovan Eves,Carolina Fabiani,Rebecca Fair-Lien,Jennifer Fairweather,Shizan Faisal,Irene Faminial,James Farrington,Andrew Farris,Shaikh Faruq,Peter Fastbom,Alessandro Favale,Jonathan Fawkner,Kathryn Fay,Scott M. Fedor,Dan Feinstein,Paola Felisatti,Jessica Fernandes,Charles Fernandez,George Ferris,Jean Nicolas Fidala,Therese Skundberg Fidje,Matt Fidler,Kiel Figgins,Andrew Fineberg,Kelly Fischer,Jed Fisher,Colas Fiszman,Spencer Fitch,Kira Fitzpatrick,Daniel Flavelle,Ben Fleming,James D. Fleming,Andrew Fletcher,Ryan Flick,Sarah Foff,Francine Fontaine,Les Foor,Lianne Forbes,Jasmine Ford-Elgood,David Forest,Jean-Sébastien Fortin,Fiona Foster,David Fowler,Frederick Fowles,Camila Silveira Francisco,Evan Fraser,Dean Frater,Nicholas Freeston,Jammie Friday,Iris Frisch,George Fronimadis,Eloi Fulla,Jonathan Fung,Leila Gaed,Joe Gaffney,Manley Gage,Stephen Gallop,Mayur Gangasagar,Christie Gangnath,Riddhima Garatikar,Anthony Garcia,Julio Tovar Garcia,Mailys Garcia,Emmanuel García García,Bryce Gardiner,Rob Garner,Jenny Gauci,Bryan Gauna,Vivek Gaur,Nicolas Gauthier,Joshua Gengler,Michelle George,Rino George,Neil Safeer Ghaznavi,Nikhil Ghoorbin,Suraj Ghose,Suvojit Ghosh,Jami Gigot,Ross Gilbert,Matthew E. Gill,Thomas Gillet,Wouter Gilsing,Frederikke Glick,Jose Gloria,Robert Go,Jean-Baptiste Godin,Marco Godinho,Yoel Godo,Antoine Goethals,Adam Goldstein,Michael Gomes,Héctor González,Igor González,Brian Gordon,Nalini Goyal,Roberto Gracia,Arthur Graff,Megan Graham,Jullius Granada,Luke Gray,Anthony Greco,Kyle Greenyer,Anthony Gregory,Alison Griffiths,Theodor Groeneboom,Krzysztof Grygowski,Martine Guay,Glenn Guenette,Sabrina Guerin,Luis Guggenberger,Rohit Prakash Gujar,Holly Gunn,Charlie Habanananda,Jim Hagarty,James Daniel Haines,Ashley Hakker,Tiffany Hall,Tyler Halle,Katie Hamberger,Nick Hamilton,Pierre-Loic Hamon,Nicholas Hampshire,Angela Han,Rose Hancock,Goldie Hanger,Greg Hansen,Kyle Hardin,Geoffrey Harlos,James Harmer,Mark Harmon,Jake Harrell,Jessica Harris,Rick Harris,Philip Harris-Genois,Ben Harrison,Joseph Hart Green,Peter Hart,Jon Hartley,Moritz Hausler,Arnaud Havart,Bassem Hawili,Dustin Hayes,Justin Hebert,Alex Heffner,Ethan Helms,Kimberly Henry,Namjin Heo,Dennys Herman,Oliver Hermann,Kimberley Hickey,Sarah Higgs,Christopher Hills-Wright,Wilson Ho,Christopher Hodge,Rebecca Holdstock,Ady Holt,Jory Holt,Jae Cheol Hong,Michael Hopkins,Nicolas Houle,Shannon Howald,Heather Howell,Weihao Huang,Romain Hubert,Danny Huerta,Wendy Hulbert,Andrew Hutton,Reywel Hyland,Marco Iannaccone,Pat Imrie,Paul Ingram,David Ireland,Vanessa Isabelle,Hans Olov Alexander Isaksson,Anna