Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed
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Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed is a 2012 war drama film directed by Ryan Little and produced by Little and Adam Abel. It is based on events that took place during the invasion of Southern France in World War II. The film stars Corbin Allred, David Nibley, and Jasen Wade. The film s story has no relation to the events or characters portrayed in the 2003 war film Saints and Soldiers. The film was shot in Utah, on a tight budget, saving money by using volunteer World War II reenactors as some of the actors and extras. The film received mixed reviews; many critics found the film mediocre yet still praised the performances and cinematography. This film precedes the third film in the series, Saints and Soldiers: The Void, which was released in 2014.


In August 1944, the Allies have invaded German-occupied Southern France. German Army Second Lieutenant Erich Neumann (Lincoln Hoppe) executes two French men. On the early morning of August 15, paratroopers from the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team land in Provence, France under heavy fire from the Germans. Two soldiers, Corporals Harland Bud Curtis (Jasen Wade) and James Rossi (Corbin Allred) land separately and alone. Curtis is spotted by a German Patrol and quickly surrenders. After throwing a grenade to distract the Germans, Rossi kills the entire patrol and rescues Curtis. The two set off towards their intended landing area before finding an abandoned shelter where they are followed by Curtis s squad leader Sergeant Caleb Jones (David Nibley). MISTAKE: The Sergeant states he is from Bravo company, but there was no Bravo company until after Korea. It was called Baker company. The three travel through the French country as quickly as possible to avoid being pursued. They encounter Neumann and they kill his troops, but put of mercy spare him.

The three soldiers continue making their way to Les Arcs and agree to help French Resistance prisoners escape. They free the resistance prisoners; Philippe, Gustave and Jacques. The group arrives at Les Arcs and Jones spots a German Panzer III and a Sd.Kfz. 251 half-track full of German infantry enroute to attack the rest of the paratroopers. The three attempt to ambush the Germans, but are all badly wounded. After Curtis s death, Rossi regains consciousness and is approached by Neumann, who Jones spared earlier. Rossi gets up to fight but collapses due to his wounds. Neumann, also wounded, does not kill him, showing him the same mercy that Jones showed him.

He takes Rossi to an abandoned farm, where he bandages his wounds and makes him a meal. The following morning an American detachment discovers Rossi, alive, and Neumann, who has died from his wound. In a military field hospital Rossi is informed that sergeant Jones is alive but wounded and Curtis is dead. The dead Neumann remains in the abandoned farm.


  • Corbin Allred as Corporal James Rossi
  • David Nibley as Sergeant Caleb Jones
  • Jasen Wade as Corporal Harland Bud Curtis
  • Lincoln Hoppe as Captain Erich Neumann
  • Nichelle Aiden as Charlotte
  • Virginie Fourtina Anderson as Emilie
  • Loïc Anthian as Phillipe
  • Lance Otto as Jacques
  • Erich Cannon as Gustave
  • Curt Doussett as Lt. Woodward
  • Calvin Harrison as Pvt. Stewart


The director of Saints and Soldiers Ryan Little struggled with his producer Adam Abel to create a sequel to the film, because nearly all of his main characters died in the first film. However, due to the popularity of the first film, they decided to do a sequel. The film was originally titled Foxhole . The film was based on the events surrounding the 517th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of Operation Dragoon, which occurred two months after D-Day. Specifically it was inspired by the true stories from L. Vaughn Curtis s book called Letters Home: A Paratrooper s Story, based on the experience and letters of Curtis s father Harland Bud Curtis. They also adapted it from Little s short film The Last Good War for which Little won a student Emmy award. Corbin Allred was also cast in this film, but as a different character from the original. The film was shot in Utah on a tight budget and used volunteer World War II reenactors as many of the actors and extras.

Release and reception

Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed, was released on August 17, 2012. The film received mixed reviews. The Evening Standard s review described the film as watchable but hardly memorable , while The Guardian s critic Peter Bradshaw wrote the film was well-acted and competently put together but with plenty of cliches , describing it as a kind of diet or lite version of Steven Spielberg s Saving Private Ryan. Deseret News stated that Airborne Creed is less believable than its predecessor. For example, scenes appear staged and quickly thrown together . However, they praise the acting. KSL news stated that the film falls short of the original but is still, packed with emotion and solid performances and beautiful cinematography.