Ivanova,Jason Ivimey,Owen Jackson,Alex Jadfard,Snehal Jadhav,Siddarth Jambhulkar,Jess Jansen,Daniel Jardin,Jakub Jeziorski,Jorge Jimenez,Michael Jimenez,Zayn Jinah,Arthur Jing,Erik Johnson,Jeremy Jones,Leah Jones,Soulla Josephides,Daniel A. Judah,Jon Leif Julsrud,YoonHa Jung,Jama Jurabaev,David Jurine,Aleks Justesen,Shannon Justison,Rajesh Kumar K.V.,Niels Peter Kaagaard,Steven Kaelin,Christian Kaestner,Preeya Kalidas,Spiros Kalomiris,Raghavendra Kamath,George Kanaras,Marky Kang,Jose Julian Karam Lopez,Gustavo Kasai,Santosh Katkar,John Kay,Salauddin Kazi,Ryan Keely,Ciarán Keenan,Matthew Kemper,Alex Kennedy,Andrew Kennedy,Peter Keranov,Sebastien Kern,Damien Kessler,Christopher Key,Simran Khalsa,Suraj Kaur Khalsa,Nikhil Khedkar,Ryan Kilbane,Jeff Kim,Jiwoong Kim,Mi Jung Kim,So Myoung Kim,Young Jin Kim,Ken Satchel King,Quintin King,David Kirchner,Terry Klopfenstein,Dan Knight,Kevin Kohri,Anne Putnam Kolbe,Paul Kolsanoff,Srinivasa Raghavendra Kondapuram,Elicia Koo,Jessica Koubi,Hemanth Reddy Kovvuri,Christopher Kowal,Dorota Kowalska,Gopi Krishnan,Yadu Krishnan,Ross Krothe,Bartek Kujbida,Satbir Singh Kukreja,Sujay Kumar G.,Manish Magesh Kumar,Prashant Kumar,Ramyanth Kumar,Ujjwal Kumar,Vishishth Kumar,Joshua LaCross,Bruno-Olivier Laflamme,Pascal Laflamme,Guillaume Laforge,Melissa Laframboise-Maille,Emanuel LaFrance,Christophe Lalonde-Lavergne,Damien Lam,Samy Lamouti,Alberto Landeros,Thomas Langley,Laura Languillet,Charlotte Larive,Mattis Gaston Larsen,Nil Lasquety,Maxime Laurent,Brian Le Hong,Ken Lee,Ken Lee,Minguk Lee,Phoenix Woung-Bi Lee,Daniel Lee-Poy,Julien Lefebvre,Thomas Lefebvre,Julien Legay,Elsa Lemire,Janek Lender,Bonaventure Leung,Jimmy Leung,Hugo Leygnac,Seth Lickiss,Isaac Lipstadt,Rachel Litz,Andrew Livingstone,Brendan Llave,Russell Lloyd II,Nick Lobban,Jeremie Lodomez,Carlo Loffredo,James Joshua Lojo,James Long,Gabriel Lopez,Victor Low,Jordan Lucchino,Stéphane Lugiery,Ben Lumsden,Tomas Luna Olvera,Philippe Lépine,Michael Löffler,Susan Ma,Laura Macfadyen,Peter Machuca,Melanie Mack,Annie Macleod,Martin Macrae,Shri Bindhu Madhav,Benjamin Magaña,Andrew Magri,Felicia Mah,Gokul Mahajan,Vaibhav Laxman Mahajan,Ravi Mahapatro,Lokendra Singh Mahata,Karanveer Mahendru,Khoi Mai,Mahesh Maity,Uwe Majer,Carson Majors,Yael Majors,Vincent Febriyanto Mak,Shira Malamud,David Maldonado,Kasun Malinda,Brad Malott,David Man,Gurumurthy Mande,Michael Mansueto,Fernando Mantilla Garzon,Andrew Manuel,Howard Margolius,Dida Marinova,Adam Marisett,Anthony Mariya,Maxime Marline,David Marmor,Julie Marouzé,Gianfranco Marsicovetere,Aldo Martinez Calzadilla,Kimberly Martinez,Thiago Lima Martins,Ashley Mason,Rebecca Matkaluk,Manmath Matondkar,Matthew Crowe,Tylor Maurer,Béranger Maurice,Arnaud Mavoka-Isana,Helen McAvoy-James,Graham McBride,Kindra McCall,Lauren McCallum,Brian McCann,Steven McClurg,Mark McCormack-Douglas,Riley McDougall,Kate McFadden,Brooke McGowan,Declan McGuire,Tom McHattie,Ben McIlveen,Brody McIlveen,Chris McIlveen,Dan McIntosh,Richard McKeand,Gavin McKenzie,Steve McLeod,Genevieve McMahon,Donal McMullan,Jan Meade,Liam Meakins,Luis Jorge Medina,Kirsten Meekison,Daniel Mejia,Gabriela Mejia,Philip Melancon,Marcos Melco,Carlos Mendoza Jr.,Jie Meng,Lewis Menga,Marc Menneglier,Kiran Menon,Catherine Menoudakis,Noelle Merrick,Sheetal Meshram,Chloé Mesnage,Laurent Meste,Josh Methven,Christophe Metz,Kenneth Meyer,Laure Miard,Mark Michaels,Joanna Migodzinska,Mark Millena,Amp Miller,Lizz Miller,Scott Miller,Nelson Miranda,Annie Mitchell,Eric A. Mitchell,Scott Mitchell,Tamara Mitchell,Jamie Moggach,Benjamin Moktar,Damiano Moltisanti,Stephen Molyneaux,Bappa Mondal,Carlos Montero Sánchez,Christopher Montesano,Carlos Monzon,Daniel Moore,Ivan Moran,Benoit Moranne,Diana Morawski,Mirko Morciano,Paul Moriaux,Rameshbabu Morkonda Sethuraman,Rosanna Morley,Claire Morris,James Morrissey,Didier Muenza,King Mugabi,Yvonne Muinde,Mary Mullan,Thierry Muller,Adam Muratoff,Devan Mussato,Christopher Myerchin,Rishikesh Nandlaskar,Nishant Narang,Makarand Nazirkar,Devesh Neema,Vijaylakshmi Neginal,Kenneth Nelson,Paul Nelson,Avadhut Nerurkar,Pete C. Newbauer,Gretel Ng,Trong Khoa Nguyen,Rachel Nicoll,John Niforos,NikhilKorpad,Gustaf Nilsson,Eric Noel,Lisa Nolan,Yashwanth Noogala,Brandon Norris,Matthew Norris,Richard Noun,Adrian Nurse,Angelica O’Brien,Barry O’Brien,Shuhei Ogawa,Bartlomiej Olejniczak,Eric Oliver,Bartek Opatowiecki,Andrea Umberto Origlia,Raphael Oseguera,Pablo Otero,Benjamin Pablo,Marta Padilla,Jinnie Pak,Camille Paleni,Guo Kun Pan,Shailendra Kumar Pandey,Bikas Panigrahi,Joan Panis,Leonardo Paolini,Niomie Papatens-Rochon,Rajendra Parab,Praveen Kumar Sharma Parasnath,Clara Parati,Catherine Park,James Park,Sehwi Park,Seong Jin Park,Dominic Parker,Chris Parks,Aaron Parry,Stuart Partridge,Louis Paré,Dana Passarella,Joshil Patel,Nikul Patel,Matthew Patience,Athena Patterson,Kristin Patterson,Goran Pavles,Guillermo Paz,Gareth Pearce,Jessica Pearce,Julia Lee Peat,Daniel Pelc,Robert Pellerin,Brian Peluso,Chris Pember,Stuart Penn,Gina Pentassuglia,Lara Perez Takagi,Cindy Perez,Juan Sebastian Perez,Alex Perlstrom,Richard Perry,Eric Petey,Dennis Petkov,Ignat Petrov,Valentin Petrov,Viktor Petrov,Mikael Pettersén,Chi