Year 2012
ReleaseDate 2012-08-17
RuntimeMins 94
RuntimeStr 1h 34min
Plot On August 15, 1944 the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team (PRCT) jumped over the south of France. Their mission was to support and protect the Allied Troops marching to Berlin. Landing in enemy territory, they fell under immed…
Awards Awards, 3 wins
Directors Ryan Little
Writers Lamont Gray, Lincoln Hoppe
Stars Rick Macy, Lincoln Hoppe, Ryan Gale
Produced by Adam Abel,Gil Aglaure,J Bateman,Randy Beard,Steven A. Lee,Ryan Little,Ray Meldrum
Music by J Bateman
Cinematography by Ryan Little
Film Editing by Burke Lewis,Rhett Lewis
Casting By Jennifer Buster
Production Design by Debbie Farrer
Costume Design by Anna K. Findlay
Makeup Department Tara Starling,Maika Taylor
Production Management Reese Abel
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Adam Abel,Shambray Buehler,Erich Cannon
Art Department Spencer Bailey,Marshall Matthews,David Nibley,Maximo ‘David’ Zapata
Sound Department Andrew Ahlstrom,Sven Ten Bosch,Greg Brubaker,Remmy Buhler,Dan Carlisle,Peter D. Lago,Friedrich Malzl,Philip Malzl,McKay Meldrum,Ray Meldrum,Katiene Norton,Owen Peterson,Chris Provost,Ty Tanner Rowley,John Sanacore,Carlos Sanches,David Turley,Alex Ullrich,Christy Walton,Stoker White
Special Effects by Loren Bjerke,Chuck Johnson,Fred Johnson
Visual Effects by Jarom Brand,Rob Field,Matt Hoffman,Ammon Jones,Chris Wells
Stunts Matt Griff,John Lyde
Camera and Electrical Department Justin Andrews,Rodrigo Arroyo,Weston Critchfield,Rhett E. Fernsten,Andrew Hicks,Gregory Lancaster,Jason Painter,Kira Peacock,Andres B. Villalba
Costume and Wardrobe Department Tara Starling
Editorial Department Ben Hoffman
Music Department J Bateman,Bobby James,Laurel S. James,James Roberts,Chad Woodland
Script and Continuity Department Lig Erualga
Transportation Department Robert Adams,Kent R. Findlay,Ray Johnson
Additional Crew Amber Abel,Tammy Aglaure,Corbin Allred,Brookie Andrew,Jean Andrew,Loic Anthian,Randy Beard,Myron J. Bouwhuis,Greg Brubaker,Marty Buhler,Devin Carter,Evan Green,Chip Guarente,Andrea Helene,Carl Hinderliter,Lucy Hinderliter,Werner Hoppe,Sam Iverson,Lance Jensen,Heidi Larson,Tanner Linsley,Monty ‘Zooma’ Little,Will Lyu,Cory Maxfield,Ray Meldrum,Dan Richards,Karl Smith,Peter Szillies,Jessica Tomlin,David Turley
Thanks Amber Abel,L. Gwen Hardy Abel,Nicolas Aglaure,Tamara Aglaure,Wayne Barnes,Britini Bateman,Eldon Beard,Paul Cloward,Roger Condron,Harland Curtis Curtis,Lory Curtis,Rollin Curtis,Bryan Dibble,Ephraim Dickson,Chase Friedman,Chris Guska,Glade Holdaway,Frederic Huet,Marti D. Humphrey,Jed Ivie,Chris M. Jacobson,Courtney James,Curry Jones,Will Jones,Greg Kiefer,Russ Lasson,Roger Laws,Jerry Lee,Lynnita Little,Ken Melby,Josh Murray,Marty Patch,Roly Pearson,Brian Peck,Julie Sanches,Gary Scott,Joann Scott,Jeremiah Smith,Karl Smith,Rick Squeri,Alison Stucker,Jonathan Stucker,Robb Walters,Micah Young
Genres Action, Drama, War
Companies Go Films, Koan
Countries USA
Languages English
ContentRating PG-13
ImDbRating 5.7
ImDbRatingVotes 4083
Keywords 1940s,year 1944,20th century,world war two soldier,firing squad