Pham,Thomas Phillips-Howard,Phets Phonasa,Jason Phua,Brittany Piacente,Ezra Pike,Melvin Mathew Pillai,Victor Pillet,Adrian Pinder,Andrew Pinson,Milen Piskuliyski,Danielle Plantec,Dominik Platen,Cody Poag,Brian Pohl,Sabrina Poirier,Marine Poirson,Pete Polyakov,Ipyana Ponder,Simon Popot,Alex Potts,Tim Pounds-Cornish,Jeremy Poupin,Ashutosh Prajapati,Kukal Prasanth,Jeremy Preissner,Matthieu Presti,Richard Pring,Stewart Probert,Francis Provencher,Aaron Providence,Derek N. Prusak,Rakesh Pusuluri,James Pyper,Darren Quah,Maik Pham Quang,Carlos Quijada,Andy Quinn,Roberto Raio,Sathya Rajarajan,Keerthana Ramani,Ryan Ramsey,Akshay Rana,Subodhana Ranatunga,Kim Ranzani,Chetan Rathod,Sagar Rathod,Raghu P. Ravichandran,Kisholay Ray,Florent Razafimandimby,Robert Reategui,Leo Recompsat,Anil Reddy,Will Reece,Garth Reilly,Kristian Rejek,Simeon Remedios,Jun Ren,Guillaume Renier,Tristan Rettich,Robin Reyer,Jonathan Reynolds,Andrew Rhinehart,Tyler Rice,Thomas Rich,Rob Richardson,Johannes Richter,Dominic Ridley,Tim Riley,Saysana Rintharamy,Genesis Rivas,Federico Rivia,Manuel Rivoir,Ariz Akhtar Rizvi,Benoit Robert,Laurent-Paul Robert,Lucy Robert,Joshua Robertson,Scott Robertson,Dana Robins,Matthew Robinson,Steph Lynn Robinson,Mariana Robles Gonzalez,Suresh Rohit,Casey Rolseth,Kristine Romasanta,Nick Romick,Amanda Roop,Philip Rosado,Michelle Rose,Steven Roste,Niklas Roth,Michael Rouayroux,Marc-Olivier Rouleau,Gavin Round,Samuel Rousseau,Adam Rowland,Jonak Roy,Rajat Roy,Richelle Rueda,Norbert Ruf,Jack Runyon,Croft Russell,Fran Saa,Himansu Sekhar Sahoo,Salar Salahi,Barbora Salaseviciute,Clement Saliba,Evan Salusbury,Syna San,Jorge Sanchez Fresno,Henning Sanden,Kevin Sanders,Raj Sandhu,Theodore M. Sandifer,Matthew Sandoval,Raphael Santos,Ashwin Sareen,Nick Sargent,Tarkan Sarim,Bryan Sawchyn,Rahul Saxena,Cale Schmidt,Noah Schnapp,Maxine Schnepf,Daniel Schrepf,Guy Schuleman,Brian Schultz,Kate Schultz,Andrea Schweitzer Gil,Angelika Schweitzer,Jonathan Scott,Jacopo Sebastiani,László Sebõ,Gaëlle Seguillon,Yulia Segura,Nupur Sehgal,Antoine Seigle,Manivannan Sekar,Vikram Selvam,Igor Senkin,SenthilRaja,Jaeil Seo,David Serrano,Juan Carlos Ausejo Sevilla,Karl Sevilla,Khizar Shabir,Rasoul Shafeazadeh,Samsher Shaikh,Neetha Shankar,Balakumaran Shanmugam,Shwet Suman Sharma,Jessica Sharp,Timothy John Sharp,Gary Shelley,Ben Shepherd,David Shere,Drew Shields,Minjeong Shin,Sergey Shlyaev,Ahmed Shoaib,Lynn Sibley,Matthew Sidebottom,Marcela A. Silva,Nikola Simeonov,Mark Simone,Vinay Kumar Singh,Vinay Pratap Singh,Tomos Sion,Ali Ashif Sk,Magnus Skagerlund,Craig Skerry,Maciej Skoluba,Klaus Skovbo,Andrew Slevin,Stephen Smart,Corey Smith,Joshua Smith,Katherine Smith,Maxwell Smith,Nicole Smith,Parker Smith,Stephen J. Smith,Cameron Smither,Anna Snizkova,Nicolas Sola,Jitendra Soni,Vahan Sosoyan,Roman Sotola,Nelson Sousa,Nathan Srigley,Sonal Srivastava,Sudhanshu Srivastava,Pembrooke St. Cyr,Lukas Stabile,Ross Stansfield,Jordan Stolearcius,James Stone,Nigel Stone,Cody Stoof,David Stopford,Boyan Stoyanov,Steve Stransman,James Stuart,Errol Stussi,Thomas Stölzle,Sudhirvarma,Larissa Sudom,Justin Summers,Troy Summersett,Quentin Sur,Audrey-Anne Surprenant,Elfar Sverrisson,Matthew Swanton,Attila Szapek,Krzysztof Szulc,Krishna Prasad T.,Amin Taghipour,Graham Tailleur,Florent Taisne,Shirin Takallu,Emilie Talles,Stedman Tam,Neil Russell Tan,Shu Jun Anson Tan,Dipak Tarpara,Manuel Tausch,Rachel Tay,Michelle Teefey-Lee,Sridhar Telaprolu,Eric Tetreault,Amar Thapa,Sunny Thipsidakhom,Cameron Thomas,Hayley Thomas,Craig Thompson,James Thompson,Joel Thompson,Michael Adam Thompson,Jithendran Thottupurath,Jamie Tilston,Andrew Tinkler,Radhakrishna Reddy Tippani,Rohan Tirkey,Zadia Tirto,Maria Todorov-Topouzov,Shermaine Toh,Imre Toke,Sam Paul Toms,Brian Tong,Kristen Tooley,Katie Torunian,Franklin Toussaint,Kathleen Tran,Sanju Travis,Kallan Treadwell,Gareth Tredrea,Nick Tregenza,Chris Treichel,Andréanne Tremblay,Genevieve Trottier,Tzung-Da Tsai,Pui-Ming Tsang,Eric Tsui,Iyi Tubi,Abdul Ahad Tunio,Stuart Turnbull,Jon Tyler,Randy Ui,Ilkka Uitto,Christoph Unger,Dimitri Uradovskiy,Jon Uriarte,Jonathan Urueta,Johan Vagstedt,Ryan Vaillancourt,Tangi Vaillant,Adrien Vallecilla,Henry van der Beek,Neil Van Dijk,Jozef van Eenbergen,Liana van Rensburg,Jeremy Vanneman,Greg VanZyl,Varaprasad.Dhongili,Sherin Varghese,Kamyllia Vasseur,Jonathan Vaughn,Biren Venkatraman,Rainy Venne,Valeri Vidakovic,Vanesa Vidakovic,Erica Vigilante,Alejandro Villabon,Rubén Villoria,Chunchu Viswamitra,John Volny,Scott Vosbury,Andreas Vrhovsek,Ghanshyam Sureshbhai Waghela,Wes Walcott,Adrian R. Walker,David Walker,Nicky Walsh,Robin Walsh,Ed Walters,Lilas Wang,Nancy Wang,Pablo Wang,Rose Wang,Xiaoming Wang,Yanbo Wang,Ian Ward,Daniel Warom,Thomas Warrender,Sanford Warwick,Martin Toby Watson,Hazel Weatherall,Ros Webb,Kenneth Weide,Zack Weiler,Raphaelle Weisz,Evan Wen,Blair Werschler,Kelly Wescott,George Wharton,Rachel Wheeler,Ben White,Emma White,Ian W.S. White,Chelsea Whittet,Michal Whitty,Brian Wilcox,Michael Wilde,Michael Wiles,Ed Wilkie,Duncan Williams,Susannah Marie Williams,Ryan M. Wilson,Nick Winger,Hod Winter,Philipp Wolf,Jessica Wolff,Eddy Wolfson,Guido Wolter,Jason Wong,Loeng Wong-Savun,Jamie Wood,John Wootton,Richard Worsley,Joe Worthington,Alexandra Wozniak,William G. Wright,Dane Wylie,Nancy Xu,Keisuke Yamashita,Ami Yamauchi,Edwin Yang,Gary Yang,Akiyuki Yawata,James Yeoman,Randal Yeoman,Sinae Yi,Clement Yip,Aleksandar Yochkolovski,Travis Yohnke,Jacob Yorke,Sarah Seungah You,Glen Young,Cobol Yu,Indrit Zabzuni,Asim Zaidi,Hubert Zapalowicz,Christian Zeh,Eva Zemaitis,Russel Zenarosa,Alvaro Zendejas,Joelle Xin Zhow,Simone Zuccarini,Ruben Gerardo Alfaro Moreno,Miriam Alvarez,Rajesh Babu,Darren Bailey,Lorien Baquera,Vincent Caudeville,Michael Colburn,David Craddock,Jose Augusto David,Venancio David,Rob Delicata,Kristen Drewski,James Gillett,Guy-Edwards Gonsalves,Eduardo Gonçalves,Itay Greenberg,Emmanuel Guevarra,Jamal Hajlaoui,Azadeh Iranban,Catherine P. Jackson,Melina Kapota,Se-kwon Kim,Sung Churl Kim,Deanna Louie,Kevin Luttman,Madhurimagupta,Kiran Manohar,Chiaki Matsubayashi,Prashanth Narayanan,David O’Brien,Glenn Osgood,Prakash Pathak,Garrett Pedde,Padiyachi Premraj,Bandhavit Puangpikul,Bhanu Pratap Rathore,Diana Roldan,Kranti Sarma,Branan Sarveswaran,Adam Tamblyn,Roohi Topgi,Niel Vas,Joseph West,Andrew Zeller
Stunts Louis Albin,Leslie Allen,Mark Archer,Cole Armitage,Nina Armstrong,Adam Basil,Lloyd Bass,Ashley Beck,Adam Bowman,Jonathan Bremmer,Michael Byrch,Dacio Caballero,Neil Chapelhow,Nick Chopping,David Collom,Joel Conlan,Rob Cooper,Christopher Cox,James Cox,Talila Craig,Philip d’Orléans,Matt Da Silva,Nicholas Daines,Herb Dasilva,Kelly Dent,Dom Dumaresq,Andrew Dunkelberger,James Embree,Dan Euston,Chris Farley,Fauzey Fay,Stephane Feruch,David Fisher,Pete Ford,Andrew Fox,Joanne Fox,Aldonio Danny Freitas,David Garrick,Oliver Gough,James Goulding,Timothy Grabandt,Peter Guiney,Richard Hansen,Paul Harford,James Harris,Dee Harrup,Elliot Hawkes,Michael Hoad,Jan Holicek,Paul Howell,Eunice Huthart,Jack Jagodka,Tidd James,Gary Kane,Ian Kay,Robbie Keane,Troy Kenchington,Joe Kennard,George Kirby,Cristian Knight,Slawomir Kurek,Maciej Kwiatkowski,Mike Lambert,Nathan Lewis,Sarah Lochlan,Sonny Louis,Freddie Mason,Kim McGarrity,Adrian McGaw,Belinda McGinley,Jo McLaren,Andy Merchant,Chris Morrison,Theo Morton,Monia Moula,Camilla Naprous,Cali Nelle,David Newton,Ray Nicholas,Brian Sonny Nichols,James O’Daly,Pete Olivant,Alan Ormrod,James Pavey,Rob Pavey,Charlie Pawlett,Ian Pead,Martin Pemberton,Miroslaw Pisarek,Laurent Plancel,Oleg Podobin,Tilly Powell,John Pritchard,Matthew Provost,Kierron Quest,Charles Ramsay,William Ramsay,David Rawlins,Florian Robin,Tom Rodgers,Wojciech Roguski,Louis Samms,Hasit Savani,Luke Scott,Marcus Shakesheff,Matt Sherren,Mark Slaughter,Mark Southworth,James Stewart,Matthew Stirling,Daniel Stisen,Jonny Stockwell,Leo Stransky,Michael Stransky,John Street,Dan Styles,Mens-Sana Tamakloe,Roy Taylor,Karen Teoh,Phillip Ray Tommy,Greg Townley,Edward Upcott,Tony Van Silva,Andy Wareham,Calvin Warrington-Heasman,Marlow Warrington-Mattei,Reg Wayment,Richard Wheeldon,Heron White,Martin Wilde,William Willoughby,Annabel Elizabeth Wood,Leo Woodruff,Steen Young,Jamie Biddulph,David Chapman,Pep Thompson
Camera and Electrical Department Rich Allen,Marco Alonso Monedero,Josh Andrews,Simon Baker,Andrew Banwell,Peter Batten,Nicola Beattie,Guy Bennett,Merrell Bill,Lawrence Carter,Chris Cavanagh,Dave Clements,Joe Coffey,Adrian Connellan,David Cormack,Matt Coulter,Alistair Cox,Ruy De Carvalho,Oscar Deeks,Oliver Driscoll,Paul Edwards,Tom Elgar,Steve Ellingworth,Harry Elvin,Martin Elvin,Gastone Ferrante,Francesco Ferrari,Chuck Finch,Wick Finch,Harry Gamble,John Gamble,Pat Garrett,Derek Gereg,Francesco Luigi Giardiello,Ethan Glanfield,Simon Glass,Oliver Hallam,Stacey Hancox,Will Handley,Laura Jean Healey,Dermot Hickey,Des Hills,Tommy Holman,Joel Honeywell,Jac Hopkins,Sam Horsefield,Alex Howe,Ben Howlett,Lewis Hume,Simon Hume,Stuart Hurley,Paul Hymns,Dylan Jones,Sam Jones,Russell Kennedy,Jody Knight,Alexander Mansfield Martinez,John Marzano,Stephen Mathie,Genki McClure,Keith McNamara,Ross McNamara,Ray Meere,Billy Merrell,Richard Merrell,James Metcalfe,Andrea Michelon,Ken Musson,Peter Myslowski,Alexandra Médeville,Jason Noble,Gary Nolan,Russell O’Connor,Scott Parker,Steve Petrie,Toby Plaskitt,Chris Plevin,Jakob Powell,Elliot Purvis,Christopher Raphael,Jack Ridout,Kevin Roberts,Sol Saihati,Ian Scafe,Clare Seymour,Ross Slater,Daniel Smith,Duncan Steven,Alan Stewart,Alex Teale,Andy Thomson,Billy Thornhill Jr.,Calem Trevor,Mustafa Tyebkhan,Mike Valentine,Charlie Wall,Gavin Weatherall,Dave Wells,Joe Werry,Dan West,Shawn White,Marc Wolff,Steve Wood,Paul Worley,Harry Young-Jamieson,Andrea Bonomelli,Quentin Brown
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Casting Department Katy Covell,Stevee Davies,Ollie Gilbert,Lillie Jeffrey,Helen Pritchard,Charlie Rotheram
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Thanks Andrew Higgie
Genres Action, Adventure, Drama
Companies Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, Weed Road Pictures
Countries UK, USA, Australia
Languages English
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 6.7
ImDbRatingVotes 216185
MetacriticRating 41
Keywords folklore,excalibur,tyrant,knights of the round table,historical fiction